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Given that it looks like we're going for the 'jail' option rather than 'lynch' today, it's probably worth a look at how jail works.

Woebegone prison is not a place that ANYONE would look forward to going. For game purposes players may be jailed rather than lynched. While in prison the prisoners fate is in the hands of the king. There is a 20% chance each night that a prisoners aura will be revealed to the king. The king may choose to free or execute up to one prisoner each night, although he does not have to decide a prisoners fate on any night he/she chooses not to do so.
The 20% chance of a 'free' scan has been discussed already, but I don't think that anyone has mentioned the king's ability to either set a prisoner free or send him to the local equivalent of the hangman's noose.

The prison may also be attacked by The Dark One and his followers or guarded by The Order of Righteousness.
One thing that isn't mentioned here (but is mentioned elsewhere in the initial rules post) is that the Order of Righteousness cannot guard the prison on consecutive nights.

(Well, that's what I'm assuming - the rules post has 'May not guard the prison on consecutive.' Dubb - could you please say if I'm interpreting this correctly?)

Players inside the jail may be scanned by the seer and may only be night killed by The Dark One himself. Players in the jail do not count towards victory conditions.
Not immediately relevant, but worth bearing in mind (particularly for the player who's playing the role of Arbitro, or if the Dark One is killed early on in the game).

Players inside the jail may not post in thread but may submit a story to the GM via PM each night. This can be anything. Can be a reveal/fake reveal/analysis of the day, anything that prisoner chooses to put into the story will be published in the newspaper following night actions. The prisoner's name will be attached to the story.
This is different to the two articles we'll be seeing from Diffama Fabula (where one will be written by the real Ms Fabula, the other by the Dark One) - we will know who has written any prisoner articles. (I see this as the prisoner(s) can only communicate with one letter to the newspaper each day.

It's also worth pointing out something from a bit further down the rules post - newspaper articles from prisoners are only published if the prisoner is still alive and in prison at the end of the night actions.

If the jail is attacked by The Dark One and his followers all prisoners inside are freed regardless of light or dark aura.
In other words, don't just assume that the prisoners released on a Dark One-inspired jail break are automatically wolves...

The players in prison also lose all powers to them granted by their private role while they are in prison except The Dark One who is both cunning and brutal while in prison.
In particular, this means that the seer can't carry out any scans if they get jailed.

Not sure if this adds much to the discussion, but thought that it was worth bringing this forward from the first page, and going through in a bit more detail.
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