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For all weeks - so a long list of dates, grouped by weeks, between a start date and end date. What I'm trying to achieve here is a list of all valid game days between two dates. The next step would be assigning all the matchups generated by the 'generate_round_robin_matchups' method to these dates.

Most of the "round robin" leagues around the world have set days that they usually play their games - for European leagues it's generally Sat/Sun (which makes the Euroleague/Eurocup scheduling easier), in Australia it's everyday except Tue/Weds - so that's the behaviour I'm looking for here. The leagues all have the 'valid days' attribute that defines which of these days of the week to schedule games on. This class (will eventually) take that info as a dictionary, generate a list of all the matchups, generate a list of valid game dates, and then assign those matchups to those dates.
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