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Abe Sargent
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Everything Alzar

Hello folks!

The goal of this is to give you my most recent edition of Alzar, with his stuff, allies, bios, spells, and more all here. I often update these in the thread, but they are invariably hard to read and out of date after an adventure or three. So I figured that this would be a great place to put my Alzar guy, broken up into some Bite-size chunks! Read here for the most up-to-date info on Alzar!
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Abe Sargent
Hall Of Famer
Join Date: Dec 2001
Location: Catonsville, MD
Alzar the Polymath; Alzar the Mighty, Lord of Wood and Fire, Grand Duke, Grand Duchy of the Mighty

Alzar, Level 13 Cleric, Scholar Priest, Level 13 Thief, (Investigator); 12th level Fighter (Myrmidon), 37th level Path Mage (Fivefold Mage)

Lawful Evil

Str: 18/23
Dex: 15
Con: 13
Wis: 20
Int: 22
Cha: 20

Hit Points: 93
AC: -5 (Cloak of Shadows; Bracers AC2, Helm. If using Barrier, -10. Ioun Stone, Boots, could drop another -2)
Age 65, Body - 36

Cleric XP – 1.2mill, (1.35 mil to level 14); Thief XP - 685000 (880k to 14th); Fighter XP -1 mill XP (1.25 mill to level 13); Mage XP –10050000 (Level 37 at 10,500,000);

Non-Weapon Proficiencies:

Fighter, Myrmidon:

Tactical History 15
Fire-Building 18

Riding 14
Swimming 12
Reading/Writing 16
Survival 16
Blind Fighting
Etiquette 17
Heraldry 13
Hunting 12
Fishing 15
Weather Knowledge 12
Orienteering 18

Necromancer, Fivefold Mage

Necrology 16
Netherworld Knowledge 16
Herbalism 17
Alchemy 15
Poison Use 13
Ancient Languages 11
Spellcraft 13
Ancient History – 17
Bookbinding – 16
Papermaking - 16
Sage Knowledge: Outer Planes, Inner Planes, Potions – 13
Divining: 15
Genie Lore: 17
Riding, Specialization: 10
Research: 13
First Lore – Aleph I: 20
Riding, Air: 13

Thief, Investigator:

Information Gathering: 15
Trailing: 16
Set Snares: 13
Tracking: 13
Locksmithing: 11
Fine Balance - 11
Camouflage - 12
Steady Hand - 13

Cleric, Scholar:

Scribe - 12
Religion - 10

Investigation - 11
Healing - 14
Hypnotism - 9
Administration - 16
Diplomacy - 14
Court Intrigue – 13
Screed Lore – 15 (Ability to manage a large library and rare tomes, scrolls, parchments, etc)


Dragon Lore - 13
Spy Intrigue - 14
Anatomy - 15
Glassblowing – 11
Clockwork Making - 13
Spellflash - 16

Languages Thorasian: Typic, Sis’sharr, UnderTypic, Kuo-Toa; Hamedhi – Arjuni, Sand Mire Common; Pandius - Pandius Prime,


Fast Healer
Precise Memory
Obscure Knowledge

Weapon Proficiencies:


Battle Axe
Battle Axe, Specialization
Battle Axe Weapon Mastery

One Handed Weapon Style x2 (-2 AC when using one weapon in combat)

Total with normal battle axe - +3 to hit, +3 to damage, -2 to AC. An additional +1 with the axe and +1 damage for strength

Mage - Staff


Short Bow
Short Bow Expertise - Fires at rate of Specialization
Specialization in One Handed With Shield - -1 AC and can Shield Bash
Short Sword




Double Specialization in Missile Fire --2 AC at range vs ranged weapons, can move 100% movement and fire everything

Class Abilities -

Fighter Class Abilities:

Can Use Specialization
Leadership (Alzar can command the tactics, strategy, logistics and more that a large force requires)
3 attacks every 2 rounds

Mage Class Ability:

1). Alzar can control undead as an evil Priest of the same level, and this ability extends to extra planar beings which are considered undead with the same hit dice for this purpose.
2). The following are spells in the Fivefold Path to Power: Summoning allies, charming and enticing allies, animating undead allies, creating construct allies, and making things or permanent magic effects. (In game terms, Enchantment/Charm, Conjuration/Summoning, Necromancy, Artifice schools).
3. A Fivefold Path to Power adherent loathes temporary power, and embraces permanent, long-game power. Schools of Illusion and Evocation are loathed as temporary and deceitful. Spells in non Path schools, like Alteration, that mimic a temporary gan like Evocation, such as the Alteration Burning Hands combat spell, cannot be learned or used.
4). One Extra Spell/Level is Gained, must be Path.
5). Fivefold Mages reduce the spell level by one when researching spells in The Path.
6). Chance to Learn spell in The Path increased by +15%
7). Saving Throw of Targets when targeted by spells from The Path at -1.
8). No more than one spell per level can be from the group: Abjuration, Alteration, Alchemy and Geometry barring a highly unusual and temporary circumstance.
9). Fivefold Mage must invest a focus item as the method through which magic is cast. (Signet Ring from Hamedh, kept on necklace.)
10). Must have a lab and library and workbench with 1,000 gp value per level, and an upkeep of 50 gp/level/month
11). They can store spells like an Artificer, but cannot begin to do so until level 6
12). Fivefold Mages have a chance to identify a magical item by spending a round peering at it closely and examining it - chance is their level times 5.
13). Fivefold Mages never suffer from a negative reaction penalty due to controlling or animating undead.
14). Fivefold Mages must invest heavily in increasing the visual prestige and impression of their home, undead, followers, and so forth, and look swank. They often prefer the elegance of a skeleton to the sourness of a zombie, for example. That doesn't mean they cannot have zombie followers, just that they have a special place in the system away, or they are properly embalmed and smell nice, and such.

Thief Class Ability:

Cannot use Armor
Without a Trace ability
Defensive Bonus- -3 AC when unarmored
Backstab - x4 damage from level 9-12: +4 to attack

Open Locks: 70
Find/Remove Traps: 95
Move Silently: 95
Hide in Shadows: 95
Climb Walls: 95
Read Languages: 55
Evasion: 60

Cleric Class Ability:

Cannot use Armor
Fire Immunity - Alzar is immune to fire. Any non-magical fire, flame, lava, or heat won’t affect him. He always makes his saves against fire spells and effects. And if a fire spell doesn’t have a save, he gets one.
Protection from Energy Drain - +2 on saves vs energy drain effects, and grants a save when there is none
Cold Resistance - +2 on all saves vs ice-based and cold attacks. Effects without a saving throw are not given one

Major Access to these Spheres
: All, Healing, Astral, Law, War, Combat, Charm, Divination, Guardian, Necromantic, Protection, Summoning, Wards, Elemental

Immune to starvation

Can cast ESP once/week

A Wish Resulted in - An interdimensional Pocket which only he can access by reaching out his hand, or concentrating to send himself there. It’s sort of like a giant Bag of Holding. It can hold up to 500,000 coins of items, and it’s the size of a large room. Due to the size and volume, it cannot be accessed as readily as his items in a Bag of Holding can be, and therefore, he cannot find items during combat from it. He also can’t step into it during combat, it takes a minute of meditation to translocate his form there.

Alzar may move and survive in the following planes at will: Tarterus, Acheron, The Abyss, Elysium, Arcadia, and the Astral Plane and Positive Energy.

+2 to all saves against fear/awe effects

Cleric Spells - 8/7/6/5/2/2/1

Special Books Already Used – Tome of Clear Thought; Tome of Leadership and Influence; Libram of Ineffable Damnation; Tome of Understanding; Tome of Quickness of Action; Manual of Puissant Skill at Arms; Manual of Bodily Health; Manual of Gainful Exercise; Manual of Steady Pilfering;

Longevity Potions Drank – 3; Wishes used for stats - INT, WIS, CHA

Younger Cast - 1

Gift of the Archons– 1/day, Alzar can create a giant two-handed Flame Sword that he will use with specialization, and get +5 to hit, and it deals 4d8 damage +5, and double damage versus undead. It lasts 30 minutes.

Please note that Alzar's ability to control extraplanar creatures only allies to his home plane of Thorasia, as long as he is on Pandius, he is an extraplanar character as well, and cannot do so.

Each day, Alzar can cast a number of spells equal to his total number of spell levels.
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Abe Sargent
Hall Of Famer
Join Date: Dec 2001
Location: Catonsville, MD
Clerical Magic


Alzar’s Prayer Book, 8/7/6/5/2/2/1

Major Access to these Spheres:
All, Healing, Astral, Law, War, Combat, Charm, Divination, Guardian, Necromantic, Protection, Summoning, Wards, Elemental

Bonus Spells - 2 1sts, 2 2nds, 1 3rd, 1 4th

These are the spells he can cast:

1st Level -
Bless, Combine, Detect Magic, Orison, Astral Celerity, Speak with Astral Traveler, Command, Remove or Cause Fear, Sanctuary, Magical Stone, Light, Detect Evil, Detect Poison, Wind Column, Strength of Stone, Firelight, Log of Everburning, Create Water, Blessed Watchfulness, Sacred Guardian, Cure Light Wounds (Cause), Protection from Chaos, Protection from Evil, Dispel Fatigue, Invisibility to Undead, Endure Heat/Clod, Ring of hands, Call Upon Faith, Courage, Morale, Antivermin Barrier, Weighty Chest, Aranen’s Divinational Armor, Read Languages, Rainshield,

2nd Level
- Chant, Mystic Transfer, Sanctify, Astral Awareness, Ethereal Barrier, Enthrall, Charm Person/Mammal, Hold Person, Snake Charm, Music of the Spheres, Aid, Spiritual Hammer, Augury, Detect Charm, Find Traps, Dust Devil, Soften Earth and Stone, Fire Trap, Flame Blade, Heat Metal, Produce Flame, Watery Fist, Cure Moderate Wounds, Slow Poison, Calm Chaos, Restore Strength, Resist Acid, Resist Fire/Cold, Withdraw, Draw Upon Holy Might, Messenger, Emotion Perception, Rally, Frisky Chest, Zone of Truth, Silence, 15’ Radius, Wyvern Watch, Protection from Charm, Enhance Turning, Purify Water, Spring, Iron Vigil, Resist Turning, Death Prayer,

Level 3 - Continual Light, Dispel Magic, Remove Curse, Astral Window, Etherealness, Dictate, Emotion Control, Prayer, Unearthly Choir, Detect Spirits, Locate Object, Extradimensional Detection, Speak with Dead, Wind Servant, Zone of Sweet Air, Thunderclap, Meld into Stone, Stone Shape, Flame Walk, Protection from Fire, Pyrotechnics, Water Breathing, Water Walk, Water Window, Glyph of Warding, Cure Blindness/Deafness, Cure Disease, Hold Poison, Repair Injury, Rigid Thinking, Strength of One, Feign Death, Negative Plane Protection, Remove Paralysis, Line of Protection, Magical Vestment, Protection from Evil 10’s Radius, Summon Animal Spirit, Caltrops, Fortify, Efficacious Monster Ward, Invisibility Purge, Squeaking Floor, Thief’s Lament, Heroism, Death’s Door, Remove Paralysis, Animate Dead

4th Level
- Tongues, Focus, Uplift, Join with Astral Traveler, Cloak of Bravery, Free Action, Heroism, Imbue with Spell Ability, Gloomcloud, Recitation, Smiting, Detect Lie, Divination, Lair Divination, Omniscient Eye, Windborne, Protection from Elementals, 10’ Radius, Adamantite Mace, Earthmaw, Magnetism, Warp Stone or Metal, Produce Fire, Lower Water, Reflecting Pool, Abjure, Dimensional Anchor, Animate Statue, Lesser Guardian Seal, Psionic Barrier, Neutralize Poison, Cure Serious Wounds, Fortify Healing, Compulsive Order, Defensive Harmony, Exorcize, Suspended Animation, Unfailing Endurance, Spell Immunity, Protections from Electricity, Undead, Traps, Gas, and Lycanthropes; Elemental Control, Fire Purge, Weather Stasis, Surelock, Entrench, Leadership, Tanglefoot

5th Level - Atonement, Commune, Quest, True Seeing, Meld, Prepare Enchantment, Plane Shift, Flame Strike, Magic Font, Consequence, Air Walk, Cloud of Purification, Control Winds, Nature’s Charm, Shatter Stone and Metal, Sink into Earth, Spike Stones, Strengthen Stone, Transmute Rock to Mud, Animate Flame, Wall of Fire, Cloud of Purification, Produce Ice, Calm Water, Geyser, Dispel Evil, Unceasing Vigilance of the Holy Sentinel, Golem, Page Guardian, Cure Critical Wounds, Champion’s Strength, Impeding Permission, Raise Dead, Cure Insanity, Anti-Plant Shell, Impregnable Mind, Protection from Fiends, Petrification; Adaptation, Dimensional Translocation, Barrier of Retention, Elemental Forbiddance, Grounding, Shrieking Walls, Undead Ward, Destroy Undead, Disguise, Illusory Artillery, Righteous Wrath of the Faithful

6th Level - Speak with Monsters, Bestow/Remove Major Curse, Otherworld, Command Monster, Feeblemind, Metal Skin, Spiritual Wrath, Superheroism, Word of Recall, Word of Vengeance, Find the Path, Stone Tell, Alter Luck, Divine Event, Seal of Destiny, Seek, Whirlwind, Anti-Animal Shell, Conjure Fire Elemental, Call Phoenix, Fire Seeds, Part Water, Transmute Water to Dust, Conjure Water Elemental, Conjure Air Elemental, Blade Barrier, Forbiddance, Greater Guardian Seal, Heal, Legal Thoughts, Aerial Servant, Animate Object, Conjure Animals, Crushing Walls, Dragonbane, Land of Stability, Gravity Variation

7th level – Gate, Astral Spell, Confusion, Exaction, Holy Word, Divine Inspiration, Conjure Greater Elemental, Wind Walk, Animate Rock, Conjure Earth Elemental, Earthquake, Transmute Metal to Wood, Anti-Mineral Shell, Symbol, Regenerate, Mindkiller, Restoration, Resurrection, Sphere of Adaptation, Succor, Spirit of Power, Call Avatar, Tentacle Walls, Inner Sanctum, Illusory Fortification, Shadow Engine

Keys for Alzar include healing, protection, and Astral spells as well as the additional supplemental conjuration. Note that the issues that Path Mages have with Wizard spells extends here, so Alzar will never use a Flame Strike cleric spell just as he will not use a Fireball. It's a seductive but false pretense of power that does not exist.
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Abe Sargent
Hall Of Famer
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Location: Catonsville, MD
Wizard Magic

Alzar’s Combined Spellbook, 10/10/10/9/9/9/9/9/9:

First Level:

Alzar’s Shadowshift
Alzar’s Undead Porter
Animate Dead Animals *
Charm Person *
Chill Touch *
Chromatic Orb *
Comprehend Languages
Conjure Spell Component
Create Divining Rod (D229)
Dance Macabre
Detect Magic
Detect Undead
Emrikol’s Question
Friends *
Innocent Bearing (D271) *
Hypnotism *
Light *
Locate Remains
Mount *
Nefti’s Spell Recall (J: I of D)
Organize Spellbook (D262)
Preserve Dead
Protection from Bookworms (D262)
Protection from Chaos *
Protection from Good
Protective Amulet
Read Magic
Remove the Instruments of Death (G:KoM)
Sleep *
Sorcerous Transcription (G: KoM)
Spoil Holy Water
Talon’s Waterproof
Unseen Servant *
Wandbane *
Warning Trumpet
Wizard Mark

