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An Eternal Quest

The moons and stars were hidden from sight, making that particular quiet night especially dark. The town guard had to carry torches to make their rounds; but the man who came to call at my chapel carried no light with him. I came to learn that Movarth Piquine could see in the dark almost as well as the light; an excellent talent, considering his interests were exclusively nocturnal.

One of my acolytes brought him to me, and from the look of him, I at first thought he was in need of healing. He was pale to the point of opalescence with a face that looked like it had once been very handsome before some unspeakable suffering. The dark circles under his eyes bespoke exhaustion, but the eyes themselves were alert, intense, almost insane.

He quickly dismissed my notion that he himself was ill, though he did want to discuss a specific disease.

"Vampirism," he said, and then paused at my quizzical look. "I was told that you were someone I should seek out for help understanding it."

"Who told you that?" I asked with a smile.

"Tissina Gray."

I immediately remembered her. A brave, beautiful knight who had needed my assistance separating fact from fiction on the subject of the vampire. It had been two years, and I had never heard whether my advice had proved effective.

"You've spoken to her? How is her ladyship?" I asked.

"Dead," Movarth replied coldly, and then, responding to my shock, he added to perhaps soften the blow. "She said your advice was invaluable, at least for the one vampire. When last I talked to her, she was tracking another. It killed her."

"Then the advice I gave her was not enough," I sighed. "Why do you think it would be enough for you?"

"I was a teacher once myself, years ago," he said. "Not in a university. A trainer in the Fighters Guild. But I know that if a student doesn't ask the right questions, the teacher cannot be responsible for his failure. I intend to ask you the right questions."

And that he did. For hours, he asked questions and I answered what I could, but he never volunteered any information about himself. He never smiled. He only studied me with those intense eyes of his, commiting every word I said to memory.

Finally, I turned the questioning around. "You said you were a trainer at the Fighters Guild. Are you on an assignment for them?"

"No," he said curtly, and finally I could detect some weariness in those feverish eyes of his. "I would like to continue this tomorrow night, if I could. I need to get some sleep and absorb this."

"You sleep during the day," I smiled.

To my surprise, he returned the smile, though it was more of a grimace. "When tracking your prey, you adapt their habits."

The next day, he did return with more questions, these ones very specific. He wanted to know about the vampires of eastern Skyrim. I told him about the most powerful tribe, the Volkihar, paranoid and cruel, whose very breath could freeze their victims' blood in the veins. I explained to him how they lived beneath the ice of remote and haunted lakes, never venturing into the world of men except to feed.

Movarth Piquine listened carefully, and asked more questions into the night, until at last he was ready to leave.

"I will not see you for a few days," he said. "But I will return, and tell you how helpful your information has been."

True to his word, the man returned to my chapel shortly after midnight four days later. There was a fresh scar on his cheek, but he was smiling that grim but satisfied smile of his.

"Your advice helped me very much," he said. "But you should know that the Volkihar have an additional ability you didn't mention. They can reach through the ice of their lakes without breaking it. It was quite a nasty surprise, being grabbed from below without any warning."

"How remarkable," I said with a laugh. "And terrifying. You're lucky you survived."

"I don't believe in luck. I believe in knowledge and training. Your information helped me, and my skill at melee combat sealed the bloodsucker's fate. I've never believed in weaponry of any kind. Too many unknowns. Even the best swordsmith has created a flawed blade, but you know what your body is capable of. I know I can land a thousand blows without losing my balance, provided I get the first strike."

"The first strike?" I murmured. "So you must never be surprised."

"That is why I came to you," said Movarth. "You know more than anyone alive about these monsters, in all their cursed varieties across the land. Now you must tell me about the vampires of northern Valenwood."

I did as he asked, and once again, his questions taxed my knowledge. There were many tribes to cover. The Bonsamu who were indistinguishable from Bosmer except when seen by candlelight. The Keerilth who could disintegrate into mist. The Yekef who swallowed men whole. The dread Telboth who preyed on children, eventually taking their place in the family, waiting patiently for years before murdering them all in their unnatural hunger.

Once again, he bade me farewell, promising to return in a few weeks, and once again, he returned as he said, just after midnight. This time, Movarth had no fresh scars, but he again had new information.

"You were wrong about the Keerilth being unable to vaporize when pushed underwater," he said, patting my shoulder fondly. "Fortunately, they cannot travel far in their mist form, and I was able to track it down."

