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Abe Sargent
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Star Trek: Infinite Dynasty as the Federation - Spoilers - Finished Won!!!

Hello awesome folks! I hope that your day is going super mega well! Star Trek: Infinite is recently released game based on Stellaris. I just picked it up and it might be a good dynasty. I have watched some reviews and playthroughs that ignore the plot to avoid spoilers. So, here is my question - yes plot points or no plot points?
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I'm fine with plot points,I won't be playing it, but I'll follow along.
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Chas in Cinti
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Abe Sargent
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Yeah, I'll label this spoilers in the tag for those that care.
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Abe Sargent
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There are four playable factions here in ST:I. The Federation, Romulans, Klingons and Cardassians. I’m probably leaning towards The Federation, but they cannot declare war on anything. They are all about incorporating independent factions into the Federation. I have gone entire dynasties of Stellaris with DOWing since I love exploring and colonizing the game, so that won’t be an issue. This is set in the era of TNG. Basically the Federation is all about diplomacy, the Romulans about intrigue, the Klingons about combat and the Cardassians about power.

Here's info about the game from Paradox:

Please note that this game is just released two months ago, so there is no ST:I wiki yet. I am just doing this myself.
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Abe Sargent
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Changes from Stellaris:

The minerals and rare stuff is different
Your ships are crewed by officers you train and then keep in a pool. As officers die your ships will become harder to function.
Every faction has a Mission Tree like EU4.
The perks are much smaller options.
There is just one endgame crisis (The Borg) but it happens the entire game.
This is a story based game, not a game based game.
You start out with a huge empire not just one system.
Ships don’t have armor, but shields
You can create trade and turn it into alloys
It looks like the Federation can DOW Humiliation Wars only. You can reform under Section 31 in your Mission Tree to change that.
All ships have warp, gone are space lanes and defensible choke points. Which I loved by the by.
Every Faction has it’s own Tradition Tree
Every Faction starts with four planets that are colonized. For the Federation, this is the four founder homeworld (Humans, Vulcans, Tellarites, Andorians)

Points to Note about the Federation:

You have to build the Enterprise to do a bunch of the Mission Tree stuff knocked out.
In order to win as the Federation, you need to have brought in 12 smaller factions like the Betazeds.
As you bring in minor nations, the Federation permanently gains their Civic bonus; you get their Civics with other nations by occupancy them like the Cardassians with Bajor.
The Federation is the best science nation and exploration nation which were key parts of Stellaris
ASpec says to make nice with the Romulans for “Reasons “in his walkthrough

Points about the Game:

This is a flavor first game and many critics and fans are pointing out where flavor doesn’t work mechanically. Although there are some issues like Data dying of old age. Cloaks don’t seem to work but are in the game.

Sometimes there are quests, mission trees, and more that won’t be able to be finished due to stuff. One Federation reviewer mentions that they couldn’t do an early Borg mission since it was in Cardassian space and they didn’t have access to them no matter how nice they were, they couldn’t get them to open up borders.
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Abe Sargent
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Please note that the Cardassians and Klingons can only incorporate militarily, the Federation only dip, but Romulans both, and the first to 12 wins. The Romulans are obviously better than the other options for that win-con.

I’ve heard from critics about some release day bugs, but we are seven updates since, and the release day reviews were 57% mixed on Steam but last 30 days are 71%. Normally I wouldn’t touch a Paradox Grand Strategy this soon after release, but they are just publishing, it’s developed by Nimble Giant and then they used a later build of Stellaris to build up their nation so my hope is that it’s more polished than a normal Paradox Grand Strategy this soon after release.

Federation Traits and Abilities:

- -25% Science Ship Build Speed, +33% Anomaly research speed
Pioneer – Colony Ship Build Cost -35%, Colony Development Speed - +25%
High Education - +1 Recruitable Scientists cap, +15% Pop Growth from Immigration
Diplomatic Expertise - +30 Opinion after First Contact protocols, +2 Envoy Approvals with Minor Powers.

Government Type:

Federated Democracy – Elections held every ten years, -25% Dip Influence Cost

The game starts in the year 2346 January 1st, about 20 years prior to TNG beginning.

Here’s a screen shot of the Map with us on the bottom. You can see Bajor between us and the Cardassians to our left, the Klingons to our right, the four planet Neutral Zone between us and the Romulans above us, and then the Betazeds below us in Beta Zeta. You can also see our resources like Deuterium to the left of our Energy Credits in the upper left corner and then the key Stellaris stat of Empire Spread and we have 90 of 115 so we are pretty close by.

I start Techs in three places:

Physics – Corrosion Beam – 57 months, gives us Cutting Beam
Society – Fast-Tracked Training – Takes 65 month, gives us +10% monthly Officer Training, and +10 Officers.
Engineering – Anti-Matter Recycling – We get Power Cores, and then it’ll take 57 months

Our four Planets:

Earth – Homeworld of Fed, in the Sol System, Class M Continental Planet, Planet Size 22, it has Research Laboratories, Starfleet Academy and Planetary Admin with space for two more. It has 2 available jobs we’ll grow into. I set my Governor Ship to improve basic workers here.

– Andorian HW, in the Procyon System, Class M Arctic World, Planet Size 14, 2 Available Job, it has Planetary Admin and space for 4 more, 12 Energy, 9 Ag, 10 Industrial Districts

– Vulcan HW, Eridani System, Class M Arid World, 18 space, 2 open jobs, Planetary Admin here as well as space for 3 more. 8 Ag, 13 Indust, 5 Energy,

Tellar Prime
– Tellarite HW, Class M Alpine, in Cygni system, space for 22, 2 open jobs, 3 open building spots, and then Planetary Admin building. 15 Ag, 17 Industrial, 9 Energy districts

I need to designate my Andoria, Vulcan and Tellar Prime as key planets, so one should be mining, one agricultural and one energy our base three things to make from those. Who has the most of those three districts? The most Energy is Andoria with 12. The most Ag is Tellar Prime with 15 but they are also the most Industrial with 17. That means Vulcan will either be 13 Industrial which is my mid-state and Tellar Prime Ag or Ag with but 8 spots since they are Arid. So I make these planets the specialists of my Empire – Tellar Prime – Ag; Andoria – Energy; Vulcan – Mining

As you can see, I have two open planets in my area that no one has colonized:

Risa – Class M Gaia, World, in the Epsilon Ceti System, planet size 8 – anyone has a 100% suitably for Gaia world.

Denobula – In the Mantichoras System, Class M Tundra, size 7.We all have 80% suitability here.
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Abe Sargent
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Let’s turn to the Federation Mission Tree Early Game:

I have zoomed in on our First Mission “Where No One has Gone Before” which needs two Science Ships captained and 10 systems surveyed. I have one. Then that unlocks “Build the Enterprise” which needs massive 3400 Alloys and then “Understand the Unknown” which needs 5 Anomalies researched. As you can see, once we have Built the Enterprise we unlock a lot of missions that will give us Enterprise crews.

Now let’s turn to the mid-game Mission Tree:

Here you can see our branched and ahistorical choices like “Empowering Section 31.” Or you can
“Grow the Federation.”

Now here are the late game Missions:

As you can see, one is Bajoran Membership. You have to have incorporated Bajor and a bunch of other things like reducing unrest and getting it’s population up.

So, since my first Mission is to have two Science Ships crewed and exploring with a Captain, let’s star working on building one in Sol’s Spacedock One. A new Science Ship of the Russell Design will normally cost me 100 Alloys but with my cultures -25% cost it’s just 75 Alloys but I don’t have any. But I can trade to make it. I swap 400 energy which are credits for 75, and then order it made. It should take 48 days

I order my current Science Vessel and Captain to scout the four unknown systems between us, the Romulans and the Klingons.

I order my Construction Ship to start building two Mining Stations at 100 Minerals per in Sol for a 3 energy and 3 mineral set up. They have an upkeep of one Energy, and I’ll need to keep Minerals open for expansion, so I won’t dig too deep here yet.
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Abe Sargent
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So it looks like ships use Deuterium for their upkeep, and I’ll need to up that which is at +15 right now. There is a star nearby with 5 unmined in Ardana I’ll go ahead and do with the Construction ship since one energy into 5 of another resource seems like good math. It looks like Alloys are also used by Ships as upkeep too.

So in order to Colonize I need 1300 Food and 97.5 Alloys.

Looks like we are guaranteeing the independence of the Betazeds.

I am ready to start moving forward with the game!

Jan 12 – I get a request from the Betazed Houses to set up an Embassy and we agree

Jan 28 – The Romulans are supporting the Independence of Bajor. I do so as well now that I have an ally

Feb 1 – The Event “The Ashes of Khitomer” happens. The brutal ambush by Romulans on the Klingon Khitomer happens. The relative peace of the last 50 years is shattered. How do I want to approach strangers?

I have two options:

1. Be Proactive- I will greet new civilizations with respect and warmth
2. Be Cautious – I will greet new civilizations with cautiousness.

These set my First Contact Policy I choose Proactive.

I unlock the USS Cerritos and 2nd Contact Protocols. I can send it to do Second Contact stuff and then it’s also a Science Ship. I send it to Beta Zeta to 2nd Contact the Betazeds

Feb 12 – Research Pact offered by Betazeds, I agree!

Feb 15 - I set up an Embassy with the Klingons

Mar 1 – Event – The Bottom of the Plot – Our spies are trying to figure out what happened in Khitomer so they are unavailable for a while.

Mar 12 – I accept a Commercial Pact option with the Betazed Houses

Mar 15 – Great news! The Klingons support Bajoran Independence too!

Mar 23- I set up an Embassy with the Romulans.

Sept 23 – Our Construction Ship arrives in Ardana

Dec 12 – My Science Ship called the USS Naweth City is ready. A new Scientist costs 1000 Energy and I have 941 so I swap 100 Food for 70 Energy. I send him to the area around Beta Zeta in the opposite direction

Mar 27, 2347 – My Construction Ship is done in Ardana I order it to Wolf 357 where my Science ship is researching with a planet to incorporate.

May 17 – We finish studying Wolf 357, and my ship heads to the next system. My Con Ship needs 100 Alloy and 86 influence, so instead I order it to the 4 Deuterium son of Bethel to start mining

Aug 2 – We finish surveying the next system over from Wolf 357 which is a Highway Node we have discovered, I order an investigation. We unlock the tech “Highway Fluctuations Scanner” and can enter Warp Highways

Nov 29 – We discover an anomaly in Dorasi next to the Romulans, this is difficult and will take me 226 days, but I do so.

Dec 5 – We have enough Unity to unlock my first Tradition! What do I want? Let’s look at my options:

You can see my Federation specific Traditions to the left, and then the six categories, each which is mutually exclusive to the one on the other side. I am zooming in on the Research one I like here, so I grab it!

My Mining Station is done, next I grab 3 Energy in 61 Cygni
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Abe Sargent
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Right now my spread is now 92/115

I have two diplomats Giovanni Johnson who I assign to make nice with the Romulans and Karth’ya Elan an Andorian to make nice with the Betazeds

It looks like we have open borders with just the Klingons

13 Feb, 2348 – We discover an anomaly in the system between us and Beta Zeta called Bredara at the planet there Gral this is a routine difficulty and should just take 76 days, I send my Scout Ship to research it.

22 Mar – Event – A Substantial Rumor – The Gral anomaly is done! The rumors of an Abandoned Laboratory on Bredara Iva are true! I have a few options, and I can choose to gain 100 Dilithium a rare mineral or this planet gets a new trait, and there are three habitable planets here, so giving one anew trait would be nice. Or getting a rare mineral you have to get in a system would be nice too. I do the trait and it gains the trait “Behemoic Ammonite Fossils”

27 Mar – Anomaly found in Bredara again, I start it, it’s also routine and takes 76 days

7 June - Construction done on 61 Cyngi, next is a 2 energy Mining Station in Risa that will net me one.

29 July – I now have enough food and alloys to send my first colonization fleet to Risa since it’s a Gaea world with 100 suitability and the Tellarites who are bad at war but great leaders are leading our expedition. That will raise my spread.

13 Aug – Event – Anomaly in Dorasi - Abundance of Life in our Galaxy – We have found so much life out there after the Vulcans contacted us. I can gain 1500 research or 500 energy credits. I like both, my energy right now is 785. I do research.

28 Aug – Event – Stellar Nursery – Anomaly in Bredara – The young age of the Star here as well as it; neighbors suggest this star here is a Stellar Nursery. I have two choices – gain 393 minerals or 2350 research. I have 942 minerals and make 39 monthly, so that’s fine and dandy and I use that for construction. I do the research here too.

My two Science Ship leaders gain a level.

16 Oct - I get a Migration Treaty from the Betazed Houses but I decline since it costs Flu to upkeep which I need to grab systems.

18 Nov – We finish surveying Dorasi! This system just has no resources or planets to bring in, but there is another anomaly here I move to start. This is next to the Klingon Empire

11 Dec – Contraction done in Risa, next I want to send my Ship to bring in Wolf 359 with it’s colonizable planet. But it’ll take 86 flu and I have 75, so I head there now to get ready for the future bring in.

5 Feb, 2349 – Reseach finished of Corrosion Beams and then Antimatter Recycling. Next for Physics is Subspace Probe Longs to give us Subspace Sensors and then it’ll take 29 months and then for Engineering it’s Mineral Ore Refining to let me build on planets Mineral Processing Facilities and then it’ll take 40 months

7 Apr – I accept from the Betazeds an offer for a Protection Pact that will help us both since it doesn’t take influence.

9 Apr – Event – Anomaly in Dorasi – Cryocapsule - We find a Cryocapsule in a frosted planet. Do I open it (gain 1560 research) or protect my crew and open carefully ( gain500 unity) – I choose the latter since unity gives me tradition. We get an event about finding a Cryolog and get 3135 research. Our science ship leaves Dorasi!

11 May – Our president gained a level.

6 June – Reseach done in Fast-Tracked Training, next is Interplanar Exploratory Programs which gives me another Envoy to send out and then unlocks the Prosperity Accords edict. This should be done in 34 months

I finish exploring Bredara next to the Beta Zeta HW and then it has three habitable planets including one Gaia, so after I finish Wolf 359, if there is nothing else in the final central place to bring in, it will be 2nd or 3rd on my expansion target queues.

Risa has started colonizing and we have 97 spread

29 July – Anomaly discovered in the Ka’Tula system next to us and the final of four in that area. I start research which should take 64 days

1 Sept – I have enough Unity for the 2nd tradition. What do I want here?

The next Research options are:

Empiricism -
Which gives me +2 science leader cap and then +25% survey of planets speed,

Scientific Enlightenment - Gives all Scientists of mine another trait. Every leader has just one trait.

Federation tradition:

Material Abundance
- From replicators gives me +20 spread for each captial building not on my HW

Pioneers – Which gives me +20 pop growth and +25 speed for building science and construction ships.

I like Material Abundance to increase my spread rate and then both Science traditions. Since Vulcans live another 100 years, hiring Vulcan scientists moving forward would make sense with that Empiricism. Let’s do Scientific Enlightenment.

20 Oct – Event - Anomaly in Ka’Tula – Planted Trap – Our crew discovered a great smelling forest on Ku’Tula IV they explore and are predatory in nature. I get 2350 research

I start expanding into the Wolf 359 System.
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Abe Sargent
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11 Jan, 3350 – Event – The Khitomer Report - We finish spying into what happened. Our agents found notes that suggest it was the House of Mogh that was involved. Do I want to turn them over to the Klingon Empire or no? If so, I gain +50 relations with the Klingons and gain 784 research, if not I gain 50 intel with the Klingons and then 371 unity. Either way I get a spy and end the Khitomer aftershock. I always love free unity, but I feel that the free sharing of knowledge is more Federation. And a boost of 50 reactions cannot be overlooked for free. Which do I want? I choose the former and share the logs

25 April – Wolf 359 incorporated into the Federation! Our growth rises to 100 out of 115. This has one 2 mineral station and the star is just one Deuterium so this was all about grabbing the colonizable world.

Wolf 359 VI
– Class M Desert world, size 12, has 80% colonization rates from my people.

I have enough Alloys to bring Bredara into my nation but my influence is just 39. Any new mining or research posts to make? Andor has a 5 Research Sun I could spend 1 energy a month collecting, so I head there.

6 June – We finish surveying the star system to the bottom of Bajor called Valo. It has a Class D Volcano world with a huge 22 space but just 30% livability for our species.

3 Sept – We finish surveying Ka’Tula of the four systems next to us, it has no major mines or planets to colonize like Dorasi. I head south and will leave this to the Klingons or Romulans to expand into. I send my science ship near Beta Zeta for explorations.

9 Sept – Event – Our Place in the Universe – We are organic lifeforms which such limited lives to explore stuff. I choose to have us work together and we get for 10 years +20 speed of warping

23 Nov – Research Station finished in Andor, I send my ship to wait in Bredara! This one will cost 103 influence to bring in.

24 Dec – Event – Subspace Disturbance – A massive subspace disturbance is coming through the Neutral Zone. I have two options – Monitor (+2000 research) or welcome new life (+3000 unity!!). I choose the latter obviously.

1, Jan 3351 - I unlock a new Tradition! What do I want this time? I choose Procedural Rigor which was unlocked with Scientific Enlightenment which gives me +15 anomaly discovery and then +5% research speed.

