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Originally Posted by garion333 View Post
I would love a "Start-D" function in-game to help clean up all the windows, regardless of if you go modal vs non-modal.


Really, I just want to have what windows I want open all at once instead of going back and back and forth between stuff.

I don't feel like I have deep insight here, as I really never hated the interface like some people did over the year. Heck, i didn't even hate the Gigawatt stuff.

But while I have gotten used to it, I confess that it seems weird to have to click the exact same series of "yes, open this window too" buttons as I start the game. I play the game 100% of the time with 6 of these windows open, or 7 if multi-player. I can hardly imagine anyone who doesn't.

Anyway...along those lines, I do find it oddly irksome during the season when I see the button "Simulation Window" in the active field (now the upper left corner of the active screen). While I have grown to ignore that over the years, I think it's weird to have that button pop up. I click it and nothing happens, because I *always* have the "Simulation Window" panel opened, period - so that button accompishes nothing. To me, that situation games for the sub-window that is currently buttoned as menu item "Simulate Games."

I've long just written this off as a "well, I guess this is one of those things made for someone who does it differently than I do, and I suppose that's fine, I guess."

Anyhow...if any of this helps to shed any light on your thinking, great. I find the multiple mini-windows (modal, non-modal, I don't really speak the language) odd but I'm completely used to it.

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