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My latest version of WW2 is...different.

Hearts of Iron 3, playing as Germany. After the usual happenings (annexations of Austria & Czechs), we invade Poland. The UK had elected not to guarantee Poland's independence, thus the Germans hordes roll through Poland rapidly.

The Soviet Union takes this as a good sign and invade Finland. Unfortunately for them, Finland signs a treaty with the Allies, and UK, France, and their buddies declare war on the Russians.

Laughing, Germany spends a year building up further, while the USSR/UK war stalemates. We declare war on the Netherlands, kicking off the main war. 4 months later, Netherlands, Belgium, and France are under German control, with the UK basically doing nothing. They sue for peace. Germany directly annexes Netherlands & Belgium, and release France as a puppet state.

At this point, all of Europe except for Scandinavia & the British Isles are members of the Axis (Italy having conquered Yugoslavia). The UK / Russia was is going nowhere, and Japan is stuck in China.

The US? A year after Germany establishes hegemony in Europe, they decide those Russian sons of bitches are going down as well, and declare war on them.

So...1943. Germany & its allies control Europe, with the UK and US screwing around in Russia. Whee.
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