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Defense Wins Ugly 10-7 Contest

Sun Prairie is noted for its national powerhouse cheerleading team

Many observers in southeast Wisconsin looked at Racine Park's road game against Madison-area high school Sun Prairie as a classic trap game. The Panthers were coming off an emotional OT home loss to Waukesha North and the Cardinals looked better than their 2-3 record indicated.

But even though Tim Moungey had his worst game under center yet (5 of 18, 72 yards, -18 rushing yards, 3 sacks), the Panthers' defense got the job done and RB Derek Warren did the work on offense, rushing 21 times for 170 yards and a TD.

Initially, it didn't look that way, as the Cardinals took a 7-0 lead on a drive when they made four straight third down conversions of 12+ yards before scoring on a screen pass on second and goal. Fortunately, Park's defense stiffened up the rest of the way, including Moungey's 2 tackles, to deliver the much-needed win..

One college scout at the game commented on Moungey, "Really rushed his throws tonight. Doesn't appear to trust his offensive line at all, which isn't surprising. Did have a nice 28 yard pass to Cameron McKenzie on Park's first drive. Also locked on to McKenzie too much. On the other side, his receivers dropped a couple passes and he showed real leadership and moxie, just like he did last week against North.

I see him as a kid who should probably go somewhere where he isn't rushed into the starting spot. Let him develop and fight his way up the depth chart at a good program. If he goes to a bad school to play right away, he won't ever learn to correct his deficiencies."

Moungey Update - QB
Despite the poor game, #6 Ohio State called again. The Buckeyes love the flashes of two-way threat he's shown, and with the 3.57 GPA, they know he's got the intelligence that Terelle Pryor didn't. Michigan also rang up a second time. The third school to call was none other than #21 ranked Notre Dame, increasing the number of high prestige schools interested in the Park Panther.

Moungey Update - LOLB
Vanderbilt officially offered a scholarship on defense. Minnesota called for the fifth time, and the Golden Gophers seem desperate to convince him to come to the Twin Cities and play D. Northern Illinois contacted again for the first time in a while, and made their first inquiry on Moungey's interest in defense. Yet the most intriguing call came from #15 Michigan State, the highest ranked team to inquire about Moungey on the defensive side of the ball.

Overall Board
Central Michigan (MAC) - QB x 2, LOLB x 3
Eastern Michigan (MAC) - QB*, LOLB*
Iowa State (Big 12) - QB*, LOLB*
Iowa (Big 10) - QB
Illinois (Big 10) -QB, LOLB
Michigan (Big 10) - QB x 2
Minnesota (Big 10) - QB x 2, LOLB x 5
Notre Dame (Independent - #21) - QB
Northern Illinois (MAC) - QB, LOLB
Northwestern (Big 10) - QB*, LOLB
Ohio State (Big 10 - #6) - QB x 2
Oklahoma (Big 12 - #1) - QB
Vanderbilt (SEC) - QB*, LOLB*
Western Michigan (MAC) QB x 2, LOLB x 3*
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