2 Feb – Event – Memory Alpha – We have a protection movement formed by Prof. Eawood Mull who wants to start protection of our key library Memory Alpha from psychic attacks. I can participate and spend 100 energy and then unlock a Special Research Project called Mind Program or I can dismiss and gain 500 unity. I like both, new research options or boosted unity for my traditions. I participate, and have a fast chance to science for a year in Denobula, I send my science ship from surveying Micara over to research

23 Apr – We arrive and begin to research it

6 May – Research done on Subspace Probe Logs. Next is Shield Frequency Bypassing taking 83 months, which gives me a Shield Disrupter on ships. All of these were very long

22 June – We finish surveying Minorva left of Beta Zeta and with a Class N Scalding World that has a size 10 we cannot colonize right now.

12 July – Our science ship arrives in the Gemsa system. I can assign an envoy to bring about First Contact with the new species here. I assign Giovanni from making nice with the Romulans to this creature.

19 July – Event – How shall we Treat Them? – How do we treat new members of our society? With trust or suspicion I choose trust

Our Science Ship died

I order another built

12 Sept – Event – The Mirror Gazes Back – We were founded on the ideals of peace and understanding and in the post-Khitomer era what will be choose? We will not compromise – we gain 1500 unity, fear leads the way we gain 500 energy. I choose no compromise

I can unlock a new tradition – what do I want? I choose the next Science one! Looks like I just unlocked Science the first time, so I grab the one I showed you first.It looks like I need to unlock Progress to take the Federation traditions just like in Stellaris.

5 Dec – Risa is now our next colony! What do I want to build here? It has one free space, a Reassembled Transport Ship Shelter as it’s home and then one free job. I could make it an Ag world since that’s its biggest districts with 10 but can only build 7 due to it’s size. I choose Ag World here as well!
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Originally Posted by Abe Sargent View Post

29 July – Anomaly discovered in the Ka’Tula system next to us and the final of four in that area. I start research which should take 64 days

Refresh me about something:

Do you know it's the final of 4 in the area because you've surveyed the system otherwise and found no others? Or does it tell you "hey, there are four anamolies here" and this is the 4th one you've surveyed?
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Abe Sargent
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Originally Posted by JonInMiddleGA View Post
Refresh me about something:

Do you know it's the final of 4 in the area because you've surveyed the system otherwise and found no others? Or does it tell you "hey, there are four anamolies here" and this is the 4th one you've surveyed?

Hello! Sorry, that's poor wording on my part, this was the 4th System of the four central ones to be surveyed by us, not the 4th anomaly in that system.
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Abe Sargent
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1 Jan, 3352 - Risa finishing reminds me to check in on my other 4 planets. Anything need to build there? Do they still have open jobs or unemployed pops? Let’s check! Also, you don’t want to build early for planets just to build, you will take needed resources and then expensive upkeep. I also want to check and see if our new Science Ship is ready too! Also, do I have the stuff to start colonizing Wolf 359 VI? I would do it next since both are 80% but it’s bigger.

Non-Risa Planets:

Earth –
4 unemployed pops. I build here one Energy District at 300 minerals and two jobs and Replicator one per planet for 400 and two energy upkeep that makes two Artisan jobs that make a bunch of stuff in small doses. I also order for the next two people 500 for an Industrial District with 2 energy used and makes one Artisan and one person who turns minerals into alloys

– Energy planet, 1 unemployed 2, I build here one Energy District two make two jobs

Tellar Prime
– Mining World, 1 unemployed, I order here a Mining District for two jobs at a cost of 300.

Vulcan – Ag World, 1 unemployed pop, I order here a Ag District for 300 and two farmers and then two energy upkeep.

That leaves me just 394 minerals

Science Ship
– Yes, the USS Montreal has been built, I spend 750 for a Scientist and order it to near Beta Zeta again.

Colony – I need 200 more food. I trade 260 energy for Food since I have more than 3k, and then I order a Colony Ship here. I send the Militarist Andorian since they are good in battles and it’s on the border.

5 June – We finish researching the Interplanetary Study Programs tech! Next is Recruitment Outreach Program which increases our level cap by 1 and Generals leader hirable cap by one and it’ll be done in around 34 months. I send my new Envoy named Aenella Malkren to make nice with the Romulans again.

18 June – Our research project for Memory Alpha called Mind Program is done and I gained 100 research and 500 unity

5 July – A Sensor Alert happens near Sol and that means that there are Spies there. I order my Construction Fleet in Bredara to start incorporating it.

6 August – We finish researching Mineral Ore Refining! Next is Shipyard Overhaul that will take just 38 months and then gives me -15% Ship Upkeep

18 Oct – We finish incorporating Bredara as my 2nd new system between us and Beta Zeta. It has three inhabitable planets and one Terraformable one later. I have a two mining place and 2 research place – not worth it right now.


Bredara Ia – This moon of my first planet is Class L Savanna world with just 50% habitability for my folks but a size of 10. It’s rich in Uranium and would be a great Energy World

Bredara IVa – Also a moon of a planet, this is Class L Arid world with a fat size of 15, also just 50% suitability. This has the Behemotic Fossils that would give Researchers here boosted research and unity.

Bredara VIIa
– This is also a moon with Class M Gaia, suitability of 100, and then size of 10. This is probably an Ag or Energy World with those boosts the same size

Bredara Va – Frozen world, Class K, size 10, could be terraformed.

Great addition! Next I send this Con Ship to Valo next door with the low habilility but big world that will cost 86 flu to bring in

3 Dec – Event – Incoming Transmission – From my Governor who wants to head to Risa a year after formation with the event of throwing an Inauguration Party here. I send him, what will I need to make this happen? I send my Governor Ship from Earth to here.

2 Feb, 3353 – We arrive at Risa and begin starting our new colony’s inauguration event!

It looks like we have just started Wolf 359 next!

3 Mar – Incoming Transmission - A promising young StarFleet officer named Alynna Nechayev arrives and we can recruit her for 300 unity instead of 1000 energy. I do so and she joins us. She is a 52 year old Admiral with the trait Sniper. I hand her my military navy in Sol.

15 May – I finish exploring the star system called Dorvan below Cardassia and left of Bajor with two low suitability Class L and Class D but it’s far away.

7 Sept – We finish exploring the system of Micara left of Valo, near us with two habitable planets one of which is a nicer Class M.

We finalize First Contact with the Naucisaans! They have three systems left of the Betazeds and below Valo and Micara, I send my Con Ship to Micara because I don’t want to lose a Class M to them expanding that way. That’s 103 influence to make work. I welcome them with open arms and gain 10 flu

25 Sept – Celebration in Risa done! I send him back to Sol to improve basic stuff. We gain 80 flu from this! I have a spread of 113. I send my Con Ship to bring in Micara

1 Nov – I have enough unity for my next Tradition and I unlock the Progress tradition of the Starfleet special stuff which gives me the ability to take the spread stuff later

I order Giovanni Johnson to make nice with Bajor.
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Abe Sargent
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1 Jan, 3354 – Looks like I didn’t send my Governor Ship back, so I send it now.

2 Feb – Anomaly in the Norol System, I start, it should take around 64 days

21 Feb – Micara is ours! Our spread moves up to 116 one more than 115

Micara - I order a Mining Station at a 3 Energy place here.

Micara Planets:

Micara BIa
Around the 2nd star in this system is this moon. It’s a big Class L Ocean world with 15 size. It has a trait called Necleogenic Currents that makes my energy production here get +3 per tech, so that’s an Energy world. This has 50% habitability

Micara Va
– This moon around the first star is Class M, Arid, smaller 10 size, 80 habitability, it doesn’t have more than 7 districts of any type, none of which are base types, which are very small like 3 Energy and 4 Minerals.

Micara Va is next after the Gaia world over Denobula due to three bigger size.

4 April – Event – Chromatic Vortex – Norol Anomaly - We investigate a shuttle in orbit at Norol IIa, we come across a group of people on the shuttle guarding a dormant chromatic vortex. I have three options: Resupply the Vortex - I pay 1000 energy but gain 40 flu; Detain them for Study- I gain 1600 research; and Scan the Vortex from Far – I get 500 unity. I love the unity and flu gains, and I have 4.4k energy so I could spend it. Hmm. I need unity for the tradition that unlocks spread boosts and then flu to spread. I do the unity booster third option.

9 June – We find another anomaly in the Norol system, again rudimentary level and 55 days

25 July – Construction finished on Mining Station in Micara. To bring in Valo with the big rough 30% planet is 87 influence and I have 52. To bring in Dorvan with the two planets one 50% and one worse to the bottom of the Cardassians and left of Bajor and above Micara is 104. Valo is a race with the Naucisaans and Dorvan with the Cardassians. None are very eligible here. I send my ship to Dorvan since both scouts to it and Micara’s left have planets.

8 Aug – Event – Citizens Abuzz – Our citizens are all a-twitter after our first contact with the Naucisaans. We gain +5% research speed for five years

10 Aug – Event – Noral Anomaly – Failed Genesis – We find a prototype of the Genesis Torpedo here. I can choose to gain 500 food or unity, I choose the latter

17 Oct – I have two planets with unemployed people – Risa with 2 so I build here a an Ag District for 300 minerals, one energy two jobs since it’s an Ag world and Andoria with one unemployed person so I build here an Energy district for 300, two jobs since it’s my Energy world

6 Nov – Anomaly in Norol for a third time, I do it again, this time for 51 days

27 Dec - We finish our Society tech! Next is Simulator Holodecks which unlocks that. It should take around 65 months

12 Jan, 3355 – Event – Ride or Die – Norol Anomaly - The Senior Physicist on our vassal has called for our aid to research and discovers an unusual cloud mad of Matreon gas. I have two choices to research it for study to gain +2294 research or to bottle for sale for 500 credits. I choose research!

15 Feb – Anomaly detected in Kirama System which will take a longer 190 days to do, but I order it.

23 Feb – A fourth Anomaly in Norol for 51 days starts

6 Mar – Wolf 359 is settled!

Wolf 359 Prime –
Class M, Desert, 12 size, 1 open job, Reassembled Transport Ship Shelter, has a massive 11 Mining districts, but farmers here make 2 amenities instead of Food due to the Sandfire Deserts trait. I choose to make this a Mining World

I spend 1.3k food to colonize the Gaia world of Bredara VIIa – I send here Humans

30 Apr – Event – Norol Anomaly – Oh, Worms – We are scouting out the cave system on Norol, a group goes missing for a while, and then it seems like flesh-eating cave worms got to them and are harvesting a rare mineral called Tetryons. I have two options – Tag and Study them for 1500 research boost or harvest and get 300 Tetryons, I choose the latter.

6 Aug – We finish researching the Shipyard Overhaul! Next is Celestial-Holo Planning for 48 months with gives us -15% cost for both buildings and districts.

14 Aug – Event – The Zeitgeist Shifts – The mood after First Contact is shifting. I have two options: Continue to seek out new life and 50% chance of 500 unity or 1500 research, or Keep Vigilant and gain boosted ship speeds! I choose the first and gained research.

12 Sept – Event – Anomaly Kirama – Beneath the Wasteland - Humanoid life has been discovered in the tunnels of Kirama! They just have access to basic tech, and are pretty primitive. It looks like their civilization was destroyed long ago in a nuclear war. Do I want to contact them and spend 100 credits to initiate First Contact or hold with the prime directive and not and gain 1529 research from studying them. I choose to contact them since they were once advanced.

25 Sept – Norol is done surveying! It has three planets all of the Class D type, at 30%, is below the Cardassians and left of Dorvan.

I have finished the First Mission on the Tree called “Where No One has Gone Before” and I get for 10 years +20% anomaly discovery chance and -10% anomaly speed. I unlock Understand the Unknown and Build the Enterprise. The first needs for me to have investigated at least 5 anomalies and I have done 9. We finish this and gain 2500 research and 1500 unity. That unlocks First Contact and I need to have contacted 5 minor powers and we are at 2. For the Enterprise I need 3500 alloys and I have 620 and then spend them a lot for ships, colonizations and making new stations to bring in new systems.

I can purchase the next tradition, since I just opened Progress, this time I go the spread helping Material Abundance and now I need to start building on my non-HWs

12 Oct – Event – You Shall Be as Gods – In Kirama we contact, begin being worshipped as gods, and we have come across a tablet - and I have two options – inscribe, spend 200 Energy, or Do Not Dispel their illusions and gain 100 alloy, which I need to save up for the Enterprise. I translate the inscription.

13 Nov -Event – A Canticle for Who – We translate and these chips are edible and we have 500 food and 300 energy
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7 Jan, 2356 – I order my Con Ship to bring in Dorvan! This costs 103 flu and I had 104. We have a campaign underway to elect a new president. This is the 10 year anniversary, want to see the maps?

Let’s start with a zoomed out picture:

Here, as you can see, are the new Naucisaans which are the Stellaris hirable Mercs. You can buy an Admiral or hire a fleet to fight for you or to Raid an enemy. You can see everyone here.

Next let’s do a zoomed in pic of my stuff.

Here you can see my stuff and then my discovered places, and my three new holdings. You can see that none of my planets are having unemployed dorks. You can see my stuff in the upper left corner, and then my expansion to the bottom in Bredara and Micara and up to Wolf 359. See that higher spread cap that rose from 115 to 175? You can also see my Colony Ship on the way to Bredara. Hope that helps!
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I like my current President named T’Pragh since she is just 54 years old an Vulcan so she could rule for a while as a Vulcan and she is running for Scientific Advancement to give my scientists +5% research speed. There are three other candidates, two of which are running on Education Reform to give +50% leader EXP gain (my Governor Anders Nuzzo and Scientist Gral) which are Human and Tellarite respectively and one with Labor Reform to give me +5% Production called Catalina Okafor who is also Human and my Physics Research person. All are in the mid-20s. I also like Labor Reform so she’s my 2nd choice. The Election is to be held on April 1

21 Mar – Event – Early Terraformers – In Bredara – Early Terraforming equipment has been found in the Wastelands of Bredara I which is Class H Barren world which is uninhabitable, it was by a group of Clones. I have three options – Finish what they started – We get a special project called “Terraforming the Impossible”; the middle is Salvage the equipment and I gain a massive 500 Alloys! The last is to leave it be and this planet gains +3 Research to put a Research Station around. I like all three. I need Alloys bad to get 3500, and a free 500 here is massive. I also want to point out that my I planet is not one of the here colonizable but it’s the Moon around it, so that’s nice too. The long term best option is clearly getting a Terraformable Planet after the Special Project. I think the 500 Alloys could push me from 603 to more than 1100, and since I am only making 13/month, that’s years of Alloys and would roughly get me 1/3rd of the way there, and I could start swapping other things for it. I know it’s the short term play, but I need those Alloys, and then I can build the Enterprise-D and finish my Mission. And what happens if I finish my Mission and then need to finish Terraforming it and then it’s just a 30% world or a Terraformable World I can incorporate here, I don’t know for sure what would happen and I know what the Alloys would do for sure. So I do the Alloys since I am no worse off than I was.

1 April – Gral is elected our new President!

Kirama System finished surveying! It’s up over the Naucisaans and left of Micara and has two Class M worlds one of which is Gaea. I need to hire a new Scientist for Gral’s Ship and I spend 1k energy for Andorian Viras Shrey’an for the USS Naweeth City.

Construction finished in Dorvan! It has 2 Mining station, 3 Deuterium Star, then those two low rent planets! I now have 127 spread


Dorvan IV – Class D, 30% habitability, Tundra, size 8,7 Mining Districts are it’s biggest so it’s likely be a Mining World.

Dorvan V – Class L Continental World, size of 9, suitability at just 50%, it’s biggest of the core three is Ag but just at 4.

I order my Con Ship to Norol which has three bad worlds but just 86 flu to bring in

I buy 250 Alloys for 1417 Energy

I need jobs in Tellar Prime, Vulcan and Risa – I order there Ag District for Vulcan, Mining District for Tellar Prime and then for Risa also an Ag District

I have 1500 Food, enough for another Colony. I want to order it to Micara for my Gaea World but we lost that colonial trait with my new President gone and it’s now 2k Food and then a massive 200 Alloys instead

6 Aug – I get an Incoming Transmission from Governor about having a fun Wolf 359 Prime event there, and I send him from Sol to Wolf 359 to celebrate it’s one year anniversary.

Bredara has started colonizing

10 Aug – Anomaly in Astra Menta takes around 75 days

16 Oct – The Governor arrives at Wolf 359 Prime

I swap 777 Energy for another 250 Alloys.

10 Nov – Event – Astra Menta – Biopod – We find a biomedically sealed Biopod on Astra Menta Iva. What do I want to do with it? It looks like a Terraforming device! I have two options, both awesome! Open it and the world becomes inhabitable or send it home and gain the Terraforming tech! Either works here, but I choose the Terraforming Tech.

Terraforming costs 2k Energy, takes 10 years and updates a world to a better class. For example, I could Terraform Bredara Iva from Class L at 50% to Class M at 80, I could do Dorvan IV and move from Class D to Class L. I spend 2k to Terraform Dorvan V, but this will only take 1800 days.

1 Dec – Event – Their Roots run Deep – After 5 years, Risa’s old growth forests are mostly depleted. I can try to preserve the forest and spend 300 energy and gain 250 unity or not and lose 250 unity. I choose to protect them.

1 Apr, 3357 – Anomaly discovered in the Sikorn system, I will take 89 days off from his survey to research it.

29 Apr – We finish at Wolf 359 Prime and gain 80 flu! That’s enough for Norol and I spend 100 Alloys and 86 flu to bring it in.

