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Groundhog - will be following this and will be rooting you on.

I love programming, but I know I'm not a very good one. Have dabbled in a lot of languages and, like you, focusing on Python now since I can actually use this for work. I've always dreamed of writing a lot if sports simulations (originally baseball, but focusing on college football now since TCY has gone away). Watching you learn the language has been a pleasure - and it reminds me if my early years when programming was pure joy as it was a series of discoveries like the ones you're making. Good luck with this as I will be an avid follower.

As far as Python is concerned - know that almost ANYTHING you're thinking if doing there's either a library or code for it already. Google search exactly what you're trying to do - examples will be out there.

As far as advice - I would also crest a game class whose parameters include the teams and the current state if the game. This way you can cycle through each game in a single loop - allowing you to play all the games for that days schedule concurrently (you can add a start time and a time if day parameter to determine if the game has started or not). Later down the road, but just something to think about.

Also - another thing I've found is all these classes and lists may be better serviced as a database (I've been told mongoDB is a good, free one). You'll be able to search on all data, run calculations, etc. Again, probably not something you want to think about now.

Awesome stuff - good luck!
She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!
She loves you, yeah!
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how do you know?

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