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So, months later, I'm basically in the same spot as in January. My team, with no real effort, remains a top-half and sometimes top-tier in the "Diamond" level, but when we occasionally get promoted to the top "Perfect" level we get punished and relegated immediately.

I guess for zero dollars and a pretty modest amount of real time, that's fine. O accumulate something like 5-10,000 "points" a season, and I'm sitting on about 70, I could be in the market for an upgrade to a higher quality (more consistent) player someplace - my team probably could improve at SP, RF, and 3B. But I don't feel any particular motivation to do so. I also could sit back and try to gather enough free money to land a genuine superstar someplace.

Motivation. Yeah, that's what's missing. I don't feel any competition or rivalry with the anonymous teams I play, the leagues get re-shuffled every season (week) and for me, I don't see much point in all this. Maybe the side tournaments and the collection quests are enticing for some... not for me.
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