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Only one tournament the final week before Indian Wells. Prakash Mooljee heads to what may or may not be his final challenger, a tier-2 in Singapore. It's a heavy week of challengers and there was only one remotely plausible challenger, 2-seed Akihiro Sugiyama(JPN, 49th) -- and Sugiyama was worn out, losing in the quarterfinals. Mooljee considered Delray Beach(250), but he would have only been the 5th-seed there so who knows what would have happened, and going to Singapore ensured he would be well set up for a chance at winning some matches in the masters events. Major on the majors. As it ended up, 7-seed Shyam Senepathy was the only competitive match at 6-3, 6-4 in the quarters. Mooljee stomped everyone else to snag his 16th challenger crown.

Mooljee moves up to 31st guaranteeing him a seed spot for his first Masters event, and everyone else will have their first tournament in about a month as well.
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