Second Level:

Alzar’s Axethrow
Alzar’s Bookcopy
Alzar’s Bookmend
Alzar’s Bookread
Alzar’s Familiar
Ambulate Object (J: I of D)
Attract Ghoul
Baltar’s Lightening
Blastbones *
Bone Block (D271) *
Continual Light *
Continual Wind
Death Armor
Empathic Control *
Ghoul Touch *
Hold Person (Hamedhi) *
Ink Transfer (D262)
Knock *
Leomund’s Trap
Locate Object
Melf’s Acid Arrow *
Ray of Enfeeblement *
Ray of Ondovir *
Repair Machine (J: I of D)
Scare *
Skeletal Hands
Spectral Hand
Speak with Dead
Summon Swarm *
Tasha’s Uncontrollable Hideous Laughter *
Tenser’s Hunting Hawk
Undead Mount
Unpickable Lock
Wall of Gloom
Wild Swing (D271)
Wizard Lock
Zala’s Lifeforce Guardian

Third Level:

Alamir’s Fundamental Breakdown
Alzar’s Attract Apprentice
Alzar's Axethrow
Alzar's Continual Incense
Bands of Sirellyn
Bone Knit
Cloak Against All Peril (G: KoM)
Control Bats
Curse Tablet
Dire Charm *
Dispel Magic *
ESP Barricade (College)
Enchant Automaton (J: I of D)
Explosive Runes
Genie Contract
Hold Undead
Ink Luminance (D262)
Know Command Word (D253)
Leomund’s Tiny Hut
Lesser Rhabdomancy (D229)
Lightning Rod (Volo)
Mummy Touch *
Proof Against Teleportation
Protection from Chaos, 10’ Radius
Protection from Normal Missiles
Protection from Good 10’ Radius
Searing Serpent *
Sepia Snake Sigil
Slumber *
Skulltrap *
Teleport Object (Volo)
Undead Summoning I
Vampiric Touch *
Watery Double

Fourth Level:

Alzar’s Ingenious Understanding
Alzar’s Quest
Alzar’s Scrollmend
Alzar’s Undead Expertise
Bestow Curse
Charm Monster *
Confusion *
Control Death Tyrant
Detect Ensorcellment (D229)
Detect Scrying
Dimension Door
Dweomerflow (Volo)
Enchanted Weapon
Evard’s Black Tentacles *
Everpresent Record (G: KoM)
Fire Trap
Gloom Ravens (D July 99)
Greater Malison *
Guardian Shadow (D July 99)
Imbue with Ability (J: I of D)
Instruct Spectator
Magic Mirror
Merald’s Meld (Volo)
Merald’s Murderous Mist *
Minor Globe of Invulnerability
Mordenkainen’s Faithful Phantom Shield-Maidens *
Obar’s Lesser Purification (Volo)
Otto’s Tin Soldiers
Polymorph Other *
Rain of Terror
Ray of Oblivion
Rary’s Mind Scan (D249)
Rary’s Mnemonic Enhancer
Remove Curse
Ritual of Renewal
Special Effects
Summon Lycanthrope
Tongue Parasite (D249)
Vorthala’s Undead Turning Immunity
Wall of Evil
Warding Against Subtle Enchantment (G: KOM)

Fifth Level:

Alzar’s Far Summons
Alzar’s Relearn
Andrui’s Baneful Backfire
Animate Dead *
Conjure Earth, Air, Fire or Water Elemental *
Contact Other Plane
Control Gargoyles (CM8)
Damage Link (D262)
Deathmaster’s Vial
Domination *
Eternal Flame (Volo)
Focal Stone (Volo)
Greater Rhabdomancy (D229)
Hold Monster *
Jaggar’s Strengthened Bastion (G: KoM)
Magic Defiance Undone (G: KoM)
Magic Jar
Mass Flight (D244)
Mere’s Conjure Sandlings (Doomgrinder)
Mnemonic Negation
Mordenkainen’s Faithful Hound
Nulathoe’s Ninemen
Presper’s Moonbow
Prying Eyes
Spell Trigger (Magister)
Summon Shadow *
Teleport Dead
Temporary Youth (D260)
Transmute Rock to Mud *
Transport via Shadow (D July 99) *
Veladar’s Vambrace (Volo)
Vile Venom
Xult’s Magical Doom

Sixth Level:

Alzar’s Backtrace Teleport
Alzar’s Golem Heal
Alzar’s Item Delve
Alzar’s Spellbookmend
Animate Dead Monsters *
Anti-Magic Shell
Bind Tabi
Call Nightmare (BVD)
Conjure Ice Para-Elemental
Crown Meld (Volo)
Curse of Lycanthropy
Death Spell *
Dimensional Blade
Dřkkálfar Teleport
Dwoemer Divest (D229)
Enchant an Item
Eyes of the King (LM)
Geas *
Globe of Invulnerability
Invisible Stalker *
Legend Lore
Lich Touch
Power Word, Sleep
Seek the Traveler (G: KoM)
Seizure *
Special Effects
Spell Mirror
Stone to Flesh *
Shadowtheft (D July 99)
Soul Shackles (BVD)
Summon Slow Shadow (MC Annual 4)
Summon Soul Eater
Summon Least Yugoloth
Temporal Corridor (D262)
Teleport Other *
Transmute Bone to Steel
True Seeing
Wizard Seal
Wondrous Web (Volo)

Seventh Level:

Alzar’s Divinatory Summons
Alzar’s Trap Trigger
Amorphous Blob
Awakening (Volo)
Azundel’s Purification (Volo)
Banishment *
Blood Link (Volo)
Bloodstone’s Frightful Joining
Conjure Greater Earth Elemental *
Consume Knowledge
Create Crypt Thing
Death Shade (D July 99)
Descry (College)
Field of Ghouls (LM)
Finger of Death *
Hold Golem
Mass Teleport (Volo) *
Negative Plane Protection
Planar Door
Power Word, Stun *
Prismatic Spray *
Return to Alzar
Spectral Guard
Steal Enchantment (Volo)
Summon Ice Mephits (D229)
Teleport without Error *
Wardmist (Volo)

Eighth Level:

Abi-Dalzim’s Horrid Wilting
Alzar's Eclipse
Alzar’s Grand Effects
Analyze Dweomer
Binding *
Conjure Greater Ice Para-Elemental
Create Death Tyrant
Create Spectral Wizard
Hornung’s Random Dispatcher
Improved Mantle
Life Force Transfer
Major Globe of Invulnerability *
Mass Charm *
Mass Suggestion *
Maze *
Monster Summoning VI *
Otto’s Irresistible Dance
Power Word, Blind *
Raise Vessel (D235)
Speak with Distant Dead (D253)
Spelldoor (G: KoM)
Summon Fiend
Symbols Normally and Spell Loss, Entrap as well
Trap the Soul *

Ninth Level:

Alzar’s Speciation
Astral Spell
Blade in the Soul
Energy Drain
Estate Transference
Immunity to Undeath
Lauthdryn’s Cleaving (Magister)
Life Force Exchange
Mass Domination *
Mordenkainen’s Disjunction*
Power Word, Banishment
Power Word, Kill *
Programmed Amnesia
Strip Resistance (College)
Terminate Scrying (College)
Time Stop *
Virus Charm *
Wail of the Banshee *
Wish *

Key to Spell Locations:

Volo – Volo’s Guide to All Things Magical
Magister – Secrets of the Magister
College – College of Wizardry
D followed by number - Dragon Magazine. So, for example, D229 is Dragon 299 and D262 is Dragon 262.
CM8 – Spell from module CM8
J: I of D – Jakandor: Isle of Destiny
G: KOM Glantri: Kingdom of Magic
BVD – Book of Vile Darkness
LM - Libris Mortis
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Abe Sargent
Hall Of Famer
Join Date: Dec 2001
Location: Catonsville, MD
Alzar's Spellbook:

Spells Alzar Made:

1st Level:

Alzar’s Shadowshift (Alteration), Shadow

Duration: 1 turn/caster level
Casting Time: 1
Components: VSM
Range: 100’
Save: N/A

The darkness in one room is shifted from light or dark to shadowy. It lasts for up to one/turn caster level. The shadowy level of light cannot be illuminated or darkened by non-magical means. Any form of magical light or darkness will cast out the shadows permanently. This spell requires a blindfold as its material component.

Alzar’s Undead Porter, Necromancy

Casting Time: 1 round
Components: VSM
Duration: 8 hours
Target: 1 undead

One undead creature, which must be under the control of the caster, can carry double the normal amount of weight for 8 hours. This does not impact bulk, strength, damage dealt, or any other statistic. The material component for this spell is a bit of bone.

2nd Level:

Alzar's Bookmend (Alteration)
Casting Time: 1 round
Components: VSM
Duration: Permanent
Target: 1 touched book

This spell takes the pieces of a damaged book and reconstitutes it. The new version is completely restored. It cannot restore a magic book or spellbook. In order to restore a book, you must have more than 50% of the original book, and a blank book which is consumed in the process worth 20 gold.

Alzar’s Bookread (Enchantment/Charm)
Duration: 1 turn/level
Casting Time: 2
Components: VSM
Range: 1 target
Save: N/A

The enchanted creature reads at an accelerated rate based on the caster’s level. 1-5 - 2x; 6-10 - 3x; 11-15; 4x; 16-20 - 5x; 21+ 6x. Comprehension is not affected by this spell, just the speed at which something is read. The material component of this spell is a monocle.

Alzar’s Familiar,
Necromancy, Conjuration/Summoning

Casting Time: 10 hours
Range: 20 miles
Components: VSM
Duration: Special

Except for the casting time (only during a full moon), and the cost (3000 gold for obscure ingredients) this is very similar to the 1st level Find Familiar spell or the 2nd level Find Familiar – Necromancy spell. However, there are two major differences. Firstly, it always succeeds and finding something. Secondly, the caster can choose the familiar type from the following list:

Vampire Bat
Galltrit, Gremlin, Fremlin, Mite
Large, two foot long spider
Screaming Devilkin
The Mystara “Homunculous” which are not true Homunculous, but just misnamed. There are five of them

And can also choose any other creature in range that normally can be a familiar (snake, owl, raven, crow, black cat, etc)

3rd Level:

Alzar’s Attract Apprentice (Enchantment/Charm)

3rd Level
Duration: 1 day
Casting Time: 3
Components: VSM
Range: 1 mile/caster level
Save: N/A

After casting this spell, the likelihood of attracting an appreciate for the range of this spell increases considerably. If there are any suitable candidates in range, they arrive to seek apprentice ship within a day.

Alzar’s Axethrow (Alteration, Artifice)

Level: 3
Casting Time: 3
Components: VSM
Duration: 1 round/level
Target: One Axe, held

For the duration of combat, Alzar’s Axethrow turns a normal axe Alzar has in his hand into a +2 axe. In addition, the axe gains the ability to be thrown at a target, no matter its weight, at a distance of 100 yards. If thrown, the axe will grow in size. The caster must make a roll to hit. If the axe hits, it will embed itself in the target and deal the level of the caster divided by four rounded up d6 damage. (So, level 1-4: 1d6, 5-8: 2d6, 9-12: 3d6, 13-16: 4d6, etc). Once the axe hits its target, the spell ends. If it misses, the axe returns to the caster’s hand at the end of the next round, and can continue to be used in combat or thrown for another try. This spell only works on non-magical axes, and only on axes. The material component of this spell is a lodestone, consumed by the spell.

Alzar’s Continual Incense, Alteration

Casting Time: 3
Components: VS
Duration: Permanent

This spell essentially creates a fragrant small like incense burning, and is chosen at the time of the casting. That odor will be smelled in perpetuity.

4th Level:

Alzar’s Ingenious Understanding (Divination, Enchantment/Charm)

Level 4
Duration: 1 turn/level
Casting Time: 4
Components: VSM
Range: 1 target
Save: Neg

The target of this spell gains an Intellect of 21. This can help them see through illusions or learning spells. The target usually will voluntarily save a throw, but they not want it the spell. The physical component of this spell is a quill from any species of an albino bird.

Alzar’s Quest

Level: 4
Casting Time: 1 round
Components: VSM
Duration: Permanent
Saving Throw: To Negate
Target: One Other

When this spell is successfully cast upon a person, this minor version of the Geas spell forces the target to fulfill one adventure or quest for the caster, bringing back an object or killing a particular monster. The only recipients that will take the quest are ones that believe that they have a very good shot at succeeding, so Alzar’s Quest would not work on a peasant, nor could he get an apprentice to kill a dragon. He might get a major adventurer to explore a dungeon and bring back a magical ring. He can also send normal people to do normal things, such as send a merchant to go to the local market and purchase supplies for him. The spell cannot be knowingly used to send a person to a difficult task for them, without them knowing about it, and cancelling the spell. Thus, the caster could not tell a peasant to go to a cave and retrieve a glowing stone, knowing that the cave held a pack of Blink Dogs.

Alzar uses this spell to force people to do tasks for him while he works, studies, researches and crafts. He has been known to enchant a very powerful adventurer or powerful thief and send them off after another spellbook or a rare item he needs for a spell, ritual, binding, or item. (Go get me “Feathers of a Griffon,” for example)

Alzar's Scrollmend (Alteration)

Level 4
Casting Time: 1 round
Components: VSM
Duration: Permanent
Target: 1 touched scroll

This spell takes the pieces of a damaged scroll and reconstitutes it. The new version is completely restored. In order to restore a scroll, you must have more than 50% of the original, and a blank scroll magically enhanced and ready to go, which is consumed in the process worth 100 gold.

Alzar’s Undead Expertise (Alteration, Necromancy, Artifice)

Level: 4
Casting Time: One Hour
Range: Touch
Components: VSM
Duration: Permanent

At the time this spell is cast, the caster must have contact with an undead and a magical item. As a result of this spell, the undead and the magical item are mystically linked. For as long as the undead remains undestroyed, it can use this item, even if the item normally required things the undead does not have (such as intelligence, race or class based restrictions). No other creature, including the caster, can use the item until the undead is destroyed. The caster cannot use this spell on themselves, in case they are undead. No undead may have more than one Alzar’s Undead Expertise active at a time. The component for this spell is the sacrifice during casting of one magical item in addition to the magic item melded to the undead. Any item will do, from a potion to a cursed item to a scroll to a wand with one charge left.

5th Level:

Alzar’s Relearn (Divination)

5th Level
Duration: NA
Casting Time: 5
Components: VS
Range: NA
Save: N/A

After failing to learn a spell, the caster may cast this spell and try again. If they fail this roll as well, then they cannot try again until they learn a level.

6th Level:

Alzar’s Golem Heal (Alteration)

Casting Time: 1 rnd
Components: VSM
Duration: Permanent
Target: One construct

This spell can target any construct that the caster controls. The spell mends the construct, a process which is much easier than healing a wound as a priest. The caster may only target those constructs that he created himself, because he knows them intimately. The construct is healed of 50% of its maximum hit points immediately. The material component for this spell is a handful of raw material identical to the material used in the construction of the construct. For example, when going to heal an Iron Golem, a handful of iron ore or ingots must be used.

Alzar’s Item Delve
Duration: NA
Casting Time: 1 turn
Components: VSM
Range: NA
Save: N/A

The caster chooses a magical item to research. Then choose and sacrifice a magical item of at least an equivalent level of gp. After that item is destroyed, the method for uncovering how to create the chosen item is found. For smaller level items (like potions or scrolls) the item’s recipe is known entirely. Otherwise, the correct tomes and locations to search are instead.