"It must have surprised it fearfully. Your field knowledge is becoming impressive," I said. "I should have had an acolyte like you decades ago."

"Now, tell me," he said. "Of the vampires of Cyrodiil."

I told him what I could. There was but one tribe in Cyrodiil, a powerful clan who had ousted all other competitors, much like the Imperials themselves had done. Their true name was unknown, lost in history, but they were experts at concealment. If they kept themselves well-fed, they were indistinguishable from living persons. They were cultured, more civilized than the vampires of the provinces, preferring to feed on victims while they were asleep, unaware.

"They will be difficult to surprise," Movarth frowned. "But I will seek one out, and tell you what I learn. And then you will tell me of the vampires of High Rock, and Hammerfell, and Elsweyr, and Black Marsh, and Morrowind, and the Sumurset Isles, yes?"

I nodded, knowing then that this was a man on an eternal quest. He wouldn't be satisfied with but the barest hint of how things were. He needed to know it all.

He did not return for a month, and on the night that he did, I could see his frustration and despair, though there were no lights burning in my chapel.

"I failed," he said, as I lit a candle. "You were right. I could not find a single one."

I brought the light up to my face and smiled. He was surprised, even stunned by the pallor of my flesh, the dark hunger in my ageless eyes, and the teeth. Oh, yes, I think the teeth definitely surprised the man who could not afford to be surprised.

"I haven't fed in seventy-two hours," I explained, as I fell on him. He did not land the first blow or the last.

I sat under the tent outside the ruins of Vilverren reading this "journal" and knew now what I must do. Where to begin, I do not honestly know, but these ruins seem like the place to start. I must find this...beast. The two bandits I dispatched with a poisoned arrow to each skull were just normal men, but they were protecting something regardless. Ive heard of a reward for the dust of fallen vampires in the Imperial City. I will find them...and slay them. But for now, I am tired and must sleep under the stars for my day has been a long one. It isn't everyday one escapes from a prison cell, watches the Emporer slain right before her very eyes and realizes the world she knows may be cursed...

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I am deadly with a blade, but even deadlier from long range with the bow and arrow. It was an art i learned years ago, training to be a shade. We excelled in the covert arts, manipulation of the mind, and the practice of understanding our surroundings and senses. I was not however trained in any magic that revolved around the destructive or restorative arts but did excel at making potions that would imbue me with healing medicines and other powerful perks. I also had the knack for first aid on myself and my scars proved that.

The first 2 bandits outside of Vilverren witnessed the power of my bow…ever so briefly, as it struck them from afar. One poisoned arrow is all it took for each man. After I awoke from my slumber, I scavenged the surrounding area, reread that “journal”, picked some herbs for later use and decided finally to check out what these bandits were protecting inside.

8 bandits awaited me in the first few rooms and each met their fate with an arrow and when needed my blade. A couple traps also laid in wait for me, but with a keen eye I was able to sidestep one and disarm the other. I finally came across the ringleader sitting at his makeshift desk eating lunch and uncorked an arrow to his chest stunning him. As he rushed me, I dodged the massive swing of his hammer and smashed his face with my own blade. End of discussion…I proceeded to his desk and read his note which explained that these ruins were of Ayleid. All around the area were Welkynd stones, which described by the ringleader, were some sort of magic storage device. I gathered them for now. The note also explained how deeper in the dungeon was another bandit named “Two Coins” and an unnamed Khajit. The Khajit had not been heard from in days…

I ventured further into the ruins and sensed another bandit. However unable to get an arrow off in time due to turning a corner too fast, “Two Coins” was on me immediately so I had to immediately go on the defensive. After a fierce battle and the toughest so far I breathed a sigh of relief and bandaged my wounds from that fight and from some of the previous scuffles. I proceeded deeper and finally came across the Khajit. He was already dead…from something, but whatever it was, it ate him. Not a pleasant sight. After picking a locked gate I started to see what all the fuss was about. The undead were here. Skeletons archers and warriors locked up in small prison cells and the guards patrolling the area. I dispatched them however with the same techniques as the bandits with only minor scuffles involved. I sensed something stronger though and came across some hidden pressure zones that opened up new doors. Behind them was what I feared…a zombie.

