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Originally Posted by Brian Swartz View Post
** I'm in Game World 1.
** No, I don't control WTC setup. I can only manage the players I can find. For example, I don't manage Prakash Nilima, who has been a fixture on the doubles.
** Practice tournaments pair you off in groups with players of the same basic ranking. They are in groups of usually 6-10, so the highest-ranking 6-10 juniors would play against each other that week, then the next half-dozen or so, etc. Usually this ends up in fairly competitive matchups. Plus, if you are playing JG/AMA's all the time, your form is going to go through the roof, meaning you A) will get penalties to how well you play, and B) won't gain as much experience.

Thanks, and good to know about practice tourneys. I've experienced the same thing with the 17yo (Delacave, a Frenchman) and thus far have dealt with it by having him not play back-to-back tourneys frequently. I'll certainly look into the practice tourneys now!
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