Alzar's Spellbookmend (Alteration)
Casting Time: 1 round
Components: VSM
Duration: Permanent
Target: 1 touched spellbook

This spell takes the pieces of a damaged spellbook and reconstitutes it. The new version is completely restored. In order to restore a spellbook, you must have more than 50% of the original, and a blank spellbook ready to go, which is consumed in the process worth 5000 gold.

7th Level:

Alzar’s Divinatory Summons (Conjuration, Divination, Enchantment/Charm)

Duration: 1 rnd//level or until 3 questions are answered
Casting Time: 7
Components: VSM
Range: 1 plane of existence
Save: See Below

The caster chooses an intelligent creature to summon. If it is on the same place as the caster, That creature makes a saving throw, and then if it fails, it is summoned to the caster’s location where is must answer any three yes/no questions asked of it. If the caster knows the creature’s truename, then no save is allowed. The magic of this spell prevents either the caster or the one summoned from being harmed or attacking. If the caster tries to violate that by attacking, casting a spell, having someone else attack, summoning the creature over lava, and such, the magic dissipates, and magical feedback hits the caster for 10d10 damage. Once the final question is asked and answered, the creature is safely returned. The material component for this spell is a gem of at last 1000 gp value which is crushed as the spell begins.

Alzar’s Trap Trigger, Alteration

Duration – Permanent Until Used
Range – Touch
Casting Time – 7
Components – VSM

A caster may cast a Trap Trigger at a given location. After doing so, they give the Trap Trigger a given condition that, when met, triggers the spell. When casting the spell, the caster casts any spell they know into it, up through level 6. When the condition is met, the Trigger fires, and the spell cast into it resolves. The Trap Trigger has a few restrictions – a caster is limited is a total number of Trap Triggers to their caster level, and no more than one Trap Trigger can be in any 100’ foot range of any other. If a spell requires a target when triggered (such as Magic Missile) then if the caster is not there, the target will be directly above the Trap Trigger. The material component is a gem worth at least 150 gp, crushed when used in the spell.

Return to Alzar (Alteration, Conjuration) - Reversible

Requirements - VSM
Casting Time – 7
Duration – Immediate
Range – NA
Save – NA

The caster of this spell immediately is shifted to Alzar’s fiefdom in the prime material plane of Pandius, just a mile from his keep in Evenarrow. There is no chance of someone appearing inside something solid. Only the caster may move, and only objects worn or in her or his hand can be moved. The material component is a platinum wand, 2 feet long, carved with Alzar’s name in Thorasian Typic, Pandius Prime, and Hamedh’s Sand Mire Common. The rod costs 40 gp to make. If reversed, this spell will send you back to where you came from.

8th Level:

Alzar’s Eclipse, Alteration

Level 8
Components : VS
Range: 1 mile/level
Duration: 1 hour
Casting Time: 8

This spell may only be cast outside during the day. For the next hour, within range, the Sun will appear to be eclipsed, and the level of light will drop accordingly. This spell will change the local light level for light based effects, such as shadow magic.

Alzar’s Grand Effects
Alteration, Artifice

8th Level
Duration: Permanent
Casting Time: 1 turn
Components: VSM
Range: 1 target
Save: N/A

This is an upgraded version of the 6th level Special Effects spell. Alzar chooses one object. For 100’x100x100’ feet of that target (wall, building, etc) that target can have any chance made to its Smell, sight, touch, and so forth. So Alzar could make a house smell like chocolate or a wooden wall feel life leather. It does not change the physical aspects of the target - a stone wall that feels like a pillow won’t suddenly fail saves like a pillow. This is a permanent change, and not an illusion. The material component is a picture of the target with it’s changed effect.

9th Level:

Alzar’s Speciation (Necromancy; Alteration)

Level 9
Duration: Permanent
Casting Time: 1 hour
Components: VSM
Range: 1 target
Save: Neg

The caster creates a model of a physical creature which does not exist. It must resemble an existing creature in some way, and have a known and workable anatomy. The caster must find a living creature that resembles the size, weight, and rough dimensions of the desired creation. After casting the spell, the target creature must make a save - failure to do so turns it into the species selected. No matter the result, the model is destroyed.
The model costs 15000 gp to make with rare incense, items, and such, and takes 1 week to prepare. Based on the model, the target’s save changes. Rough? +5 to the save. Not realistic? +5. Target too big or too small? +3 If the model is made with a detailed understand of anatomy, -3 to the save.
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Other Spells Alzar Found:

1st Level:

Craft Divining Rod, Alternation, Enchantment/Charm, Artifice

Components: V,S, M
Casting Time: 4
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 hour
Saving Throw: None

This spell allows a Rhabdomere to create a divining rod to use as the material component for all future Divination spells. It takes an hour, the material is the rod itself which has been prepared, and the spell results in a Divining Rod that can be used as per the Dowsing proficiency.

Innocent Bearing, Enchantment/Charm

Components: V,S, M
Casting Time: 1
Range: 30 ft radius
Duration: 1 rnd/level
Saving Throw: Negates

This spell causes everyone in a 30 ft radius to believe that the caster is innocent and incapable of causing any trouble. It’s area of effect does work with those travelling with the caster as well. Anyone who makes their save is not effected. The spell’s component are a child’s hair and a small ribbon, both used by the spell.

Nefti’s Spell Recall, Conjuration/Summoning

Components: V,S, M
Casting Time: 1 turn
Range: o
Duration: 1 day
Saving Throw: None

This spell allows a wizard to select spells for casting during the course of the day rather than committing them to memory with memorization at the beginning of the day. This spell, however, must be memorized and cast in order for that to happen. Unlike most spells, Nefti’s Spell Recall counts as a spell of varying levels, and can be memorized and cast for any level, so this can be cast as a 1st level, 4th level, or 8th level spell, or all. The result is that the mage has one fewer spell memorized per slot, but much more flexibility. This spell requires the wizard’s spellbook which must be ensorcelled and used as part of the spell, and only the spells in that book are eligible for the Spell Recall to work for that level. Other Recalls at other levels can use other books. For example, a caster could have one book of every 4th level spell they knew and used that book to ensorcelled for their 4th level Nefti’s Spell Recall.

Organize Spellbook, Alteration

Components: V,S, M
Casting Time: 1
Range: Touch
Duration: Permanent
Saving Throw: None

Casting this spell enables a mage to rearrange the order of spells in their spellbook, and is very valuable for ordering a travelling spellbook. A recently learned spell can be placed in that level and alphabetized and such. The material component is the spellbook in question.

Protection from Bookworms, Abjuration

Components: V,S, M
Casting Time: 1 turn
Range: 20 feet
Duration: One week/level
Saving Throw: None

This spell protects a 20’ area from bookworms, rot grubs, cockroaches and other creatures that eat parchment. Multiple castings can be used over an entire library or bookshelf to protect it. The material component is an inkwell of valuable ink worth 20 gp, the ink is used in the casting, but the inkwell remains.

Remove the Instruments of Death, Alteration, Enchantment/Charm

Range 100 feet
Component : S
Duration: Instantaneously
Casting Range: 1
Area of Effect: 1 person/5 levels
Save: None

This spells causes a weapon-wielding target to drop their weapon. They must invest a round to reequip themselves.

Sorcerous Transcription
, Conjuration/Summoning

Range 10 feet
Components: VSM
Duration: 10 minutes +1 min/levl
Casting Time: 1
Area: See below
Save: None

This spell animates a quill to record everything the caster says for the duration of the spell. It requires ink, quill, and parchment of some sort. The caster must remain in 10 feet of the quill for it to record.

Wild Swing
, Alteration

Casting Time: 1
Range: 0
Duration: 2 rnds/level
Saving Throw: Special

This spell creates a minor field of wild magic around the caster which warps space in small ways. This warp gently makes the caster warp visually, but had no effect on stats or how hard the caster may be to hit. Any creature making a melee attack against a wizard who hits affected by Wild Swing must make a save vs spells or only a glancing blow connects and the minimum possible damage is dealt. The material component is five drops of wine and a small spinning toy, all of which are consumed in its casting.

2nd Level:

Ambulate Object, Enchantment/Charm, Artifice

Components: V,S, M
Casting Time: 2
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 day/level
Saving Throw: None

This spell allows one touched object to move around at the mental command of the wizard who cast it for 1 day/level of the caster. The caster cannot attack or use the object in any way offensively or defensively. It does not move that quickly. It can be used to force a chair or move or a pitcher of water to self-pour a glass. No more than one object per spell level of the caster can be ambulated at a time. The material component for this spell is the object itself, which cannot weigh more than 250 coins.

Bone Block,

Components: V,S, M
Casting Time: 2
Range: 0
Duration: 1 rnd/level
Saving Throw: None

This spell causes a pair of skeletal arms to spray from the caster and attempt to defend the caster in combat. Each arm gives the caster an AC bonus of -1 to melee attacks only. Each arm has an AC of 5 and 2 hp/level of the caster, and can be hit and destroyed. Two fingerbones from a dead fighter are the material component, consumed by it’s casting.

Ink Transfer, Alteration

Components: V,S
Casting Time: 2
Range: 0
Duration: 1 rnd/level
Saving Throw: None

This spell is used to transfer a spell from one spellbook to another without using a scroll. It can be used to save spells on damaged pages or to better organize a library.

Repair Machine, Enchantment/Charm, Artifice Reversible

Components: S
Casting Time: 2
Range: Touch
Duration: Permanent
Saving Throw: None

When casting this spell and laying hands on a damaged machine or automaton, it is repaired of 1d6 points of damage per caster level. This does not work on constructs or undead.

3rd Level:

Cloak Against All Peril, Abjuration

Range – Self
Comp: VS
Duration: See below
Casting Time: 3
Area: Self
Save: None

This spell creates an invisible energy shield around the caster that will absorb the next 3d4 points of damage, +1 point per level. It can deflect damage from a single attack or multiple attacks, until the damage is removed. The spell lasts 1 round per level, or until the damage is absorbed. It absorbed weapon or magic damage.

Enchant Automaton, Enchantment/Charm, Artifice

Components: V,S, M
Casting Time: 1 round
Range: Touch
Duration: See below
Saving Throw: None

This spell will enable an artificer to animate and control a creation of bone and metal that is created for performing simple manual labor, and cannot be used for more elaborate tasks such as combat without further enchantment. These automatons are designed to accept one command at creation, and then they will do their task without interference. They are not undead, nor are they constructs that have bound spirits or souls. They are merely pieces of matter bound together to do one task. They are not required to have a humanoid frame. Examples of automatons created by this spell are porters who move things from one place in a castle or keep to another. They can be further enhanced later. They have AC5 and 10 HP for purposes of destroying them.

Ink Luminescence, Alteration.

Components: V,S, M
Casting Time: 3
Range: Touch
Duration: Permanent
Saving Throw: None

When cast, this spell will make the ink used for the next magical spell to be inscribed into a spellbook to have the ability to, on command, have the runes and magical writing glow so it can be read at night. Only the caster and writer of the ink can make it glow. The glow is gentle and makes it legible to read in the dark. The cost is 100 gp of squid or octopus ink used in the casting of the spell.

Know Command Word, Divination

Components: V,S
Casting Time: 1 round
Range: Touch
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: None

This spell gives the name of any command words needed for a magical or nonmagical device or object that has already been identified. It will not work for an unknown object. There is a 10% chance per caster level, up to a max of 90%, for this to give the caster the command words. This spell does not work on artifacts.

Lesser Rhabdomancy, Divination

Components: V,S,M
Casting Time: 3
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 turn + 2 turns/level
Saving Throw: None

Casting this spells creates a more powerful version of Locate Object, in that it works for races or people, and can search for classes, professions, ages, and more.

4th Level

Control Bats
, Enchantment/Charm

Components: V,S, M
Casting Time: 4
Range: ˝ mile
Duration: 1d4 turns +1 turn/level
Saving Throw: None

After casting this spell, all bats, vampiric bats, giant bats, and other forms of normal, nonmagical bats within range are under the control of the caster without any saves. They will fight, attack, or swing and hit folks. The material component for this spell is a platinum whistle worth 500 gp that can be used more than once.

Control Death Tyrant, Necromancy, Enchantment/Charm
Components: V,S
Casting Time: 4
Range: See below
Duration: 1 day
Saving Throw: None

You can control up to 1 Death Tyrant within one mile per HD of the caster. You can control a number of Death Tyrants equal to your intelligence, like a charm person, but with no saves.

Only an evil wizard of 18 or higher intelligence can use this, unless you are an Elder Orb.

Detect Ensorcellment, Divination

Components: V,S, M
Casting Time: 4
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 turn
Saving Throw: None

All of the magics on a single person touched by this spell is fully revealed, including charms, suggestions, geases, protective magics, and more.

Everpresent Record

Range 10 feet
Components: VSM
Duration: 1 day/levl
Casting Time: 5
Area: 1 creature
Save: None

This is an enhanced version of Sorcerous Transcription, with enhanced length, and can be used on someone to record what they say, instead of the caster if desired.

Gloom Ravens, Conjuration

Components: V,S
Casting Time: 4
Range: NA
Duration: 2 rounds/level
Saving Throw: None

The caster of this spell summons 1d4+1 huge ravens from Demiplane of Shadow. They can be sent up to 1 mile away after summoned, and the caste can see through their eyes. There is no need to concentrate to control them or see through their eyes, and the caster can fight or cast spells or do other things while the Gloom Ravens serve, but do note the short duration for them.

Gloom Raven - N, AC 6, THACo 19, HP 5, (10 at dusk.dawn), never surprised, used 1d6 shadow images like mirror image.

Guardian Shadow, Conjuration/Summoning, Necromancy

Components: V,S
Casting Time: 4
Range: Self
Duration: 1 day/level
Saving Throw: None

When cast, this spell binds an undead shadow to the caster’s actual shadow. The next melee attack aimed at the caster’s back will prompt the guardian shadow to reveal itself and attack, and take the hit meant for the caster and then the shadow will fight to the death afterwards. This ability cannot work if no shadow is being made by the caster, such as pure darkness.

Imbue with Proficiency, Enchantment/Charm, Artifice

Components: V,S, M
Casting Time: 4
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 day
Saving Throw: None

This spell takes an automatons created by Enchant Automaton above and turns it into more powerful version of itself. It can be given a non-weapon proficiency and uses that knowledge, such as smithing or leatherworking or swimming. The cost of this spell is a special gem that costs 1500 gp has to be made and given to the automaton. The Automaton still cannot attack or otherwise use anything.

Instruct Spectator, Enchantment/Charm

Components: V,S
Casting Time: 1 turn
Range: See below
Duration: 100 years
Saving Throw: None

This spell is used on a recently summoned Spectator to give them their specific instructions and binds them to follow it. The power of this spell is such that a Spectator cannot violate their instructions. Those instructions are very key to the contract. For example, if a Spectator is told to guard the treasure room, but not the treasure itself, then the caster may be surprised when they return from adventuring to find that the treasure is gone but the room is still secure. If something happens which forces a Spectator to violate the terms of the instruction, the magic is gone and they may return home to their plane in Mechanus.

Rary’s Mind Scan, Divination, D249

Components: V,S
Casting Time: 4
Range: 10’/level
Duration: 5 rnds/level
Saving Throw: Each Round

This spell works like a much more powerful and deeper version of ESP, as it doesn’t just read surface thoughts. Each round the target fails a save, the caster can read one memory or thought of the target. They can also move from one target to another during the long duration of this spell.