Zombies take a beating and this one was locked up in an area all by itself. I am not exactly sure if this is what ate the Khajit, but I do know I don’t want to be the next meal. I strategized my plan of attack knowing an arrow wasn’t going to do much damage, and I had been out of poisons for quite some time now. I shuffled through my scrolls and found a nice fire damage scroll and memorized the words. I shot of an arrow and then quickly yelled out the words on the scroll and shot off a blaze to the face of the zombie…to which it remained at half health! So I ran…Thankfully I had also scavenged many a health pot and in the ensuing battle with the one armed monster, I chugged 2 pots and dodged and weaved his massive swings and survived a fierce battle.

Moving onward I again sensed another strong force. Another zombie…I have no poisons, and no more scrolls to read that do damage of any sort. I realize though that one option I do have is backtracking the route I took and completely sidestepping this zombie and sneaking past it. That is the choice I take…back through some rooms and I can forget this monster. Hindsight being what it is, I could have done the same with the first zombie and let it be.

Moving deeper into Vilverren picking up stones along the way all I run into are some more skeleton archers and warriors. Nothing at all to be overly concerned with and easily dispatched with arrows and the occasional blade. The prize however was a mysterious precious stone that I will need to figure out the use for in due time. I realize by now that the beast is not in these ruins, and it is altogether something completely different. I do also know that my curiosity may kill me as I have to find out.

Deeper yet and I start to sense that the end is near as less and less skeletons are around. I find a statue that seems to be worth something, so I snag it as well. Each hallway is trapped with sliding axes that I must dodge. Thankfully I am nimble and quick enough to do just that. Up a flight of stairs I go and I sense another being…this time human.

I realize this is the cause of all the undead in these ruins and why the bandits ceased to go any further. A necromancer stood far in front of me, dressed in black and hovering over a dead corpse. This fight would need to end quickly as he would likely summon something to attack me. I chose to shoot an arrow and charge ahead as fast as I could after with my blade swinging. The first arrow does little damage to my surprise and I am forced to quickly attack…thankfully my blade hits casters stronger than anything else, and Jalbert, the Necromancer falls to his death with barely a scratch on me. I loot the area and find the key to get out of this place.

It is time to go visit Jauffre and see what all the fuss the Emperor was babbling about…
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I am intrigued.
We have always been at war with Eastasia.
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I need to travel to Chorrol where Jauffre resides in a place called Weynon Priory. My escape from prison for petty theft happened to place me in a prison cell that miraculously or conveniently had a secret escape passage for the Emperor who just happened to be escaping from assassins a few nights prior. I don’t know much about it, nor do I really know if I WANT to know much about it right now. However, I made a promise to the Emperor and to Baurus to deliver this “Amulet of Kings” to Jauffre. Either way the Emperor is now dead and I am obliged to do some leg work.

I arrive in Chorrol and ask around to the whereabouts of Jauffre and Weynon Priory and make my way there. Jauffre doesn’t seem too pleased to see me and questions why I have the dead Emperors amulet to which I explain that the Emperor saw something special in me…Jauffre explains to me that a Daedra named Mehrunes Dagon, the Lord of Destruction is now in danger of invading the world with no Emperor in place. I mention to Jauffre that the Emperor told me of a mysterious son that he had to which Jauffre confirmed. He gives me orders to find this son, named Martin, who resides as a priest in Chapel Akatish in Kvatch. Thankfully, Jauffre begins to warm up to my charm and offers me some new weapons and tells me to visit the other brothers in the house for any assistance. I do just that and am given a new horse to ride across the countryside with, a book which affords me some knowledge on new blocking skills, and a repair hammer to fix my broken gear. Nice brothers…

I decide to put off the search for Martin just now as I feel I have more important things to do. I take a visit to the Inn in Chorrol and come across an old man named Valus Odiil who tells me of his concern for his two sons who are waiting for him to go defend their farm from strange creatures attacking from the woods. He tells me of his fear and his old age will be of no help and asks for my assistance to which I again oblige. I meet up with his sons, Antus and Rallus outside of Weynon Priory and we proceed to the Odiil farm. We are greeted there by an initial attack from 3 goblins to which we easily destroy. I am unable to use my trusted bow in these attacks which make me a bit nervous, but my faith in my blade is still solid. Another attack again by 3 more goblins is brushed off however, Antus is suffering some injuries. I try and place myself in between the final wave of 4 goblins, including the goblin leader, but Antus falls dead soon after leaving myself and Rallus to fight the remaining goblins. We both survive and I loot the corpses. We head back to town and I sadly inform Valus that one of his boys died in the attacks. Stricken with grief and now in need of funeral money, Valus rewards me with 25 gold. I gladly accept and go about my way.

