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Legends of Sri Lanka

For a little over a year now in real-life time, I have been playing an online tennis manager game known as Rocking Racquets. When I began, I decided to take a unique approach and try to raise the tiny country of Sri Lanka, then at dead-last in the world(86th) in the rankings, as high as I could. The more traditional way of playing is raising the best young players of any nation that you can find, but this is somewhat of a lottery. It's really a matter of luck and timing, as you have to find them and hire them before anyone else can right after they are generated. The story of my Sri Lankan players has reached a historically important point, and so I have chosen today to begin this story.

Once I get the history out of the way it will be a slow-burning tale. The game world I am involved in is the slowest, as I did not wish for this to become a huge time sink but I love tennis and it gave me an outlet for that. 1 week per game day, which means almost two real-life months per year. The ultimate goal is to get Sri Lanka to #1 in the world, winning or doing as well as is possible in the World Team Cup(based loosely on the real-life Davis Cup). Individual achievements for my players are secondary.

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