Tongue Parasite, Conjuration/Summoning, D249

Components: V, M
Casting Time: 4
Range: 30 yards
Duration: See below
Saving Throw: Negates

This spell infects the target creature with a parasite that lives in their tongue, and it requires a target with a tongue to work. The infestation takes the form of 1d4 small bumps on the surface of the tongue that are initially benign, and stay that way until the target speaks. For each word spoken, a bump swells, pops, and inflicts 1 hp of damage on the target and releases an insect similar to a large horse fly that flies annoyingly around until killed. Each word spoken also causes 1d4 new parasites to be born, each taking the form of a small bump on the tongue as well. Victims of a Tongue Parasite who forgo any speech for 24 hours will starve the parasites, and the spell ends. Even shouting or groaning counts as a word, with the issues above. It can be ended with a cure disease, but nothing else. The material component is a living housefly.

Vorthala’s Undead Turning Immunity, Necromancy, Abjuration

Components: V,S, M
Casting Time: 4
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 day
Saving Throw: None

For the next day, the next undead that the caster controls that is touched by this spell gains immunity to any turning, control, or destruction attempts. It only works on a single undead for just one day. The material component of this is a sliver of the same type of undead to be given Immunity. So a shard of bone from an animated skeleton for a skeleton or a piece of flesh from a Wight for a Wight.

Warding Against Subtle Enchantment,
4th, Enchantment/Charm
Range: Touch
Components: VS
Duration: See below
Casting Time: 1 turn
Area: 1 creature
Save: None

This is a contingency spell that a wizard can cast onto an ally, servant, to themselves. When that person is targeted successfully by a charm spell that influences the person, such as Charm Person, Domination, Suggestion, Geas or Command, that magic is overridden, and the person on whom this protection as cast will instead take an order given by the caster of this Warding, such as “Attack the person who tried to control you” or “run away.” This spell can be used cleverly to give a command such as, “Pretend you are charmed, but give away false information” or some such.

Warning Trumpet, Abjuration, Evocation

Components: V,S, M
Casting Time: 4
Range: Touch
Duration: Permanent
Saving Throw: None

This spell creates a magical trumpet and warning system that protects an area. It can be used to protect a campsite, entryway, or other place. It lasts until a condition given at the casting is met, and then sounds for one hour before ending. A caster may not have more Warning Trumpets set than their caster level. It’s material component is a miniature trumpet.
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5th Level

Age, Necromancy (D252)

Components: VSM
Casting Time: 4
Range: 10 yrds/level
Duration: Permanent
Saving Throw: Negates

This spell permanently ages the victim by 1d6+1 years. Any statistic losses to due STR, CON and DEX by aging occur,. If the save succeeded, the affect is temporary and lasts only 1d8+1 hours. If it fails, it is a permanent change. To cast it, a lock of hair from the victim must be used and consumed.

Control Gargoyle, Enchantment/Charm

Components: V,S, M
Casting Time: 5
Range: 100’
Duration: 1 day/level
Saving Throw: Negates

This spell allows the caster to control one gargoyle per spell level as though it is charmed. Every gargoyle in range 100’, saves, and those that fail are under the control of the caster for 1 day/level.

Damage Link, Alteration, Conjuration/Summoning

Components: V,S, M
Casting Time: 5
Range: Touch
Duration: Permanent
Saving Throw: None

This spell creates a permanent connection between two objects that much be touched when the spell is cast. This spell gives the first object the saves of the second, and vice versa. So if a rock and a pillow where damaged linked, then the rock would burn like a pillow and the pillow would be resilient to fire like a rock. It does not otherwise change anything about the object. When one of the objects is destroyed, the Damage Link is broken.

Greater Rhabdomancy, Divination

Components: V,S, M
Casting Time: 5
Range: See below
Duration: Special
Saving Throw: NA

This spell allows the caster to search for a desired object, place, or person. It is the strongest divinatory magic for finding things, and it detects things for 1 mile/level from the caster. Anything from a potential vein to tap for a mine to locating a lost object or book can be located. It’s very good for adventurers that are looking for a special object and only have a limited time to find it.

Jaggar’s Strengthened Bastion, Alteration, Enchantment/Charm

Range: Touch
Components: VSM
Duration: 1 hour/level
Casting Time: 5
Area: 1 object
Save: See below

This spell grants a physical object the ability to save vs various magical effects against the object. For example, a wall enchanted with the Bastion would normally allow a Passwall effect freely. But with this would instead save to see if it worked, and saved as the level of the caster. This will work on spells like Dig, Move Earth, Knock, Passwall, and such. It can be made permanent. The material component for this spell is a piece of chalk used to inscribe runes on the object prior to casting. These runes disappear but remain, and can be seen and made out, thus showing the protection, to those familiar with this spell.

Magic Defiance Undone,
, Abjuration

Range: None
Components: V
Duration: None
Casting Time: 5
Area: See Below:
Save: See below

When this spell is cast, the user immediately chooses a spell they know that can target an enemy. That spell is immediately cast at the target, and will penetrate any magic resistance the target has, even 100%. The spell attacks to Magic Defiance Undone does not change, and any saves that need to be done still must be used.

Mass Flight,
Alteration D244

Components: VSM
Casting Time: 5
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 turn/level +1d6 turns
Save: NA

This spell affects 1 creature for every three levels of the caster touched as it is cast. Then they have the ability to Fly as per the 3rd level spell until the spell ends. The material component is a wing feather from any bird for each recipient of the spell.

Mere’s Conjure Sandlings,
Components: VSM
Casting Time: 5
Range: NA
Duration: 1 turn/level

This spell uses a ruby worth at least 100 gp to summon a number of sandlings equal to the caster’s level plus 1d6. These sandlings will remain for 1 turn/level, and like most elemental creatures, require an amount of sand to summon, which is not used in the casting of the creatures. Sandlings are 4 HD creatures, para-elemental creatures. The ruby is used up in the casting.

Page Guardian, Conjuration

Components: V,S, M
Casting Time: 5
Range: Touch
Duration: Permanent
Saving Throw: None

This spell is rare and used to protect an entire library or bookshelf. When the spell is cast, certain conditions are set. When someone approaches within 100 who violates those conditions, the page guardian is conjured forth from the document it was protecting, and the document is erased. If magical, the guardian gains the power of the spells used, such as a Protection from Magic scroll or a spellbook.

The page guardian attacks until slain, or until defeating the forces that raised it, or they flee. Then it returns to the book or scroll it was on and continues to guard the area. It requires 5000 gp worth of special metallic dust that are used on completion.

The stats of the Page Guardian are…

Page Guardian – AL Neutral, AC 0, HD 5, THACO 13, 1 attack for 1d10, has abilities of the spell or spellbook it uses, up to five.

Alzar has created a special five spell spellbook and used it for the Page Guardian that maximizes its power. Those include Major Globe of Invulnerability and Dimensional Blade.

Summon Ghost, Conjuration/Summoning, Necromancy (D252)

Components: V,S, M
Casting Time: 5
Range: 10’
Duration: 1 rnd/level
Saving Throw: None

This spell summons 1 ghost/level of the caster for a short period of time. A rune circle must be inspired to protect the caster. The ghosts can be given nominal instructions while summoned, such as given one command, but they will seek to be freed and push at their protections. If they are geased, then they are under the full control of the caster and a rune circle is not needed.

Temporary Youth, Alteration, Necromancy

Components: V,S,
Casting Time: 3
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 rnd/level
Saving Throw: Negates

One creature touched by the target of this spell is required to make a save. Should they fail, they are reduced in age one full age level. It could be an youth to child, child to infant, old to middle age, etc. It can be used to drop the power of a dragon or giant that increases in power with age.

Transport via Shadow, Alteration

Range: 0
Duration: NA
Components: VS
Casting Time: 5
Save: None

This spell works very similarly to the teleport spell. The caster and stuff can hop from one shadow on a plane to another. It works by pushing the caster into the Demiplane of Shadow, and then emerging from any other shadow on the original plane unharmed. As the caster arrives, they can choose not to come out of that shadow, due to too many people there and such, and instead head to another shadow the next round. Otherwise, works precisely like teleport. It can only work on the caster and what is worn and carried, nothing else.

6th Level:

Call Nightmare, Conjuration/Summoning

Range: 100’
Components: VSM
Duration: 2 days/level
Casting Time: 1 turn
Save: None

The caster calls forth a Nightmare from the lower planes to the caster’s location or within 100’ as the caster prefers. The Nightmare serves the caster for 2 days/level. Nightmares constantly seek to overthrow their users. If it ever moves out of control range (1/4 of a mile) then contact is broken and it returns home. Only one Nightmare may be summoned and controlled by this spell at a time, and multiple castings will not summon another Nightmare. The material component of this spell is a suitable offering, such as soul trapped with Trap the Soul or a similar offering to the Nightmare.

Dweomer Divest, Alteration, Enchantment/Charm

Range: 20 yards
Components: VSM
Duration: Permanent
Casting Time: 1 round
Save: Negate

Using this spell, the caster steals an enchantment from one object and moves it to another. The object saves against it, and then stops it from happening.

Eyes of the King, Conjuration

Range: Unlimited
Components: VSM
Duration: 5 rounds + 1 round/level
Casting Time: 6
Save: None

When this spell is cast, four Dire Bats are summoned adjacent to the caster and are under the caster’s control. For the short duration of the spell, they can be sent anywhere, from attacking to teleporting to attack elsewhere. They are controlled mentally, and do not require line of sight. The material component of this spell is four bits of bat fur that are used by the spell.

Dire Bat: HP 30, AC 2, THACO 15, 1 bite for 1d8+4, can “see” in dark.

Seek the Traveler, Divination

Range: None
Components: VS
Duration: Instant
Casting Time: 1
Area: 100 foot radius from vaster
Save: NA

When this spell is cast within a round of someone leaving the area of effect by sorcerous means such as teleport or dimension door or similar magic, the caster will know where they went and see it in their mind. They can teleport there with other magic if they want.

Shadowtheft, Charm, Alteration

Range: 100’
Duration: 1 day/level
Components: VS
Casting Time: 6
Save: Negates

After casting this spell, a target person’s shadow is removed and placed in an container, if they lose a saving throw. They lose half of their CON value. If cast at twilight, there is no save,. The caster can summon a shadowy duplicate of original with half level and skills, and no memories. Performs tasks as ordered for one full night, and then dies at dawn and the shadow returns to the individual in question. Duplicate looks like target.

Soul Shackles, Necromancy, Artifice

Range: Touch
Components: VSM
Duration: Permanent
Casting Time: 6
Save: None

This spell allows the caster to draw the soul out of a dead creature and place it into a receptacle similar to the 8th level spell Trap the Soul, with the same restrictions on receptacle, and it must have a cost of at least 1000 gp. Only a dead creature’s soul can be so placed. Once/day the soul can be summoned by the caster to answer one question that the trapped soul knew the answer to when it was alive. This spell prevents the target from being animated, resurrected, or heading to a peaceful afterlife elsewhere. It can be ended only by breaking the receptacle or voluntarily by the caster.

Summon Slow Shadow, Conjuration/Summoning

Range: NA
Duration: Permanent
Components: VSM
Casting Time: 3 hours
Save: None

When cast, this spell summons one slow shadow to permanently serve the caster. The casting of this spell must occur on the night of a New Moon, and cannot be cast more than once every lunar cycle. The casting location must have a 5000 gp circle set in the ground to protect the place of summoning, that can be reused.

Slow Shadow - CE, AC8, HD4 ThACO 17, 1d4+Slowed (as per spell) and -1 DEX drain. Attach secretly to someone’s shadow, and then hit automatically each round. +2 or better to hit. Dead victims become slow shadows.

Temporal Corridor, Alteration

Components: V,S
Casting Time: 6
Range: Touch
Duration: See below
Saving Throw: Negates

In order to protect an item or more about to be destroyed, this spell opens up a corridor into the future and the object or container is sent forward in time to after the damage or threat passes. When cast, the duration is set by the caster. It can be collected in the same location by the wizard at the time set. Only nonliving matter can be moved forward. It cannot be moved more than one day/level into the future.

7th Level:

Death Shade, Necromancy

Range: 1 mile/level
Duration: Permanent
Components: V
Casting Time: 7
Save: None

Every living, intelligent creature within the range of this spell takes 1 necrotic damage that does not heal normally, save by magic. There is no component for this spell, and it can be layered.

Field of Ghouls, Necromancy

Range: 50 yards
Components: VS
Duration: Permanent
Casting Time: 7
Save: Negate

The caster transforms the ebbing life force of all nearby wounded creatures to create ghouls. All creatures in the area with 8 or fewer hit points that fail their save become a ghoul. Up to 2 HD/caster level of ghouls can be made with this spell, and then are immediately and permanently under the caster’s control barring another controlling method used by another (such as a Control attempt or Control Undead potion).

Revenant, Necromancy (D252)

Components: V,S, M
Casting Time: 1 day
Range: 0
Duration: See below
Saving Throw: None

To use this evil spell, the caster must have an unwilling victim that is fully helpless. The victim must be played in a magic circle with stout-iron bound chains rune-inscribed circles of black ion and more, costing 4000 gp. At the end of a day long casting, the mage cuts out the victims heart and places in a box and replaces it with a hard baked lump of black clay. The still beating heart has to be in an enchanted box of at least 1000 gp value and required an enchant an item spell on the box.

When the spell is completed, the victim becomes an undead revenant. They appear normal, radiate faint magic, gain undead resistances, don’t eat, sleep, etc. They get enchanted senses, can detect secret doors, can’t be surprised, get 18/00 str, regenerate damage 2 hp/rnd, retain the knowledge had when alive including skells, and 5% MR. They are under the control of their caster, but still have free will. They cannot be killed until the heart is destroyed, or the reverse of the spell is cast, restoring them fully. This is a heavily evil spell to cast.

Summon Ice Mephits, Conjuration/Summoning

Components: V,S, M
Casting Time: 4
Range: 30 yards
Duration: 5 rounds + 1 rnd/level
Saving Throw: None

The caster opens a portal that summons 1d6+1 Ice Mephits who will arrive the next round and be under the control of the caster. They will stay, fight, and do anything their caster requires until the duration of the spell ends or they are defeated in battle. They require a good amount of ice or snow to summon, and are typically cast during winter or in cold climes, although the requirements is technically just one handful of snow or ice per Mephit summoned.

8th Level:

Create Death Tyrant, Necromancy

Components: V
Casting Time: 3 rounds
Range: NA
Duration: 1 hour/level

It takes 3 rounds to cast, so you can’t use it in battle. It requires no components other than verbal. It allows the caster to make death tyrants from dead beholders. One is created for each level of the caster, but they can only be controlled for roughly an hour after creating them, and then the caster needs a Control Death Tyrant spell.

Only an evil wizard of 18 or higher intelligence can use this, unless you are an Elder Orb.

Death Stalker, Conjuration/Summoning, D244

Range: 10 yards
Comp: WSM
Duration: Special
Casting Time 5 rounds
Save: None

This spell is identical to Invisible Stalker in every way save that it summons a more powerful version with 12 HD and the max hit points of 96. It’s goal is to track down and slay the target given at casting. If it is killed while doing so, then it reforms 12 hours later and continues to hunt. It will reform this way once for every three levels of the caster until finally killed or it kills its target and heads back home to the Elemental Plane of Air. Each time it returns from a death, there is a cumulative 5% chance it breaks free and comes after the caster instead. This spell requires a physical part of the target, such as hair, nail, or drop of blood from the target to work.