Having overheard some gossip in town about the Countess Valga being upset about a stolen painting, I make my way to the Castle to investigate. Valga informs me that a painting of her late husband has been stolen and she suspects some individuals and would like me, a complete stranger with no bias, to question each of them and investigate the situation. She offers me a key to most the rooms in the castle, and me being a thief, gladly accept!

I first question the castle herald, Laythe Wavrick who only tells me that Orgnolf has a drinking problem. Laythe proves to be completely worthless. I go and find Orgnolf, who proves to be a grumpy old man that is not in any mood to volunteer any information. I in turn charm him with my speaking prowess and finally he gives in. He tells me how the night in question, he argued with a delivery boy in the Great Hall who had an accident with a wine shipment in the rain. He also mentions that the rest of the night he was in his room. I search his room afterwards and find only alcohol.

Bittneld, the Captain of the Guard is my next interview. He is fairly straight and to the point and tells me that he was on patrol that night, but remembers seeing Chanel spend a lot of time in the castles west tower but that Chanel tells him, she is merely working on her magical research. I quickly go find Chanel and ask her about this and she tells me she was taking star readings that night and then went to the dining area and straight to bed. My last interview is an orc named Orak who said he was in the castle the entire night and didn’t see either Orgnolf or Chanel. He does mention that he saw Orgnolf drinking in the west tower and threatened him about it, to which Orgnolf apparently stopped.

After questioning everyone I am suspicious of Chanel for 2 reasons. Firstly she supposedly told Bittneld that she was doing magical research, but didn’t mention this to me at all. She told me she was doing star readings on a night that 2 other people said was raining…that is strange. Orgnolf is a drunk sure, but he hasn’t lied to me it seems. I search Orgnolfs room again though and find nothing, as well as search Oraks room and come up empty handed. I go to Chanel’s room and find a painting kit and then make my way to the west tower and find a hidden room with an easel and a landscape painting on it. I then make my way to the dining area and find spilled paint on the carpet. I have all the evidence I think I need and go to Chanel and promptly accuse her of theft, to which she finally admits to. I then tell Countess Valga of the theft to which she decides to kick Chanel out of the castle. Before I turned in Chanel though, I made off with a Varla stone in a display case woth 1000 gold! This same stone is similar to the one I found in Vilverren so now I have something to work with and now I have 2 of them. I figure, since I am also a thief and Chanel is already in trouble, she will be to blame for this as well...tricky, tricky!

I spend the rest of the day making some potions and selling off what I don’t need. I am feeling stronger each day and I decide to do a little exploring beyond the city gates and spend the night in town and will head off on some adventures in the morning.
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I plan to head out of Chorrol for a couple days at least to do some adventuring and work on my skills some more as I feel a bit rusty. However before I head out of town I make sure to catch up on any rumors. Some in particular are of a man named Reynald Jemane who resides in Chorrol. Apparently the residents of Chorrol have also seen him in a town clear across the land in Cheydinnal but Reynald acts as if he doesn’t know them at all. The residents all find this rather strange and so I make it a point to go and find Reynald, who is drinking his butt off in the Inn. He informs me, that he has NEVER been to Cheydinnal and would like me to do his work for him and travel there when I am able or willing and find out who the impostor is ruining his good name, for he feels he is capable of ruining his good name all by himself! I will go to Cheydinnal when I can, but make no effort to go there right away even with the offer of reward. The drunk can wait.

I also hear of a strange doorway that has appeared in Niben Bay as well as a strange prophet that is preaching outside of a desecrated chapel of Dibella in Anvil. I decide that when I get the chance and the urge, I will investigate both of these matters and see what’s going on and why priests and priestesses are randomly getting killed across the land. Quite strange.

I have also come across a strange plant, called a Ninroot, that I am told has some special powers when broken down and am informed by an alchemist in Chorrol that I should seek out another alchemist somewhere else however, he doesn’t tell me where that someplace else is, so I will just keep that info in the back of my mind.

Finally off to adventure after my lunch!

