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Originally Posted by Coffee Warlord View Post

- We have to assume that the wolves had no idea EF was the seer. At best, any late movement was simply making sure a villager died. It was easy to nail him based on his somewhat odd late vote.

- We have to assume EF didn't get a night 0 scan. Therefore his vote on Jackal was just a barely educated guess. Day 1 vote.

- 3 people (including EF, a known villager), drop Grover out of the running with what, 10 minutes?

- Grover himself never moved, wasting his vote last night.

- Zinto tried to force a tie at the last second. Which, per the rules, is 'get none or all'. I get the possibility of a last second attempt to save the claimed seer, but he had to know that was a lost cause with the reveal coming at 1 minute left. Odd. Also add in his wham-bam vote on Jackal when EF moved. Double odd.

- Timmae votes to save himself, choosing EF over Grover. Nothing but a coin flip there, unless Grover and Timmae are both wolves.

No, I have no conclusions. Just noting things right now.

I probably need to go reread the rules. I didn't know the tie rules until you just posted them but none was better than the result we got and I don't think it made sense not to try and save a claimed seer.
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