Raise Vessel, Alteration (D235)

Components: V,S
Casting Time: 9
Range: 200’
Duration: 1 hr/level
Saving Throw: None

This spell causes one sunken vessel to be raised intact to the surface of the sea. If a vessel is in the process of sinking, this will hold it afloat until the duration ends. The vessel may be repaired or brought into harbor after being recovered.

Speak with Distant Dead, Divination, Necromancy (D253)

Components: V,S, M
Casting Time: 3 turns
Range: 1 creature
Duration: NA
Saving Throw: Negates

This spell works like the lower level Speak with Dead, only is enables the caster to ask questions of sentient dead creatures who passed away considerably longer, up to 1000 years for a caster at level 24. At level 24, a caster can getup to 7 questions answered, as per a Speak with Dead spell. Also, a single target can only be cast and forces to answer these spells once each. They can save to stop it from happening, and if successful, cannot be targeted again with this or Speak with Dead by that caster. The material component is some part of the target’s body, such as a small bone or tooth, or an object prized or owned by that target, such as signet ring. This does not go away at the conclusion of the spell.

Spelldoor Alteration

Range: See below
Components: VSM
Duration, Special
Casting time: 1 round
Area: Special
Save: None

This powerful teleport spell essentially teleports a spell’s effect. The caster could Spelldoor a fireball to explode into a place like teleporty magic. The Spelldoor is cast first, and then the spell is chosen to send, and any spell of 7th level or lower can be teleported to a site. The rules for Teleport magic apply for ensuring it arrives in the correct place, and scrying, magic like crystal balls or Wizard Eye or such will help to ensure it arrives and hits the correct target or area. The material component for this is a gold ring worth 25 gp twisted into a moebius strip that is consumed by the spell.

9th level

Lauthdryn’s Cleaving, Alteration

Range: 90 yards
Duration: Instantaneous
Area: See below
Components VS
Casting Time: 9 Save: None

This spell cuts through all magical barriers of 8th or fewer levels, shearing and destroying anything from Major Globe of Invulnerability to Protections. All magical barriers are destroyed, as long as they are 8th or lower in level or similar to an effect that matches it for various non-leveled stuff.
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Alzar’s Stuff:

470,250 gp; 6000 gp of unmarked gold coins;
28,250 sp
39,660 pp
2500 ep

Gems: 245,750s gp worth of gems; 10 Pearls, 100 gp each; 33,000gp in uncut gemstones;

- 1500 GP; 10 Turquoise - 10 gp each; Onyx - 50 GP; Pearl - 500 gpx3;Ruby - 1000 gp; 1 Diamond, 5000 gp; Roper Gem – 1500; Diamond, 2000 gp; 5000 gp Jacinth; 20 Jasper Gems, 100 gp each; 30 Rubies, 5000 gp each; 5 Fire Opal; 5500 gp each; 9 Moss Agates, 500 gp each; 6 gems worth 50k each;

Jewelry: 724,200 gp worth of jewelry, all types; Platinum Chain with Emerald (900 gp); Dragon Tooth Necklace (1500 gp); Gold Crown set with rubies and diamonds - 12000 gp; Jeweled Belt and Armband – 10500 gp; Jeweled Circlet, 1500 gp; Topaz Necklace - 1000 gp; Emerald Necklace - 2500 gp; 2 Gold Armbands - 250 gp each; Jade Earrings - 800 gp; Amber Ring - 600 gp; Gold and Mithril Helm - 3500 gp; Platinum Headband - 1500 gp; Strange Helmet of Untarnished Silver - 1000 gp; Emerald and Ruby Neck Pendant, 9000 gp; Diamond Tiara – 15000 gp; Diamond Necklace – 7500 gp; Pair of Ruby Earrings – 4500 gp; Emerald and Mithril Bracelet – 10000 gp; Diamond Circlet – 4500 gp; Ruby Studded Belt – 2250 gp
Verite Scepter – 6500 go, looks similar to the actual Milenian One, and may have been made as a fake; Silk Gown – 2500 gp; Gold Ring – 450 gp Golden Scepter – 4000 gp; Gold Necklace – 1000 gp; Set of Black Sapphire Rings – 10000 gp set: Gold and Gemmed Scepter – 9000 gp; Jade Crown – 2400 gp; Diamond False Eye – 2000 gp; Gold Hairpin – 100 gp; Gold Sash, 650 gp; Jeweled Scabbard – 5500 gp; 2 Jeweled Rings worth 1750 gp each;

Objet d’arts: Huge gold door, 20000 gp; Pair of Heavy Crystal Statues of Elves (1500 gp pair); Mother-of-pearl and mahogany box (500 gp); Arabian Rug – 3000 gp; Jade Table – 8000 gp; 20 5 lb gold bars, 250 gp each; 1500 gp worth of clothing; Exotic Furs on bed - 2000 gp; Art Pictures on Wall - 800 gp; Figurines of Various Animals - 5000 gp; 6000 Gp of various furniture (chair, sofa, etc); 3 Golden Goblets - 50 gp each; 3000 sp worth of silver ingots; Crystal Dishes - 250 gp set; Black Bag - 100 gp; 3 gold ingots - 1200 gp total; 20,000 assorted furniture and valuables; Platinum Casket – 3000 gp; Mahogany inlaid with Verite Jewelry Box – 850 gp; Carved Ivory Scroll Tube – 300 gp; Platinum Pot – 8000 gp; Crystal Dining set like glasses and Decanter worth 7500 gp; Large Badger Fur – 750 gp; Gold Brush – 250 gp; Large Gold Statue of Atzantoetl, 10000 gp; 2 gold dwarf statuettes, 1500 gp each; 3 gold elf statuettes, 1500 gp each; 2 human gold statuette, 3000 gp each; Platinum Battering Ram Head – 5000 gp; Gold Collar and Chain – 4500 gp; 600 golden caltrops (each one worth 20 gp); 2 Rare wood picture frames, 650 gp each

1225 Panels -Each panel is 2 feet tall, 2 feet wide, weighs 200 pounds, gem encrusted gold. Each panel is worth 50k gp.

Gold Sheath 0 600 gp; 2 Golden and Gemmed Troll statuettes, 5000 gp each; Gold couch, 15000 gp; Rare pottery vase – 4500 gp; 6 casks of fine wine, 200 gp each; Jeweled Dagger – 1250 gp; 10 Malachite Religious Tokens – 150 gp each; 100 blocks of gold, 500 gp each, weigh a lot though;; Jewel Studded Throne – 15000 gp; 2 Gold Chairs, 4000 gp each; 5 Gold Candle Sconces, 750 gp each; Gold and Silk Reading Chair – 2600 gp; 13500 gp worth of silks, carpets, and draperies; Pure Gold Coffin Lid, 1100 pounds, 55,000 gp value; 12 great clay jars, unique spices, 50,000 gp each;
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Alzar's Library:

50000 GP Spell and Use Library
3 books on golems and repair – 500 gold.
Manual of Summoning Familiars – When read in its entirety just before casting Find Familiar or a similar spell, three possible familiars will arrive and spellcasters can choose which one they want.
The Anatomy of the Harginn (The Fire Elemental Grue) worth 500 gp and tell how to summon, and what they do, etc.
Four texts on Elemental Water, Evil – 250 gp each
Seven Tomes on Secret Rituals of Water Evil of various sorts.
Two Books of Magic; Three Books on Spell Research into Commanding Undead
5 books on summoning and binding of demons
Book on the Soul Gem
Lament for Lost Tharizdun – 33,000 gp
Book of the Gate – Firestorm Peak
The Fivefold Path to Power
One bookshelf of tomes on becoming a lich, controlling undead, diseases and curing
Treasures of Thorasia
3 Rows of Bigby’s Bookshelves: Magical Theory, Spellmaking, Enchanting, Science, Astrology.
Illustrated Hamedh Bestiary (250 gp)
Creation of the Shade
Book of the Coming
Neconilis’s Book of Horrors

315 books from Alinor, Pandius, Restored - They are historical, contemporary historical, and magical treatises.
36k Library used for Return to Alzar spell research
History of the Badlands Tribes
Encyclopedia of Local Plants

Meteorological Phenomena of Hamedh (75 gp)
Tribal History of this Duergar Clan
Three books of magical history
Book on history of tower and residents
11 books on the nature of demi-humans – 250 gp
100 Books from Bone Hill Study
1000 gp library of 300 general purpose books from Dungeon in Desert
6 Books on Worship of Nabilah
18400 GP of works on spell research for Scrollmend, Bookcopy, Bookfind and other book/scroll spells
5000 gp research library from Nadir’s Tower
Complete Leather-Bound 10 Volume Set of writings of Japheth Arcane (5000 gp set)
1000 gold worth of texts from Tower in Rahasia
3 books on golems and repair – 500 gold.
5000 gold in books on summoning and conjuring.
10 alchemy texts, 1000 gp value.
15,000 gp specialized summoning and conjuring texts
2500 gold Gingwatzim information, and the five books and two manuscripts that show it.
1000 gold, 12 books, info on making portals
3000 necromantic tomes for research
Ye Secret of Ye Philosopher’s Stone – 500 gold
Concerning Mesmerism and Lists of Effects – 50 gold; The Magical Properties of Gemstones – 150; The Magical Properties of Herbs and Flowers – 150; The Metaphysics of Mathematics – 150;
Principles of Navigation and Legal Distinction in Letters of Marque
– 10 gold
Cenozoic Glacial Geology, - 50 gold;The Art of Coarse Angling – 75 gp;
History of The Gauntlet and The Sentinel – 250 gold
200 tomes, 12000 gp – value of books in generic mage research for spells and other mage stuff.
1500 gp worth of alchemical books
Tome – 500 gp Detailing sacrifice of humans to earth elementals for various effects.
Treatise on the nature of a flesh golem (not its construction)
5 books on anatomy of various monsters
8 books on Magical Lore
25 volumes on Battle tactics and strategies in various wars and sieges
100 magic research tomes
1786 texts - Shrine of Kuo-Toa, on religion, water, history, and various UnderDeep cultures. 150,000 gp
18 high quality religious texts on Sea Mother, 2500 gp total
358 Titles on Alien Theory, Gates, Teleporting, Magical and Normal Creatures, Various Theories
25000 gp on Books on herbalism, poisons, and magic item construction.
46 books on anatomies of various creatures.
320 books on history of Thorasia
2500 gold in making items such as Scarabs
301 Uncommon to rare books on general knowledge topics
4 books on summoning and controlled Spectators
220 Books on Beholders, Magic, and Research on Spells without requiring Somatic/Material Components
442 Books from Beholder Library – General Topics
Detailed Notebook on making a Dwarf Crusher Golem
4 Books that relate, in detail, how to make Spellcache Rings of various sorts
How to Make a Thunderpot in Four Easy Steps
6 Books on making various potions, Climbing, Giant Strength, Healing, Heroism, and Gaseous Form
467 Arcane Texts
33 Books on Dwarven Lore
Book on Axe of the Dwarvish Lords; Friar Hyckum’s shocking tale, Dragons of Depravity, worth 1000 gp
Theology Texts from Temple of the Frog – 6 shelves and 72 additional books
232 Light Reading Books, 1st Floor Temple of the Frog
4 lined shelves of Cult of the Frog secrets, including how to make items, spells, and frog people.
655 books on general history, culture, and nature of various Hollow World societies and organizations
Everything You Need to Know About Black Dragons and their Eggs
How to Make an Acid Breath Potion in 12 Easy Steps

Rare Book - Traladarin History: King Halav’s Early Life and Battles - 750 gp
152 Books on History of Serraine, Nagpa, Pandius
12000 gp Necromantic and Anatomy Library
Other Planar Works, 2000 gp
Info on How to Make Obsidian Golem
Corporeal Animation & Secrets of Ye Necromancie
16 Rare tomes on Necromancy
42 Rare tomes on Hybrid and Mutant Monsters
10000 gp Library of Arcanology and other Magics
How to Make, Use, and Enjoy Your Own Warp Marble
107 texts in druidic runes on nature, animals, plants, and earth
True Names on 1 Pit Fiend and 5 major devils
149 Tomes of Stories and Myths of the Cloud Giants
From the Long Dark - History of the Ba’atun, as penned in their language by Yesorkh
Book - How to Make Winged and Frozen Owlbears
4 books on the Skyfish – repair, creation, control, and such
655 books on arcane lore, spellcraft, creation of items, and such from Ice Tower
254 books on Ice Lore specifically – ice creatures, the Para Elemental Plane of Ice, magic items of ice, and more.
Notes on the Accelerated Growth of Local Herbs; Tome of the Tubers; On Insects and Their control; The Gentleman Farmer; Modern Alchemical Fertilizer Techniques; Husbandry Basics; Advanced Chicken Keeping; Guide to All Things Green
127 Ice Queen Books – Making Ice Undead, Improving their Power ,and More
Prophecies of Phaistos – Discusses Scepter and other Milenian artifacts of value and how to destroy them
Clanbooks of the Doomgrinder Derro – Include research on the Doomgrinder, spells for Derro savants to learn, information on Derro secrets and more. All of the spells from levels 1-5 (In the PHB) are here.
72 Books on Arcane Theory
1 Book written in Infra Ink – Maps and Battle Plans for Armies Long Ago
6 Books Described War Machines, War Wagons, and unusual siege equipment
3 Very Rare Holy Books Describing Secret Rituals of Entropic Immortal Practices.
39 Books on Various Religions.
Library of a small group of Atzantoetl Priests – 122 tomes
122 Books of Derro lore
6 books - Rare Teachings of Ravinourous, 6500 gp value
Shelf of Rust-Red books on Entropy
Teaching of Faith, Religion, and Deep Mysteries – Book Case of 139 books
66 books, Generic Treatises on Labs, Chemistry, Alchemy, and more.
22 books on various poisons local and planar
100 minor books from the College of Wizardry
75 black-bound volumes of atlases of every known dungeon, places, city, castles, and more.
25 rare books on summoning and conjuration used in the dungeon arena.
121 specialist books on divination
1500 Sage books from dungeon library
7 book set on the full History and Worship of Loup
142 books on various faiths worth 25,000 gp
996 volumes on linguistic history, writing, calligraphy, runes, and language. These tomes are detailed enough to give the reader a Sage Knowledge: Linguistics specialty if they were all known.
167 Assorted books from Thorasia
188 Assorted books from Hamedh
1222 Books from Vala, Alzar's former apprentice
500 books from Lion’s Castle
325 Books from Tower of Heavens on Astrology, Astronomy, Numerology, and Stars and Heavens
4500 tomes on making magical Items
3500 tomes on other planes
An entire library of 3250 books on theory, practice, and possibilities for making every single construct known.
Zagthrane’s Guide to Removing Level Caps
A full shelf of 600 books on the truenames of various demons, devils, demodands, daemons, hordlings, and more.
2500 Bestiaries of countless animals, monsters, and creatures, including many from other planes
Critter Bits and Magic Recipes – A 5 volume set of books on how to use, harness, and value the bits and pieces of slain monsters, from dragon scales to ankheg shells to cave fisher filament.
Lost Khaibar Books, 3344
General Knowledge Khaibar Books, 1250
Books on The Demiplane of Shadow, Shadow Magic and Shadow Creatures, 500
General Books from Arjuna and Neconalis, 2555
General Books from Hamedh, 3322
Lyzandred's Evocation Library - Theory & Practice, 4500
Lyzandred's Illusion Library, Practice and Theory, 5500
Lyzandred's General Purpose Library, 10000
Tomes of Sage Lore Fungus, 722
Killjoy Library Books, 444
Secret Tomes on Cloning, 4
Spatterdock Library, 433
Nightfear Library books, 466
Scrolls and maps of Thorasia, 135
Library from Tower of Light, 2500
Books on Military Science,51
Books on Elven Astronomy and Astrology, After reading them and taking them in, user would gain Sage Knowledge: Astrology, 744
Books from the Library Tree wihout Elven Secrets,155000
Dřkkálfar General Books,3500
Thorasian Underdark Books,4247
Demonic Lore,666
Crafting and Making Golems, 350
Charming: How to, theory, and use,350

