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2010 Offseason.

Biggest early news is that O.J. Winters has continued to creep like mad, and probably is a Dusty Ford/Swamp Thing kind of player. He's up to 71/71 after FA1, that's +33 overall. Now if he can just stay healthy for an entire year (missed all or part of 9 games in his first two years)...

I definitely hit the jackpot on the QB/RB/TE/WR/WR group. As a whole, they were +29 in FA1 this year. As of FA1:1, they are:

QB Briggs, 1(3), 23/43-->54/54
RB Winters, 2(1), 38/38-->71/71
TE Middleton, 3(1), 23/44-->55/55
WR Newman, 1(9),31/51-->62/62
WR Reeves, 2(5), 24/45-->61/61

Turf will be upgraded for the 2013 season. That should help with injuries. I've also hired a H.C. who is Excellent in avoiding injuries, and bumped up the training room time a bit.

Briggs gained 2 more formations (up to 14 now) in training camp, with 22 intelligence. The backups also look pretty close to their capacities, so I'll scale back on playbook the rest of the way and get some extra help in other areas, especially injuries.

No significant gains in 2010TC (none that were > +2), but two big losses for backup WRs Chad Turnbull (now 11/16) and Grant Dagostino (now 16/26). Keeping the two starters healthy is going to become absolutely critical to success here, it appears. Big misses on Turnbull and Dagostino for me.
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