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Originally Posted by jeff061
I thought Lathum was lying, actually even thought he may be the turncoat. I just couldn't believe 3 hits on 3 days.

Dubb totally had me sold on Penny though. Mostly because of Penny's posts, which seemed a little contrived to me.

Contrived until you realized everything I said WAS TRUE . I couldn't explain why Dubb would do what he did if he was a villager, but now it all makes sense. Dubb did a great job defending himself against me, and I think I got alittle carried away because once I was on the chopping block I knew I had to do whatever it took to get Lathum to believe me.

I was getting so frustrated with Dubb and Lathum yesterday. If you could have seen me reacting to your posts you would have been laughing your butts off. I was screaming at my computer screen! My coworkers were getting a real kick out of it.

I'm going to chaulk up my nOOb play at the end to this being my first game and my lack of experience. I'll definately know better the next time I play
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