I arrive at an old run down fort west of Vilverren named Fort Chalman and promptly go up the tower and am pleased to find 10 repair hammers. I will need these as my armor is shot, my bow is slightly warped and my blade is nearly broken. Those came in very handy and basically were the prize of the entire fort even after going inside. Inside I find the typical skeleton archers and warriors and some traps. I decide to lure one of the warriors to me and through the trap and as he runs across a bridge to me, gets crushed by the swinging spiked ball to his death…stupid skeleton. I proceed further and come to the final room, where a ghost of some sort is waiting for me. This is my first experience with this being…I calmly shoot him with my arrow and it goes right through him. That’s great! It slowly makes its way towards me and I take my blade out and swing…and hit nothing. OH MY GOODNESS! I run down the hall and quickly thing…and realize that he is immune to physical damage, or at least to the damage I am trying to inflict, so I rummage through my bags and luckily find a shock damage scroll and read it out loud and shock the ghost to death. What a relief, and thankfully I did not sell this scroll. I make a mental note about those ghosts, loot the area and proceed out.

My horse and I travel westward and arrive at the Roxey inn, where I sell some more potions that I don’t need or want and am informed by the owner of the inn, Malene that the area north of her inn is being harassed by undead creatures at night and she would like me to resolve the issue. I’ve had my share of undead and think I am fully capable of handling them, so I agree. Up the hill I go to the cave and I proceed with caution and come across a necromancer who is easily dispatched with an arrow to the head. Some rats and mudcrabs also inhabit the cave and they are swatted away with my blade. I then enter a room with 3 skeletons, 2 archers and 1 warrior. I realize I have a slight problem here, that being that I am outnumbered. So, I pick a spot and jump on it to get out of reach of the warrior and 1 by one pick off the archers and then the warrior. Smart move! Further in the cave I find a necromancer adept who I expect to be a small threat, but one shot to his head resolves that issue as well and i loot the area of gems and a key and backtrack out and up towards another path where I assume the boss awaits me.
I am pleasantly surprised that the key opens up the final room where Raelynn awaits. I am under the sneaking suspicion that this fight will go similar to that of Jalbert from Vilverren and that I will need to dispatch her quickly. However, I have no poisons on me; but nonetheless, I draw my bow and shoot and run at her with full speed. Raelynn is able to summon a skeleton and I sidestep it swatting at the necromancer with my blade missing wildly, nervous of the damage the skeleton might do. I am forced to drink a potion to survive a blast of something to my face…I assume it is fire, but not exactly sure. I finally trap Raelynn into a corner, where casters do NOT want to be for they can no longer run and cast and I finally proceed to gut her with my blade. For the first time in days, I was scared but manage to survive, loot the area of gems and gold and head out to the Roxey Inn and collect my 50 gold reward.

Malene also informs me of a rumor of a town west of there called Aleswell where the townsfolk are all invisible. This peeks my curiosity so I decide to head there after I sleep that night. 10 gold for lodging is a bit much I think, especially after I just wiped out a necromancer for this lady, but I pay the price and have a peaceful night’s sleep.

The next morning I head off on my trusted steed and come across another ruins called Serecen. I decide to explore these ruins as well before I head to Aleswell. Inside I find the typical bandits that I dispatch with a bow shot. My shot is becoming steadier each time and more accurate and deadly. This appears to be another albeit smaller Ayleid ruin with stones all over. I cautiously sneak around but to my surprise and seen by a Khajit bandit who jumps me and puts me on the defenseive. I do not like not getting the first shot, but am able to use my quickness and evade most of his attacks, finally striking him down. The ringleader is visible to me at the end of the room and my normal arrow and blade attack removes him from this world. Loot and leave and on my way to Aleswell.

