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Well my first evaluaton of the new Spirit Magic gets a thumbs up from me. My room contained a cage used to contain two humanoids-one a nobgoblin, the other unrecognizable because it was missing a head. The cage had crashed to the floor at some point, and this being the Dungeon, the two corpses animated and attacked me as Zombies!

I immediately cast my only spell-Spirit of Pain. It takes up 10 pts of damage, and does 5 in return. The spirit nearly killed the first Zombie right away, and they chose (or had no other choice) to attack the spirit instead of me. Both of them hit the spirit for a total of 4 hp...which would have killed me! We then took out the the remaining zombie yes DM, I'm liking Spirit Magic very much

I suspect I will find some coins on the bodies, and if lucky an item. Meed to start building up for the Djinns. How did everyone else fare?
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