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In more basketball-ey coding, related to my post above, I have finished up the logic around non-structured offense. Every step of a play, the sim will check the offensive and defensive players positions on the court, determine if a guy is open (intentionally or not), his ability to score from where he is, and his location in comparison to the ballhandler to determine pass difficulty. All of these factors make up a "pass value" score from 1 to 4, with 1 being "Shaq open from 3" to 4 being "Shaq open in front of the basket" - ie. a must-pass. A player's offensive awareness determines how many player's pass values are checked, and the higher the value the more chance that the player will break from the scripted offense to make the pass to that player - again, offensive awareness helps aid the right decision here.

This is very cool. There was a big Kirk Goldsberry paper that came out a few months ago and it also had some measure for the relative value of passing to each player on the court (or shooting) at each "frame" of the possession. My pet peeve with it was that it didn't take prior actions into account (e.g. that based on the position of everyone on the court, Player X is only "open" for a corner three because the player with the ball is driving baseline in the opposite direction and could only get him the ball with some extremely difficult pass). That's hard to code for, but having that value for awareness (I suppose the FM equivalent would be flair) is definitely key.

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