Um…nobody is here. I decide to go inside the Inn and am surprised to be spoken to my some invisible dude calling himself Diram Serethi. He explains to me that a wizard living in the ruins of Fort Caractus, down the hill, by the name of Ancotar, has cast a spell causing the entire village to go invisible. He would like me to investigate and take care of the matter. Wizards really piss me off but I agree. I head down the hill and my horse is attacked! 3 invisible rats jump him, so I immediately dismount and help out my trusted companion. I hear a faint grumbling up in the tower of some wizard all upset that im near. I can sense him, but can’t fully see him so I cautiously search the tower and am again surprised by Ancotar himself. I explain to him that his magic has caused the town of Aleswell to disappear and he seems a bit remorseful, but tells me how invisibility has its rewards. I think to myself “I can see that” or rather…”I can’t see that” but explain to him again that the town would like to be visible. He gives me a scroll to read and tells me to make sure I do so in the middle of town so it reaches everyone but I sense some hesitation in his voice. I decide he is hiding something from me, more than his face, and finally he tells me there could be a side effect of reading the scroll, to which I bribe him to tell me how to protect myself and after spending 20 some odd gold, he provides me with a ring to wear while reading the scroll. Thankful for that I proceed to explore the tower and come across some of his wizard books which train me in mysticism, which I can use thankfully, and conjuration, which I unfortunately will never make use of. I am tempted to steal his alembic and calcinatory, which help me make better potions, but pass on this thought. I explore the inside of the fort and come across 2 beasts inside and dispatch them fairly easily, loot the place and leave.

Upon returning to the village of Aleswell, I place myself in what I believe is the center of town, put the ring on, and read the scroll. Thankfully the scroll worked and the town became visible again. Diram thanks me, and unlike Malene at the Roxey Inn, gives me lifetime room and board at no cost. What a nice guy!

I decide to go to the Imperial City to look for and purchase a suitable cape. I need a black cape…
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I was thinking of doing something like this with Oblivion, Fallout or some other open-ended game. Will be reading along.
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Ah, the Imperial City and all its glory. I need a black cape and so I go in search of a luxury shop and purchase one for nearly 100 gold. Not a bad deal really for such a glorious cape. While walking around the city I come across some wanted posters for a man named “The Grey Fox” and my interest is piqued immediately. I ask some guards about this man and they give me general information. I then ask some bums and they provide me with some inside information about where the members or a member may meet if interested. Of course I go…

At midnight I arrive at the waterfront district and meet a man by the name of Armond Christophe who offers me a chance to join the Thieves Guild. This is right up my alley so I jump at the chance. My acrobatics is pretty good. However, there is a catch and that is my invitation is subject to the 2 competitors going against me and who can retrieve the diary of one Amantius Allectis who resides somewhere in the Imperial City. He informs us that beggars are our eyes and ears and may know of vital information when and if we need it. Well apparently one of my competitors named Methredhel doesn’t need any information and she sprints off towards her destination. My other competition, Amusei looks like a bumbling idiot and does…something. I proceed to a bum named “Puny” and he gladly tells me exactly where Amantius lives for a 5 gold bribe. I immediately run there as fast as I can and arrive just ahead of the over eager Methredhel who knows exactly where the diary is located. I of course do not and can’t search quickly enough. Methredhel finds the diary and quickly leaves the house. I have until the next night to get the diary, so I decide to find out where Methredhel lives. She lives near the waterfront where we all met and I calmly break into her residence while she is sleeping and swipe the diary from her. That should piss her off in the morning…

I gladly delivered the diary to Armond the next night much to the chagrin of Methredhel who moans and groans about being robbed. Amusei threatens to go freelance…Armond informs me that I can steal goods and have then fenced with certain buyers who associate with the thieves. He informs me my first fence resides in the city of Bruma. He also informs me of the rules of the Thieves Guild: not to murder while on a job for the guild, not to steal from other thieves and not to steal from beggars or peasants. Fair enough. Apparently I could steal from Methredhel because none of us were actually in the guild yet so my theft of her did not count thankfully, because the price of expulsion is steep. One other perk of the guild is that they will pay off your bounty for half off. Not bad, but I don’t plan on getting caught.

I head to Bruma fairly late and decide to do some thievery at the best place I know of…the castle. A lot of guards roam the rooms, and frankly just too many, however the main room has some display cases with some nice Akavari Katanas that I swipe and fence. I do the same with shield in the unlocked display case. I find some houses and steal some folded cloth which gets a pretty penny on the black market and in the third house I am robbing I come across a secret hatch! Interesting…so I proceed to go take a look.

This secret room is a training room of some sort with a nice hand to hand combat book that gives me some valuable knowledge and a very hard locked barrel. Again, curiosity of locked devices peaks my interest and I manage after breaking 12 locks to finally open the barrel and inside, much to my shock is an enchanted hood and cloak with 15 fortified points to my sneak, illusion, marksman, blade, and speechcraft abilities…simply amazing! What more could a thief want. I proceed to fence the rest of my stolen goods and have now fenced over 600 gold worth of stuff. I still have in my possession though, 3 stolen items…the hood and cloak I just snagged and that Varla stone I snagged from Castle Chorrol and blamed on the thief, Chanel.

