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More Python Theory

Having finished the 'Python in 24 hours' book, I'd rate it a mediocre 2.5/5. It was an easy read for the fundamentals, but too often I found myself having to google after finishing a chapter to get a better explanation of the concepts it was trying to teach. I did find the very brief chapter on Developing for the Web with Flask to be interesting as far as my long-term goals go, and the SQL chapters were also pretty useful.

I moved on to an online course at Udemy - 'The Ultimate Python Programming Tutorial'. A series of short video tutorials, this has been a much better resource for me. I'm about 65% through and although it's covered a lot of the same ground as the book thus far, I've found it much easier to follow.

The lessons on functions and loops have given me an early idea on how the sim might actually function.
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