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Season Seven (2014)

Our off season starts with our HC needing a contract. I'm a little worried about this, because our owner says we can only give about a 600k raise, and ratings wise, he's one of the best. We offer the max, and in week 3 he accepts, so we are OK.

We lower ticket prices by one click for every seat type. Lets try not to dip under 20k season tickets sold. We go into FA1 with two guys to lock up. They both basically take minsal deals for 3 years, and we wrap them up by week 8.

The Giants almost get our draft picks again, it would have been the 3rd time in 5 years of doing this. They must be blowing all those picks or something. Instead, SF finished a dismal 2-14 and gets the picks.

Something interesting I just noticed, I have a mentor now for every position except for C an OT. Some positions I have 2+ mentors. I must have picked a bunch of smart, leader type guys. I just wish they played better.

Ouch. We only sold 19800 season tickets. That hurts.

Reeves went to 67/67 post TC. He's by far been my best creeper. CB Granados fell again this season, to 65/65.

This season, we are going back to the West Coast O. I just don't think Smash Mouth works for us very well anymore with McM steadily falling. Man I wish I would have taken OJ.

Now we have a problem. We go 3-1 in the preseason, behind the stellar play of backup QB Ellard. He's been climbing a bit lately in current and future, but he's still worse in both overall and bars than McG. I think I'll stick with McG, but keep a short leash.

After 1 game, McG does not instill any more confidence, throwing 2 picks and losing.

Two straight shutouts forces my hand. I put in Ellard as the starter for now.

Okay after 2 weeks the Ellard experiment is over. He does stink. Back to McG.

Finally in week 7, we beat the clueless SF team 24-21 for win #23 overall. McG returned and threw 3 TDs, and the D held up just enough to win.

In week 10, we get our first ever shutout, 33-10 over the Redskins. This is win #24 total. Every phase of the game works well, and the defense is of course outstanding. I wish we could see more of this, but I just don't expect it.

Win #25 overall comes in week 14, 27-24 over Tennessee. We were 10 point dogs, and had no business winning, but still pulled it out. McG had quite possibly his best game ever, and Reeves had an amazing 204 yards receiving on 11 catches. McM had an OK day, with a TD and over 5 YPC. Tennessee got the ball at the very start of the 4th quarter, after we scored the TD to take the lead. They had the ball for about 4 minutes, punted, and we never gave the ball back. We took the ball from the 3 and went 19 plays, 95 yards and almost 11 minutes to end the game. That has got to be the best ball killing drive ever.

Looking at the log of that drive, it was amazing. McG was perfect, and the running game kept getting 3-4 yards every try. One big play, a 45 yard strike to WR Ramsey, got a chunk, but everything else was a small, slow gain.

We finish up 3-13 once again. I've got a bad feeling about next season, as several of our guys have slipped to almost nothing. I'm not sure we'll have enough to continue.

Reeves had his best season yet, grabbing 108 catches for 1608 yards, for a career best 14.89 YPC. He also had his longest grab, 91 yards, and 9 TDs. McG had 18 TDs and picks, not shabby, but only 3100 yards. Seems the secondary WRs didn't bother to show up. McM was under 1000 yards again, and his YPC was sub 4.0. I think we'll stick with this O for as long as we have left.

Reeves is our lone award winner yet again, this time picking up 1st team WR honors. He's just been our stud, plain and simple.
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