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Not sure where you are coming from with this "advice". It seems you saying this nation of 325 million is stupid given there is such an easy solution. You are blaming all of us and offering a feckless solution from a country with 1/10 the popualtion.

I would suggest you might be more effective if come at this with more empathy and realize so many of us right now are sad and vulnerable.

As an onlooker it is very frustrating. I am sorry if my empathy doesn't come across but I wouldn't waste the time posting if I didn't care. My frustration is you have a problem that is out of control yet despite looking at other countries that don't have the problem many won't take the cue. That pisses me off quite frankly. Brained washed by their own culture.

Nationalism is installed in us to try to control us in my opinion. It's bullshit. It bothers me every bit as much hearing American children getting killed as British children.

I am not blaming all of you, as you suggest. It seems most guys here on this forum have their heads screwed on. That said if you think my country has 1/10 of the population of yours maybe you are one of those guys who could do with spend a little time researching what is going on in the rest of the world?

I would put it to you some people are obviously not "sad and vulnerable" enough if they are not ready to give up their gun privileges.

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