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Cheering for a losing team is an exercise in patience, and a complete acceptance of the Bob Uecker broadcasting in Major League. Let's look at what a complete clusterfuck of a year, 1991 has been so far:

Major League worst record of 31-70.

Last in the NL in:
Runs Scored
Runs Against
Starter ERA

Second to last in NL in:
Bullpen ERA

So pretty much everything, last or second to last. Only fielding is 9th. (BRIGHT SPOT!!)


Frank Viola, 31: 4.69 ERA; 1.54 WHIP; 82 ERA+; 2.39 RS per game
- Graded as a 3-Star talent, Upper mid rotation quality

Danny Darwin, 35: 4.13 ERA; 1.21 WHIP; 93 ERA +; 1.76 RS/G
- Averages 4 2/3 innings per start; Graded as a 2.5-Star talent, Back end quality

Ed Wojna, 30: 2.96 ERA; 1.26 WHIP; 144 ERA+; 2.57 RS/G
- Waiver wire pickup from Philly. Made 10 starts; Graded as a 2-Star talent; Spot start quality

Peter Chapin, 32: 4.51 ERA; 1.37 WHIP; 85 ERA+; 2.35 RS/G
- Grades as a 1.5-Star talent, Spot start or possible back end quality

Arthur Rhodes, 21: 5.62 ERA; 1.81 WHIP; 68 ERA+; 1.41 RS/G
- Grades as a 1-Star talent, Spot start quality at best

Bob Patterson, 32: 3.53 ERA; 0.97 WHIP; 108 ERA+; 15/19 Saves, 17.6 IRS%
- Grades as a 3-Star talent; is the closer, but scouted to set up at best

Tomas Ubiera, 26: 3.78 ERA; 1.23 WHIP; 101 ERA+; 2S, 1H, 14 GF
- Grades as a 3-Star talent; Set up is ideal.

Sergio DelRosario, 26: 5.83 ERA; 1.55 WHIP, 66 ERA+, 5H, 11 GF
- 2-Star talent; can hit 100+ on the gun, scouted as a situational/mop up guy.

You can see the incredible lack of talent, and what they've done so far this year. The offense has been awful. The pitching has been below average with slightly above average at it's finest. {edit: I totally forgot to mention that Patterson, the closer, is #2 on the team in wins, with 5.}

The lineup right now....ugh.

Just at first base alone, the team has used Von Hayes, Pete O'Brien, Franklin Stubbs, Lee Stevens, Jim Presley and finally Carmelo Martinez. Stubbs was released and then resigned a few days later. It's been a total shitshow. Catcher has had the same problems.

The team has a .290 OBP, and 57 team homers. Only Inky is even in double digits in dingers. Albert Belle leads all of baseball with 36. They haven't been no-hit yet either, but they have been 1 hit, by Tom Glavine, twice. Once was a leadoff single, before Glavine set the next 27 down in order.

Here's the current positional outlook:

C Hector Villanueva, 45 GS, .629 OPS, 81 OPS+, 48.4% CS%
- 2-Star, marginal ML player. Waiver claim from Oak. Helluva cannon arm.

C Mike Bishop, 50 GS, .589 OPS, 68 OPS+, 40% CS%
- 2-Star, backup at best. Planned start to begin the year.

1B Carmelo Martinez, 12 GS, .807 OPS, 126 OPS+.
- 1.5-Star, borderline bench player. First is well documented above.

2B Geronimo Pena, 86 GS, .634 OPS, 79 OPS+, 10SB/13CS. .988 fielding
- 1.5-Star, starter all year, here for his defense.

SS Dick Schofield, 93 GS, .553 OPS, 58 OPS+, .968 fielding
- 1.5-Star, 2-time gold glove, here for his defense.

3B Ken Caminti, 96 GS, .633 OPS, 78 OPS+, 6 HR, 35 RBI, .963 Fielding
- 2-Star (3 Pot), pretty average all the way around.

LF Pete Incaviglia, 92 GS, .780 OPS, 117 OPS+, 17 HR, 54 RBI
- 2.5 Star, the only real damage producer in the lineup. Average starter.

CF Daryl Boston, 86 GS, .750 OPS, 111 OPS+, 16 SB
- 2.5- Star, somehow lost his role recently, considered a good starter

RF Lee Stevens, 69 GS, .659 OPS, 85 OPS+, 7 HR, 28 RBI.
- 2-Star (3 Pot), played a lot of 1B too, 2nd on team in HR. Borderline starter.

So that's the sad status of a terrible ballclub. The only bit of hope right now is that the Dodgers have the #4 farm club in all of MLB. They will have another high pick this year of course and these guys are close to needing to make the jump already.

Carl Everett, 20, (12th prospect) Playing A-Ball
Bobby Abreu, 17, (18th), High A Ball
Andy Pettitte, 19, (24th), AAA
Raul Rodarte, 21, (52nd), Low A
Damian Miller, 21, (55), High A
Shawn Estes, 18, (78), Rookie
Pat Rapp, 24, (94), AAA

You just know that someone from this list is getting called in September.

Anyway. It's rather pathetic to watch this team day after day. They lose, a lot. And the Expos are almost as bad. Kind of funny that just a few years ago, they both were dominating.
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