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IGNORE THIS THREAD - restarted dynasty

Screw you all and your dynasties - you got me buying and starting one.

Disclaimer: I was just getting started on re-familiarizing myself with TEW2007 and booking in it, so I'm going to start this one off slowly and run a couple other games on the side to get myself familiar with booking in 2010 and any peculiarities, so this may be a bit slow to get started.

What other dynasty could I take than Jim Crockett Promotions!

Monday Week 1 March - 1987

Drew Phillips takes over as Head Booker of Jim Crockett Promotions in a move that stuns industry insiders. A relative newcomer to the industry has been given the keys to the kingdom of the proudest surviving NWA Territory in its attempt to rise above Cult status and secure a future for itself in a world increasingly dominated by the WWF.

Jim Crockett Promotions currently has $1,000,000 in the bank.

I know that one of my first goals as Head Booker will be to bring in a new color commentator, as David Crockett is crap, so I immediately set out to do that before even looking at the rest of my roster.

I send out an offer to negotiate with Rich Landrum, former voice of Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling. Capable commentator as well as announcer. Just for kicks I also send out invitations to Gordon Solie and Lance Russell.

My first order of business is to attend a meeting with my creative team and review their thoughts on my roster.

Interestingly, my creative team gives me 5 names of folks I might consider going after of folks who will be future stars: Keiji Mutoh, Mark Callous, Sting, Sid Vicious, Headhunter A.

Picking and choosing from that list, I decide to pursue Mark Callous and Sting.

I decide to see who else is out there and available on a high level to add some potential star power. I won't bore you with all the names until we see who comes back and is interested in talking.

Tomorrow: My roster is already +25 employees, so it's time for some rationalizing (even if there are a lot of guys on pay-per-appearance contracts).

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{saw this purchase coming once you didn't send me an email addy to get those old '07 mod files, knew you weren't going to be able to resist}
"I lit another cigarette. Unless I specifically inform you to the contrary, I am always lighting another cigarette." - from a novel by Martin Amis
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I got the DOTT 2007 files from somebody (think I did send you a PM too). Was enjoying playing around with that for a couple days and rediscovering how to book successful shows (was pretty successful booking 4 or 5 "B/B-" shows in a row.

Fiddling with 2010 now on a side-game to explore how booking has changed (if at all) before I really launch full-scale into this dynasty, as I don't want to make any forehead-smacking mistakes.

One thing i already don't like in Genadi's mod is that with all the angles it's not explicitly laid-out which participants are which in the description (as it was in DOTT), so I can foresee some fuckups there.

Anyways - onward with rationalizing the size of my roster and seeing if I can bring in some new/old names!
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Tuesday Week 1 - March 1987

Championship Wrestling from Florida sells out to Jim Crockett Promotions

Working Agreements
New working agreements signed with the following promotions:
Stampede Wrestling Calgary (yes!!)
Pacific Northwest Wrestling (meh)
Universal Wrestling Association (just in case)

Rejected by the following:
World Wrestling Association
World Class Wrestling Association (damn!!)

Business Goals
Jim Crockett Jr. calls me in to discuss his business goals.

Goal #1: Over the next 2 years JCP must not drop below #4 in the promotion rankings (current rating #4)
Goal #2: Dick Murdoch must have reached a "B" momentum in 28 months.
Goal #3: Ric Flair must be kept above a C+ overall popularity in America (shouldn't be a problem for a Flair-mark like me)
Goal #4: Ric Flair must be kept above a B+ momentum over the next 18 months (ditto this)
Goal #5: You cannot hire or extend the contract of anybody with an Industry Reputation of less than C- (damn - this may hurt my finding young up-and-coming prospects)
Goal #6: You cannot hire or extend the contract of anybody with less than a C- in Safety (would I really want to do this anyways?)
Goal #7: You can't hire any wrestler who is classified as a luchador (oh well, so much for my working agreement with UWA).
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Roster Rationalizing
Rationalizing based primarily on Performance, then Camera, then Microphone work, then wrestling talent

Mike Graham
George South
Bill & Randy Mulkey
Teijo Khan
Tommy Angel
The Warlord
Denny Brown (stripped of NWA Jr. Heavyweight Title and terminated)
Ed Gantner (will drop the NWA Florida Heavyweight Title on the first card in a loser-leaves-town match and then be terminated)
Vladimir Petrov

My undercard workers are now face-heavy, so I'll have to work on that as well. I anticipate my upper-card workers being heel-heavy, so there will be opportunity to adjust all of that moving forward.