1 June – I now have 2.2k Food with a buffer, so do I want to spend 150 Alloys and 2k food to set up a colony? I do so and send a Colony Ship to Micara Va, with Andorians on this border world with the Naucisaans.

To buy 250 Alloys is a massive 1677 energy, so this will take a while!

15 July – Event, Sikorn Anomaly – Eternal Eclipse – Overlapping eclipses keep Sikorn Iva perpetually in shadow. There are ancient glyphs carved into the side of them Mountain here. I can gain 50 Gravitons or this world gains +3 Mining station here. I choose the 50 rare stuff

24 July - I finish surveying Astra Menta – this has one Class L planet with 50% but it’s in the plasma starfield where ships take 50 damage entering. I won’t move here any time soon

4 Aug – Reseach done for Shield Frequency Bypassing. Next is Orbital Tracking Beams which gives us +10 research and mining from stations’ and it’ll take 60 months

16 Aug – Construction finished in Norol!

Norol - This has a 4 Energy Star which I move to make a Mining Station at, a 2 minerals planet, and then three bad planets, below the Cardassians, left of Dorvan

Norol Planets

Norol III – Class D, Savannah world, massive 22 size, 30% suitability, with a massive 10 Energy distracts this is a good Energy World.

Norol IIIa
– That planet’s smaller moon, smaller size 12, 30%, Class D Ocean, just 5 Ags to make this an Ag World.

Norol BIIa –The secondary star’s moon is also Class D moon with a size of 12, Savanna World, this also has the Behemotic Fossils and would be a good Research world

26 Sept - I finish surveying Silkorn below Cardassia and left of Norol with Class D and L worlds and then a Terraformable one too. There is a final Anomaly here to take a massive 223 days I start, This is also in the Plasma Starfield

10 Nov – Anomaly in the Mash’gar system, it will take 134 days

7 Dec – Construction finished in Norol. I order this ship to Kirama which will take 86 flu to bring in.

Event – Neural Root Network – On Risa, after guarding the Forest, we gain 1500 unity!
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3 Jan, 3358 – I need to up my Alloy production to get to 3500 in order to build my Enterprise D. We are around 8 years before TNG began, and 12 years into the game and my Alloy production is per month is 17/month with 2 used for my ship upkeep. With recent Alloy boosts from events and pays, I have 1911. But I use them a lot, for making a Colony Ship at 150, or grabbing a new system with 100, or building ships like Science Ships. Also for Starbase upgrades and Starbase buildings and modules. You can turn Minerals into Alloys with an Industrialist District, and then just one job, and then you can build a Forge to cost 400, upkeep 2, and then make two of those jobs. They have a limit of 1/planet. So, this isn’t easy. I am making 47 Minerals and then I have 2k. My energy is making 98/month. I am fine by normal Stellaris standards. I have a few early planets and systems all over there. But I need to invest into Alloy production since it’s pricey to swap too with energy credits on the market, so I need to make it after all! Once I start opening up jobs in planets, I’ll start building Forges and Industrial Districts.

Can I set up a trade deal with the Romulans or Betazeds to get monthly Alloys for something like Food? I could trade monthly 30 food for 5 Alloys that’s not good. We are friendly with the Betazeds and cordial with the Romulans, by the by. I offer to establish an embassy with the Cardassians.

27 Jan – We set up an embassy with the Cardassians!

5 Apr – Event – Mash’gar Anomaly – Clones Ahoy! – After launching a lengthy investigation our scientists eventually located the shipwreck they were investigating and we find bodies all over of clones. I can loot them and gain 200 Alloys or take them home to research for 1500 research I choose the first!

9 May – Event – Sikorn Anomaly – Chaotic Space – The fracture in space we were investigating into a rupture into Chaotic Space roughly two light years across, I spend 100 energy to move closer.

Event – Chaotic Conundrum – We get closer and then our ship is rocked by energies as we close. We encounter a friendly thing in Chaotic space that saves our ship. I send them a thank-you-note and that opens up a special project called “Unknown Coordinates”

11 Oct – We finish the research of Celestial Holo-Planning! Next is Improved Matter-Energy Conversion to give me the building Replicator Halls for my planets. It’ll take 39 months

28 Oct – A new system appears on my charts. I send the Cerritos to survey it it’s near Valo

3 Nov – I start building the Kirama system.

Our colony in Micara begins

12 Nov – Andoria and Wolf 359 are down jobs so I build an Industrialist District in Wolf 359 and move it from Mining to Forge world, and then in Andoria I order a Forge.

I spend energy to buy 250 Alloys of 1519.

1 Jan, 3359 – We have enough Unity to adopt another tradition! What do I want to do? I could do :


Empiricism – Scientist leader cap +2,

Societal Studies - Spy level cap +2

Those are my last two, finishing those would give me my first Ascension perk!


Democracy –
Opened up by my Material Abundance pick last time. This gives me +5% resources from jobs.

Pioneers - +5% pop growth, -25% colonizer, construction and research ship costs

I like Pioneers the most but I want to finish off Research too, and Empiricism would be great. I do Empiricism!

04 Feb – Anomaly discovered in the Mash’gar system with a length of 89 I do

13 Feb – Kirama brought in!

Kirama System – 2 energy Star, 3 Mineral planet, stations ordered for both and two Class K Terraformable planets.

These are doable now:

Kirama IIa –
Class M Gaia world, 100% suitability, size 14, 8 energy districts likely an Energy world,

Kirama Va –
Also a Class M Gaia world Moon, with 100%, size 13, 7 energy, probably that too!

Kirama Via – Class D Arid, 30%, size 14, not great districts, best is Food at 5.

Two Gaias in one system? This was a must have!

28 Feb – I order Forges in Earth.

6 April – Bredara Prime is ready to go!

Bredara Prime
– Class M Gaia, 10 size, 1 open job, 1 open spot, has 8 Ag and 7 Energy so could be either! I choose Energy World.

12 May – Event – Mash’gar Anomaly – Peace Out – A weapon of mass destruction is found in our areas, but we would need to find out more about it and issue a special research project or we can bring it home with boosted tech. I choose to start the project and we begin

21 Sept – Anomaly found in the system called Boxer our Cerritos is surveying, I order this done for 120 days.

27 Sept – Construction finished in Kirama for those two mining stations. Next is the 3 Deuterium Star of Dorvan.

1 Nov – Survery finished in Mash’gar – this is in the same nasty cloud as Sikorn and Astra Menta – but it has a Class M planet.

11 Dec – I have 2.5k food and I send a Colony Ship to Kirama IIa an Andorian led mission. I have 2507 Alloys after that.
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29 Jan, 3360 – Event – Boxer Anomaly – I Always Feel Like – At first the Cerritos couldn’t find evidence of flora on Boxer IIa but during our two day mission we found out that we were trapped by boxlike trees that contained us and fed us info. I get 1657 research

28 Mar – Construction finished in Dorvan sun. Next is Boxer where we are still surveying

11 June – Boxer and Exor surveyed. Boxer is in my place and was the new system we detected a few years ago. It has a Class L 50% planet and then loads of resources to exploit including the rare Gravitons. It costs 86 flu to bring it in. Exor is below Cardassia, has nothing and is on the far side of the nasty section of space here.

11 Nov - I spend 1555 Energy to buy 250 Alloys – my Minerals have dropped to making 26 monthly and Alloys rose to 31. I have 3142 Alloys now

2 Jan, 3361 – Colony built in Micara!

Micara Prime - Class M Arid world, 80%, one open job, size 10, one open space, I need more Minerals and that’s our biggest one at 5, so I make this a Mining World.

9 Feb – Event – Make Peace – Our experts were on the verge of a massive pre-warp artifact, but then it collapsed into gas. It appears this was not a weapon of mass destruction but a peace making artifact. We get a massive 6629 research!

25 Feb – We agree to a Non-Aggression pact with the Romulans

6 April – We begin colonizing Kirama Prime.

25 April – We finish studying a star system called Walor the last one in the gas cloud

The Cardassians brought Exor into their Empire

6 June – Research finished called Simulator Holodecks. Next is Ergonomic Writing Implements which gives me +20 Admin capacity – it should take around 33 months

12 August – I begin to incorporate Boxer with my Construction Ship.

6 Nov – Research also done in Improved Anti-Matter Conversion. Next is Intrepid Schematics that unlocks that vessel for 73 months.

16 Nov – Dorvan V’s Terraforming is done and its now a Class M. Next will be Boxer once it’s brought in size it’s size 25.

25 Nov – Boxer is ours!

Boxer System
– Has 10 Gravitons/month, has stations of 13 Energy, 10 Minerals, 10 Research, I order them all built.

Boxer Prime –
Class L, 50% suitability, 25 size, Arid World, has not great numbers of key 3. I spend 2k Energy to Terraform it for 1800 days.
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1 Jan, 3362 – I have 3430 Alloys.

8 Jan – Survey done for Ramirian System, below where Cardassia went in Exor, has one Class L planet. There is a Pre-Warp Civ here. I could grab it and set up an observation outpost. It’s very far away though.

I order built in Vulcan a Research Labs, Wolf 359 Mining District and Earth too.

2 April – First Contact in the Mayara System! I welcome hospitably and gain 1000 unity. I send Giovanni Johnson from Bajor to help.

I have 3528 Alloys to build the Enterprise D but I’ll wait a bit to build it up.

1 May – Survey done in Vet’Tara, left of Beta Zeta, below the Naucisaans with a Class M world.

5 June – We finish research with Orbital Tractor Beams and next for 26 months is Artificial Gravity Surveys which increase research from Stations by 10%.

I order built in Risa an Ag World an Ag District and then in Bredara Prime an Energy District

12 July – Event – Recruit Spock – A promising officer named Spock has been suggested for Promotion, and it would take 500 unity, so I hire him. He is 132 and a Scientist and level 5. I have too many Scientists and fire my Andorian Level 2 Society Researcher.

9 August – We finish surveying Mayara. It has a colony of another race

5 Nov – With more than 3.7k Alloys, I finish my Build the Enterprise-D mission since we can have some left over in reserve. That unlocks:

Event – Space, the Final Frontier- The Enterprise-D captained by Jean-Luc Picard is now ours!

Now, in order to recruit the staff I need to:

- 3 Successful Dip missions my Enterprise

La Forge
-Research one Anomaly by Enterprise

Data – 5 systems surveyed by Enterprise

Worf – 3 battles won by Enterprise

– Succeed in one Systems in Hazard event

Here he is:

Jean-Luc Picard – Age 47, Commanding Enterprise, Admiral, and we have two now.

I send them to survey a system next to us, actually, it doesn’t have it’s 210 officers. How do I give them to it?

Since I have 257 Alloys left, I spend 150 to set up a Class M Gaia planet in Kirama and I send them Humans

2 Dec – It seems like by hanging out the Starbase it’s gaining Officers each month

11 Jan, 3363 – Event – Arid Aqueduct – Our colony on Micara Prime has discovered a dried up Aqueduct with an enormous statue. It’s on rocky ground so it’s hard to get to. We arrive and find living beads of matter. I have two options, investigate and get 915 reteach and unlock a project called “Aqueduct Beads” or gather the beads and get 1497 minerals. I do the latter.

We finish surveying the Dep’reth system, near the cloudy mass. It’s busy with Class M and L planets to colonize.

4 Feb – Event – Heating Up – To increase the success of Terraforming Boxer Prime we could deploy mirrors. I don’t have the Nanites it would take so I don’t deploy them.

13 Mar – Anomaly discovered in Terana Iva and I order us to dispatch to it for 89 days.

9 April – Survey done of Tiba system below Naucisaans and left of Vet’tara.

14 April – The Enterprise has all 210 officers a strength of 648 and I order it to survey now.

26 June – Anomaly Event Terana – Holodimension – We discover a rift in a Holodeck that leads to a new dimension. What do I want to do? Alert the Captain - +500 Unity. Enter - +1961 research. I choose the Unity boost

9 July – Event – Portal of the Prophets - We study the Holodimension after contacting the Captain and it seems like the pocket dimension is believed by the Bajorans to be their Temple. I can let them know and get 20 flu and +100 relations, or Build a Temple and gain 2000 unity. I need that unity, but I think letting them know makes more Federation sense.

Construction done in Boxer, next is Valo I order my Ship there

Kirama Prime – Class M Gaia world, size 14, 100%, one open spot, with 8 Energy Districts I name this an Energy World.

I have gained enough Unity to finish the Research Tradition! This will unlock an Ascension perk! What do I want?

Functioning Bureaucracy - +100 Admin Capacity aka Spread Fighting and -25% District cost

Spirit of the Times
- +10% research and -33% researcher upkeep

Efficient Consumption
- -20% Ship, Building and District upkeep

Bred for Command -
+2 leader level cap, ruler pop improvement +25%.

I like all of those, but really Spirit and Bureaucracy to increase research and Admin Capacity. My spread right now is 160 of 175 so grabbing the first would really let me keep expanding for a while! Yeah, I do the Functioning Bureaucracy

16 Aug – I upgrade my fleet

3 Sept - We finish the Admin Capacity tech called Ergonomic Writing Implements. What is next? Biomedical Research that unlocks Biomedical Clincs in 25 months

9 Nov – We finish surveying the system called Kaz Daraan left of Tiba, south of Naucisaans and with nothing of interest
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1 Jan, 3364 – We are 18 years in, 2 before TNG era, and hopefully bringing in the Enterprise will get me started.

I have enough Flu to bring in Valo which is 86, but it’s just one planet with a 30% and there is a Class M in the system being explored by the Enterprise D, so I head there. It’s called Draygo.

It looks like my Energy Consumption has dropped massively, so I need to up that expect me to add more Energy Districts to planets. I am making just 11 now. Are there any Class M worlds that I could turn into Energy Worlds with my next colony? Dorvan V has just 3 Energy Districts and Denobula 3 too. I am still getting ready to start colonizing Kirama Va and that has 7 Districts, so I’ll do that with it.

7 Mar – Research done with Artificial Gravity Stations. What’s next is Plasma Turbines that increases Energy from Mining Stations by +10% and that will take just 23 months

15 Apr – We finish surveying Draygo! It has a Class M planet. I spend 86 flu and 100 Alloys to bring it in

10 May - We finish surveying Terana on the other side of the clouds and near the unidentified culture we are setting up first contact with.

30 June – We finish surveying Talar also by the clods and near the nation.

2 July – Our Governor wants to visit Kerama Prime to help with local blockers I send him

We are setting up Kerama Secundus too by the by

6 Aug – Draygo is ours! Draygo System has no mines or anything else.

Draygo IV – Class M, Continental world, size 18, 80%, nothing of core three high, best is 6 Ag. Big though

13 Nov – Our Governor Ship arrives in Kerama Prime!!!

I order a Colonization Ship to Draygo IV! It’s led by Humans that make better Energy from jobs.

19 Jan, 3365 – New thing in First Contact – we have established them with the Talarian Republic! We gain 1600 unity. We offer them a gift of 400 credits and raise relations by 40.

I send my envoy from First Contact to make nice with them.

28 Mar – Event – Recruit Luther Sloan – I have a mission to hire Luther Sloan now. He is the Section 51 guy from DS9. It would cost 300 unity. I do it!

Luther Sloan
– Level 3 Spy, age 39

I have a few unemployed pops. I order in Wolf 359 Industrial District, Micara Prime Mining District and Kirama Prime two Energys.

3 May – Beta Penthe is explored, it has a 2 Dilithium Crystal maker, so it’s a key mineral I order my Con Ship over.

5 June – System called Kristor near Talarian Republic is finished!

14 July – Tech done called Biomedical Facilities. Next is Adaptive Test for 28 months that increase Scientist level by 1.

17 July – Message from our Governor over at Kirama Prime. They have built up the infrastructure here and we gain 80 flu.

Is that enough for Beta Penthe which is 103? Yup! I start bringing it in

2 Oct – Anomaly in the system of Alila which I start for 96 days

4 Nov – Beta Penthe brought in! I start mining the Dilithium Crystals.
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1 Jan, 2366 - 20 years in! Let’s look at some maps!

Here’s a zoomed out map:

You can see the expanding four big boys, our new stuff in the left flank, the two new systems just brought in on the right, the Enterprise scouting, and more as well as the new Talarian Republic

Now let’s zoom in:

This is just us. You can see our techs and such and low Energy Credit gains in the upper left which I need to work on. Nice, right? I hope so as well
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Event – Suspicious Flares – Costly and time consuming work will be needed in Romulus Sun.

29 Jan – Event, Alila Anomaly - Kurlan Ruins – They are very decayed and we can display them and gain 3929 research or scrap them for 500 credits, I do the first

6 Feb – Event – Shut Up, Wesley - Starfleet gets a message from Ensign Wesley Crusher about reports of a secret intel that his crew told him to ignore, I can hear him out or not. I choose the former.

23 Feb – Event – Speak Up Wesley – We are given classified files about an upcoming Marquis Attack by Crusher. Intel confirms it. I can ask for his promotion and gain 1000 unity or gain 20 flu by holding them accountable. I do the first.

