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Originally Posted by CrimsonFox View Post

did you ACTUALLY intend to go after me the day after I died or was that a diversion.

dubb, did you actually intend to go after commo the night you said vote ccommo theree times or were you setting a trap. Zinto thought it was a total trap. Did you intend to go after Autumn or j23 instead? Or weren't you sure?

Autumn, did you think that was a trap? Is that why you killed dubb?

I absolutely thought killing dubb would get you killed autumn because j23 and commo were both saying autumn as a wolf, while dubb and commo were in a constant war. What do you guys think would have happened if dubb and commo were at the end?

I'll try to answer these.

In all honesty I don't remember much of the early game. I suspect I would have stayed on you but I guess that is why we play the game. I don't keep noted to refer back to. I clearly felt you were a wolf. I doubt I would have went away from that.

As for the end. It was a trap. There was no way a wolf Commo leaves me alive there. Unfortunately it also set me up for an Autumn NK which I didn't suspected. Figured if Commo wasn't a wolf that the real wolf would leave around to go after Commo.
Originally Posted by McSweeny
Because you know it takes sound strategy to get killed repeatedly on day one right?
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