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I hear what you are saying Panerd and I don't think you are wrong. We have absolutely the same things going on as you do in regards to shitty parenting. It produces the same disturbed and unhinged kids as in the U.S. I don't think that will change in a hurry.

The difference is your kids can get hold of guns. Our kids can't. Your kids shoot people our kids don't. They might stab someone worse case scenario but we can't ban kitchen knives. 1 or 2 people might get killed by a fruit loop before they get over powered. Better than 17.

It comes down to a question, is it more important to have guns in society for whatever reason you want them or is it more important to stop all the needless killing? It seems quite a lot of folks are brainwashed right now. They have their blinkers on and just accept things as they are. A lot of folks are entitled, think they are above all this. Just get rid of all the guns it all goes away.

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