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Vince, Pt. II
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Blood on the Clocktower

Cross-posting this from the Board Games thread in Off Topic, but I am extremely excited about the Blood on the Clocktower Kickstarter that has about two weeks left.

It's basically a souped-up version of werewolf that you play in person. It's a hidden role social deduction game where every single person has a secret role with a special power. What's nice about it is that dead players are not eliminated from the game, and literally everyone in the game has a secret role and/or power, so everyone feels engaged.

The Kickstarter is pretty damned pricey, but the components are top notch, and the reviews I have read or have watched for the game are absolutely glowing with how much they enjoyed it. I am extremely intrigued by the complexity of some of the roles, and it sounds like playing the Storyteller is a hell of a good time as well.

Some of the interesting roles:
  • Washerwoman: Start the game knowing that a specific role is in play, and that the role is being played by one of two players...but they don't know which one.
  • Fortune Teller: Each night, pick two players and learn whether there is an evil player among the two you picked. Unfortunately, you sometimes register good players as evil... (Mechanically, one specific player registers incorrectly for them. It's the same player all game)
  • Juggler: On the first day, publicly guess the roles of up to 5 players out loud. That night - if you survive - learn how many of your guesses were correct.
  • Poisoner (Evil Minion): Each night, poison one player. That player has no role or special abilities for the remainder of that night and the following day. They do not know this, and the Storyteller is encouraged to give them false information while they are poisoned if they try to use their abilities.
  • Beggar: Cannot vote unless dead players donate their last vote token to him. Whenever a dead player donates their token to him, the Beggar learns whether or not they were good or evil. The Beggar can only use each token one time. This character is a Traveller, and can be either good or evil.

Anyway, I figured this group would possibly have some interest, so thought I would bring it to anyone's attention who may or may not have otherwise heard about it.

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