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Big 12 Tournament- Quarterfinals

(9) W. Virginia- 83 vs. (1) Kansas- 75

(12) Oklahoma- 65 vs. (4) New Mexico- 74

(11) Kansas St.- 57 vs. (3) Wichita St.- 74

(15) N. Dakota St.- 78 vs. (7) Oklahoma St.- 85

Wichita St. has an open road to winning this tournament, if they don't falter. But don't count out the other schools either. I thought Kansas was shaky coming into the Big 12 Tournament, and I still feel that way, although I would have loved to see a Wichita St.-Kansas final. Now I'm hoping for Wichita St.-New Mexico.

Semifinal pairings:

(9) W. Virginia vs. (4) New Mexico
(7) Oklahoma St. vs. (3) Wichita St.
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