29 Feb - Research done in Plasma Turbines! Next is Research AI to increase our research speed by 5% for 23 months

15 Mar – Con done in Beta Penthe, survey done of the system of Bitrox near the Republic.

1 Apr – Campaign underway for President.

7 May – I order in Vulcan Ag District and in Micara Prime Energy District

19 May – Chil’ko Star System surveyed. It has a Class M world and my Con Ship is here

4 June – We’ve settled a new world!

Kerama Secundus –
Class M, Gaia, size 14, 100%, one open space I make this an Energy World

4 July – New President – the Captain Scientist Vras’Shyran is the new leader! I s[end 1k to hire a new Scientist

20 Aug – Alila surveyed on the far side of the Alarian Republic!

9 Sept – Ag District in Risa

7 Nov- Anomaly discovered in the Endra system for 64 days

29 Nov – Boxer Prime Terraformed! I send a Colony Ship there, led by Farians.

13 Dec – Research done – Intrepid Schematics! Next is Deuterium Mining Protocols which give me+10 % on their mining stations for 22 months

20 Jan, 2367 – Event – Cardassian Manufacturing – Endra Event – We have discovered a cache of weapons of Cardassian make on Endra. What do I want to do with them? I can scrap and net 100 Alloys or raise public awareness and gain 1000 unity. I choose the unity boost.

18 Feb – Star System below of the Klingons surveyed called Mats Duraan surveyed with nothing.

7 Apil – Anomaly found in the Prions System for 52 days begins

5 June – Event – The Birds – From Kirama Secundus, we get a message about a test of folks that were studying an avian local group. We can update the Prefab structure and get +15% or gain 5 planet stability. I choose the latter to get happier people.

12 June – Event – The Mad World – Endra IV was a huge life giving world until disaster struck and then crew became infected after landing, I can sterilize it from space and gain 1650 research or put up a warning buoy and gain 500 unity -I do the unity booster

7 July – Research done for Adaptive Tests! Next is Galactic Cultural Exchange to give me another envoy in 59 months.

28 July - I put up an Energy District on Andoria.

7 Sept – Anomaly discovered in the system of Uronian, for 64 days.

14 Sept – Survey done in Endra – this is on the far side of the Cardassians

21 Oct – The Klingons just bring in Maz where the Enterprise was surveying, I head elsewhere.

8 Nov – Research done for Research Ai! Next is Phaser Theory that unlocks Phaser Banks for 22 months

11 Nov – We discover another alien on the far side of the Cardassians! We begin First Contact.

20 Nov – Event – Bus’vara System – Stardustlings – We come across refractory minerals with our deep core team. What do I want to do with them? I give it a +4 mineral mine.

14 Dec – I begin to incorporate the Class M Planet system Chil’Ko into the Federation!

20 Dec – Uronian system surveyed, it has a low tech colony on the far side of the Talarian Republic far away
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21 Jan, 2368 – I order for Tellar Prime a Research Labs.

10 Mar – We start colonizing Boxer Prime.

1 Apr – We finish construction bringing in Chil’Ko! This has 2 energy, 2 research, and then a planet:

– Class M, 80%, Ocean world a massive size of 30! It has 11 Ag Districts and the trait of Staimagander Seas which gives the farmers here +3 research, that’s going to be my next target

I order my Ship to create the mining station here for Energy

6 May – New World settled!

Draygo Prime
– One open spot, one open job, 19 size, Class M continental, it’s biggest core three is just 6 Ag. Energy which I could use more of is just 3 and Mining 4. My food/month is more than 100. I name it Ag since that’s what is it’s biggest.

11 June – Survey done of the system called Penvada on the far side of the Cardassians where we met that new alien race.

Event – The Beeps - Colony of Kirama Secundus has a breakthrough on their research on those birds. I can create one of two research priorities. 1 is to give me 1530 Unity and the other is +15% Anomaly Discovery. I do the latter.

27 June – The Age of Piracy has begun. We get rumors that someone named “Tuskless” is in charge.

9 July – Research done in Deuterium Mining Protocols. Next is Escape Pods that unlock that component for 34 months

14 July – We finished construction in Chil’Ko next is a 2 Deuterium star named Xindus

7 Aug – I send an Andorian colony ship to Chil’Ko!

Bajor has been incorporated into the Cardassian Union, so that’s not good. Everyone supported it’s independence. I know we have some Misson Tree stuff to have a free Bajor and I am told that winning it in war later doesn’t count once it’s annexed you cannot finish those Missions.

4 Sept – We can get a new tradition! Do I want another Progress one or to unlock one other? Yeah I want to finish Progress to unlock another Ascension Perk. I can take Pioneers mentioned earlier or what Material Abundance unlocked called “Democracy” that gives us +5% resources from jobs. I like Pioneers unlocking reduced colony cost and speeding up pop growth by 5%

I order for Kerama Prime an Energy District and for Bredara Prime the same

29 Nov – The Cardassians DOWd The Romulans

6 Dec – Anomaly discovered in the Ken’kreth system for 52 days

7 Feb, 2369 - Event – Ken’kreth Anomaly – Antimatter Wastelands – We discover on Ken’kreth IV a huge number of anti-protons. We extract it and gain 2755 research

1 Apr – Event – Bredara Prime – Ruins found on our world. This creates a special project to investigate them. I order the Cerritos from Beta Zeta making Second Contact to there to research.

4 May – Research done in Phaser Theory; next is Phaser Chain-Linking for 46 months to give my ships Phaser Arrays

3 June – Event – I heard you like Ruins – Bredara Prime – Our researchers show these are from wildly different times. They had non-Humanoid physiology. I have two options – Build Atop Them – This planet gets +10% research and unity from jobs; Bulldoze them and get +1 Housing and +10 colonial pull. I choose the former and name this a Tech World from Energy

On Risa I upgrade my Shelter captial to a Planetary one. That will increase my Admin Capacity. This costs 510 Minerals and 5 energy upkeep per month

16 June – Construction finished in Xindus. Next is Rixudex being surveyed by the Enterprise with two Class L planets.

22 June – We finish surveying the system of Beta Deri on the far side of the Cardassians

6 July – Betazeds expand into Minorva

24 July – We have set up First Contact with the Idanian Clans! They are on the far side of the Cardassians near Beta Deri

19 Aug – I begin to Terraform Micara B IA

26 Sept – We begin colonizing Chil’Ko Prime

22 Oct- Ken’kreth system surveyed past the Talarian Republic.

8 Nov – I order stuff in these planets – Wolf 359 – Industrial District; Bredara prime – Energy District; Micara Prime – Mining District; Kirama Secundus – Energy District

25 Dec – Anomaly in the Galas system for 44 days
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5 Feb, 2370 – We have finished surveying the Rixudex system and that’s my 5th one with the Enterprise! I can now hire Data!

Data – Scientist, age 64, has the traits of Researcher that increases Research speed by 5%;level 5. I replace my level 3 Physics Researcher

Rixudex has three planets of Class L nature to Terraform and bring in! My Con ship is here; I drop down to 1 flu to start bringing it in!

18 Feb – Event – Galas System Anomaly – Murmurwood – We discover beautiful systems of plant life here. I can have their roots analyzed for 3193 research or gain 800 unity for naming this a nature preserve. I do the latter.

2 April – The Cardassians have advanced in their war against The Romulans

9 May – A New Colony is built!!!!!

Boxer Prime - Size 26, Class M Arid, 80%, has 9 mining districts so I name this a Mining World, one extra space, no extra jobs. I order here a Mining District.

16 May – Survey done in the system of Raskae Majoris next to the Idanians.

27 May – Rixudex incorporated! 3 Minerals and 3 research ordered brought in

Rixudex Planets:

Rixudex II
– Class L, Arctic, size 13, 50%, 6 energy and Mining could be either.

Rixudex III
– Class L, Arid, a larger size 17, 50%, 8 energy so that would be this world.

Rixudex VIIIa
– Class L, in between 15, Tundra World, 8 energy here too,

I spend 2k to Terraform Rixudex III

10 Oct – I order for Risa a Research Lab

6 Nov – Research done in Escape Pods! Next is Streamlined Alloys for just 19 months that unlocks the building called “Foundries”

1 Jan, 2371 – Event – Odd Flares – Scientists notice something odd coming from the star in the Bethel System

The Cardassians have moved into Sikorn; I’ll order my Con Ship over there for Mash’gar with a Class M planet but in the cloud they have moved into to stop them there as soon as it finishes building up resources in the Rixudex system

2 Feb - We discover an anomaly in the Galar system

11 Feb – Mash’gar incorporated into Cardassia. My ship is done and I order it to the Astra Menta System because I need to get near the Talarian Republic to help them out.

3 Apr – Event – Anomaly in Galar System – Petrified Forest – We discover a petrified forest on Galar IV instead of the Mammalian fossils we thought. I can extract samples and gain 500 minerals or research it and gain 3682 research. That’s the one I choose

27 June – I order for Buildings: Kirama Prime – Energy District; Draygo Prime – Ag District

I order Andorian led colony to Dorvan V

21 July – We start integrating the Betazed Houses!!!

28 Aug – Apyra System surveyed by the Enterprise D!

3 Sept – Galar surveyed on the far side of the Talarian Republic!

7 Nov – 66 Imora near the Idarians is surveyed too.

1 Dec – We finished settling a new world!!!!!

Chil’Ko – Size 31, 80%, Class M, 11 Ag Districts, Staimagander Seas, I name this an Ag World.

15 Dec – Anomaly for 41 days in Saldara system
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1 Jan, 2372 – We have established First Contact with someone in the Astra Menta system and I order my Betazed making nice Envoy to work on that!

22 Jan – We finish another First Contact, gain 1k Unity, and then finished our 5 First Contact Mission called First Contacts. We get +20% of Envoy gain relations for 40 years, next is:

1. Multilateral Accords – Get three Research and Commercial Pacts – I have one each with the Betazeds.

2. Establish Trade Routes – First, I need a captial with at least 100 trade value, and we have Earth at 106, so that’s done. Then I need Trade Annexes built in 6 Starbases, and I only own one Starbase at all in the Sol System, but it has one, so I need 5 more!

So, with that need, I order a Starbase at Wolf 359 since it’s in the middle and protects a colony. It costs me 200 Alloys. I also order them for my three Homeworld founder worlds of Vulcan, Andor, and 61 Cygni. Then I also order my 6th in the left flank world of Kirama.

4 Feb – Event – Garish Geysers – Saldana Anomaly – The planet we were investigating called Saldara IIa has geothermal geysers that have pretty rainbow colored rocks. I can collect them for 500 minerals or establish tourism for 1000 unity, which I do

4 Mar – We finish research in Streamlined Alloys and I can build Foundries on my world. Next is Advanced Starbase Construction that gives me Advanced Starbases and will take around 53 months

18 Apr – I offer a Commercial Pact with the Talarian Republic!

26 Apr – I bring in Astra Menta, next is to our left and next to the Talarian Republic Dep’reth after I building Mining Stations here for 5 energy.

Astra Menta IIIa
– Class L, 50%, Alpine, 10 size, two key traits of Dilithium Deposit and then Diamagnetic Ore Slopes that give my Techs and Farmers +2 minerals. I start Terraforming it.

7 May – I finish in research Phaser Chain-Linking; next is Autocannon Targeting for 16 months for Phaser Autocannon unlocking.

I spend 207 Alloys to upgrade my ships

We agree to a Commercial Pact with the Talarian Republic. I next offer a Research Pact.

21 May – We agree to a Research Agreement!

16 June – Improvements done

29 June – We discover an anomaly in the Saldara System for 41 days

18 July – Survey done in the Zalara system on the far side of the Cardassians

19 Aug – Event – Whale, Isn’t that Nice – Anomaly in Saldara – There appear to be atmospheric whales that sail the clouds here! I can protect them and gain 2738 research or publish video and gain 500 unity I choose the unity gain.

18 Oct – Dep’reth brought in next to Talarian Republic! Below Cardassians, left of Astra Menta, right of the Republic. Has three Deuterium, 2 Energy being mined now. And then two planets.

Dep’reth Planets:

Dep’reth IIa – Class L, 50%, size 10, Artic World, more Mining districts than anything else in Core three.

Dep’reth IVa – Class M, Arctic, 80%, size 10, a massive 13 Mining Districts

I order an Andorian Colonization to Dep’reth IVa and then order an upgraded Starbase here

24 Jan, 2373 – 5 Starbase Construction finished. I order a Trade Depot at all five for the cost of 50 Alloys and 1 energy upkeep

5 Mar- Peace with the Cardassians and the Romulans

27 April – I order for my planets – Wolf 359 – upgraded Capital; and for Kirama Prime too; then for Kirama Secundus I order an Energy District.

5 May – Saldana System surveyed! It’s very far away on the edge of the known universe

17 June – Construction done in Dep’reth

5 July – Research done for Autocannon Targeting – next is Knowledge Repository which increases research speed by 10% for 35 months

27 July – All Trade Depots built in Starbases. I can finish Expand Trade Routes! I get +20% trade route collection Energy. Next is “Expand Memory Alpha” requiring 8 research labs (I have 4), 10 research statins (I have 6), and 10 Culture Districts I have none.

2 Sept – We survey with the Enterprise D the star system of Beta Leetor with a Class M planet to our bottom.

11 Sept – Another survey done, this time of Delta Gorgani on the far side of the Cardassians and next to the Idanians

22 Oct – Dep’reth Starbase finished!

25 Oct – The Talarian Republic agrees to diplomatic integration!
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2 Jan, 2374 – Anomaly detected in the system of Stella Jor for 41 days

4 Mar – Anomaly Event – Torons and Rust – Iron oxidizes in the soil of Stella Jor IV. It’s pretty. I can collect them for 500 minerals or give this planet a +3 mining station. I do the latter.

Research done for Multidisplinary Campus that give me+1 level cap to Scientist – next is War-Time Archies that unlock the War Academy and then that’ll take 40 months

16 Mar – Research agreement with the Romulans!

20 Mar – Construction done in Astra Menta, next is bringing in the Terana system to our bottom which has three planets.

18 Apr – I order for Bredara Prime an Energy District; Vulcan – Research Labs; and for Kirama Prime too

25 April – Survey done by Enterprise D on the nothing in it Castra

24 May – Recruit Benjamin Sisko – I get an event to recruit him. I spend 300 unity.

Benjamin Sisko – Age 42, level 3, he counts as an Admiral, I can only have two, he has the trait of Pressure-Cooker.

9 June – Survey finished of the Ignasti system on the far side of the Cardassians

15 June – I order for Chil’Ko an Ag District

We have started colonizing Dep’reth.

27 July – Dep’reth Prime Ag District ordered

7 Aug – Anomaly logged in the Stella Jor system for 60 days

23 Aug – Micara B Ia has been Terraformed to a Class M world!

I order another Con Ship in Sol for the Research stations that costs me 85 Alloys.

For my station upgrades, I order a Shipyard in my central system of Andoria for 50 Alloys, and then Kirama too on the far side of the Federation, and then Wolf 359 a Defense System for 50 too, and then also in Dep’reth next to the Cardassians too

I start Terraforming Bredara IVa with the Behemotic Fossils boost

We get a Commercial Pact with the Romulans and finished our Misson of “Multilateral Accords” which gives us +30 multilateral prosperity and unlocks our branch to Empower Section 31 or Grow the Federation which requires bringing in two minor powers

28 Sept – Anomaly Event – Stella Jor – Childhood Friend – We find a survival shelter on the Stella Jor III planet we were researching. It was recently touched by the Nexus. I can study it and gain 3064 research or harvest for 500 credits, I choose the research boost!

27 Oct – Stella Jor surveyed! It’s on the edge of the explorable space as well

3 Nov - We incorporate the awesome Terana system! This has 2 energy and research I’ll build into. Below Dep’reth.

Terana Planets:

Terana VIa –
Class D, Alpine, 30%, size 14, trait Ice Cloak, miners make 3 trade value- I order Terraforming here now. It’ll take 2700 days.

Terana Va
– Class M, Gaia, Moon 100% size 15, 10 energy for an Energy world,

Terana VIIa – Class M, Moon, Desert, 80%, 5 Ag for that world.

I send a Faurian led Colony to Terana Va which makes better energy!

30 Dec – We find an anomaly for 49 days in the Uleb system

1 Jan, 3375 – We colonize a new world!

Dorvan Prime – Dorvan V which we Terraformed, size 10, Class M Continental, 80%, has not big districts - the most is 4 for Ag and Minerals but we are making 64/month Minerals and 88/month Food so I name it a Mining World. One open spot and one job

Con Ship built in Sol, I order it to build a Research Station here and then on the way down to Beta Leetor with a Class M planet.

1 Feb – I order Research Labs in Andoria and for Tellar Prime a Mining District

24 Feb – Anomaly discovered in the Qelta system I start.

29 Feb – Event – Anomaly in Uleb – Lunar Monad – We are surveying a Moon’s impact crater when we realize that’s it’s not a crater but a giant sigil mostly completed! I have two options – complete it and gain 100 flu, or destroy it for 500 Minerals, I take the flu please

19 Apr – Event – Anomaly in Qelta – Replica Catastrophe – There was a polaric explosion here on Qelta II. The replicators are not working here near the dictator until we pull away. What do I want to make to help? Minerals to get Alloys; National Emblem – 1500 unity; Diplomatic Pin - +20 flu

I choose the unity booster!

15 May – Anomaly discovered in Qelta again

30 May – Rixudex III terraformed! Next is Rixudex VIIa – I order Farians here too since it’ll be an Energy World

14 July – Event – Qelta Anomaly – Misplaced Medicine – Our away team found remnants of temporal rifts on Qelta IIa. None are active but they have an effect on our away team. I can harvest the energy, leave and gain 500 Energy, or research it and gain 5267 research, that’s the one for me!

