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Abe Sargent
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The Restoration of Sukhothai Chapter Thirty-Three – Integration of the Soul

1 Oct – My theologian advisor passes. Next? I recruit another after securing one from my monasteries.

1 Jan, 1600 – The Global Trade institution begins. The Age of Reformation will end in 10 years

I pull my colonists from Matsolo and send them to New Zealand, where I have two colonies working. These are heading to Whangarei

1 April –

I can enact the next government reform.

I could become a Republic or a Theocracy.

However, what I really want is Political Absolutism, which will help in the next Age

I order some more folks on the border with Bengal. I want to get up to 60k. They have 66k troops, so any attempt to crack 60k on the border will not be easy for them.

22 April –

Our ruler passes!

Emperor Thammaracha VII will rule now. He is 3/5/5 with the Incorruptible trait.

Dai Viet’s Xiaoyuan is our new Queen

1 June – Tauranga in New Zealand will be great for raising Livestock.

1 August – Rebellion in Sulu

11 Aug – No longer

1 April, 1601 – Rebellion in Tarakan.

22 April – Taken down

6 June – We get an event for investment in the military. I choose to spend it in the navy and we get hundreds of DIP power. With this boost we should get our next DIP investment in 1603. ADM is next year, and I’ve been saving money for it

1 July – Everything but Sulu and Bulungan are now cores.

25 Aug – The Growth of the Perfume Industry has happened, and Incense increases in value on the market. Nice boost

1 Oct – Bulungan is now a core. I order a Naval Equipment in Kutai, and hand them a seat in Parliament

1 Nov – Matsolo – Fish, 10 dev, Jungle, African coast, 0.15 made here

1 April, 1502 – Admin 16 - We can now build Mills!

Mills are Manufactories for Gems, Chinaware, Paper, Glass, Tropical Wood. They are cheaper.

I have a bunch of Mills coming up – we’ll start with Gems:

Nakhone Thung Yai

These two Chinaware Provinces:


I am currently getting around 80 in cash a month, so I should still be rocking two a year (they cost less due to ideas and such)

The Tropical Wood ones cost 100 fewer gold, so I can make 3 a year with them (all constructions in lumber provinces cost fewer to build)

1 June – Kirikirikoa in New Zealand is also going to rock Livestock

1 July – Whangarei is with Grain

1 Aug – Inhambane – Jungle, 10 dev, natural harbor, Nguni and Fetishist people here, next to Mutapa. 0.09 made here

8 Nov – Sulu is now cored!

1 Jan, 1603 – Claims on Ternate and Tidore are off.

Palawan converts = next is Berau

We get news that the UK finished circumnavigating around the world

1 June – DIP TECH 15 – We get improved trade range and such

17 July - I pull our colonists in Tauranga and send them to Taranaki, which is next to it

1 January, 1604 – We prepare for war against Buton and their ally Tidore.

We order Manufactories in:


7 March – Berau converts and next is Samarinda

15 May – We claim Tidore, and declare war against Buton. I choose Tidore as a co-belligerent, so their allies can join, but it should be easier for us to lock stuff down.

I order my army in Sulaesi into Buton. I also have an army in Halmahera that has a strait for Tidore I send over

1 June – Tauranga – Highlands, Livestock, 13 dev, Thai and Buddhists here, 0.34 made here and I order up a Farm Estate

7 June – We rout the army in Buton and begin that siege

5 July – We defeat the army in Tidore. They are alive so I chase them back to Halmahera

22 Aug – We rout their army

16 Sept – We begin to siege Tidore.

17 Jan, 1605 – Tidore falls

10 Feb – Buton follows

22 Feb – We defeat the Butoni navy and gain some ships

We can take both off the map. I also zoomed into my cash so you can follow the detail, should you care

Buton – Spices, coastline, island chain off Sulawesi that’s a part of the state I have, and has a crossed to Kendari. Sulawesi culture and Animist faith. Shipyard, temple, workshop, I destroy the shipyard so I can have space for a Plantation later. 0.27 made here.

– 18 dev, islands near Halmahera with a crossed to that island, Spices, Animist and Moluccan, dock, shipyard, and workshop here, 0.34 made for us. I destroy the dock and ‘yard to prepare for Temple and Plantation later.

I’ll leave my armies here to help keep folks quelled.
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Abe Sargent
Hall Of Famer
Join Date: Dec 2001
Location: Catonsville, MD
The Restoration of Sukhothai Chapter Thirty-Four – Against the Tiger

I pull our colonists from Kirikiriroa and send them to Ahuriri in New Zealand

1 May – Samarinda converted to the way of Buddha, and next is Tarakan

1 Sept – MIL TECH 15 We can build new and better infantry and we update

Right now, if I were to declare war against Bengal…

I would be able to bring in Ming China

It would be:

Us, China, Dai Viet, Mong Mao, and Mong Kawng.


Bengal, Delhi, Malwa

These are the army counts:


Ming? 225k
Me? 114k
Mongs? 14k total
Dai Viet? 11k


Bengal – 66k
Delhi – 6k
Malwa – 26k

Now, to be fair, we have just 60 on the border ready to head in.

I might be able to do this without Ming.

I order one of my armies from Dai Viet and order 20k built.

Let’s do three armies of 25k and one of 20k

1 Jan, 1606 –

Whangarei – Grasslands, 11 dev, grain farmers, I order a Farm Estate here, 0.34 made for us.

