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Young Drachma
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3-League World Series workaround

I got an idea yesterday that it'd be possible to create a World Series setup with three leagues with a subleague residing outside of the regular MLB structure using the custom playoffs in-game.

Set the 3rd major league's schedule to end before the AL/NL (whatever) regular season ends. In my scenario, my 3rd major league was the PCL because it's historical. Anyway, the PCL ends about two weeks before the regular major league season and I don't have the playoffs turned on in that league, though if I wanted to there's enough time now to go ahead and finish them before the other league's post-season begins, which is critical.

Once the post-season ends in the PCL, I move the PCL champion to the AL or NL, depending on whichever league has the worst wild card team (both are single-table leagues in this scenario) as the PCL champion replaces that league's wild card.

Then I finish out the regular season in the majors, sim the post-season or whatever and all goes fine. After the post-season is complete, I send the PCL team back to their league.

So then you get them in the post-season, their post-season stats reflect their participation only in the MLB playoffs since they don't have a post-season and if they win the major league it reflects it in the almanac and everything, along with their record.

I guess the only real gripe to this workaround is having them reflected in the standings of your league when they never played in it, but...I feel like that's minor in the grand scheme of things since you'd know the real standings, etc., and it's just a playoff means to an end anyway.

The other good thing about doing the no-playoffs thing in the external leagues is that the player histories will not record that the player won a league title in the other league so it's akin to winning a pennant. I finally had a PCL win a World Series in the 4th year I did it and everything is the same as if they'd played in the majors. My only hitch is that I had the shorten the post-season considerably because if the post-season goes too long, then the PCL free agency would start before the players were done playing the post-season.

The workaround to that would probably just be to give yourself about 2 days to end the 3rd league's season and get the team moved up, then edit the schedule to ensure fewer off-days between series and that should fix it up pretty good.

But I've doing it for about five seasons now and it works great.

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