17 Aug – I order for Kirama Secundus an Energy District.

We finish scanning the star system of Uleb on the far side of the Cardassians

6 Oct – A third anomaly in Qelta discovered!

15 Oct – Research done for Knowledge Repository. Next is Thermal Defectors that unlocks Linked Burst Phasers for 30 months

2 Nov – Research done for Advanced Starbase Construction – next is Thrust Regenerators for 16 months which will give me Auxiliary Impulse Engines.

I order my Starbase in Sol to upgrade at the cost of 500 Alloys for 2 years.

22 Nov – Anomaly Event in Qelta – Old Suits – Our research team found a plethora of unmanned suits on Qelta 1b. I can reroute their energy to gain 1500 credits or give it to military intel and get 100 nanites. I choose the latter.
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1 Jan, 2376 – Thirty Years Later!!! Who wants maps?

Here’s a zoomed out one:

You can see all of the new ones we discovered over in Cardassian space. We and the Cardassians are near the Talarian Republic.

How about a zoomed in one of just us?

I got you! You can see my three grabs near the Talarians and then us in the south a bit here and there too. Next is Beta Leetor with a Class M planet.

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1 May, 2376 - We get another Tradition! I can grab another Progress one. Here’s what’s left and what we unlocked last time:


Democracy - +5% Resources from jobs

Starfleet - +10% sublight speed and ship evasion

Leadership Dispatch - Governors provide +10 Unity and Trade production on the planets they are working at.

I choose Democracy.

8 May – Research done in War-Time Archives, next is Bio-Crop Fundamentals that unlocks the building Unsynthesized Food Center that will take just 11 months for Spock to research

6 June – Survey done in the Hev’da system by the Enterprise D right of the Betazeds and below Castra with three Class L 50% worlds

1 July – Election for a new President has begun.

24 July – I order on Micara Prime a Mining District and Boxer Prime too.

2 Aug – We have finished colonizing a new world!

Dep’reth Prime – Class M, Arctic, size 11, with 13 Mining Districts I name this a Mining World.

6 Aug – We start colonizing Terana Prime!

2 Oct – We have incorporated the Betazed Houses! Our first one!

Betazed Houses:

Beta Zeta System – Captial System of the Betazeds. Beta Zeta has a level 2 Starport, one planet:

Betazed Planet – Homeworld of the Betazeds. Size 15, Class M Tunda, 80%, type turned off, has a Forge, Research Labs, Replicator and Planetary Captial. It has one open spot and job

Minorva System – Has no planets to settle, StarPort level 2. ,

Sepux System – Has a level 2 Starport too, it has unmined 3 Energy and 4 Deuterium I order mined. It has one colony with another Colony Ship on the way from the Betazed HW.

Sepux Planets:

Sepux Ia – Class M, Desert, colony here, 80%, size of 12, Medical Clincs built here, it has 6 Energy so I name it an Energy World. It has three open jobs

Sepux IIa – Class L, 50%, Ocean, Size 11, 8 food

Sepux III
– Class L, 50%, Arctic, 20 size, has Mugato Mountain trait to give Farmers 3 Trade instead

Sepux IIIa – Moon of that planet, Class L, 50%, Tundra, size 14

Sepux B Ia
– Moon of 2nd star, Class L, 50%, size 14

Betazed Fleet:

I get one Construction Ship in Sepux, one Colony Ship heading there, one navy with a size of 20 that I hand to Sisko and another with a size of 20 I cannot hand away and I send the Cerritos to make 2nd Contact with the Talarian Republic.

We gained the Betazed Civic of Forthcoming which gives us +0.50/month with minor powers.

We have a new leader!

President Tharas Melkrin – level 5, age 64

9 Nov – Qelta surveyed on the other edge of the explorable space

7 Dec – New tech developed called Unsyntheized Food Center – next is No-Win Scenarios for 51 months for +10% officer production

7 Jan, 2377 – Event – Ruins Uncovered – On Dorvan Prime we get an ruins uncovered and research special project. I send the Enterprise D which is closest to investigate it.

Research done for Thrust Generators, next is Asteroid Cracking to give me +10% on mining stations, and then that’ll take around 7 months

4 Mar – I order Upgraded Capital on Bredara Prime and on Chil’Ko Ag District

18 Mar – Astra Menta III has been Terraformed to Class M!

Sepux colony began

17 April – A hostile unknown fleet arrives in Astra Menta and I direct the Enterprise there for first contact as well as my Betazed and Sol fleets for battle.

10 June – System of Em’vara on the far side of Cardassian explored!

Con Ship done in Sepux, next are mining stations in Minora of 2 minerals.

17 June – We lost the Starbase and the Terra Firma system

13 Aug – We get new research in Thermal Deflectors and the next is Tactical Plasmas for 13 months to give Plasma Launchers and Asteroid Cracking, next is Standardized Intrepid Schematics for 29 months to speed up and cheapen them

10 Sept – Our fleet arrives and they fled, I send my Con Ship over to bring it back in

3 Oct - We have incorporated Beta Leetor! The system has 4 Deuterium I begin to mine and:

Beta Leetor CIIa – Class M, Gaia World!, with a size of 13! I order here a Colony Ship pulled by Humans

25 Nov – We get an event about our Betazed colony on Sepux Ia disappearing and I get a special project there.
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8 Feb, 2378 – Damage to vessels repaired

18 May – Research done in Tactical Plasmas – next is Task Databases to reduce crime by 5% and increase pop stuff by the same.

1 June – Astra Menta brought back in! I order Andorians to colonize it

I order built: Vulcan – Ag District; Risa Cultural District which costs 300 minerals, upkeep 3 energy, +2 Entertainer jobs that make amenities and one researcher to make research from minerals; Bredara Prime – Reseach Labs; Kirama Secundus – Energy; Boxer Prime – Mining; Chil’Ko – Ag; Dorvan Prime – Mining

4 July – We settle a new world!

Terana Prime
– Class M, Gaia, size 16, one open job and spot, I’ll make it an Energy World!!!

11 July – Simton star system surveyed!!! It’s far side of the Cardassians!

4 Oct – New World settled!!

Rixudex Prime – Class M, Desert, 80%, size 18, Energy world here too!

25 Nov – I order a Culture District in Andoria and Tellar Prime

2 Dec – Kardex system by the Cardassians discovered

8 Jan, 2379 – Constrction done in Astra Menta, next is bringing in left of Beta Zeta the strong Vet’tara system!

23 Jan – Event – Bunker Drawings - Research on Sepux Ia is done and we find a completely dead world and vegetation and everything else. We also found a huge underground chamber of stuff.

3 Feb – We settle in a new world!

Sepux III – 50%, Class L, Betazed colony, size 21. I cannot Terraform something already colonized. I turn this into a Ag World with that trait.

I start Terraforming Bredara IVa

30 Feb – Event – The Crystalline Entity – After cross checking the Bunker drawing on Sepux Ia with the Starfleet database, they were of a large Crystalline structure. The Crystalline Entity – I have two options – lure it with 500 Energy and gain 1642 research and 1200 unity or it’s not worth the risk and skip it by. I like free unity, but I don’t think it’s worth the risk

14 June – Event – Anomaly – Cirok – Ruglike – Our survey team was startled by a herd of giant mammal, but they seem to want to play. I spend 500 energy to make a toy.

3 July – I order an upgrade of my Captial at Micara Prime and Mining District for Dep’reth Prime

5 Aug – We finished the research in the field of Standardized Intrepid Schematics and next is Improved Energy Production for 11 months to give ships thruster

We also finished surveying the system of Bris’neth on the far side of the Cardassian Union

I finish enough Anomalies with the Enterprise to recruit La Forge! This makes our ships go 20% fsater

8 Sept – Terraforming done in Rixudex VIIIa

We establish First Contact in the New Aur system and I start working on it

17 Oct – The Vet’tara system is ours! It has mining stations for 2 Deuterium and 2 ores – I order it to bring in the Deuterium

Vet’tara Planets:

Vet’tara III -
Class L, 50%, Arctic, a massive 21 size, also has the Ice Cloak trait, I spend 2k energy to terraform it.

Vet’tara VIIa – Class M, Savannah, 80%, size 13, trait of Sandfire Deserts we’ve had before, and then Cometary Dust Clouds to turn Scientists into +3 food

I order a Colony Ship here since it’s got 6 Energy to turn into that world of Farians that will boost it
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Location: Catonsville, MD
1 Jan, 2380 – I order an Energy District for Terana Prime and also for Wolf 359

4 Feb - Research done in Task Databases to reduce crime, next is for 7 months by Data Shield Harmonics to give us Multi-Spectrum Shields.

We finished construction in Vet’Tara’s mining station.

15 Feb – We finish surveying New Aur near the border of the edge of space where we found that new civ.

5 Mar – Research done in No-Win Scenarios, next is Military Doctrine for 22 months that gives us boosts in battle for things like damage dealt.

6 May – Research done in Improved Energy Production, next is California Schematics for 24 months to unlock that support class of ship.

27 June - We establish First Contact with the El-Aurians! They appear to represent the Stellaris faction you can pay for mysteries of the universe or boosted research. I spend 3k to get +15% for a few years.

5 July – Research of Shield Harmonics done. Next is Astrophysics Almanac which give me +10 research from stations for 16 months

13 Sept – Event - Lotus 1578 – This was researched by the Enterprise - We get this event on Dorvan Prime where a bunch of settlers discover a ruins with a cave marked “1578” where the Lotus flower was found. I established a Micro Reserve and we gain 1500 Unity.

I establish First Contact with someone in Shived and Boslia – I assign my Envoy making nice with the Romulans

20 Sept – Our Scientist Catarina Okafor passes. I hire Yahya Kim.

6 Oct – Event – Ruins Uncovered – We discover ruins on Rixudex Prime. Special Project issued here

18 Nov – Survey of Norox System done. It’s near Cardassians, Talarian Republic and has a Class M World

I order my Con Ship to bring in Tiba left of Vet’tara and below the Naucisaans

3 Jan, 2381 – New world settled!!!

Beta Leetor Prime – Class M Gaia, 100%, 9 Mining Districts I name it a Mining World, Size 14, one open space and job

It looks like Vet’tara Prime has started colonizing

I order in Sepux III Ag District; Earth – Culture District; Draygo Prime – Energy District; Boxer Prime – Minig District

We finish the First Contact with New Aur’s Circle of Listeners Station and contact them

11 Jan – we finish surveying a star system way up by Cardassia and the Idonians called Buenora

18 Jan – Omanaris star system near New Aur is surveyed

5 Feb – The Talarian Republic joined the Federation – that’s our second one!!!

The Talarian Republic:

We get their civic which is War is the Way – When at war we get +.25 influence, -20 war exhaustion

Talaria – Homeworld of Talarians, in the Talar System, has a size of 12, Class M Desert world, 100% suitability, has one open spot, three open jobs, and then has these buildings: Planetary Admin, Forge, Admin Officesx2, Research Labs, Replicator. This system has the Talar Starbase level 2. I name this an Energy world.

Mayara Ia
- Colony of Class L, 50%, Arid, size 13, two open spots, three open jobs, I name this an A g World with 10 districts. In the Mayara System also with a level 2 Starbase

Bitrox Ia – Class L Arctic world, 50%, size 13, one open spot, one unemployed pop, I make this a Mining World with 8 districts, and then I build one


I have a fleet with a size of 18, I have a Con Ship in Bitrox not doing anything. I have all stations built here

I finished my Mission to incorporate two minor nations called “Grow the Federation” and then I get 200 flu and 4k unity

Next is Liberate the Oppressed where I free Bajor and then Starburst where I need at least natural relations with the Romulans, and I do, and then complete the “Suspicious Flares” situation.

With my extra flu, I order my Con Ship in Bitrox to incorporate next to us the system called “Endra” for 86 flu and then my Con Ship in Minorva to bring in Hev’da a few systems away.

28 Feb – I finish surveying the system with nothing in it called Zedadex below Hev’da

24 Mar – Terana Via has been terraformed into a Class L. I spend 2k to move it to Class M – this is the one with the Ice Cloak trait

6 Apr – Research done in Military Protocol, next is Differential Magnometer that increase pop growth by 5% for 13 months

16 April – Tiba brought in! It has 2 energy, 2 minerals and 2 research I bring in energy,

Tiba Planets:

Tiba IIa
– Class L, 50%, Alpine, size 18, 9 energy districts, Magnetic Storms trait to give the techs here a massive 4 Energy per, I spend 2k now to terraform it

Tiba IIb – Class M, 80%, Alpine, size 16, 8 Ag to be that world. It has the Diamagnetic World Slopes to give farmers here+2 minerals I send a colony ship here of Humans

Tiba IIc
– All moons of the same planet – massive size 20, Class L, 50%, Desert World, 8 energy districts to make this an Energy world, Solar Auroras Trait- techs here make +2 energy – I spend 2k energy here to terraform it

I need energy badly, so we have to bring in IIa and c

I have enough Unity for our next tradition. I choose Starfleet to increase my sublight speed and evasion in combat

11 May – First contact event – I suggest an exchange program and gain 2500 unity

I start making nice with the Klingons

17 May - The Klingons and Romulans have entered a non-aggression pact

28 May – Event - - Research on Rixudex Prime by the Enterprise D – Chrono Canyon – The ruins lining the canyon outside or colony sees our explorers slowing in time as they approach. We find an illuminated pedestals under a low door frame. I can have them leave it alone (Rixudex Prime gains this trait - +1 researcher job and +10% research here) or let them build around it (Rixudex Prime gains one Miner and +10% unity here). I choose the first.

I order built – Kirama Secundus – Energy District; Chil’Ko – Ag district

23 June – Klingons and Romulans enter into a Defensive pact

Cirok System surveyed near New Aur

9 July – Construction finished in Endra! This system has a four research station I order built, left of Talarian Republic and Cardassian Union


Endra Ia – Class L Arctic, 50%, size 14, no major big Districts, Ice Cloak trait

Endra IIa - - Class L 50%, Ocean, size 12, 7 Energy to make this that world, Magnetic Storms trait so I spend 2k here to terraform.

I brought this in since next door is a Class M world system called Norox. I want to expand north to get near the Idanians.

I send an envoy to make nice with them.

18 July – Anomaly found in the system called Fira for 34 days.

Hev’da brought in! it has 4 energy and 2 minerals to bring in but I just do the energy. It’s here since it has three Class L worlds at 50% each.

Hev’da Planets:

Hev’da IIIa – Size 10, Desert, Ag world with 7, trait called Gigantic Sand Bores that turns techs and farmers into 4 trade making

Hev’da IVa – Arid, size 14, it has 4 of every thing so it could be any world,

Hev’da VIIIa – Size 13, Ocean world, could be energy could be farming

1 Aug – Tiba construction finished.

Event – Duonetic Field – While settling on Dep’reth Prime we come across a naturally occurring field which disables our components. I get a modifier here to stop research at -100% each.

30 Aug – Event – Anomaly in Fira – Lake of Dread -Our away team arrived at a huge lake with unexplained vibrations and then found no evidence of what we were searching for, but the fire is here growing in power so I have two options – sample and leave – Fira gets +3 rare Tetryons/month or take some and gain 100 Tetryons, I choose the former since it’s about three planets away from Bitrox

10 Sept – Astra Menta set up!

Astra Menta Prime – Class M, Alpine, 80% open spot and job, size of 11, 8 mining districts, It has Diamagnetic Ore Slopes here so my techs and farmers will make +2 minerals. I make this an Energy World to make Techs.

I finish the research of Astrophysics Almanac; next is Plasma Storage Cells to unlock Negatron Disrupters for 17 months

5 Oct – First Contact update – we have established contact with the Boslic Hierarchy and we gain 3500 unity. They are in four systems next to us in Rixudex and below the Klingons – I make nice with them

11 Oct – The Obora system nearish the Idanians is surveyed

28 Oct – Fira system near New Aur finished.

Endra Research station done, next is the system of Norox

4 Nov – Research done in California Schematics to unlock that support class. Next is for 19 months Nanite Chain Drills to increase Mining stations by +10%

26 Nov – We make First Contact in the Jundira System – I assign my open Envoy
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5 Mar, 2382 – We finish research in Differential Magnometer. Next is Hydropods which gives +5% minerals. 13 months

7 Apr – We incorporate Norox – left and up of Endra, next to Cardassia, has 2 energy station I order built.

Norox Planets:

Norox Ia –
Class M, size 10 Desert world 80%, has 7 Energy Districts to make that world and then the Star Desert Oasis trait where Farmers make +2 trade and with 6 Ag district I could make this that. I order a Farian Colony Ship here.

It also has two Class D 30% planets we’ll skip

We start colonizing Tiba Prime

21 June – Survey done in Hon’veth system which is on the far side of the Boslic Anarchy

19 July – Survey done in the Bartex system which is near Idanians and has two Class M worlds. It’s a few systems away from Norox

23 July – Construction done in Norox. My next system is up in Kardex with two Class M worlds which takes 103 flu and might be a while.

7 Aug – Survey done near New Aur for a system called Kaz’ran – it has one Class M

11 Aug – The Cerritos surveys near New Aur too a system called Castara next to us but has nothing

We have made First Contact with someone in the Tanuga system near the Idorians – I pull my making nice Envoy from the Klingons to it.