Kirikirikoa – 9 dev, grasslands, livestock, Estate ordered here as well, 0.29 made for us here

I send these colonists to Easter Island to use as a base for potentially colonizing the West.

19 May – Tarakan converts, and Bulungan is next.

1 June – Taranaki is with Fur

25 July – Ready?

I declare war on Bengal. I’ll in China. Better to be safe than sure.

10 Sept – We take the two minor holdings next to us. I move in deeper.

28 Sept – The Fort of Chakla is in front and two of my armies besiege it while minors over in Shan are falling

27 Oct – Chakh falls

1 Dec- After chasing one army down, we take it out

24 Jan, 1607 – We arrive in their capital of Gouda

4 Feb – We rout a Malwa army. We currently have a 10 warscore

14 Mar – 30k Ming troops have arrived

6 April – Their capital falls!

28 April – We arrive at the fort of Sataton and begin to besiege it

1 May – Fish in the province of Ahuriri over in New Zealand

23 May – After we assaulted it, their fort fell

9 June – Bulungan converts and next is Kutai.

31 July – We win a battle in their fort of Balasore and begin to siege it

3 Sept – One of my holdings has converted to Confucian

30 Oct – Buton and Tidore are now cored! I order a Plantation for Buton

2 Dec – I accept a white peace offer from Delhi.

1 Feb, 1608 – The Fort of Balasore is now ours – our warscore is 87

29 Mar – More minors and smaller victorious. We are at 99 warscore.

Here’s an example of what I could do. This is just me clicking on key provinces that I would like, and then building up to them on the map. This includes their capital and three silk holdings.


Actually I’ll do this instead. I get two full states from them, finish key states, and then take two provinces that give me a land connection
These are ELEVEN provinces we just grabbed!


All are Bengali and Hindu

We’ll begin on the right and move over:

Thaungdaut – Grain, jungle, 5 dev, Chin and Animist, part of our state there, estate and workshop here and we get 0.06 from them

– This was our wargoal, it’s a level 2 natural harbor, Jungle, Cotton, Temple, Marketplace, workshop, 0.11 sent to us

Sonargaon -Up from Chittagong, Grasslands, 10 dev, camp and shipyard, Cloth makers, temple and workshop 0.09 made here

Dhaka – Up from Sonargaon and connects to Goraghat, natural harbor level 1, jungle, cloth making, `3 dev, workshop, temple, marketplace, and 0.12 made here

– This internal province is next to many of my new additions. It features silk makers, Farmlands, 11 dev, with workshop, temple, and camp and barracks, 0.10 made here. I destroy the military buildings.

Gauda – Their former capital, Paper making, level 1 Emporium, workshop, temple, marketplace and castle, 0.19 made here from its 24 dev.

Bhagalpur – This is to the west of Gauda. Silk, Farmlands, 7 dev, workshop and marketplace, sending us 0.07 in cash money.

- South and west of Goraghat is this, with Naval Supplies, 8 dev, grasslands, naval equipment manu, workshop, and 0.07 made.

– East of Lakhnor and southeast of Goraghat is this. It’s Silk, 19 dev, farmlands, workshop, temple, and 0.22 is made here.

Satagon - This fort is west of Nadia, and south of Lakhnor. Level one natural harbor, fort, grasslands, Spices, 13 dev, 0.11 made, work, market, and temple here too.

Bengal Delta
– Silk, farmlands, level 1 natural harbor, 12 dev, work/temp/market, making us 0.12 monthly. This is the trade area for the Bengal trade zone.

We won that quickly with the aid of China. Because they have a large northern border with Bengal over the mountains, they poured in more than 100,000 troops and supported, sieged, and more. There was nothing I could give them, and they weren’t asking. I didn’t promise them anything.

But China and us have had a strong relationship. We haven’t declared a rival in almost a century, which hurts our score, because the only option is China, and they also haven’t done so, despite the same. No nation in the world could deal with both of us. No alliance in the world could do so. Our combined military (and our vassals) is around 450,000 troops. We can each purchase a ton more. Our forcelimit is twice our army size. Our economics are #1 and 2 in the world. I might start declaring wars more quickly, because even if we become a very bad boy and annoy the world, who would declare war on us?

I fabricate claims on three Bengali holdings
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Abe Sargent
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Now let’s check in on my goals:

1. Find friends among the region that will support us getting away from Ayutthaya. DONE
2. Secure our independence from Ayutthaya. Choose a time when China is too busy to come over and spank us. DONE
3. Become a tributary with Ming China to secure our relationship with them. DONE
4. Look to expand to minor nations to our Northwest. DONE – All are our vassals or ours.
5. Turn Sukhothai into a regional power again. DONE
6. Take out and replace Ayutthaya. They shall NEVER be heard from again. How dare they delude themselves to thinking they are our betters. DONE
7. Control all of South-East Asia. We have learned our lesson and cannot be satisfied with the previous status quo. We must remove all other rivals from the region. DONE – All are our vassals or ours
8. Control the entire Malay peninsula. DONE
9. Create a powerful, economic base that we can use to move against rivals in the Indies, and up to Bengal. DONE
10. Take out Bengal and other locals. DONE
11. Control the entire region up to the borders of China itself. DONE – All are our vassals or ours

Mission Accomplished!
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