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Originally Posted by Alan T
The other thing that made me curious was what were you doing during all of that Goldeneagle? You threw out three random votes without any explanation during it all. Im puzzled why you picked me when I was perhaps the only one with a logical reason to have a vote on Bulletsponge. My vote was because he very clearly said last game that he wanted to play the next time he was a wolf by trying to be out and open it some and see if he could just hide in plain sight. He started off this game that way, I called him on it and he did not deny it or stop. So I voted for him. Not a great reason on day 3 or 4, but for day 1, thats good enough to fly.

Chances are Bulletsponge was a good guy to and we had all this fuss over nothing, I'm just intrigued by some people's actions today.

I already explained it a bit, but I will do it again. The vote for Alan T was random and I just pulled it out of a hat. I had no evidence on Day 1 on anyone except RealDeal, so I decided to cast a random vote and see what happens.

I then voted for BrianD without checking he was that one that RealDeal was up against. I got my b's mixed up and tried to change it to bulletsponge so that a tie could be created and that we could possibly save an innocent.
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