4 Nov – We settled a new world!

Vet’tara Prime – Class M, Savannah, 80%, size 14, one open spot and job, Cometary Dust Cloud and Sandfire Desert traits, I name this an Energy World with 6 Districts

I order built: Dep’reth Prime – Mining District; Draygo Prime – Culture District;

5 Dec – Research done in Plasma Storage Coils, next is Star Chart for 24 months and gives us +10% Warp range

13 Dec – Update in one First Contact – I suggest swapping Embassies and gain 2500 unity

1 Jan, 2383 – I order in Terana Prime an Energy District; Bitrox Ia – Mining District

5 Feb – Hydropods research is done, next is Intergalactic Culture for 7 months which unlocks the building called Heritage Site.

22 Feb – Update in First Contact for other group – another 2500 unity gained

28 Feb – Event – Terrorformed – Something hasn’t gone right in our Terraforming the Desert World of Bredara IVa. Life has exploded all over. Flash Floods and Tsunamis strike everywhere. I choose not to colonize here and get a special project here to find out what happened. I start the research.

8 Mar – We finish research in Nanite Chain Drills next is Integrated Infrastructures which reduces cost of buildings and districts by 15%. It’ll take 18 months

18 Mar – Amelda system near New Aur is surveyed, it has very little

11 June – Event – Research done in Terrorformed – We have discovered the cause of the over-Terraforming here. It’s a gravitational wave that influences the path of the stellar orbit. We have readjusted our stuff and can now safely colonize it

6 July – System surveyed where we found that contact called Tanuga up by the Idorians is done.

24 July – We have discovered the Bolian Republic!!! It’s in the far corner of the universe far away from us since we got there with a hole it seems

4 Sept- Event – Ruins in Astra Menta – We uncover ruins in Astra Menta Prime I send a research ship over to explore.

I guarantee Boslic Anarchy and Idanian Clan independence.

15 Sept – I order my Con Ship to bring in Kardex

23 Oct – Terraforming done in Vet’tara III which is now Class M. I send in Andorian Colony Fleet.

9 Nov – Cetsa near New Aur system done with nothing major

28 Nov – I order built – Kirama Secundus – Energy District and upgraded Captial; Sepux Ia – Energy District; Rixudex Prime – Energy too

3 Dec – Research done in Intergalactic Cultures – next is Fleet Tactics to increase fleet amounts by 15 Command Size. 8 months for it

18 Dec – System next to us near Talarian old land called Glira surveyed with a Class D 30% world

29 Dec – Kardex incorporated! It has 2 Energy and 3 Deuterium which I build both. It’s next to Cardassia, above Norox.

Kardex Planets:

Kardex II – Class D, 30%, size 12 Tundra, 6 Ag

Kardex III
– Class M, Arctic, 20 size, 80%, 5 in all districts, Magnetic Storms make techs +4 energy, I colonize this with Farians to build my Energy infrastructure

Kardex IIIa – Class M Moon, Tropical, size 10, 80%, has trait Cyclops Owls that increases Amenities here by 8

Kardex has two Class M, key addition with Energy making fun times.
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3 Jan, 2384 – Event – Aftermath – Our scout ship the BET Gimal was attacked by a hostile force and managed to win in the system of the Highway Node and there is a research project.

4 Mar – We establish First Contact with the Tanugan Anocracy in three planets next to us in Norax and Kardex 0 I send an envoy to improve relations

15 May – System of Kot’reth is surveyed and it’s near the Boslics

6 June – Reseach done in Integrated Infrastructures next is Starbase Energy reserves for 6 months to unlock that building Solar Panel Array

5 July – Research also done in Fleet Tactics next is Advanced Fleet Command to increase fleet size by another 25 for 28 months

1 Aug – Event – Paradise – We manage to reestablish contact with a colony called Dep’reth Prime after a Duonetic field arrived and smashed things around. I have three options – disclose our findings = 3834 research; strike a deal - +1500 unity; make a pact - +4500 food. I choose the middle

6 Aug – Research also done in Star Chart and next for 23 months is Multi-Displinary Databases to speed up research by 5%

23 Aug – I order built: Beta Leetor Prime – Mining District; Sepux III – Ag District; Rixudex Prime – Energy District; Dorvan Prime – Culture District; Culture District for Wolf 359 too

3 Nov – Research done in Starbase Energy Protocols; next Is Deuterium Cooling Protocols to increase their Stations by 10% for 17 months

19 Nov – Construction of Stations in Kardex finished, next system here to incorporate is up and Beta Deri with a Class M world and it will take 86 flu to bring in.

25 Nov – Survey done of Minona System near New Aur with little to offer

2 Dec – We form a Commercial Pact with the Idorians and lose 0.06 flu; we form a Research Pact with the Boslic Hierarchy

27 Dec – A big fleet arrives in the Rixudex System and my navy is ordered over

9 Mar, 2385 – I order built: Rixudex Prime – Energy District; Astra Menta Prime – Energy District;

14 Mar – Jundira system far away is surveyed!

18 Mar – Research Agreement with the Idorians

2 Apr – Terana VIA is Terraformed to Class M. I colonize it with Andorians

21 April – Tiba Ia and Ic are Terraformed! I colonize both with Farians good at Energy

3 May – We settle a new world!

Norox Prime
– Class M, Desert, 80% size of 11, one open job and spot, 7 Energy 9 Ag I name this am Ag World.

13 July – We finished surveying the star system of Weneb with a Class M world below the Tanugan.

We finished Terraforming Endra IIa

I order my Con Ship to incorporate Beta Deri

2 Aug – Bekam system next to Weneb surveyed

20 Aug – Event – Crystalline Entity – It has appeared in the Pran System. I can fight it or investigate it and create a special project. I choose the latter.

27 Aug – Culture District built in Chil’Ko; Energy District in Rixudex prime

I start the Pran Misson

6 Nov – Event – Scene of the Battle - We finish surveying the network battle derbis and get 250 alloys and 5k unity

Survey done in Folora System where we have nothing near Jundira

I order Mining District in Dep’reth Prime and Culture District in Kirama Prime and Ag District for Tiba Prime

We have enough Unity for the next Tradition which will be Leadership Dispatch and that gives me +10 unity and trade from Governors, which finishes my Tradition and then the next Ascension Perk which I take Unification - -15% pop Amenities usage, +10% unity and flu

1 Dec – Event – It’s alive – Our research in Pran has revealed that the Entity is alive. I use a graviton pulse to change it’s behavior

2 Dec - Event – Homecoming - The crew of the ship that went missing turned up and we gain 8500 research

10 Dec – On my birthday we bring in Beta Deri! This system has 4 energy I bring in, next to Cardassians, above Kardex

Beta Deri IIb
– Class L 50%, size 8, Tundra, has 7 mining districts

Beta Deri IIc – Class M, 80%, Alpine, 20 size, 8 mining districts

Nice add!

We finish surveying the Mar’zek system which is next to Norox and the Tanugans

29 Dec – Scientist Gral has died.
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It’s been 40 years!

Here’s my zoomed out map with us brining in the Betazeds and Talarians and then you can see the three new minors one far away the Bolians.

Now let’s turn to a zoomed in map:

Here’s the left side and you can see the Tanugan too zoomed in here with my new additions in the region

Here’s the right side zoomed in for you as far as Rixudex!

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2 Feb, 2836 - Research done in Deuterium Mining Protocols, next is Sporting Arenas for 16 months to give my leaders +10% Exp gain and +1 alloy from entertainers

4 Mar – Energy Grid in Terana Prime; and Rixudex and Vet’tara Prime as well

Update I First Contact we gain 2500 unity

Research done for Multi-Disciplinary Databases next is AI Software for unlocking Computer Assisted Targeting for 5 months

24 May – Survey done for Lima Sierra system which is way out there by Jundira

6 June – AI Software done, next is Overload Shielding which increases energy from stations by 10% which will take 15 months

4 July – Research done for Advanced Battle Models, next is Genetic Sequencing for a +10% Pop growth for 7 months

On Draygo Prime I order an upgraded captial and then a Culture District; Mining D for Bitrox Ia; Energy D for Rixudex Prime;

I have started colonizing in Tiba and Terana

1 Oct – Elections start for our President.

5 Oct - We settle a new world!

Vet’tara Secundus – Class M, Artic, size 22, 80%, 12 Mining Districts, one open space and job, I make this a Mining World, Ice Cloak trait so they’ll make +3 trade.

8 Oct – Event – Astra Menta Prime Research Event – Terminal Terminal – We are exploring the ruins which leads us to a huge computer terminal and it’s an earth terminal from the 1950s. It looks like a shedder for nuclear bombs that are here too. Astra Menta gains the “Bomb Fields” trait and loses 5 stability but gains +10 research

15 Oct – Culture District ordered for Betazed;

7 Dec – Event – Chil’Ko – Ruins Uncovered – Same thing for Astra Menta Prime, I head here to research it

1 Jan, 2387 – New President!

Anders Nuzzio – human, Cosmologist and Decorated traits, level 5, age 87 – he was my Governor

Genetic Sequencing Tech done! Next is Sustainable Architecture for 11 months which unlocks two buildings – World Capital and Courts of Judgment!

New world settled!

Kardex Prime –
Class M, Arctic, size 21, 80%, Magnetic Storms trait so my techs make +4 energy, I name this an Energy World,

I order – Sepux I Energy District; Beta Leetor Prime Mining District; Boxer Prime Mining Station and upgraded capital

2 Mar – Event- Ruins Uncovered – Same on Tiba Prime

Research done for Sporting Arenas, next is Improved Dilithium Mining were I get +25% Dilithium from stations for 12 months

2 Apr – We establish First Contact with the Iyaaran Scientocracy! They are to our upper left! I send our first contact envoy to make nice with them

4 June – Research done in Overload Shielding! Next is Concentrated Plasma that unlocks Plasma Gun for 14 months

I order for: Chil’Ko – upgraded capital and Culture District; Dorvan Prime – capital and Mining District; Sepux III Ag District;

2 July – System surveyed by Enterprise D by the Anarchy named Tor’ivara with a Class M and two L at 50%

2 Oct – Reseach done in Sustainable Architecture – next is Spacefaring Recruitment for 4 months that gives my Admirals +1 level cap and recruitable cap by the same

I order my Con Ship in Beta Deri to grab next door the three Class L 50% system called 00 Raskae Majoris

6 Oct – Event - Chil’Ko Ruins Event – Titanic Precursors – We are exploring the Ruins here when we detect massive amounts of energy coming from them. We have discovered a floating city here! I have two options – harvest to gain 500 minerals and energy or rebuild the city and Chil’Ko gains the trait “Titanic City” which gives +1 housing, +1 districts and +1 amenities

I choose to rebuild

I order an Energy District for Astra Menta Prime

I complete the “Expand Memory Alpha” mission and gain +1 recruitable Scientist, +1 research alternatives and +5% research speed

Next is “Revival” which needs to complete:

5 Terraformed planet – I’ve done 12, so I completed it and gained +20% terraforming speed and -30% terraforming cost

I can now change the Sol Star to a different class of Star that would make more energy

Next is Deep Space nine and I need Bajor to get it, so that’s not happening.

29 Oct – Admiral Nyachevv passes, I hire a new one from Naucisaans for 2k energy named Borko level 3, age 39 has the traits Bold Admiral and Survivor

23 Nov -Yuren star system surveyed near Jundira

12 Dec – We detect a contact in Seldex next to Yuren we’ll need to start.

I upgrade capitals in Betazed, Earth, Vulcan, Andoria and Tellar Prime for 420 minerals each.
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1 Jan, 2388 – Do I want to hire a new Governor since mine is President now? They do have certain projects that only they can do that will give me 80 flu and I have that tradition that boosts them. I have space for three Governors, they cost 500 energy and 150 Alloys, come with a ship like Spies and then you can assign them the ability to build things at one planet. I hire 49 year old Tellarite Grav.

I need to wait to pull my new envoy to Seldex contact First Contact from the Iyaaran but I have to wait a year before that happens.

5 Jan – Research done in Improved Dilithium Mining and next is Nanite Filtration System to make Nanite making buildings on my planets for 19 months and done Spacefaring Recruitment for Military Records +1 Admiral level cap and recruitable Admirals for 11 months

3 Mar – OO Raskae Majoris is ours! It’s next to the Cardassian Union, it has 2 research station I won’t build and then…

OO Raskae Majoris Planets:

OO Raskae Majoris II – Class L, Alpine size 12, 50%, Diamagnetic Ore Spores, sand the best here is 5 Mining and Energy. I terraforming it.

OO Raskae Majoris III –
Class L, 50%, size 18, Desert, 7 Mining Districts, no traits

OO Raskae Majoris IIIa – Class L,, 50%, Alpine, 13 size, not great district size for key three, nothing more then three, no traits

Nice addition!

I hire Cairn to lead a colonization of Beta Deri IIc

20 Mar – Event - Tiba Prime Ruin Event – City of Doors – Explorers have discovered an ancient city of ruins with radical designs that draw the eye and doorways stand like sentinels bleeding energy, I have two options – Harvest the bleed off- This gets trat +10% energy from jobs, or neutralize the door ways and we get -10% district and building cost here. I choose to harvest

12 April – I pull my envoy and send to first contact.

13 May – Research done in Consecrated Plasmas, next is Super-Transformers for 22 months that increases pop growth by +5 and reduces pop upkeep by 10%

28 May – The Cardassians DOW the Romulans

4 June – We settle a new world!!!

Tiba Secundus – Solar Auroras trait so techs make +2 energy, Class M Desert, size 21, 8-%, one open spot and job, I name this an Energy World.

I order a Mining District on Dep’reth Prime; Ag District on Norox Prime

3 July – New world settled!

Terana Secundus – Class M, 80%, Alpine, size 15, 9 Mining Districts, Ice Cloak to help Miners, so I make this a Mining World

18 Aug - I order Energy District for Terana Prime; Ag District for Tiba Prime;

1 Sept- First Contact event, I gain 2500 unity

3 Oct – Research done for Military Records – next is TR590 tricorders which gives me +15% anomaly detection and +50% colony growth for 26 months

Survey done in the Kran’tara system with nothing major and near the Boslics

30 Dec – One of my fleets has gone missing

22 Jan, 2389 – We established communication with the minor nation of the J’naii Council. They are near the Bolians on the far side of the region. I make nice with the Romulans since I want to do that mission to help their sun, actually looks like I cannot move him for 80 more days.

It looks like the Idanians have moved where I wanted to move next from OO Raskae Majoris to 66 Imora next to the Cardassians. But I have a defensive pact with them so I hope that’ll keep the Cardassians off.

1 Feb – Event – Ruins Uncovered on Sepux III – I order my Scout Ship there.

21 Mar – First Contact in the Farian system below Tiba and Terana, this is near us. Then I cannot assign my new guy yet for a few weeks.

3 Apr – New Research in Nanite Forge next is Automated Construction – Planetary build speed +50% taking just 4 months

New colony settled!!!

Tiba Tribus – Class M, 80%, size 19, Alpine, Magnetic Storms and 9 energy make this an Energy World

21 April – I send my envoy for First Contact

26 May – Event – Sepux III Ruins – Paw of Protection – Delving deeper into the ruins, we detected radioactive material and went to its source. We find an ancient artifact shaped like a Selunite Dragon here. I have two options – Respect the Cat-Dragon – this planet makes +13/month; Begin excavations, it gets +1 miner job, +10 mineral output I choose the free unity making

2 July – Research done for Automated Construction – next is Advanced Warp Nacelle for 9 months to improve our speed by 20%

I order built: Micara Prime – Mining District; Beta Leetor Prime - Mining District; Vet’tara Prime - Energy District; Mayara Ia – updated capital; Bitrox Ia – Mining District;

I start a Micorain Colony Ship to Bredara IVa - they are good at making Unity and Research from jobs and there is a trait there that pumps those.

18 Sept -First Contact update we gain 2500 unity

6 Nov – Research done with Super-Transformers. Next is Plasma Site Cleaning for 13 months and unlocked Research Complexes upgrades of Labs.
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1 Jan, 2390 - How much flu to bring in the open minor internal systems of Valo and Castra? Valo has one Class D 30% world and that’s it. OO Raskae Majoris was 103 with three planets despite none being Class M. Hopefully I can bring them in cheaply. Valo is 86 and Castra 103 with nothing in it. Wow, that’s not happening.

13 Mar – Event – Romulan Supernova – The Romulan sun went supernova!

Advanced Warp Nacelles tech is done, next is Mineral Safety Refining for 13 months for unlocking the building called Mineral Refinery Complex

25 Mar - Survey done for Choren system which has no planets and is near the Anarchy

12 April -Since Risa has overcrowding, I spend 336 to build a City District here to give me +5 housing and then two Clerks that make trade and then it has an upkeep of 2 Energy. I also order one at Sepux Ia, Ag District at Mayara Ia and Mining at Vet’tara Secundus and Energy at Kardex Prime and Tiba Secundus and Mining one at Terana Secundus

13 May – First Contact – we find a new race in the system called Emrana, we are almost done with the first one, once finished I’ll send him here – it’s next to Choren and near me

23 June – Peace with Cardassians and Romulans

29 June – We have established relations with the Farian Syndicate near the Bolians on the far side of the galaxy. I send him to make first contact with Emrana

6 Aug – Research done for Tricorders and next is Impermeable Compounds which unlocks the upgrade captial building called Star Capital for 26 months.

