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Park Pitches Second Straight Shutout, 22-0 Over Greendale

Basic design of the other Park High logo, although the Panther is usually bicolored, as you'll see in next post's photo

The War of the Panthers took place last night between same-named Park High and Greendale, but it was all Park in a second consecutive shutout for the defense, a 22-0 laugher that left the suburban version 0-2 and the urban variety a perfect 2-0.

Quarterback Tim Moungey played another quality game, connecting on 8 of 17 attempts for 155 yards and a TD, adding 49 yards on 7 rushes. He opened the scoring with a dazzling 77 yard bomb to sophomore wide receiver Cameron McKenzie who raced out to single coverage deep downfield and shot past the hapless Greendale defender to the end zone with 11 seconds in the first quarter.

But that wasn't the only highlight for Moungey. On defense, he whipped around the offensive tackle to hammer Greendale quarterback Brad Carp for a 6 yard sack and a forced fumble on 3rd and 12, making Greendale's subsequent recovery a moot point. He finished with 2 tackles, a TFL, a sack and a forced fumble at the LOLB position.

McKenzie won Player of the Game with 4 catches for 131 yards and a TD, a yardage total unheard of for I-formation, ground-game based Park.

Moungey Recruiting Update (QB)
Upgraded to 2* prospect at QB after the Greendale game and received his first scholarship offer, from Eastern Michigan. Schools calling this week included EMU's MAC foe Western Michigan again, another MAC school in Northern Illinois, and the second Big Ten school to express interest, Northwestern, the highest prestige program to call (3*).

Moungey Recruiting Update (LOLB)
Just like last week, Western Michigan called with interest, as did Big 10 Minnesota. Golden Gophers are said to have zero chance with the Park star, but that hasn't stopped the inquiries. Another conference stepped in, with Big 12's Iowa State calling.

Overall Board
Eastern Michigan (MAC) - QB*, LOLB
Iowa State (Big 12) - LOLB
Minnesota (Big 10) - QB, LOLB x 2
Northern Illinois (MAC) - QB
Northwestern (Big 10) - QB
Western Michigan (MAC) QB x 2, LOLB x 2

EMU's Scouting Report - QB
Not the most accurate QB in the world, but has a knack for big plays both with his arm and his legs. Could be an exciting dual-purpose threat to revive interest in the program (4-8 in 2007, 3-9 in 2008, 0-12 in 2009, 2-10 in 2010). Will need to work on accuracy. Could become a bit too run happy, so may need to train to look for the pass first. Also occasionally throws into coverage. Overall, a player worth having on the team and projects as a starter, maybe even as soon as his freshman year.
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