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Originally Posted by Groundhog View Post
Until this point I've imported all of my data - teams, coaches, leagues, nations, etc. - in a database (sqlite) that I manually populated from csvs full of info I've gathered over the last couple of years, so I spent some time the past couple of days putting together the 'new game' process - main menu/league selections, etc.

Here's a couple of screens:

Title Screen
A quick (5 minute) title screen just to give the standard new/continue/load options.

New Game Menu
This one took a lot longer - the fully functional league selection screen. All the data here is taken from csv files that can be easily modified to add/subtract/modify the leagues included - currently 44 fields per league (some repetitive, like 7 fields for each day of the week that games will be scheduled). Leagues where I've manually created teams (also done via csvs) default to 'import' teams, other leagues will be randomly generated. Active leagues will be bolded (not yet done), and I'll ditch the '#' in the Teams column header.

The Olympics/Tournaments options on the left will be changed to a table like the regional leagues, because it gives me more flexibility with how many I can include without running out of room - there's international tournaments in the Americas, Asia and Africa that I don't plan on looking at now but would probably like to look at down the track:

Nav Bar
Lastly, the top-of-screen navigation bar - not completely functional yet, because I don't have all the screens completed. This image is at 100% actual width, to give you an idea of how wide the UI will be:

What did you use to make these screens? They look great, much better than what I'm capable of in PyQt
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