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Prakash Mooljee -- 10,260
Tomas Niklas -- 6,575

I don't think I've ever seen a year where both #1 and #2 were already locked up at this point. All three of Niklas' Slam losses this year were to Mooljee, and all of them went at least four sets. Everyone else is playing for the scraps they leave behind, hoping they don't run into these two until deep into the draw.


Khasan Zakirov -- 4120
Girish Girsh -- 3090
Luc Janin -- 3025
Juan de los Santos -- 2985

Zakirov should be able to add a bit here and there to complement his clay results. The others have more work to do, and are not that far ahead of the rest of the field ...


Jake Jolland -- 2735
Gillo Fangio -- 2640
Johnny Browne -- 2600
Shreya Ujjaval -- 2505

At this point it is anyone's guess who makes it in. I'd take Fangio and Browne from this quartet, but others could move down into this group, or up into it. A highly competitive, dramatic finish would seem to be very likely here, though it's always too early to tell with this many events left to play.


Zourab Andronikov -- 2355
Tiosav Srbulovic -- 2290
Tristan Benitez -- 2195
Hugo Jurco -- 2010
Mateo Kaspar -- 1775
Blagota Cojanovic -- 1725

The top few players have a real chance to make a run at qualifying, needing only one good week to move up to contender status. Kaspar is still transitioning, having several challenger events still in his record of results, and if he plays as well as he can in the fall things could get interesting for him as well. Definitely the odds are against it this year however. Not listed here is Martin Zarco(ESP), who made the Barcelona final and semis at RG. He's still got mostly challengers and is ranked 20th, but is a clay specialist who probably won't be heard too much from the rest of the year. Definitely a name to watch for the future though.
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