Diaries, Journals, Notes, etc

3 volumes of Coiger’s journals
Diary of the High Priest of Atzantoetl
Diary of Helthrax; Amthorn’s Diary
Notes on Becoming a Frost Lich, Notes on the Ljallenvals by the Ice Queen
Surrisk’s notes on undead, necromancy, and a spell Undead Familiar
Notes on Summoning Hordlings, and 4 Truenames given to Summon
Notes on how to Animate Dead a monster and keep it’s spells
2000 gold worth of Castanamir’s own personal journals.
Scrolls, Maps, Journals, War Plans from Tomb of Amhara,
Yaghoub’s Journal, Diary - Alinor, Prince of Alphia
Diary of the Wizard, Zelligar

Magical Tomes:

Tome of Clear Thought; Tome of Understanding; Manual of Puissant Skill at Arms; Libram of Teleportation Arches; Libram of Gainful Conjuration; Tome of Clear Thought; Grim Grimoire; Manual of Ineffable Damnation, Tome of Understanding; Libram of Gainful Conjuration; Book of Infinite Spells; Libram of Silver Magic; Manual of Gainful Exercise; Manual of Puissant Skill at Arms; Manual of Golemsx2; Tome of Clear Thought, Manual of Burning Golems
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Castanamir’s Evil Books:

1st Level: Charm Person, Hypnotism, Friends, Magic Missile, Nystul’s Magical Aura, Protection from Good, Sleep, Spook, Corpselight, Dance Macabre, Reflected Image, Spoil Holy Water, Wandbane

2nd Level: Darkness, 15’ Radius, Deafness, ESP, Fools’ Gold, Irritation, Ray of Enfeeblement, Stinking Cloud, Tasha’s Uncontrollable Hideous Laughter, Choke, Dark Mirror, Empathic Control, Ghost Pipes,
Castanamir’s Magic Missile Reflection, Undead Mount, Wall of Gloom

3rd Level: Feign Death, Haste, Improved Magic Missile, Protection from Good, 10’ Radius, Suggestion, Vampiric Touch, Curse Tablet, Dire Charm, Minor Malison, Mummy Touch, Skulltrap, Watery Double,
Whip of Pain

4th Level: Contagion, Enervation, Fear, Phantasmal Killer, Bestow Curse, Delayed Magic Missile, Putrefaction, Ray of Oblivion, Rain of Terror, Greater Malison, Merald’s Murderous Mist, Disfigure

5th Level: Animate Dead, Avoidance, Cloudkill, Domination, Magic Jar, Deathmaster’s Vial, Eyefire, Fiendform, Nystul’s Enveloping Darkness, Persona of Death, Vile Venom, Xult’s Magical Doom

6th Level: Death Fog, Ensnarement, Geas, Mislead, Programmed Illusion, Flesh to Stone, Curse of Lycanthropy, Gauntlet of Teeth, Otiluke’s Excruciating Screen, Seizure, Spell Mirror

7th Level: Acid Storm, Amorphous Blob, Blood link, Consume Knowledge, Create Crypt Thing, Finger of Death, Otiluke’s Death Screen, Spell Turning, Torment, Vanish, Wandweird

8th Level: Abi-Dalzim’s Horrid Wilting, Bone Blade, Brain Spider, Demand, Heart of Stone, Mass Charm, Maze, Otto’s Irresistible Dance, Trap the Soul, X-Ray Vision

9th Level: Absorption, Blade in the Soul, Energy Drain, Estate Transference, Imprisonment, Mass Domination, Mordenkainen’s Disjunction, Programmed Amnesia, Weird

Castanamir’s Enchantment Books:

Book 1 – Basics – Permanency 8th, Enchant an Item 6th, Analyze Dweomer 8th, Enchanted Weapon 4th, Recharge 6th, Steal Enchantment 7th

Book 2 – Advanced Item Making – Obar’s Lesser Purification (4th), Merald’s Meld (4th), Eternal Flame, (5th), Veladar’s Vambrace (5th), Crown Meld (6th), Wondrous Web (6th), Awakening (7th)

College of Wizardry Levels 8 & 9

Demonomicon of Iggwilv:

Banishment 7th, Binding 8th, Dismissal 5th, Dolor 5th, Ensnarement 6th, Torment 7th, Gate 9th, Cacofiend, 7th; Power Word, Banishment 9th, Spiritwrack 6th

Xaene’s Spellbook

1st – Affect Normal Fires, Charm Person, Comprehend Languages, Find Familiar, Grease, Identify, Magic Missile, Read Magic, Write
2nd – Continual Light, Darkness 15’, ESP, Invisibility, Levitate, Melf’s Acid Arrow, Shatter, Vocalize, Web
3rd – Clairvoyance, Dispel Magic, Explosive Runes, Flame Arrow, Hold Person, Material, Melf’s Minute Meteors, Phantasmal Force, Wind Wall
4th – Dimension Door, Fear, Fire Shield, Ice Storm, Magic Mirror, Polymorph Other, Wall of Ice, Wizard Eye
5th – Animate Dead, Conjure Fire Elemental, Dismissal, Dolor, Hold Monster, Sending, Teleport, Wall of Force
6th – Bigby’s Forceful Hand, Control Weather, Enchant an Item, Glassee, Globe of Invulnerability, Guards and Wards, Legend Lore, Repulsion
7th – Banishment, Drawmij’s Instant Summons, Limited Wish, Mass Invisibility, Phase Door, Reverse Gravity, Torment, Vanish
8th – Bigby’s Clenched Fist, Binding, Glassteel, Incendiary Cloud, Mind Blank, Permanency, Polymorph Any Object, Symbol, Xaene’s Mighty Chilblains

The Tome of the Unusual:

Aganazzar’s Scorcher, Odeen’s Magic Cloud, Vipergout, Ray of Fatigue, Paralyzation, Dispel Illusion, Acid Bolt, Gullship, Andrui’s Baneful Backfire

Bigby’s Great Tome

Bigby’s Bookworm Bane, Bigby’s Feeling Fingers, Bigby’s Dextrous Digits, Bigby’s Silencing Hand, Bigby’s Pugnacious Pugilist, Bigby’s Battering Gauntlet, Bigby’s Construction Crew, Bigby’s Force Sculpture, Bigby’s Fantastic Forces, Bigby’s Interposing Hand, Bigby’s Strangling Grip, Bigby’s Superior Force Sculpture, Bigby’s Besieging Bolt, Bigby’s Forceful Hand, Bigby’s Grasping Hand, Bigby’s Clenched Fist, Bigby’s Most Excellent Force Structure, Bigby’s Crushing Hand

Evocation Tome of Beginners
– All common 1st level evocation spells

Standard Spellbook – Feather Fall, Hypnosis, Sleep, Spook, Magic Mouth, Shatter, Dispel Magic

Sussick’s Spellbook: Magic Missile, Chill Touch, Spook, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Detect Undead, Cantrip, Wall of Fog, Find Familiar, Light, Tensor’s Floating Disc, Continual Light, Flaming Sphere, Death Armor, Hold Person, Levitate, Locate Object, Spectral Hand, Bind, Dispel Magic, Hold Undead, Item, Dig, Undead Familiar

Piyarz’s Book – Detect Magic, Find Familiar, Light, Magic Missile, Read Magic, Sleep, Baltar’s Lightening, Magic Mouth, Locate Object, Tongues, Rary’s Mnemonic Enhancer

Lurg’s Book
– Detect Illusion, Detect Magic, Emrikol’s Question, Identify, Phantasmal Force, Read Magic, Wizard Mark, Non-Detection, Illusionary Script

Porro’s Book – Change Self, Color Spray, Dancing Lights, Find Familiar, Detect Magic, Identify, Light, Read Magic, Wizard Mark, Hypnotic Pattern, Misdirection, Knock

Cipolla’s Book – Detect Magic, Read Magic, Sand Jambiya, Tensor’s Floating Disk, Wall of Fog, Invisibility, Ventriloquism

Spellbook destroyed by rat, just one spell left – Levitate (remnants of book were procured and owned)

Neconolis Spellbook:

1st level – Alarm, Burning Hands, Detect Magic, Detect Undead, Friends, Jump, Magic Missile, Protection from Good, Read Magic, Spook
2nd Level – Deafness, Detect Good, Ghoul Touch, Magic Mouth, Whispering Wind, Wizard Lock
3rd Level – Bewilder, Explosive Runes, Hold Undead, Non-Detection, Secret Page
4th Level – Curse, Emotion, Enchant Weapon
5th Level – Animate Dead, Summon Shadow
6th Level – Summon Least Yugoloth

Telvar’s Spellbook

1st Level – Cloud Ladder, Charm Person, Detect Magic, Magic Missile, Protection from Good, Read Magic, Identify, Sleep, Shocking Grasp
2nd Level – Darkness, 15’ Radius; ESP, Flying Fist, Invisibility, Levitate, Detect Invisibility, Magic Mouth, Wizard Lock
3rd Level – Dispel Magic, Fireball, Fly, Protection from Normal Missiles, Feign Death, Monster Summoning I, Leomund’s Tiny Hut, Scintillating Sphere
4th – Rary’s Mnemonic Enhancer, Wizard Eye

Crescent Witch Spellbook:

1st – Run, Burning Hands, Charm Person, Read Magic, Detect Magic, Identify, Charm Person, Shocking Grasp
2nd – Invisibility, Stinking Cloud, Darkness 15’ Radius, Baltar’s Lightening, Knock
3rd – Genie Contract, Protection from Good, 10’ Radius, Lightning Bolt, Dispel Magic
4th – Evard’s Black Tentacles, Unburn

Dervill’s Spellbook – Read Magic, Identify, Detect Magic, Wizard Mark, Hold Portal, Magic Missile, Chromatic Orb, Featherfall, Web, Detect Invisibility, Misdirection, Audible Glamer, Haste, Protection from Normal Missiles, Dispel Magic, Nondetection, Item, Suggestion, Polymorph other, Wizard Eye, Daltim’s Flaming Fist, Teleport, Desert Fist

Nadir’s Spellbook –

1st - Read Magic, Identify, Wizard Mark, Detect Magic, Change Self, Comprehend Languages, Magic Missile, Shield, Erase, Conjure Spell Component
2nd – Melf’s Acid Arrow, Summon Swarm, Ray of Enfeeblement, Invisibility, Wizard Lock, Knock, Vocalize
3rd – Teleport Object, Dispel Magic, Fly, Lightning Bolt, Sepia Snake Sigil, Hover
4th - Fire Trap, Dimension Door ,Ice Storm, Stoneskin, Minor Globe of Invulnerability, Phantasmal Killer, Leomund;s Secure Shelter
5th – Cone of Cold, Mordenkainen’s Faithful Hound, Shadow Door, Teleport, Transmute Rock to Mud, Waves of Sand
6th – Antimagic Shell, Chain Lightning, Death Spell, Disintegrate, Globe of Invulnerability, Stone to Flesh
7th – Finger of Death, Prismatic Spray, Teleport without Error, Negative Plane Protection

Transmuter’s Spellbook :

1st: Burning Hands, Fist of Stone, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Identify, Cantrip, Color Spray
2nd: Strength, Shatter, Wizard Lock, Knock, Bonewood, Melf’s Acid Arrow
3rd: Dispel Magic, Lightning Bolt, Blink, Explosive Runes, Haste, Fly
4th: Wizard Eye, Stoneskin, Polymorph Self, Dimension Door
5th: Passwall, Teleport, Farscry, Feeblemind
6th: Teleport Other, Disintegrate, True Seeing
7th: Teleport Without Error, Phase Door, Power Word Stun

Anderia’s Spellbook:

1st - Burning Hands, Chill Touch, Identify, Enlarge, Nystul’s Magic Aura, Shield, Taunt, Pro. from Good, Melt,
2nd – Melf’s Acid Arrow, Invisibility, Detect Invisibility, Ray of Enfeeblement, Tasha’s…Laughter, Infravision, Mirror Image, Blindness
3rd – Explosive Runes, Dispel Magic, Fly, Slow, Vampiric Touch,
4th – Life Bolt, Enervation, Charm Monster, Confusion, Minor Globe of Invulnerability
5th – Wall of Force, Demishadow Monsters

Wazor’s Spellbook

1st Level – Magic Missile, Chromatic Orb, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Identify, Burning Hands
2nd Level – Invisibility, Detect Invisible, Flaming Sphere, Tasha’s….Laughter, Forget
3rd – Fly, Fireball, Flame Arrow, Dispel Magic, Item
4th – Charm Monster, Fire Trap, Massmorph, Polymorph Other, Polymorph Self
5th – Transmute Water to Dust, Hold Monster, Dolor, Improved Blink
6th – Anti-Magic Shell, Enchant and Item, Stone to Flesh, Globe of Invulnerability
7th – Phase Door, Statue, Teleport Without Error, Dragon Breath
8th – Major Globe of Invulnerability, Permanency, Incendiary Cloud
9th – Wish, Meteor Swarm, Gate, Wail of the Banshee

Neroth’s Spellbook

1st – Magic Missile, Sleep, Read Magic, Detect Magic, Charm Person, Protection from Evil, Wizard Mark, Ray of Fatigue
2nd – Pyrotechnics, Invisible, Melf’s Acid Arrow, Levitate, Web, Improved Phantasmal Force
3rd – Dispel Magic, Protection from Evil, 10’ Radius; Haste, Fly, Lightning Bolt, Dire Charm
4th – Ice Storm, Phantasmal Killer, Remove Curse, Confusion, Wizard Eye
5th – Conjure Fire Elemental, Telekinesis, Teleport, Passwall, Wall of Stone
6th – Disintegrate, Invisible Stalker, Legend Lore, Claws of the Umber Hulk
7th – Statue, Power Word Stun, Vision, Mass Invisibility

Serge’s Spellbook

1st – Magic Missile, Read Magic, Detect Magic, Charm Person, Protection from Evil, Light, Burning Hands, Charm Person
2nd – Detect Invisible, Melf’s Acid Arrow, Levitate, Web, Continual Light,
3rd – Dispel Magic, Hold Person, Lightning Bolt, Vampiric Touch, Haste, Hold Undead
4th – Confusion, Wall of Fire, Hold Monster, Acid Bolt, Shout
5th – Telekinesis, Teleport, Dissolve, Cloudkill, Summon Shadow, Cone of Cold
6th – Disintegrate, Projected Image, Death Spell, Dimensional Blade
7th – Planar Door, Spell Turning, Limited Wish
8th – Power Word Blind, Incendiary Cloud

Felmot the Invoker’s Spellbook

1st – Detect Magic, Read Magic, Identify, Magic Missile, Chromatic Orb, Shield, Tenser’s Floating Disk, Wall of Fog
2nd – Flaming Sphere, Stinking Cloud, Web, Flying Fist, Know Alignment
3rd – Lightning Bolt, Melf’s Minute Meteors, Dispel Magic, Delude, Invisible Mail
4th – Ice Storm, Wall of Fire, Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere, Delayed Magic Missile
5th – Cone of Cold, Cloudkill, Wall of Force,

Zerixith’s Spellbook

1st – Hold Portal, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Feather Fall, Magic Missile, Phantasmal Force,
2nd – Blindness, Knock
3rd – Hold Person, Hold Undead
4th – Polymorph Self, Instruct Spectator, Dimension Door

Khuxristul’s Spellbook

1st - Detect Magic, Read Magic, Hold Portal, Magic Missile,
2nd – Detect Invisibility, Darkness 15’ Radius, Knock
3rd – Protection from Normal Missiles
4th – Dimension Door, Extension I
5th – Wall of Blackstone, Contact other Plane, Wall of Force, Extension II
6th - Extension III, Geas

Naera’s Spellbook: Magic Missile, Read Magic, Detect Magic, Mirror Image, Web, Haste

Splecters’s Conjurations, Masteries, and Summonings:

Protection from Evil, Detect Invisible, Web, Infravision, Water Breathing, Charm Monster, Control Bats, Plant Growth, Polymorph Other, Conjure Air Elemental, Control Gargoyles, Hold Monster, Invisible Stalker, Monster Summoning IV.