I head back to the Imperial City to see Armond again that night and he offers me a job again since I am proving myself to be a valuable thief. He would like me to steal the tax records and gold from the Imperial Watch that they have collected from the Waterfront District which is not normally taxed because of their low income. I gladly accept and ask a bum to tell me the info for free to which he gives me a half assed response. I decide to pay him the 10 gold and bribe him for a better answer and he tells me that the Captain of the guard, Hieronymous Lex has an office at the top of the south watch tower. Lex apparently hates the Grey Fox and has put forth much effort into catching him. I arrive at the watch tower and to my surprise the place is loaded with guards and more guards. This won’t be fun at all. Time to case out the joint…

I watch the tower from afar and proceed inside and test my limits. I see few guards at the lower level and I go upstairs and am warned to leave…to which I comply. I wait and wait and realize less guards are around at night and those that are, are normally sleeping. I decide this is my best time to strike and after scouting the first, second, and third levels of the tower know exactly where I have to go and what needs to be done. The final level is locked and I will need to pick it. So first I decide to go to that level and pick the lock but NOT open it yet so as to not cause any alarm from guards that are awake. After being warned again, I run back downstairs.

After my prep work is done…it is time to put all into action. I get to the first ladder and go into sneak and cast a camo scroll on myself and quickly climb up and to the left to the next ladder and up and to the left to the next without causing any attention from guards. With the final lock already picked to the top level I pick it and see LEX!!!

I had completely forgotten about Lex…but he was asleep, thank goodness! I snuck up to the desk and opened the lock, took the gold and records. I realize I am unseen and I see another interesting Ninroot and some folded fancy cloth…and take them all. I test my luck to see what Lex has on him and I snag is 2 handed steel claymore…a nice added bonus. I probably should have left well enough alone and realized after the fact that I was risking way too much but I felt my camo scroll spell had me hidden well enough for the 20 seconds it lasted. I had already done my preparatory work so all was smooth getting up to his room and quickly swiping what I wanted and needed. I quickly left the way I entered and headed out to see Armond as it was midnight the next day.

Armond gladly let me keep the taxes that were collected, which I figured I’d be spending on information from bums anyway. He also gave me another job to go visit Cheydinnal and steal a statue of Llathasa Indarys. I gladly accept and make my way there and on the journey remember I have someone else to visit here as well…the impostor of Reynald Jemane.

I arrive in Cheydinnal and find my bum for information. These bums are getting a bit greedy though and this one asks for 15 gold for some solid information. He tells me the statue is in the undercroft of the chapel in Cheydinnal and is also rumored to be haunted by a ghost. Great news…ghosts and I don’t mix well. I arrive at the church and get to the locked door of the undercroft and pick it and realize there is one lone guard protecting the area. I watch her route and time my entrance to my destination, snag the statue and some gems as well and to my surprise and greeted by a ghost. I bring out my new strong 2 handed steel claymore that packs a solid punch and with one swing…drop the ghost. Interesting…steel over iron seems to be the trick. I decide to sell my old iron broadsword at my next opportunity right then and there.

I make my exit, careful not to be seen by the guard again and ask yet another bum about the imposter of Reynald Jemane to which I am told there is no Reynald but a Guilbert Jemane living in town and am told where he might be located. I quickly go there and talk to Guilbert, who is amazed that his twin brother still lives. He runs off to Chorrol to find Reynald and asks me to meet them both there at my earliest convenience.

I decide, as the day is still early to do some thievery of Cheydinnal Castle…
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I spend some time in Caste Cheydinnal and head upstairs to check for any display cases to which there aren’t any. I proceed to pick open the easy locked door and bypass the guard doing his rounds. After rummaging through a few rooms, I come across a Hand to Hand training book which I can make use of. Upon exiting that room though, the guards spots me and scolds me and warns me to leave, to which I calmly oblige and make my way out of the living quarters with the uptight guard on my tail. I decide it is time to leave and head out but stop by to visit a side room on the way out and meet a Khajit by the name of Ra’ganar who offers me more training on Hand to Hand combat. I gladly pay for these services from him, tell him he has a nice tail, and leave.