I'm heavy on Midcarders, but they're all on PPA deals and I have some decent performing talent there, as well as a couple tag teams that I want to keep as jobbers, so I'm thinking I'll run a bit heavier there. Also heavy on Upper Midcarders and Main Eventers, but there's some quality Tag Teams in there inflating the numbers (Rock n Roll Express, Midnight Express, Road Warriors).

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Friday Week 1 - March 1987
The following new signings are presented to the JCP Creative team:

Rich Landrum (Color Commentator - Gordon Solie was really far too expensive at $2,000/appearance, despite the attraction of teaming up Solie & Caudle)
Sting ($700 p/a)
Ted DiBiase ($2,000 p/a)
Curt Hennig ($2,000 p/a)
Shawn Michaels ($1,500 p/a)

Neither DiBiase nor Hennig make textbook faces, but I'll likely be relying on them to beef up that side of the roster - I can see them in a stable together.

All four were set to debut as faces. Sting as a Lower Midcarder, Hennig and Michaels in the Midcard, and DiBiase as a Main Eventer.

Saturday Week 1 - March 1987

The following new workers are introduced to the JCP Creative Team.

Mark Callous ($200 p/a)
Brian Pillman ($700 p/a)
Terry Gordy ($2,500 p/a - short term deal - 5 appearances)
Woman ($300 p/a)
Beulah McGillicutty ($200 p/a - hey who can resist an ex-Penthouse model/manager)
Sunshine ($300 p/a)
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LOL, I knew you would buckle.....But how could you cut Mulkey-mania loose?
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Saturday Week 1 - March 1987
World Championship Wrestling - Live on TBS
Columbus Civic Center, Columbus GA

Backstage Incident at the arena involving Ted DiBiase and Johnny Ace. DiBiase has taken Johnny Ace under his wing as a protegee. How nice of him!

7,939 fans in attendence in Columbus GA, including JoninMiddleGA.

Rick Rude def. Tim Horner by pinfall in 7:01 with a Rude Awakening (D+). Solid action in-ring, but not much in the way of heat.

David Crockett comes to the ring and informs Ed Gantner that he will face Nikita Koloff tonight with the Florida Heavyweight Title and the US Heavyweight Title on the line in a unification bout, or be fired (E+).

Ron Simmons def. Manny Fernandez via Dominator in 6:41 (D+). Solid in-ring action, but not much heat.

Ric Flair asks Precious out on a date and gets slapped by a horrified Precious (C+).

NWA United States Tag Team Title Match

Champions Ron Garvin and Barry Windham vs. Rock-n-Roll Express.
Rock-n-Roll Express defeat Windham & Garvin via pinfall in 10:01 via Double Dropkick. (C+)
Rock-n-Roll Express are your new United States Tag Team Champions

Ric Flair comes out to the podium and insults the fans in GA - singling out a young JiMGA. (A) (Hey it's an honor!! )

NWA Florida Heavyweight Title & NWA United States Heavyweight Title Unification Match
NWA United States Heavyweight Champion Nikita Koloff def. NWA Florida Heavyweight Champion Ed Gantner
in 8:25 by pinfall with a Russian Sickle. During the match, Lex Luger accidently hit Ed Gantner while trying to interfere against Koloff. (C)

Ric Flair is backstage hitting on Precious. Jimmy Garvin is around the corner from the two of them and can hear everything Flair says. (C+)

Ted DiBiase def. The Barbarian in 9:58 by submission with a Million Dollar Dream (B-).

Jimmy Garvin comes to the ring and challenges Ric Flair to a match. Flair doesn't respond (D).

