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Zippidy-do-dah from my players as Dudwadkar got really worn out the practice week before he was scheduled to play his next tournament, so he took an extra week off to rest. Shreya Ujjaval foolishly entered Barcelona, getting knocked in his first match in both singles and doubles. At least he's finally taken a couple of weeks off now, and looks like he's going to skip Madrid which is wise given how much needs a break. Frankly he should be skipping Rome as well but as of now it doesn't look like that's the plan.

We're off to Spain next week, Italy the week after for Rome. This year the clay field is as wide-open as ever. Several players could take the bull by the horns, Benda's always a favorite but he's no longer unbeatable. It'll be interesting to see who steps up the next few weeks.

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