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This sub-forum.

I'm excited about the move. Operation Sports has been part of the text sim community since it debuted the same year I wrote the original Front Office Football.

This gives us the opportunity to introduce a new forum feature I've been thinking about for at least a couple of years.

With the new forum, we're going to add a new subforum called "Developer's Corner" under the FOF subforum. Every week or so, I will introduce a specific item relevant to developing football simulations.

We will have a panel consisting of Operation Sports staff members (including SkyDog) answering these questions, immediately, as they would like to see the item reflected in text-based simulations (I'll send the topic to them in email a day or two beforehand).

This subforum will be moderated very differently from the rest of the forum. For one, I'll be starting all the topics. And secondly, while these topics will be open for discussion, the idea is to create a living document, useful for my own future reference. So SkyDog will moderate them very closely to keep them specifically on topic. Hopefully, posts will not be lost.

I hope this becomes a regular and popular feature at the new forum. It will help me flesh out new ideas I have with Front Office Football. And I'm encouraged that it will give all of you some insight into simulation development and a chance to participate more formally in the process.

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