7 Sept – I order an upgraded captial on Dorvan Prime;Ag District on Sepux III; Energy on Astra Menta Prime; Ag on Mayara Prime

I have enough unity for my next tradition! What do I want? I can unlock four options and as a reminder they are in diametrically opposed things, so by taking Research I stopped taking Development.

Here are my two options:

Defense vs. Conquest –
Defense has things like Soldiers providing unity or more HP for Starbases. Conquest has things like better fire rate, evasion, and damage in battles

Commerce vs. Welfare – Commerce has things like Specialist give trade value and improved mining and food production. Welfare has things like +50% planetary build speed, amenities usage -10% and upkeep from jobs -15%.

Both Commerce and Welfare feel economic and similar, but I feel like a nation that cannot declare most wars should likely grab Defense, and either Commence or Welfare would work. The first two Commerce includes one free District in every new colony. There’s a Welfare one that increases planet stability by +5 later which I love, I wish the Welfare tree were more about making folks happy, but since both are here I’ll grab Welfare now which unlocks the tree.

7 Oct – Research done in Plasma Site Cleaning, next is Dilithium Crystal Chambers for 14 months to unlock Warp Components

An unidentified fleet is heading to Coridan next to Sol, I order my fleet there to meet it

15 Oct – The enemy fleet arrives and our Sol fleet is there too and they begin fighting

22 Nov – We unlock the next First Contact and gain 2500 unity

27 Nov – Their fleet flees

7 Dec – The fleet from Rixudex arrives and joins us

2 Jan, 2391 – Event – Captain Dad – We have an event in Beta Leetor Prime where our colonists go to a secret garden to remember loved ones. I can dedicate a bench to a loved one and gain 2k unity or sit and watch the birds and it gains 5 stability. I choose the unity gains

5 Mar – New Research in Mineral Safety Refine Protocols is done, next is Optimized Alloys allowing the building called Updated Forges for 24 months.

We finish a new world

Beta Deri Prime – Class M, 80%, size of 19, Alpine, has one open spot and job, has 8 Mining Districts so I name this a Mining World.

I order my Con Ship to build below the Tanugans in Mar’zek

9 Apr – We establish First Contact with the Hupyrian Autocracy to our bottom in three systems

27 Apr – The Boslic Anarchy has agreed to integration! I assign the open envoy

7 May – I order in Dorvan Prime Research Labs; Terana Prime – Upgraded Capital;

I order Farian led Colony Ship to Endra IIA

4 Sept – Construction finished in Mar’zek! This has 1 Deuterium which I won’t mine, and then one Class L planet:

Mar’zek IIa – Class L 50%, Arid size 15, Tectonic Magma trait which gives Metallurgist +2 Alloys, so I could make this a Forge world. I start terraforming it

Next is Weneb to my left with a Class M world

I order Mining District in Dep’reth Prime; Energy – Vet’tara Prime; Upgraded Colony – Bitrox Ia; Ag – Tibe Prime;

5 Oct – Dilithium Mining Chambers research done, next is Global Energy Grids which allows the building Energy Grid Networks for just 4 months
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2 Jan, 2392 – Research in Global Energy Grids done, next is Heavy Phasers for 13 months to unlock them

21 Jan – Survey done in Andra system which has nothing and is near Mar’zek

I order Energy District for Terana Prime; Sepux Ia upgraded captial; Replicator for Wolf 359l upgraded lab in Earth; Mining D for Beta Leetor Prime, Research Labs for Bitrox Ia; Mining District for Vet’tara Secundes; Ag for Norox Prime; Energy Tiba Tribus

30 Feb – We survey the Beta Hetera system with nothing below us in Beta Leetor

3 May -Three things happen today! Terraforming done on OO Raskae Majoris I send a Colony Ship led by Farians!

New system finished

Bredara Secundus
– Class M, 80%, size of 16, Arid world, Behemotic Fossils, 8 Ag Districts I name this an Ag World

Research done in Impermeable Compounds next is Tactical Comms System for 50 months to increase fleet size by 35

5 Oct - Research done in Optimized Alloys next is Tetryons Filtration Emitter that will let me build Tetyron mining buildings for 9 months

16 Oct – Survey done of Beta Zlora with Class M and near the Tanugans

4 Nov – Research completed for Heavy Phasers, next is Conical Lasers for the Burst Phaser Relay, for 20 months

1 Jan, 2393 – I order built: Nanite Forge in Micara Prime that costs 280, upkeep 2 energy, makes one Nanite Smith Job to turn Alloys into Nanites I am not making any; Dep’reth Prime – Research Labs; Terana Prime Labs too; Energy D in Kardex Prime and Tiba Secundus; Mining D in Terana Secundus and Beta Deri Prime

I start incorporating Weneb

12 Jan – I upgrade my vessels in Sol

20 Feb – I upgrade the Starbase at Wolf 359

14 April – Construction finished on Weneb! This has 2 Minerals and 2 Energy, I incorporated the energy.

Weneb IIIa – Class M, Gaia, size 13, 100%, has 8 Energy Districts to make this an Energy word I send a Colony Ship of Farians here.

5 May – Tetryon Filtration System done, next is Verdant Cities with +50% planetary build speed and that’s in 10 months

30 Aug – Survery done of the Numican System with a Class M planet near the Tanugans with an lower developed nation state to study

14 Oct – I order: Andoria – Subspace Tetryon Collider for 280 and upkeep 2 Energy that turns Energy into Tetryons; Vulcan - Upgraded Research Labs; Telar Prime – Replicator; Kirama Secundus – Energy D; Astra Menta Prime – Ag Di and in Bredara Secundus too

3 Dec – We settle a new world:

Endra Prime –
Class M Ocean, 80%, size 13, traits of Magnetic Storms and 7 Energy Districts so I make this an Energy World
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1 Jan, 2394 - I order built: Talaria – upgraded captial; Sepux Ia – Energy District; Kirama Prime 0 City District; Tiba Prime – Ag District; Vet’tara Prime – Energy D; Beta Leetor Prime – upgrade captial; Sepux III too, Wolf 359 - Upgraded Replicator;

3 Jan – Research done in Verdant Cities next is Dilithium Filtration System for 8 months to unlock that building.

Survey done in Robhvin system which has nothing south of Beta Hetera

4 Mar – Research done in Conical Phasers – next is Anti-Graviton Emitters which unlocks Heavy Shield Disputers for 19 months

9 Apr – Our envoy at the Idanians passes and we send the new one to them

10 May – I terraform Sepux B IA

9 June – Another envoy passed to the Boslic Anarchy replaced

3 Aug – Research done for Dilithium Filtration System which costs 280, 2 upkeep energy and turns minerals into Dilithium. Next is Graviton Filtration System to make those for 16 months

4 Sept – Survey done for the system called Urunka which has four Class L 50% planets near Bardex and the Tanugans

2 Nov – I order built: Wolf 359 – Energy District; Terana Prime – Energy District; Sepux III – Research Lab; Beta Leetor Prime – Mining Dis; Tiba Tribus – Energy Dis;

I hire a Naucisaan Admiral for 2k energy called Inyaz age 33, with the traits Bold Admiral and Defensive

We detach a hostile fleet heading to Bethel and i order my navy there,

12 Dec – We arrive there.

25 Dec – The blackwater navy arrives and we start battle

2 Jan, 2395 – We settle a new world!!!

00 Raskae Majoris Prime – Class M, Alpine, 80%, size 13, Tectonic Magma trait to turn Metallurgists +2 Alloys and the trait Diamagnetic Ore Slopes to give techs and farmers +2 minerals. I like making this a Forge world, but I am making 107 Alloys/month vs Minerals of 386/month. I make it a Forge World.

I order Bekam with a Class M next to Weneb brought in.

21 Feb -The Enterprise arrives in Bethel to join the battles

Our President passes at the age of 99 and we have a new election

Wolf 359 Starbase upgrade complete I order more defensive systems.

21 May – New Leader Elected:

President Tharas Melkrin
– Andorian, was my Scientist, age 84, skill level 5, traits of Pioneer again.

I hire a new Scientist

1 June – Bekam is ours! It has 2 research which I won’t bring in. Edge of the Universe.

Bekam Planets:

Bekam IA –
Class M, Gaia, 100%, size 11, 11 Energy Districts, you have to bring in Gaia worlds I send a Farian Colony Ship here.

Bekam ID –
Class L, 50%, Ocean and smaller size of 9, 7 Energy Districts, Nuceleogenic Currents to give Techs +2 energy. I terraform it now

There is also a Class D 30% planet here too

2 June – Research done for Anti-Graviton Emitters, next is Predictive Modeling to increase warp range by 10% for 34 months

4 July - Research done for Tactical Comms System. Next is Diplomacy Reform to give me another envoy for 26 months

16 July – We win in Bethel!

28 July- Anomaly logged in the Nari system for 89 days taken on

6 Sept – Research done for Graviton Filtration System next is Cryo-Fracking to unlock Starbase Ice Mining Station. It’ll take just 3 months

9 Oct – Terraforming done on Mar’zek IIa – I send a colony ship with Acamarians

5 Nov – Cryo-Fracking researched! Next is Duranium Hull Lining to unlock Duranium Hulls

6 Dec – Event – Time Change – Researchers on Nari Va have slowed down and studied local stuff and have come across the fact that time moves very slowly for living folks here. I create a special project to research it.
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1 Jan, 2386 – 50 years in!!

Let’s take some pics!!!

Here’s a zoomed out map:

I haven’t dip annexed any new minors but you can see loads of Minors like the one by the Bolians, the Iyaarans, the two below me the Farians and Hupyrian and then the one right next to us the Tanugan. We are dip annexing the Boslic Anarchy right now

Now let’s zoom in!

Here is my left flank! Since we didn’t add any flu from events and they all were high flu system’s, I only added four, all here, 00 Raskae Majoris and then the three in a line from Mar’zek to Bekom.

Here is my right flank where I haven’t moved anywhere. You can see a nice zoom in of the region.

Ready for another 50 years?
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Abe Sargent
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1 Jan, 2396 – I order built: Andoria – Energy District; Tellar Prime – Subspace Tetryon Collider; Risa – Replicator; Bredara Prime – Upgraded research labs;Micara Prime – Mining District; Kirama Secundus – Energy District; Beta Leetor Prime – Mining District; Tiba Secundus – Energy District; Terana Secundus- Micing District; Beta Deri Prime too; Endra Prime – Energy District; Rixudex Prime – Upgraded capital

I Start researching Nari

2 Feb – Survery done for the system called Sila with nothing planet wise but a Nanite maker, near us in Bekom.

Wolf 359 construction done

3 Mar – We settled a new world!

Weneb Prime
– Class M Gaia, 100%, size 14, Dilithium Valley to give +1 for that mineral, Energy World with 8 districts

6 Mar – Event – Anti-Time - Nari Research – Tachyon scans reveal why the planet is aging much more slowly than normal, it a nearby anti-time disruption – I have two options – seal the eruption and use 25 Tetryons, or Notify the Department of Temporal Investigations and spend 500 energy. I choose to spend the energy rather than a rare resource

7 Apr -Event – Ornaran Distress Signel – Bethel Research from Enterprise D – While exploring the Solar Flares in the system of Bethel the Enterprise got a distress signal, from an Ornaran Freighter. I beam them aboard and gain 1500 unity

14 Apr- Follow up Event – Ornarans and Breakkains - The Ornarans and the Brekkians we beamed aboard just four of a crew of 6 since they prioritized their cargo which they claim is a rare mediate needed to help a plague on the Ornara world. The payment was in the ship and it was destroyed and the Brekkians don’t want to hand it over. I can choose to hand to one side or the other. I wish I could choose to pay for it, but that’s not an option. I hand it to the Ornarans. I gain another 2k unity

29 Apr – We get a final event in this chain – Ornara’s Favor – we are helped out by the Ornarans who pledge their allegiance to join the Federation.

2 Aug – Research done for Duranium Hull Lining, next is Excelsior Schematics for 17 months to unlock that new ship type!

1 Oct – Event – Where are the Grownups? - Vet’tara Secundus has been hit by an anti-aging effect that causes old people to turn into children quickly. I have two options – Help organize the society - -5 stability, +20% pop growth; cleanse the water - +5 stability, +5% food from jobs,I choose the latter

29 Oct – Our President dies again and a new election is being held.

2 Dec – Event – Mysterious Structure – various travelers have recorded running into a Cube Like Structure. We have a citing. I have two options – track it in the log, gain 50 flu, start the mission to trade them down, start the special Misson called Alloy Structure; Make this our highest priority – we spend 500 credits, and gain +5% sublight speed. I choose the latter here too. – it also begins the same event

Alloy Structure - I need a science and military ship around the system called Meneri and I have 1800 days to finish the mission. Where is Meneri? I have a nearby bottom system glowing when I search for “show on map” but I don’t know it’s title, I send a Science vessel to survey and then I’ll order my fleet to Beta Zeta nearby

1 Jan, 2397 – I order built: Wolf 359 – Industrial District; Boxer Prime – Mining District; Chil’Ko - agrarian District; Rixudex Prime -Energy District; Astra Menta Prime - upgraded captial; also Vet’tara Prime as well; Norox Prime – Ag District; Vet’tara Secundus – Mining District; Kardex Prime- Energy District; Bredara Secundus – Ag District; 00 Raskae Majoris Prime – Industrial District

24 Jan – New President elected:

President T’Mir –
Scientist and Captain of the USS Cerritos, traits of Warmonger and World Artist, level 4, age 87, Vulcan

I hire a new Scientist to captain the Cerritos

21 Feb – Survey done on the Unara system which has one Class L planet and then is near us in Beta Leetor

5 April – Research done for Diplomacy Reform – I got a new envoy!!! Next is Academy Annexes to increase by 1 the Admiral level cap and recruitable number for 18 months

21 April – The Idanian Clans agree to integration, and I send my new envoy to do it.

20 May – Survey done for the system called Neslen which has a Class M and a few Terraformable worlds and then it’s nearish Tanugans

I move to incorporate Sila.

10 June – I order: Dorvan Prime – City District; Rixudex Prime – Research labs; Vet’tara Prime – Energy district;

2 July -Survey done for the system of Gin’srak which has nothing and is below us and near the Hupyrians

It looks that that system lowing now has the title of Muneri, I send my fleet over.

30 July – Survey done in the system of Pran which has nothing, it’s near Sila and Tanugan

13 Oct – Research done in Predictive Charting! Next is Subspace Frequencies Monitor to unlock Multiphasic Shields for 9 months

My fleet is in Muneri, so I send over my Science Vessel to stops surveying

25 Oct – We start.

I incorporate Sila! This is above Bekom and Weneb and then has one Nantie mine I start to unfurl

5 Nov- Research done on Excelsior Schematic! Next is Micro-Replaceable Parts to give ship upkeep of -10% for 15 months

3 Dec – Research done in Muneri – Alloy Cube – Our sensors have detected vital signs aboard the structure, we suspect this is a ship that attacked us earlier, I have four options, all of which end the event:

Beam Aboard
- Gain 10k research
Beam Aboard in Force - +80 flu
Beam Aboard and Contact them in Peace - +10k unity
Beam Abroad and Gather Samples - +500 Alloys

I like the free unity and flu. Since this has attacked us and 80 flu is enough to expand, I choose to beam abroad in force.

Event – Hivemind Vessel – We have certified this is an alien ship, our crew has been met with an unpleasant sight. This ship has no bridge and appears to be housing an endless array of cybernetic humanoids. It has a departure noted about to happen. I have two options:

Follow the Scout Ship –
We gain 500 research
Wait for them to make First Contact – We get 10k research

I follow it

Event – Scout Ship Recon – It’s escaping fast and seems to be set for a crash landing in the Alpha Quadrant, this issues the special project, Crashing Hivemind Ship

Using my new flu I bring in the Kristor sytem

Crashing Hivemind Ship
– 1800 days, I need to find the system it’s in, and I don’t have a name I need a science ship there and that’s it. Actually, is it in Coridan? Looks like it, I send a Science Vessel from Muneri
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1 Jan, 2388 – I order built: Earth - upgraded Replicator; Tellar Prime – Upgraded Research Labs; Risa too; Bredara Prime – City District; Draygo too; Astra Menta Prime has Dilithium Deposit +2, so I order here a Dilithium Plant; Vet’tara Prime – Research labs; Tiba Prime – Upgraded capital building; Tiba Tribus – Energy District; Weneb Prime – Energy District

I order my navy from Muneri to Sol.

14 Jan – Sepux Bia is terraformed! I colonize it with Farians

1 Feb – We have unlocked a new tradition!

If you’ll recall I ordered Welfare last time, here are my options:

Efficient Mass Transit
- +50% Planetary build speed

Customizable Living Spaces –
Pop amenities usage -10%

I choose the 2nd one

22 Mar -Mat’reth star system surveyed near Tanugan, has Class M Gaia world!

23 Mar – Event – Coridan Research Done – Third of Five – Catching up with the Scout Ship and it crashed into Coridan II. We scan and find a borg drone called “Third of Five” on it’s body. I have two choices:

Repair the Drone – 20% fail rate, I gain 5k research
Use Nanites - I spend 100 nanites and gain 5k research

I choose to use Nanites

Event – Third of Five Activated – We manage to reactivate him and then send it for medical evaluation. It started talking like a Borg Drone, but soon gained personal identity and calls himself “Hugh”.

