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Top Ten Rankings Update

1. Anil Mehul(SRI, 30) -- 12,240

Mehul played well enough to win easily in his loss at Miami, but he's definitely looked vulnerable and ... well, old. At the beginning of the year the question was whether Iglar could knock him off his post, but it appears his younger, oft-overlooked compatriot will be the one to do that.

2. Girish Girsh(SRI, 26) -- 12,110

Girsh is off to a fantastic start, and the wins in Indian Wells and Miami have him very close to reaching the top spot.

3. Antonin Iglar(CZE, 29) -- 8,870

It can no longer be seriously argued that Iglar's motivation is fully in the game. He's still more than a match for almost anyone but Girsh has clearly surpassed him.

4. Gustavo Caratti(ARG, 26) -- 7,670

Could have gone another round or two at Miami, but Caratti continues to gradually surge. There seems little doubt that he's poised to dominate the upcoming clay campaign.

5. Bjorn Benda(DEU, 31) -- 7,140

Having now slid out of the Top 4, Benda is now fully in the not-so-graceful decline phase of his career. Just a question of how long he wants to hang on at this point.

6. Pierce Gaskell(USA, 29) -- 4,410

Still 'best of the rest', but probably not even that by the end of the year.

7. Mugur Kinczllers(ITA, 27) -- 3,880

Kinczllers rebounded from the stunning early loss in IW with a good run at Miami. He'll hope for more slow progress during the clay season.

8. Elias Trulsen(SWE, 26) -- 3,800

It's been a really poor year for the Swede, who I thought would be pushing the Top 5 by now. He needs to find his game soon, as he's going to start declining before long.

9. Thiago Herrera(PER, 28) -- 3,440

10. Marcello Herrera(PER, 28) -- 2,975

Mostly the Peruvians are hanging around here at the bottom waiting to be deposed, but Marcello's upset of Caratti in Miami showed that they can still pull a rabbit or two out of the hat.

Russia's top hope Afanasy Bereznity has completely flaked out, or rather his manager has. He hasn't been seen in action for half a year and is tumbling when it was his turn to hit the big time. It's an unfortunate loss as he would have probably been crashing the Top 10 party by now. Nobody else is quite ready to make the leap yet, though the Frenchmen Bourdet + Poilblan along with American McCuskey are creeping closer and closer.
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