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The 1992 Los Angeles Dodgers Opening Day Roster

The off season was not kind. As bad as LA was, they were 24th out of 26 teams in change in WAR. That's not good for looking ahead. You'll see the struggles that this team will face as we explore the roster. The only good news for the future, is that the Dodgers now have the #1 farm system in baseball, with the 7th, 8th, 10th and 12th top prospects in baseball, and another 5 in the top 100.


1. Rene Arocha - A 26yr old, 4th round pick who not only made the team as a rookie, but heads up the teams staff. Arocha is under a lot of pressure here. This is far beyond anything he had to be anticipating.

2. Peter Chapin - He's 33 now, and lost a league leading 19 games last year as the #3 guy. He was just above replacement player level last year. No reason to expect more from him this year.

3. Pat Rapp - He's a 24 yr old rookie, former 2nd round pick who went 9-11 with a 5.59 ERA last year in AAA. He's still the Dodgers #4 pitching prospect and in the top 100 league wide.

4. Arthur Rhodes - He's 22 with 2 seasons under his belt and you have to wonder if getting pressed into action has been good for him. He's posted sub replacement level stats, with a 4-28 career record and a 5+ career ERA. He needs to fix his major control problems.

5. Andy Pettitte - If you thought Rhodes was young, Pettitte is only 19 and the team's top pitching prospect. He bounced between AA and AAA last year. He did good, but this is way before his time.

RP David Peck - Had a rough year in 33 games for LA last season. His 7.83 ERA was turning heads for all the wrong reasons.

RP Lyle Swepson - One of the more reliable arms in the pen last year. Posted a 3.75 ERA in 32 games. His 1.58 WHIP wasn't awesome, but serviceable.

RP Tony McKinney - A good arm in AAA, who was just getting settled in with the main team when he lost time with an injury. In 30 career games at the ML level, he has a 3.54 ERA and a 1.30 WHIP.

SU Scott Baker - He has struggled with injuries, but been effective when he's been on. Gets to the upper 90's with his fastball, has above average stuff.

SU Joe Grahe - Grahe is transitioning from being a starter to the bullpen. The rookie, former 14th round pick, went 6-3 with a 4.84 ERA in AAA last year. Set up seems like a big role for him, but the bullpen is this as it is.

CL Bob Patterson - The anchor of the bullpen last season, and he'll have to do it again. He's got good stuff, very good control and a lively fastball. He got 18 saves last year. It would be better to have him setting up, rather than closing. He's the only lefty in the pen.


Rick Wilkins - Rule 5 Draft Pick from the Mets. Wilkins split time between AA and AAA last year. He was a former 2nd round pick by the Royals.

Hector Villanueva - He worked his way into the starting lineup last year, was best known for his good arm, and occasional power.

First Base

Lee Stevens - Split time last year between first and the outfield, but now looks to be holding down the job at first. Was one of the more dangerous bats toward the end of the year. Enters his 3rd year of ML service.

Jack Clark - The Ripper is a 5-time All Star, and 2-time Silver Slugger, but he's also 36 now. His productivity dropped from 42 dingers to 15 and his average from .256 to .223. He can still get on base and has a good eye, and some pop in his bat.

Second Base

Geronimo Pena - He's an offensive liability with speed and some average defense. Replaceable, but there's nobody worthy enough to unseat him.

Jeffrey Wilson - Wilson is nearly 32, and is still pretty quick on the bases. He started for the Reds back in '88 and scored over 100 runs, but fell out of favor and only played in 131 games the last 2 years. His career .215 average isn't going to get him any awards.

Third Base

Ken Caminiti - He's been a regular fixture in the lineup for 4 years now enters his last contract year. He still hasn't lived up to his future projections, but he isn't hurting the team either.

Dave Hansen - Only used as a pinch hitter last year. Hansen only started one game. If he's pressed into a lot of action this are not going well for the team.


Dickie Thon - The departure of sure fielding and light hitting Dick Schofield opened the door for the spring training signing of the 33 yr old Thon. He still stole 20 bases, hit 10 homers last year. We are his 4th team in 4 years. He's still below average with the bat, and with the glove.

Dave Rhode - Rhode is the teams utility guy, and he moves around the infield where needed. His best attribute is his baserunning ability. He's not going to be starting anytime in the future.


LF Ricky Henderson - That's right, Rickey is back, and he's here for 5 years and is the new highest paid player. Rickey was the only player LA could get in free agency, mostly because every other team had given up on him. Last year for the Yankees his average dropped 27 points, and slugging was down 47. He did walk a league leading 144 times and still stole 57 bases.

CF Darren Lewis - Lewis stole the starting job from Boston last year by playing good defense, possessing good speed, and using a good eye to get on base. He was a semi-reliable leadoff guy and won't hurt the team.

RF Pete Incaviglia - Inky was all the power last year. He hit 24, and struck out 134 times. He is a pretty poor defender, and in right that is going to hurt. It would be really nice if he could keep that power going this year.

OF Daryl Boston - We could be worse off here. Boston can do a little bit of everything. Decent defender, can hit an occasional homer, still runs with good speed. He's not going to get his staring job back, but he's got to contribute.

Who's Out -

Ed Wojna - for a moment it looked like he was going to be the ace, but he didn't even make the roster despite a decent spring.

Von Hayes - One of the highest paid players on the team, he's really dropped off the last couple years, and there are no openings in the outfield. He was more of a liability than a help last year.

Who's in the minors -

Dale Murphy - hit 16 HR's last year, but really struggled to stay consistent. He's 36. Not likely to make an impact even if he gets the call.
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