For five years I get +10% unity production – we have recruited him as a Scientist

3 May – Research done in Subspace Frequencies Monitors, next is Charting Scanners fo r 4 months to drop my survey speed by 33%

2 July – Research done in Academy Annexes, next is Advanced Medical Research to build updates for the Medical Facility on planets for 7 months

16 July – Kristor brought in! it has a 3 Deuterium Sun I am mining.

Kristor IIII – Class L 50%, Arctic a massive 25 size, Tetryon Stream trait, 7 Ag is biggest thing, I order this Terraformed

6 Aug – Anomaly detected for 75 days in Mevraan.

I finish research in Charting Scanners, next is Purified Emitter crystals for 13 months to unlock Pulse phaser Cannons

I order 5 Excelsiors in Sol – they cost 396 Alloys each, have a build time of 192 days each

4 Sept – We have settled a new world!!!!!!

Bekom Prime
– Class M, 100%, size of 12, Gaia, 11 Energy Districts make this an Energy world

25 Oct – System of Norkam below Sepux is done with a Class M world, next is Muneri next door

2 Nov – Event – Anomaly on Mevraan IIa – Newlywed - We detected a party of folks but it was just a wedding by the J’naii race. They ask me to keep quiet, and I can and gain 500 credits, gain 500 food with releasing that info, so I choose to keep quiet

1 Dec -Terraforming done in Bekam Ic. I colonize with Andorians

We finished researching the tech called Micro-Replaceable Parts, next is Quantum Encryption for 25 months that gives me Defense Com-Lik on Starbases

We got news that an enemy fleet is heading to Chil’Ko I order my fleet there from Sol

16 Dec – The enemy arrives

8 Jan, 2399 – Reseach finished in Advanced Biomedical reteach. Next is Automated Governor which increases cap and recruitable by 1

I order these buildings: Endra Prime -Energy District; Beta Deri Prime – Mining District; Terana Secundus too, Tiba Prime – Ag District; Chil’Ko too; Kirama Prime – Updated Research Labs; Micara Prime – Mining District; Wolf 359 upgraded Capital, Andoria – Updated Research Labs;

29 Jan – My fleet arrives in Chil’Ko

28 Mar – The Enterprise arrives in Chil’Ko

3 Apr – Research done in Automated Governor – next is Black Ops Training for 4 months with the same for Spies

12 May – The Klingons arrive at Chil’Ko

New Colony!!!

Mar’zek Prime –
Class M, Arid, 80%, size of 16, trait of Sirocco Heat making my Miners make +2 Energy so with Mining Districts of 1 I cannot make this a Mining world, it has to be energy.

Hixen System finished and it has 1 Class L, near and above Pran and Sila

I try to bring in Norkam.
24 June – One of my Spies dies

8 July – Research done in two things: Black Ops Training (Next is DNA Contamination for 9 months to increase growth speed by 10%) and Purified Emitter Crystals (next is Empowered Deflector Shields which unlocks Covariant Shields for 30 months)

Mevraan system finished, it has Class M Gaia near Tanugan.

24 July – We won the battle, I send my fleet to Sol to repair

27 Aug – Norkam is ours! It has mines of 2 energy I order built, below us in Sepux and Beta Zeta

Norkam IIb - Class M Gaia 100%, size 13 8 mine and ag districts, I send Tanugans here to colonize
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Abe Sargent
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1 Jan, 2400 - I order built: Earth – Subspace Tetryon Collider; Vulcan – upgraded Research Labs; Tellar Prime – upgraded Replicator; Kirama Secundus – Mining District; Dorvan Prime – upgraded Research Labs; Bitrox Ia – City District; Norox Prime – Energy District; Tiba Secundus too; Bredara Secundus -Ag District; 00 Raskae Majoris Prime – Industrial district

7 Mar – Research done for DNA Decontamination next is Gated Aptitude Testing – officers +10% and it’s done in 8 months

23 July – Survey done of Miraso system with one Class L planet and it’s near Tanugan

5 Aug – Research done for Quantum Encryption, next is for 9 months Modular Reactors that creates Reactor Neutrino Battery

Colony Finished!!!

Sepux Prime – Class M, Desert,15 size, 80%, has 6 Energy and Ag district, I name this an Energy world

17 Aug – System survey done in the Ramuur system with Class M world and then its near-ish Tanugan

Meneri System below us surveyed by Enterprise D it has Class M world and Nanites mine I move my Norkam Con Ship here

5 Sept – Research done for Gated Aptitude Testing – next is DNA Resequencing for another 10% growth rate for 15 months

1 Jan, 2401 – I order built: Risa – City District, Boxer Prime – Mining District; Chil’Ko Ag District; Betazed – Upgraded Research Labs; Sepux Ia – Energy District; Talaria too; Mayara Ia- Energy District; Vet’tara Secundus – Mining World; Weneb Prime and Bekom Prime and Mar’zek Prime Energy District

29 Mar – I order the Con Ship in Meneri to bring it in

2 Apr – Survey done in the system called Trimir with nothing nearish Tanugan

Research done in Modular Reactors, next is Gaseous Scores – Minerals from Mining Stations +10%, takes 24 months

11 Apr – Koron system surveyed with nothing, edge of area, nearish Tanugan

30 May – War declared from Cardassian to Romulans

5 July – Research done for Empowered Deflector Shields, next is Planetary Shielding for 14 months to unlock the building called Planetary Shield Generator

12 July – Meneri brought in! it has 1 Nanite, 4 Mineral, 2 Alloy and 2 Deuterium in mines I mine them all.

Meneri II – Class M Tundra massive size 23, 80%, Cryogenic Lakes trait. Has 3 Energy and 4 the other two cores so nothing major, I settle with Andorian.

4 Oct – Reseach done in DNA Resequencing and next is Field Promotion Protocols to give my Admirals another level cap and then another one to hire for 7 months

Survey done in the nothing Zivara system which is nearish Tanugans

29 Dec – Terraforming done in Kristor III with that giant size 25, I send in Colonists of the race of Andorian

I order 5 more Excelsiors
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Chas in Cinti
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So, this isn't sucking me in to want to play the Star Trek variant... I'm not seeing much more story than a normal Stellaris game... how is it playing?
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Originally Posted by Chas in Cinti View Post
So, this isn't sucking me in to want to play the Star Trek variant... I'm not seeing much more story than a normal Stellaris game... how is it playing?

Clarifying... your story is as good as always... I just mean it doesn't seem the Star Trek "theme" is changing the feel much...
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Abe Sargent
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1 Jan, 2402 - I order built: Sepux Prime – Energy District; Tiba Tribus too; Terana Secundus – Upgraded Colonial Capital; Tiba Secundus too; as well as Norox Prime; Micara Prime – City District; Tellar Prime – Subspace Tetyron Collider; Earth – Energy District;

New Planet!

Bekom Secundus
– Class M, Ocean, 80-% size of 10, 9 Energy Districts; trait of Staimander Seas making Farmers make +3 research and I also have the one where Techs make +3 Energy. I make this an energy world.

4 April – We settle a new world too!

Norkam Prime -
Class M Gaia, 14 size, 100%, 8 each Mineral and Food I could do either. I do Mining World

Research done in Field Promotion Protocols – next is Neural Conditioning Studies for 7 months that pumps up my Spies again like the Black Ops one

24 April – I lost a Scientist and I move Hugh to his role.

19 May – Survey done in the system called Zitron with nothing nearish Tanugan

4 June – Research done for Planetary Shielding, next is Plasma Lancing for 15 months that gives me Phaser Spinal Lances

23 July – Survey also done for Tural System with a Class M planet in it next to Norkam, I order my Con Ship here after finishing next door Meneri’s mines and it’s just 86 flu to bring in

29 Sept – We also survey the system called Kled with nothing and nearish Tanugan

2 Oct – The Romulans have taken the advantage in the war with Cardassia

Two researches done!!! They are Neural Conditioning Studies (next is Advanced Terraforming for 27 months that will let me Terraform rocks) and Gaseous Scores (next is Standardized Miranda Class Schematics giving me +25% build speed and 5% evasion for three month)

29 Nov – Someone is moving to the Rigel system, I hire a new Naucisaan Admiral and then send my fleet there after giving him my Excelsior fleet.

23 Dec – We arrive in Rigel

1 Jan, 2403 – I order built: Andoria- Dilithium Crystallization Reactor; Bredara Prime – Research Labs; Kirama Secundus – Culture District; Sepux Ia -Energy District; Norox Prime – Ag District; Kardex Prime- Energy District; Terana Secundus – Mining District; Bredara Secundus – Ag District; Weneb and Bekom Prime – Energy Districts;

5 Jan – Research finished for the tech called Standardized Miranda Schematics. Next is Deuterium Storage Protocols to increase Deuterium mine production by +10% for 20 months

15 Jan – The Enemy fleet arrives in Rigel

1 Feb – We are under attack

I order my Con Ship to incorporate Tural.

26 Feb – The Enterprise arrives in Rigel

9 Apr – We win in Rigel and have a special project here I order the nearby Science Ship to research since the Enterprise went missing in action

22 Apr – Survey done in Alpha Imvori system with a Class M planet near Idanian.

2 May – Cardassian and Romulans are at peace

5 June – Research done for the Plasma Lancing tech, next is Particle Funnel I which gives my Nanite stations +10% for 12 months

22 July – Turul brought in! It has 6 mining stations, 1 Deuterium, and then:

Turul IVa – Class M, size 15, Alpine, 80%, 8 Energy Districts, Tectonic Magma to boost alloys. – I order here a Farian Colony Ship.

Turul VIIa – Class L 50%, size 15, Arid, 9 Energy and 12 Ag Districts here, I order it terraformed

20 Sept – Special Project in Rigel done, I got 1420 research

1 Oct – The Oldvon system with two 30% Class D planets minor nearish Tanugan is surveyed

I am at my caps in Alloys, Minerals and Energy I order 5 more Excelsiors to use it
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Originally Posted by Chas in Cinti View Post
So, this isn't sucking me in to want to play the Star Trek variant... I'm not seeing much more story than a normal Stellaris game... how is it playing?

Many of the events are Star Trek not Stellaris, and have that theme, but i hear ya. I'll give my full thoughts after finishing, but it feels like a similar Stellaris in a few ways, so for folks that like Star Trek looking for an intro into grand strategy or games like this has a lot to do. For example, we had the detailed Crystalline Entity and Borg event chains.
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Clarifying... your story is as good as always... I just mean it doesn't seem the Star Trek "theme" is changing the feel much...

No umbrage taken!
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1 Jan, 2404 - I order built: Earth – Upgraded Forge; Vulcan – City District; Wolf 359 – Industrial District; Kirama Prime – Energy District; Draygo Prime - Research Labs; Dorvan Prime – Mining District; Astra Menta Prime – Ag District and Tiba Prime too; Vet’tara - Upgraded Capital; Tiba Tribus too; Mar’zek Prime – Energy District; Bekom Secundus – Ag District

By now in Stellaris I’d have sinks for things like Alloys such as Megastructures and artificial planets, I wonder if I can unlock those like turning gas giants into habitable structures or Dyson Spheres or Ring Worlds. Remember that Alloys, Deuterium, and Minerals and Energy obviously are upkeep and rare minerals too.

4 Feb – We settle a new world!

Meneri Prime
– Class M, 80%, size 24 Tundra, all core three Districts are 3 or 4. Cryogenic Lakes trait. I name this an Energy World

24 Mar – Event - The Borg – Our encounter with the Borg has unsettled Starfleet. A council convened and believes we should observe carefully the Borg before engaging them militarily. I get a special project called “The Official”– Lasts for 1800 days, takes 30 days, I start researching

Oh, the Enterprise is back from MIA status

7 Apr – Research done for Particle Funnel I, next is Antimatter Injectors for 3 months and then it gives my ships Warp Components.

Survey done for the Lotor System with a Class M world near Iyaaran.

2 May – Event – Dormant Hivemind – Our Borg survey is done, Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Enterprise is selected to run the mission. We have come across a downed Borg Ship.

I have four options:

1. Keep an Eye on the Ship - +10000 research
2. Make a Deep Study of the Weapons System – We gain +10% ship fire rate
3. Study their Anatomy- We get +5% pop growth
4. Strip it of its’ Resources – I gain 2k Alloys

All of these will start the “Contacting the Borg” special project. I like the boosts to fire rate for battle with the Borg. I choose #2.

Contacting the Borg – 1800 days, Jean-Luc Picard heads to Meneri and starts the Special Project

Research done for Deuterium Mining Protocols, next is Twin-Engine Retrofit which unlocks Thrusters for 10 months

First Contact in Irsh’ven system. I pull my making nice Envoy from Tanugan to break contact.

20 Aug – Research done in two things! Advanced Terraforming is first and next is Diplomatic Posture to make the Consulate building for 6 months and Antimatter Injectors and next is Lightning Transfers giving me +10% energy from stations for 19 months.

We finished surveying the system of Erela Duraan with a bunch of Class D 30% worlds near us in Turul

26 Sept – Saveb system also surveyed with nothing major near the Iyaarans

We got a new world!

Kristor Prime – Class M, massive 26 size, 80%, Arctic, I name this an Energy World. One open spot and job

Irsr’ven are another group of Naucisaans and we finish first contact, I send my envoy back to the Tanugans

1 Jan, 2405 – I order built: Earth - Upgraded Forges again; Andoria – Energy District; Bredara Prime – Upgraded Research Labs; Micara Prime – Subspace Tetryon Collider; Dep’reth and Terana Prime City Disticts; Beta Leetor Prime – Mining District; Talaria - Upgraded labs; Vet’tara Secundus -Dilithium Plant; Kardex Prime – Upgraded Capital; Tiba Tribus- Energy District; Bredara Secundus - Upgraded captial; Endra Prime – Energy District; and Weneb and Bekom and Sepux Prime too;

9 Jan - Two researches done! They are Twin-Engine Retrofit and Diplomatic Postures. Next are Heavy Scanner for 8 months to improve research speed +5%, and Standardized Excelsior Blueprints to reduce cost by 25% and improve fire speed by 5%, for 13 months

25 Feb - I order a Colony Ship to Denobula’s small Class M planet led by Humans

I terraform Minorva’s Volcanic Class N into a D in 2483 days

18 Apr – I send Jean-Luc from surveying to research Meneri

7 July – Research done for Heavy Scanner next is Environment Condition to improve suitability on planets by 5% and it’ll take 6 months

We have enough Unity for our next Tradition; I have two options in Welfare – Efficiency Mass Transit to improve planetary build speed by 50% or Standards of Living to improve +5 stability – that’s what I go for

2 Aug – Borg Event – Hivemind Alerted – After hailing them, we receive a coded message that says “Resistance is Futile”. For 5 years we get +25% Shields.

Event – Assimilation – Swirling ash and volleys of phaser fire have transformed the halls of the Enterprise after a boarding party arrives from the Borg. They capture Jean-Luc Picard. I prepare a rescue party and lose 50 officers.

17 Aug – Event – Reclamation – A recon mission is underway with the Borg Ship led by our head of security. We find him and he has been assimilated. We beam him back to the Enterprise. We gain 2k unity.

24 Aug – Event – Emancipation – Jean Luc has been under a successful surgery and down and just woke up. Only one of his organs was intact. We study the cybernetic implants and gain 10k research

7 Oct – Survey done in the Daniir system below the Hupyrian with nothing

We have absorbed the Boslic Anarchy! Five systems, all with Starbases

Boslic Anarchy:

Shived II – Next to Rixudex, Class L alpine with 50%, 11 distecits of mining make this a Mining World for me, size of 25

Veldon System –
below Shived System – has two Class L 2 planets with 50% but aren’t settled:

Veldon VIA – Tundra, size 10, Mugato Mountains to make Farmers better Ag district of 3, I terraform it

Veldon VIIA
-Continental, size 13, no traits

Kran’tara System – Has one Class D 30% world and nothing else, right of Veldon

N’dara System – Has one colonized world, one Class L,one class D, and two Class N volcanic, upper right of Kran’tara

N’dara IIa -
Colonized, Class L, Savannah, 50%,size 17, Rama Plains for Clerks, and then three open spots, two open jobs, I make this a Food World

N’dara IIb
– Class L, 50%, size 10, Tundra

Boslia –
Home system with their HW. Far up corner of their area.

– Their capital, Class M, 100%, 16 size, two open spots, one open job, Desert word

They have two navies of 20 size each.

I send my extra two envoys to make nice with the Hupyrians and ask the Tanuagns for accessions

5 Nov – Research done in two things – Lightning Transfers and Standaardized Excelsior Schematics, next is Emitter Matrices for 16 months to give my ships Phaser Batteries and Antimatter Payloads for 9 months to give them what’s on the tin

The Tanugans have agreed to join us, I send my extra envoy!

Oh, and their civic we gained was Under Your Nose which gives me massive unity boost for successful spy missions

6 Dec – Research done for Environment Conditioning; next is Planetary Simulations to give me +10 suitability for planets for a year
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60 Year Review!

Let’s take some pics and such!!

Let’s start with a zoomed out map:

Here’s everything from our absorbing of the Boslic Anarchy to the discovery of the 2nd Naucisaan faction in the far left.

Let’s zoom in a bit to my left flank:

Here’s our left flank again, and you can see our two additions in the area in the last ten years called Siba and Kristor.

Let's turn to my right flank:

Here’s my much improved right flank with the five Boslic systems showing for your purposes as well as the many to my lower flank like Meneri and Turul.
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