Dusty Rhodes is in the ring calling out Lex Luger for his earlier attack on Koloff. Tully Blanchard answers instead and announces that he will be filling in for Luger and it would be an honor to kick Dusty's ass. (B)

Dusty Rhods vs. Tully Blanchard (non-title match)
In a bout that featured great action and a good crowd, Dusty Rhodes drew with Tully Blanchard in 14:29 when the match descended into chaos after Arn Anderson, Ric Flair, and Lex Luger all interfered against Dusty and began stomping a mudhole in him. Nikita Koloff and the Road Warriors raced to the ring to make the save and drive off the Horsemen. (B-)

Final Rating: C+
TV Rating: 0.46
Comments: There was a feeling that some of the angles used did not match the in-ring action, but the show can be considered a success and should have increased our popularity.

Note: Lesson learned - although it's one I knew. I had to get the belt off of Gantner though (E+ Crockett angle), and I probably shouldn't have let Jimmy Garvin have a mic (D angle towards the end of the show). My matches built nicely - I knew the early ones wouldn't be great, but I wanted to give Rude + Simmons boosts, and get the US Tag Belts on the Rock'n'Roll Express so they can feud with the Midnight Express.

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Sunday Week 1 - March 1987

We break off negotiations with nutjob Bruiser Brody as he's still freelancing and we have Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy as a freelance beast, and one who's nowhere near as crazy and hard to deal with.

Because we're not going to pay Brody we can afford to make a big splash...

Jim Crockett Promotions is excited to announce the signing, on a Pay-Per-Appearance deal, of former WWF-exclusive young star, Bret "The Hitman" Hart. Not a cheap deal, at $3,000 p/a, but well worth it. Hart immediately becomes the #2 star in the company.

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Saturday Week 2 - March 1987
World Championship Wrestling - Live on TBS
Celebration Arena in Decatur, AL
6,998 in attendence


Sting def. The Warlord
in 6:01 by Submission with a Scorpion Deathlock (D)

Brian Pillman def. The Terminator
in 6:15 by Submission with a Crucifix Armbar (E+).

A couple of pre-show wins for guys that I want to build up to upper-midcarders to start things off. Wasn't expecting great ratings really, as they were odd matchups.

Onward to the TBS broadcast

Ric Flair is in the ring for an interview hyping himself and telling everyone how awesome he is. (A+)

Curt Henning def. Bobby Jaggers by pinfall in 6:19 with a HennigPlex. (D)
Hennig comes to me after the match to say that he has no chemistry with Beulah McGillicutty and doesn't want the ex-Penthouse Pet as a manager. Umm...okay. His loss.

Ted DiBiase appears via pre-recorded video to challenge Arn Anderson to a match. (C+)

The Midnight Express def. The MOD Squad in 9:46 when Bobby Eaton pinned Basher after a Rocket Launcher. (C+)

The Road Warriors and Paul Ellering are in the Ring and challenge the Awesome Twosome (Rude & Fernandez - NWA World Tag Team Champions) to a match.

The Road Warriors def. The Jive Tones in 6:54 via a Doomsday Device. (C)

Road Warriors are celebrating their victory in the ring when the Awesome Twosome run in and beat them down. (C)

Arn Anderson appears and says he accepts the challenge laid down by Ted DiBiase and he will face him TONIGHT. (B-)

Referee Teddy Long is seen leaving Arn Anderson's dressing room counting a wad of cash. (F-)

Dusty Rhodes def. Lex Luger by pinfall in 15:11 with a Bionic Elbow. Tully Blanchard ran in during the match and attacked Dusty Rhodes. (C)

Arn Anderson def. Ted DiBiase by pinfall in 18:28 after a fast-count AND with his feet on the ropes for added leverage. (B)

Final Grade: B-
Rating: 0.46

Show succeeded in part because I kept the necessary crap segments < 6 minutes (which I believe is the cutoff for having them affect the rating) and let the good angles (Flair primarily) go on longer. Matches were also all solid (except the Hennig one that I should have avoided), except for the Rhodes vs. Luger one that I overbooked and made a bit too long.

All in all, a strong show at B- though, and in our next show we'll see the JCP debut of Bret "The Hitman" Hart!

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Well fuck me - I forgot to edit out the JCP-related narrative events that would crush the promotion.

I'll be restarting this dynasty in a new thread and will just leave this one open so that i can hopefully breeze through the new dynasty up till the same point with the same results.
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