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So, months later, I'm basically in the same spot as in January. My team, with no real effort, remains a top-half and sometimes top-tier in the "Diamond" level, but when we occasionally get promoted to the top "Perfect" level we get punished and relegated immediately.

Just checked in, after seeing a half price promo for OOTP 21 (I'll pass, thx)... my team remains in this mix, bobbing back and forth between the top two levels. I have amassed $150,000 which I reckon would buy me one high quality player... have to decide when I have 15 minutes to fool around and see who that could be.

Anyway, all the stuff about missing motivation, etc still holds true.

Oddly, though, I have found myself really fascinated by the markets in the Madden Ultimate team game, which is basically the same framework. Maybe it's my deeper interest in football than baseball that has me actually interested there? Or is it the wide arrays of power-ups and player variations that connect to one another? Not sure... but for some reason I am into that, and never really got into this, at all.
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