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It's early days with the templates, but similar to height/weight there's a base template for each position - such as say 7 for offensive rebounds for a PF. Then there's a random range it can vary based on the nation's talent score - so a low talent country might range from -6 to +2 for that rating, while an American player might be -4 to +10. This would give some variety already, but I'd like to have a chance of additional templates to be laid over players - both positive and negative. A 'gunner' template might raise the 2point/3point aggression ratings well above the 2point/3point ability ratings etc.

The main thing I want to strive for is generated players have attributes that make sense for their position and heights/weights, but also provide variety and allow for some interesting styles of play.

Re: SQLAlchemy I'd definitely recommend it if you are more comfortable with Python than you are with SQL. Creating dbs and tables and the like is no more complex than creating Python classes.

A good tutorial:
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