Upon my arrival at the Waterfront District in the Imperial City I notice the swarm of Imperial guards all over. I am immediately put on alert and aware that something is up and question a guard to which I am informed they are on the lookout for Armond. I imagine he will not be meeting me then at his usual place and I have to find some other method to return the statue that I stole from Cheydinnal. Lex is even in the area and he looks none to pleases, especially without his trusted claymore by his side…

I find a beggar by the name of Isleif the Open Handed and I ask him where Armond is and he informs me that he is in hiding and also that Methredhel is looking for me…and out of the blue, she comes running towards me. She informs me that the Count of Cheydinnal filed charges on Armond for the theft of the statue I stole and that there was actually NO client who wanted the statue stolen at all, but that Armond was using me to weed out the informant, which was thought to have been me as well, and now I am to plant the statue on the true suspect, a Dunmer named Myvryna. I find her house, which is just around the corner but find it a little difficult to break into with guards roaming the area. Finally I pick a time and open the lock and see Myvryna sleeping comfortably in her bed, to which I calmly place the statue in her cupboard and exit the premises.

I run and find Lex who is actually nearby and he asks me about the statue, to which I explain that Myvryna has it. He of course doesn’t believe me so it is time to use my sexy voice and charm on him to which I am successful. He is shocked and amazed that she is a suspect and I quickly realize by his pause, that Myvryna is and has been his little mole and working for him for quite some time. He orders me to follow him to her house as he accuses her of theft and based on their argument it is indeed established that she has been working for Lex for a while trying to work one step ahead of Armond and telling Lex of his plans. Lex arrests her and after they leave I again take the opportunity to rummage through her stuff but find nothing of merit.

I go and find Armond at his house a little later and he apologizes to me for using me in the manner he did, gives me a reward for the theft and promotes me to the rank of Bandit in the guild. He also informs me that he no longer has jobs for me and that my new Doyen is a Khajit named Skrivva, living in Bravil. She will have work for me if I want and I can find her at her home or the Lonely Suitor Lodge. I also have a new fence named Darjee living in Leyawin, however I think I will stick with Olag in Bruma as we are working on a good business relationship.

But for now, I put meeting Skrivva on hold and want to adventure for a few days so I travel to Aleswell and spend the night there for free before I set off on some adventures. That night I get a fantastic night’s sleep and grow stronger and feel more agile, quicker and feel that my endurance is finally growing.

The next morning I head off and arrive at a Fort Empire. Outside is an Imp which is easily dispatched and inside resides a rat and some more imps that when I am careful, easily dispatch with one arrow. However, a few of the Imps spot me and I am forced to swat them away with my claymore. I loot the place, and make a quick run of the joint and move westward then southward down the road circling the huge Imperial City.

Fort Nikel is the next stop for me and outside I see a bandit camp so quickly realize what I am up against. I see a fresh fire so I make it a point to scout the area outside first for the bandit, but find nobody. I enter the fort and see that a door is open already inside. Suspecting a bandit is already close by I proceed with caution and spot him. I quickly remove him and proceed further inside to the bottom of the fort where 5 bandits await me. I see two different paths to these bandits and I choose to go left and spot the first bandit and sharply shoot an arrow to her chest killing her, but alerting the 2 bandits still on that side. One of them is an archer and another a wizard. I get into a shooting contest with the archer and drop her with 2 shots and the wizard with 1. I loot them and am again spotted by the 4th bandit, a battlemage who quickly comes swimming across the flooded area, to which I sit and shoot arrows at him. He does however get a swing at me but only a minor scratch. I thought the room was clear and completely forgot about the last bandit clear across on the other side and began to swim my way across when an arrow struck me in the arm, so running for cover I proceeded to again get into a shooting contest with another archer and again my shot proved deadlier. I loot the area and make my way out.

I come across another Inn, called Waynet Inn, and inside awaited the owner by the name of Nervisa who offers me a job of collecting 6 bottles of Shadowbanish wine for her. I of course am the adventurous type and accept the job. Across the way is a small house where I meet Aelwin Merowald and he is an old man needing my help to collect some slaughterfish scales for him, 12 in total, so he can retire. Apparently the scales fetch a hefty sum and he is willing to offer me a reward if I do this job for him. I accept the job but am curious as to why I would want to just give the scales to him if they fetch good money, especially not knowing what his “reward” will even be.

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