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Ritwik Dudwadkar played a tier-1 in Merida, and it was a good doubles week for him as he won the title there. In singles, he almost pulled off a fantastic upset against second-ranked Matthew Panter(USA) in the quarterfinals. 2-6, 7-6(2), 7-5 was the final. That would have been a huge win, and Panter went on to be the champion this week.

Tour Finals Preview

A mix of experienced and not-so-much players. Antonin Iglar is contesting the Finals for the 10th time, while it's the 9th for Anil Mehul. It's pretty rarified air to get that high. It's the sixth go-round for Girish Girsh, and the fourth for both Mugur Kinczllers and Gustavo Caratti. Prakash Mooljee is playing for the second time, and the field also has first-timers Tomas Niklas and Shreya Ujjaval. Definitely one of the more diverse fields there has been in a while.
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