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Originally Posted by Blade6119
quick question, though i know bek is we still dont know raiders is...were 99% sure but he could have given up one of his own...and AE we have no dont accuse me...and what of dubb?
What of dubb? He's definitely not a werewolf. He may still be mafia.

Although I think Blade is suspicious, I think that he brings up a good point about me. I am the seer to check out wolves, so I am definitely not on their side...however, the possibility is there that I could be working for the mafia as well (which would be an interesting twist). I can assure you that this is not the case. I am a villager through and through.

I don't bring this up to discredit myself. I only bring it up so that you know I'm not hiding anything and so we can look at the game from all angles.

BTW, to whomever runs a future game of WW, this would be a GREAT twist.
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