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Originally Posted by tarcone View Post
How about start by raising our children right? You know, in a 2 parent home.

Maybe teach them the difference between right and wrong?

Teach them there are consequences, both positive and negative.

I would love to see data on gun deaths caused by people that were taught these things compared to those that werent.

It all starts at home.

Originally Posted by miami_fan View Post
A) He was adopted into and raised in a 2 parent home up until his father dies of a heart attack "many years ago" and his mother died in November 2017 of pneumonia

B) Can it be argued that he was taught the difference between right and wrong and this is the result? What if what's right means doing what he did yesterday because he felt threatened and felt the need to defend himself from a threat? I am not defending his actions. I don't know if that is the case or not. It is a possibility, right?

C) I don't know what the lessons of consequences would do for Nikolas Cruz at the point he was at yesterday. I am curious about the positive and negative consequences of his victims, their families and the society at large.

I am interested in exploring some of the other elements of these senseless shootings outside of guns. Unfortunately, I think most of those will be consumed by the same constraints that consume the guns debate

Miami Fan is spot on, I didn't grow up in a two parent home and was in to bad shit as a teenager, but sports got me straightened out and gave me a greater purpose. In my subsequent years coaching I have known kids that fit your stereotype that went down bad paths and kids that didn't do the same thing. Hell, if you have me on FB you saw I went to a funeral of one of the latter last month. One parent homes in a bad socio-economic setting may be at greater risk for overall violence, but I have seen no correlation to mass shootings that says they are a greater risk.

And the big thing I see now is so many kids have just become numb to consequences as the acts they see on TV have become more frequent and perpetrators take on almost a celebrity status. You can teach right/wrong/consequences all you want, but you are competing with outside forces that don't reinforce them and in some cases glorify them. We had the same issues to a degree when I was a kid, but chose fists as the weapon of choice and not an assault rifle.

Society as a whole needs to take more accountability and keep talking about it. I support the second amendment, but there are so many holes in the laws governing gun rights it isn't even funny and they need to be addressed, along with a serious look at how America handles those with mental health issues that may be at risk for committing these types of atrocities.

You just can't put all of this on parents, while the government continues to tweet thoughts and prayers and do absolutely nothing.
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