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The 1985 Cincinnati Reds have quietly built one of the most impressive rosters around, and most of it through the draft. Why can't my scouts pick like this! Check this team out!

Ruppert Jones (2xGG) LF Tim Raines (5xAS) RF Rafael Palmeiro (Rookie) SS Gary Templeton (ROY, 2xGG, 3xAS) 2B Willie Randolph (1xGG, 2xAS) 3B Gary Gaetti (1xAS) 1B Don Mattingly C Gary Carter (3xAS)

Onn the bench they have Don Baylor and this young first round draft pick named Will Clark.

The starting staff isn't as hot, but still impressive in it's ownright.

1- Oil Cab Boyd (Former 1st rounder, 3rd year pro, (31-19, 3.66 ERA Career)
2- Fred Kuhaulua (Former 1st rounder (Braves), toiled in the minors for 5 years before being cut. 1981 ROY, 1983 AS and CY Young winner. 70-48, 3.10 ERA Career)
3- Roger Clements (Former #2 overall pick, 27-27, 3.89 ERA Career)
4- Gary Nolan (37 y/o Reds lifer, 1xAS, 1975 and 1976 Cy Young winner, 2 WS Rings, 218-151 3.14 ERA Career)
5- Roger Mason (Former 1st rounder, Rookie, 4-5, 3.38 ERA Career)

CL- Dave Righetti(Transitioned to closer last year, 1st year with the Reds, 58-46, 59 S, 3.29 ERA Career)
SU- Don Aase (Former starter (Redsox) and closer (Expos) 3xAS, 79-68, 89 S, 3.69 ERA Career)
MR- Ken Daley (Former 1st rounder, spent 4 years in the minors, had 2 cups of coffee, and stuck this year, 2-4, 2 S, 1.86 ERA Career)

The Reds franchise hasn't made the playoffs in 1978, but from '70-'78 they had 6 playoff appearances and 2 titles. They are currently in 1st in the West but the Astros are hot on their heels before the break.

Pete Rose and Johnny Bench are considered the greatest Reds players. Pete Rose retired 1979 with the Cubs and had 3087 career hits. Johnny Bench is still playing for the Blue Jays at the age of 37. He has 478 career HR's. Gary Nolan is considered the franchise's greatest modern day pitcher.

I'd be happy to rundown any other teams or players if anyone is interested. This kind of stuff gets me excited.
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