Najirit’s Tome of Wonders:

Warning Trumpet, Wizard Eye, Teleport, Detect Magic, Ventriloquism, Hold Portal, Charm Portal, Detect Magic, Detect Invisible, ESP, Clairvoyance, Phantasmal Force, Improved Phantasmal Force, Haste, Dispel Magic

Phenalon’s Phantasmagorica

Symbol of Spell Loss, Entrap; Legend Lore, Phantasmal Force, Improved Phantasmal Force, Phantasmal Killer, Shadow Creatures, Hallucinatory Terrain, Projected Image, Change Self, Invisibility, Audible Glamour, Dancing Lights, Unseen Servant

Asztellor’s Book of Deadly Spells

Animate Dead, Animate Dead Animals, Undead Mount, Summon Shadows, Ghoul Touch, Lich Touch, Vampiric Touch, Mummy Touch, Energy Drain, Spectral Hand

The Book of Dolzhabban “The Dread”

Magic Missile, Fire Ball, Stone Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Burning Hands, Cone of Cold, Melf’s Minute Meteor’s, Flaming Sphere, Flame Arrow, Melf’s Acid Arrow

Tairdo’s Spellbook:

1st Level – Magic Missile, Cantrip, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Identify, Burning Hands, Find Familiar, Feather Fall, Grease, Taunt, Nystul’s Magic Aura
2nd Level – Invisibility, Detect Invisible, Summon Swarm, Mirror Image, Melf’s Acid Arrow, Glitterdust, Knock,
3rd – Fly, Fireball, Flame Arrow, Dispel Magic, Non-Detection, Monster Summoning I
4th – Charm Monster, Fire Trap, Massmorph, Polymorph Other, Polymorph Self, Stoneskin, Monster Summoning II
5th –Hold Monster, Demi-Shadow Monsters, Mordenkainen’s Faithful Hound, Leomund’s Lamentable Belaborment, Teleport, Monster Summoning III
6th – Anti-Magic Shell, Ensnarement, Enchant an Item, Stone to Flesh, Invisible Stalker, Project Image, Monster Summoning IV
7th – Phase Door, Simulacrum, Teleport Without Error, Spell Turning, Drawmij’s Instant Summons, Limited Wish,
8th – Power Word Blind, Permanency, Monster Summoning VI
9th – Astral Spell, Monster Summoning VII, Power Word, Kill, Mordenkainen’s Disjunction.

Eyes, Vision, and Arcane Sight:
Infravision, Wizard Eye, Clairvoyance, Blindness, Deafness, Vision, Blur, Eyebite

Glandar’s Grimoire:
Flesh to Stone, Finger of Death, Disintegrate, Fellblade, Melisander’s Harp, Disruption, Immunity to Undeath

Spayle’s Book of Spellbook Spells – Animate Drawing, Copy, Erase, Organize Spellbook, Protection from Bookworms, Protection from Liquids, Read Magic, Ink Transfer, Explosive Runes, Illusionary Script, Ink Luminance, Secret Page, Sepia Snake Sigil, Fire Trap, Avoidance, Damage Link, Leomund’s Secret Chest, Spayle’s Pocket Spellbook, Temporal Corridor, Symbol

Tarras’s spellbook:

Magic Missile, Charm Person, Read/Detect Magic, Pro Evil, Mirror Image, Dispel Magic, Fly, Polymorph Object, Melf’s Acid Arrow, Cone of Cold, Monster Summoning I, Detect Invisibility, Protection from Good, 10’ Radius, Chill Touch, Icelance

Heydrech’s Traveling Spellbook:

Magic Missile, Burning Hands, Charm Person, Read/Detect Magic, Pro Evil, Mirror Image, Dispel Magic, Fly, Polymorph Object, Melf’s Acid Arrow, Pro Evil 10’ Radius, Animate Dead, Polymorph Other, Polymorph Self, Teleport Object, Flaming Sphere, Glitterdust

Kevel’s Main Spellbook:

Magic Missile, Charm Person, Read/Detect Magic, Pro Evil, Mirror Image, Dispel Magic, Fly, Polymorph Object, Melf’s Acid Arrow, Pro Evil 10’ Radius, Animate Dead, Polymorph Other, Disintegrate, Detect Invisibility, ESP, Haste, Protection from Normal Missiles, Shield, Power Word: Stun, Feeblemind, Hold Person, Anti-Magic Shell, Pierce Magic, Demi-Shadow Monsters, Ghoul Touch

Kevel’s Necromantic Tome:

Animate Dead Animals, Preserve Dead, Undead Servant, Undead Mount, Bone Knit, Animate Dead, Animate Dead Monster, Death Spell, Teleport Dead, Finger of Death,

Kevel’s Book of Life Shifting:

1st, 2nd - Embalm, 5th - Graft Flesh, Magic Jar, Nulathoe’s Ninemen, 6th - Graft, 7th - Bloodstone’s Frightful Joining, 8th - Clone, Enhance, Life Force Transfer, 9th - Life Force Exchange, Lifeblend, Trap the Soul

Yesorkhs 2 spellbooks:

1st – Read/Detect Magic, Identify, Mount, Protection from Evil, Armor, Sleep, Ventriloquism, Conjure Spell Component, Chromatic Orb,
2nd – ESP, Web, Wizard Lock, Knock, Tasha’s Hideous Un…Laughter, Protection from Paralysis, Scare, Invisibility
3rd – Dispel Magic, Gust of Wind, Lightning Bolt, Strength
4th – Ice Storm, Wall of Ice, Dimension Door, Wizard Eye, Polymorph Self, Rary’s Mnemonic Enhancer, Improved Invisibility, Illusionary Wall
5th Domination, Animate Dead, Hold Monster, Monster Summoning III, Magic Jar, Teleport, Cone of Cold

Influence on Solid Corpus –

Fool’s Gold, Transmute Rock to Mud, Transmute Bone to Steel, Fabricate, Item, Plant Growth, Animal Growth, Shape Change

Bricks of the Spiritual Fortification

Wind Wall, Wall of Evil, Wall of Fire, Wall of Ice, Wall of Force, Wall of Stone, Prismatic Wall, Wall of Iron, Wall of Sand, Wall of Water, Wall of Fog, Wall of Bone

Ice Queen’s SpellBook –

1st - Snilloc’s Snowball 2nd – Icelia’s Magical Aura, Snilloc’s Snowball Swarm, Frostfire, 3rd – Protection from Cold, Icelance 4th - Bands of Ice, Hailcone; 6th – Conjure Ice Para-Elemental, Invisible Stalker, 7th – Summon Ice Mephits, 8th Conjure Greater Ice Para-Elemental;

Four Keraptis Clone Spellbooks:

1 - Magic Missile, Shocking Grasp, Detect Magic, Read Magic, 2 - Melf’s Acid Arrow, ESP, Detect Iniv, Invisibility, 3 – Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Melf’s Minute Meteors, Flame Arrow, Dispel Magic, Haste, 4 – Ice Storm, Confusion, Enervation, 5 – Cone of Cold, Chaos, Teleport, 6 – Contact other Plane, Disintegrate, 7 – Delaying Blast Fireball, Prismatic Spray, Teleport without Error, 8 - Clone

Scribes and Runes:

Read Magic, Wizard Mark, Detect Magic, Copy, Explosive Runes, Symbol, Write, Glyph of Warding

Meritol’s Meritful Magic:

Magic Missile, Melf’s Acid Arrow, Fire Ball, Ice Storm, Cone of Cold, Teleport, Delayed Blast Fireball, Power Word Stun, Meteor Swarm

Arresting Arcanabula

Power Word Stun, Hold Person, Ghoul Touch, Hold Monster, Paralyze, Temporal Stasis, Imprisonment, Hold Undead, Hold Golem, Seizure

Zara's Spellbook: 1st Level – Magic Missile, Cantrip, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Identify, Burning Hands, Find Familiar, Feather Fall, Grease, Mount; 2nd Level – Invisibility, Detect Invisible, Summon Swarm, Mirror Image, Melf’s Acid Arrow, Knock; 3rd – Fly, Fireball, Flame Arrow, Dispel Magic, Lightning Bolt, Monster Summoning I; 4th – Charm Monster, Fire Shield, Massmorph, Polymorph Other, Polymorph Self, Stoneskin, Monster Summoning II; 5th –Hold Monster, Demi-Shadow Monsters, Ice Storm, Teleport, Monster Summoning III; 6th – Anti-Magic Shell, Ensnarement, Enchant an Item, Stone to Flesh, Invisible Stalker, Project Image, Monster Summoning IV, Conjure Earth Elemental; 7th – Phase Door, Simulacrum, Teleport Without Error, Spell Turning, Limited Wish, Monster Summoning V; 8th – Power Word Blind, Permanency, Monster Summoning VI, Maze; 9th – Wish, Monster Summoning VII, Power Word, Kill, Mordenkainen’s Disjunction, Strip Resistance

Undead Control:

Animate Dead, Control Undead, Hold Undead, Protection from Undead, Animate Dead Animals, Undead Familiar, Animate Dead Monster

Artisan Arcanabula:

Wizard Mark, Read Magic, Write, Copy, Tasha;s Uncontrollable Hideous Laughter, Otto's Irresistible Dance, Otto's Soothing Tones, Dancing Lights, Audible Glamer, Special Effects, Semi-Permanency, Permanency

Adriann's Aerielle:

Cloud Ladder, Conjure Air Elemental, Conjure Greater Air Elemental, Airy Water, Air Walk, Wind Wall, Gust of Wind, Wall of Air,

Empyrean of Ei:

Charm Monster, Charm Person, Mass Charm, Virus Charm, Dire Charm, Control Undead, Power Word, Stun, Power Word Kill, Power Word Blind, Wish, Limited Wish

Wondrous Stonebane:

Transmute Bone to Steel, Transmute Rock to Mud, Dig, Wall of Stone, Passwall, Move Earth, Claws of the Umber Hulk
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86,000 gp lab generally
12,000 Necromantic and Hybriding Equipment
Thunderpot Making Equipment
Alchemical Equipment – Makes Climbing, Giant Strength, Healing, Heroism, and Gaseous Form Potions.
Sand Grinding Equipment for Hourglass of Impossibility
Clone making equipment
Elixir of Immortality making equipment


Face of Xenous

Summon one of each elemental, 16 hd, no control, once/week; Cone of Cold, Telekinetic Gaze, 1000 coins, 2/day; Flesh to Stone, Web 1/day; Color Spray, Darkness, 15’, 3/day; Comprehend Languages at will - Fires in 60’ extinguished and temperature drops 20 degrees when power used. When non-evil touches it take 4d4 damage and ages 1d4 years. INT 25, EGO 25, turn to CE if dominated.

Bright Barrier of the God-King Dargeshaad

Alignment – Lawful

Large circular shield

Major Power: Purge – Drain 2 levels of HD from all non-lawful who can see it 3/day
Minor Power: +2 Shield, wielder can hold shield and cast spells simultaneously. Deliver Shield Punch attack for 1d8+2 damage.
Cast Command at will; Detect Lie 3/day
Dangers: Wielder ages 1d10 months any time activating major power is used. Major power also pushes user more and more towards and stricter and stricter alignment. Chance Dargeshaad will inhabit user if major power used.

Shadow Belt, Greater Artifact of Orcus

Power Points – 500
Abilities – Mass Charm (75), Lightning Bolt (50), Clairvoyance (25), Levitate (10), Immunity (100).

When touched and a command word given, a small skullcap appears, and can be placed on any willing or charmed wizard to draw power from, creating a tether. Up to 500 wizards can be so tethered.

Power Drain – When it is attached to wizards, for each wizard attached, it regains a PP each day/level of the victim. While attached, the wizards cannot take any action other than eating, drinking, or sleeping.

Any spells known by attached wizards can be cast by the wearer of the Shadow Belt, and 10/PP per/level of the spell can be cast via the Shadow Belt OR can be cast normally by the wearer. No spells cast by the Belt or the wearer of the Belt are subject to the normal spellcasting rules of the plane, thus, for example, on Pandius, while wearing this Belt, Alzar could cast more than one Chaos spell or Power Word Kill per day.

Each power, when used, takes up a PP and cannot be reused until the PPs are restored

While worn, the following happens: Alzar must make a madness check each day to see if he goes mad. Unlike other effects, this cannot be avoided with magic, although the save vs spells can be improved.

The user increases in size uncontrollably by 1 foot/week worn until 50’ tall, and this comes with pain as the body increases, and the user’s max hp is cut by 50% while wearing the Belt.

The Peaceful Periapt of Pax

The legendary Immortal peacemaker Pax once imbued her pacifying abilities into an alabaster dove as a passive defense against the forces of Entropy. A clever mortal discovered that it could be made into a mace head with serious damaging effects against mortal and immortal creatures aligned with the Sphere of Entropy. Because its presence is a serious threat to Entropy, it is rarely found and often mysteriously disappears before it can be put to best use

Description: The periapt appears as an unbreakable alabaster dove, about the size of a clenched fist threaded on a necklace of pearls. On one wing is a carving of a sun and on the other a crescent moon carving. The dove’s breast has been modified to accept a screwed-in shaft, such as the handle of a mace or maul handle.

Magnitude: Greater artifact

Power Limits: Al4, Bl3, Cl3, Dl4 Sphere: Thought (Thieves, air)
Artifact Powers (PP 285):

A2 Calm others 30
A2 Mass Charm 75
B2 Lore 70
B2 Truesight 40
D1 Cure wounds, serious* 25
D1 Cure wounds, critical* 35
*These powers are reversible, at a cost of 30 and 35 PP, respectively.

Activation: It is active when found.

Use of Powers: Any non-Chaotic creature who touches it immediately and magically knows all the names, details, and command words of all of its powers. The Periapt can be removed from its necklace and mounted on a mace or maul handle to become a mace + 3, + 5 us. Chaos. However, if the dove weapon is used against a creature of Chaos, it automatically uses the reverse of its cure wounds, serious power against the creature. If the weapon is used against a creature aligned with Death (such as an undead, a nightshade, or a Night Spider), the weapon automatically uses the reverse of its cure wounds, critical power. The user has no control over this.

