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Specific Interface Question 2: Non-Modal Behavior

In going to a largely non-modal interface, how much is too much?

Example... you're running free agency. Should the main free agency window be non-modal?

The positives: you can go back and forth with whatever windows you've set up.

The negatives: dealing with the end of free agency might be annoying. Whenever you "kill" a non-modal window, interface requirements mean you have to clean up after it - meaning you have to kill any window opened from that window.

You would have to perform that cleanup at some point after the free agency period ended. Meaning you'd click back to the free agency window, and it would either kill itself at that time, or pop up a message saying it had to kill itself now. This adds clicks and actions that have nothing to do with your useful enjoyment of the window.

So far, my operating idea is that any window that has that action element (the simulation window, the free agency window, the draft window) will remain as it is now - modal. So when you open it, you don't have access to your other windows. This means the free agency window still has to have a button that allows you to open your roster - even if you already have the non-modal roster opened elsewhere. While this isn't necessarily confusing, it could be annoying.

Anyway, which seems worse to you - the need for cleanup with non-modal windows, or the forced experience of modal windows where the cleanup is more intuitive (i.e., they go away when you close them)?

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