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That OOTP screen is very impressive. I like that the ratings bars are color-coded and grouped in areas.

I think FOF can definitely take a cue from there. There's a lot of space available on this screen and much of it can be put to better use:

  • The scrollable awards screen
  • The giant pane with the team logo (make that a small one next to the player name, where the 3D head is in the OOTP graphic)
  • The giant injury and transaction history list
  • The giant Bottom Left Third (compare to the much more compact "personal details")
  • The giant Bottom Middle Third (I feel like all the useful information in this and the previous pane can be combined into one, smaller pane)

The menu can also be improved. Let's just take out new number and new name altogether, or tuck that away somewhere. A lot of the menu options aren't even available for most players depending on the time of year. What would be nice is all the sensible stat categories. So instead of filling this menu with "Interview" and "Weights", we could have "Passing Stats", "Misc Passing Stats", "History" (for transactions/injuries), etc.

Right now the tiny menu is the Navigation Menu, and the giant menu is the Action Menu. This seems backwards.

Also key: the OOTP screen looks like you can jump to any other part of the game without having to find the "exit" button on the player card. In FOF, instead, you can go the the next or previous player, or look at franchise salaries.
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