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Theo Bondy and Merchantmen agree terms
After lengthy negotiations, the Maassluis Merchantmen and wide receiver Theodore Bondy agreed terms of a new four-year deal, worth $180 million, including another $61 million signing bonus. Bondy was in the second year of a four year contract signed last off-season, which already included a $55 million signing bonus. The new deal opened up cap space to be able to offer contract extensions to several players in their last year of contract, most notably defensive tackle Heath Oliver and safety Bart Guthrie. Both are regarded elite at their respective positions and the Merchantmen want to maintain their star player heavy roster. This new deal makes it virtually impossible for the Merchantmen to trade or release Bondy without causing a dead cap space hit even larger than the salary figures he's signed for.

Sidekick Artie Blazewicz signed a new two-year deal, as the Merchantmen offered him the so-called cap out contract, which means Blazewicz received a bit of his 2086 salary in the form of a signing bonus. As a result, Blazewicz has basically guaranteed his roster spot with the Merchantmen. Coming off a bit of a comeback season, emerging as one of the biggest deep-threat receivers in the league, Blazewicz solidified his spot as the WR2 ahead of second-year receiver Tucker Gaylor, whom the Merchantmen think has a bright future, and veteran Rico Techen.
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