Artifact Handicaps (3): 1. Alignment Change: When first used, the possessors’ alignment changes to the Lawful version of their alignment (Lawful Good, Neutral, Evil); if already Lawful, become more rigidly so and work more actively to defeat Chaos.

2. Armor Class Penalty: The armor class of the user is penalized by +2

3. Attitude or Behavior Change: The user becomes peaceful unless confronted by beings directly aligned against Law’s interests. The user seeks non-violent means to solve issues first and only attacks when defended.

Recharge – The Periapt can recharged either normally (2 PP/day) as well as all damage done in combat against those against Law’s interest. So if it deals 5 damage in combat against a demon, then 5 PP will be recharged

Protective Amulets allow a save made if they fail one and are destroyed

Level 1 – Charm Person
Level 2 – Forget
Level 3 - Suggestion
Level 4 – Polymorph Other
Level 5 – Domination
Level 6 – Flesh to Stone
Level 7 – Finger of Death
Level 8 – Maze
Level 9 - Power Word, Kill

Stored Spells:

Level 1 - Spoil Holy Water
Level 2 – Vocalize
Level 3 – Vampiric Touch
Level 4 - Minor Globe of Invulnerability
Level 5 – Magic Jar
Level 6 – Dřkkálfar Teleport
Level 7 – Teleport without Error
Level 8 – Maze
Level 9 – Time Stop
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Alzar's Magical Items

Potions - of Sweet Waterx2, Diminutionx7, Gaseous Formx9, Poisonx6, Telekinesis, Extra-Healingx8; Healingx15, Levitationx6, Spider Climbingsx6, ESPx3 Animal Control – Horses, Clairvoyancex3, Clairaudiencex4, Fire Resistancex3, Philter of Lovex3, Control Plantsx3, Neutralize Poison, Speedx11, Cure Disease, Water Breathingx4, Invisibilityx6; Invulnerabilityx5, Undead Controlx5 (Wight, Vampire, Ghoulx2), Heroismx7, Flyingx5, White, Silverx2, Greenx2, Blue Dragon Control; Oil of Etherealnessx2, Strengthx2, Treasure Findingx2, Human Controlx6, Growthx2, Animal Controlx4 Philter of Persuasivenessx2, Super-Heroismx4, Polymorph Selfx13, Titan Strengthx3, Agilityx4, Seeing, Fire Giant Controlx2, Freedomx4, Mammal Control, Fire Breathx4, Storm Giant Strengthx2, Oil of Slipperiness; Hill Giant Strengthx2; Plant Controlx2; Vitalityx3; Tonguesx3; Pursuit, Nutritionx3, Fish Control, Levitation; Cold Resistancex5; Lycanthrope Control; Infravisionx2, Fire Giant Strengthx2, Devil Control, Shielding, Clear Thought, Oil of Acid Resist; Oil of Disenchantment; 2 Jars Keoghtom's Ointment – 6 applications left; Ointment of Blessing, of Poison; Potion of Sustenancex3, Bug Repellant, Elemental Formx3, Blending, Agilityx3, Sightx2; 5x Ethereality; Super-Healingx2; Dreamspeechx3; Fortitudex4; Mergingx3; Ventriloquism; Oil of Slipperiness; Mind Control; Cold Breath; 11xAcid Breath; Oil of Earth Elemental Invulnerability; Oil of Fiery Burningx3; Frost Giant Strength; Longevity;


Wizard Scrolls
-, Tongues; Invisibility, 10’ Radius; Push; Haste; Fly; Gust of Wind; Minor Globe of Invulnerability; Invisibilityx2; Mass Invisibility, Illusionary Script, Shield, Light, Mirror Image, Spectral Hand, Continual Darkness, Shadow Door, Dig, Feign Death, Strength, Hold Person, Emotion, Dispel Magicx3, Monster Summoning III, Disintegrate, Death Spell, Maze, Death Spell, Symbol of Discord. Disintegrate, Remove Curse, Airy Water, Limited Wishx2, Mislead, Summon Swarm, Control Weather, Crystalbrittle, Energy Drain, Gate, Charm Plants, Knock, Pyrotechnics, Globe of Invulnerabilityx2, Stone to Fleshx4, Symbol, Write, Invisible Stalker, Passwall, Fire Trap, Push, ESP, Wizard Lock, Vocalize, Shape Change, Solid Fog, Guards and Wards, Water to Poison, Vampiric Touch, Ghoul Touch, Monster Summoning VI, Power Word Blind, Summon Shadow, Erase, Dispel Magicx3; Binding; Fire Shield, Dimension Door, Elonia’s Glamer, Dazzle, Transmute Mud to Rockx4; Time Stop; Teleport Without Error; Abjure; Gate, Astral Spell, Scroll of Disintegrate, Delayed Blast Fireball, Mordenkainen’s Disjunction, Polymorph Selfx3, Color Spray, Dispel Magicx3; Invisible Stalkerx5; Hold Portal; Tensor’s Floating Disc; Lower Water, Dissolve, Power Word, Stun, Legend Lore, Phase Door, Wall of Force, Prismatic Spray, Lightning Ring; Polymorph Other, Shapechange, Lower Water; Dispel Illusion, Remove Curse, Stone to Flesh, Dispel Magicx3, Vocalize, Permanency; Darkness, 15’ Radius;

Other Scroll of Spell Catching 1-6; Scroll of Portals; 2 Scrolls of Communication linked together; Scroll of Trapping; Scroll of Creation; Scroll of Mapping;

Cleric scroll –, Truth; Commune with Nature, Pass Plant, Hold Animal, Hold Plant, Plant Door, Word of Recall, Dispel Magic, Deafness, Blindness, Sticks to Snakes, Spike Stones, Turn Wood, Spiritual Hammer,

Protection from Cold, Undeadx2, Magicx2, Elementalsx4, Lycanthropesx3, Felines, Traps, Devils, Possessionx2, Nonmagical Weapons, Shapechangers; Dragons; Fire, Demons, Lycanthropes, Giantsx3
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Weapons and Armor -

+1 Pesh-kabzx2, Short Bowx2, Daggerx4, Gada, Club, Heavy Crossbow, Yataghan, Sling, Tulwar, Hatchet, Shamshir, Scimitar, Spear, Axex3, Footman’s Mace, Longswordx3; Staff, Short Sword, x3; +1 Changestaff (Takes the form of any weapon, always deals 1d6+1 damage); Trident; Warhmammerx2; Bone Knife; Scythe, Knife,
+2 Flail; Khanda; Macex6; Yataghan; Bastard Swordx2, Short Sword, Net, Longswordx4;Warhammerx2; Scimitarx3; Broadswordx2; Axex2; Quarterstaffx2; Daggerx3; Mining Pick, Scythe, Whip, Sickle, Trident
+3 Pesh-Kabz; Daggerx5; +3 Mace; Axe; 2 Handed Swordx2;
+4 Battle Axe; Broadsword; Short Swordx2; Bastard Sword; Lance
+5 Spear; Bastard Sword; Dagger

+4 Whip of Poison; +5 Long Sword, 2x damage vs good; +5 warhammer, 2x damage vs fighters;

+2 Mace, +4 vs undead; Mace, +1 vs Lawful, -1 vs Chaotic; Spear, +1, +2 vs Giants, +3 vs Orcs, Ogres ; Warhammer, +2, +4 vs Weapon-Using Opponents; Short Sword, +4, +6 vs giants; Sword of Chaos,+4, +6 vs Law, Levitate 3x day, Lawful characters that grab it to use it take 20 damage, neutral 10 damage;

+4 Dagger, Longtooth; +2 Dagger, Longtooth; Cold Sword; +3 Frostbrand Sword; Scimitar of Defending +4; Vorpal Yataghan; Pickaxe of Piercing; Hammer of Luck +2; Ptah’s Royal Flail - +3 Flail, acts as Mace of Disruption; Dagger of Venomx2; Sword of Deceiving +2; +2 Spear of Accuracy, +4 when thrown; Mattock of the Titans; +2 Longsword, casts Fly 1/day; Lance of Piercing; Trident of Fish Command - +3; +4 Sword of Dancing; Sickle of Venom +3 (Acts as Dagger of Venom);

+2 Trombash of Returning; +4 Sling of Seeking; +2 Crossbow of Speed, +2 Heavy Crossbow of Speed; Hasp of Reloading; +4 Short Bow, x7; +2 Long Bow; 10 Darts of Homing,

Gladius of Olynthos - +4, and can be activated to make a vampiric strike by will 3/day

Arrow of Giant Slaying; 7 Javelin of Lightning; Javelin of Piercing; 11 Darts of Wounding; 22 Bolts of Ice, +1 Bolt, deal 1d6 extra damage, 2x damage vs fire; 12 Stun Bolts; 2x Quarrels of Flying; +2 Javelin of Returning; +1 Arrowx20.; +4 arrowx4; Arrow of Disarming x4; Dart of the Hornet’s Nest; Dart of Death; +4 Arrows, +7 vs Weapon Using Foesx4; +4 Arrow of Dispellingx2; +4 Arrow of Climbing, x8; 15 Arrows of Fire,

+1 Shieldx5 ; +1 chainmail; +1 plate armorx4; +1 Splint Mail; +1 Helmet; Robes, PlateMail;
+2 Chainmailx2; +2 Leather Armorx2, Plate Mailx2; Shield x8; Giant-Sized Plate Mail;
+3 Shield; +3 Flying Shield; +3 banded mail x3; Chainmail (Goblin Sized); Studded Leather; Leather; Chainmailx2; Plate Mail;
+4 Leatherx4; +4 plate mailx32; +4 Shieldx2; +4 Leather Armorx2, Halfling/Gnome sized; dwarven chain, Centaur Barding; Chain mail
+5 Shieldx2; Plate Mail

Shield of Olynthos = +3 AC and can hit one attacker for 2d10 damage once/day

+3 Bronze Elven Scale Amor; +3 Shield of Haste (Once/day can cast a self-haste which does not age the user); Chainmail of Presence (+3 and CHA 18 when worn); Shield of Fear (Like Plate Mail of Fear); Elven Chainmail +1; Missile Deflector Shield (+1, +4 vs missiles, 20% chance Magic Missile negated);

- Greater Ring of Sustenance; Ring of Water Walkingx3, Ring of Depetrification – 12 charges; Ring of Protection +1x3; +2x7, +3x5, +4x2,+5; Ring of Warmthx3; Ring of Windwarding; Ring of Quick Action; Ring of Invisibility; Ring of Human Control; Ring of Fire Resistancex4; Ring of Telekinesis, 50 lbs, 25 lbs; Ring of Feather Falling; Ring of Mammal Control; Ring of Anti-Venom -20 charges; Ring of Mirror Images – 19 charges; Ring of Free Action; Ring of Sustenance; Anything; Regenerationx2; Spell Turningx2; of Safety (4 Charges); Chameleon Nature; Cantrips; Shooting Stars (12 charges); Frog Controlx2; Ring of Invisibility Detection; Ironskins (Casts spell 1/day, only used by Clerics); X-Ray Vision; Blinking;

Ring of Efreet Summoning – Can only give one wish per month
Ring of Water Command; Ring of Earth Command; Ring of Frog Calling;
Ring of Djinni Summoning – Can only open a gate to a random Prime Material Plane once/month, and nothing else.
Ring of Wizardry (Double 1st and 2nd); Ring of Spell Storing – Haste, Lightning Bolt; Cleric Ring of Spell Storing – Word of Recall; Ring of Spell Storing (Used Anti-Magic Shell, Breach);
Ear Ring; Finger Nail
Spellcache Rings (Anti-Magic Shell, Dispel Magic, Flame Arrow, Phantasmal Killerx2, Reduce, Stoneskinx3, Non-Detection, Haste, Mirror Image, Grease)
Clerical Ring - +1 1st level spell when worn for 24 hours

Wands, Staves, Rods -

Wand of Paralyzation 16 charges; Wand of Magic Missiles – 20 charges, 7 charges, 16 charges, 63 charges; Wand of Wonder – 45 charges, 63 charges, 19 charges; Wand of Force – 90 charges; Wand of Negation – 5 charges; Wand of Opening – 10 charges; Wand of Frost – 9 charges, 12 charges; Wand of Ice Storms – 42 charges; Wand of Lightning – 10 charges; Wand of Viscid Globs – 79 charges; Wand of Metal Command – 19 charges; Wand of Fire – 43 charges; Spider Wand – 64 charges; Wand of Fear – 22 charges; Wand of Rust – 27 charges; Wand of Secret Door and Trap Det – 7 charges; Wand of Salt – 19 charges;

Master Wand with 50 charges that can duplicate any known Wand

Buckler Wand; Rod of Terror – 8 charges; Rod of Electrification – 17 charges; Rod of Smiting – 19 charges; Rod of Rulership; Rod of Cancellation; Rod of Victory x2; Rod of the Wyrm (Chaotic); Rod of Rulership (31 charges); Rod of the Black Wyrm; Rod of Healing; Rod of Immobile Insects; ; Rod of Resurrection – 41 charges;

Staff of Striking – 48 charges; Staff of the Serpent, adderx2; Staff of Spell Focusing – 23 charges;
Amun-Re’s Staff of Rulership; Staff of Power – 16 charges; of Healing – 14 charges; Dispelling (13 charges); Staff of Harming, 19 charges;
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Abe Sargent
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Location: Catonsville, MD
Items Worn

Gauntlets of Ogre Powerx2; Gauntlets of Dexterity; Gloves of Missile Snaring;
Rock Jellaba; Robe of Useful Items; 2x Robe of Stars,
Necklace of Adaptationx3; Bracelet of Swimming; Necklace of Missiles –2; Necklace of Protection +1 AC;
Bracers of Defense, AC7, AC6x3, AC4, AC 2x2; Bracers of Protection vs Normal Missiles; Bracers of Cleanings
Periapt of Proof Against Poison +2; Periapt of Health; Periapt of Wisdom;
Amulet of Spell Storing - 2x Dimension Door, Fly; Amulet of the Sphere; Expertise; 10 Amulet of Repudiation;
Amulet of Proof against Scrying and Detectionx2; Amulet of the Planes; Talisman of the Golem; 2x Talisman of the Living Statue, Medallion of ESP 30’; Scarab of Death; Scarab of Protection – 12 charges; Talisman of Memorizationx2; Medallion of Defense; Amulet of Neconilis; Amulet vs Undead (5th Level); Amulet of Finding x4; Amulet of Inescapable Locationx2; Medallion of Proof Against Detection; Scarab of Venom; Luck Charm (+1 Saves); Protection +2; Brooch of Shield Spell - 9 Charges;
Girdle of Ogre Strength; Girdle of Stone Giant Strength; Zoster of Zeal; Girdle of Many Pouches; Girdle of Fire Resistance;
Sandals of Speedx2; Elven Bootsx3, Boots of Striding and Springingx3; Slippers of Spider Climbing; Boots of Varied Tracks; Boots of Levitation; Boots of Traveling;
Meistercloak - Gives the wearer the powers of a 10th level thief for one hour/day. +5% to every skill for people already thieves.
Cloak of Displacementx3; Cloak of the Manta Ray; Cloak of the Batx2; Cloak of Protection +2,+3; Elven Cloakx3; White Dragon Skin Cloak - +3 save vs cold, 50% less damage from cold sources; Cassock of Precaution; Set – 1 Black Cloak, Black Boots -75% to move silently/be invisible in dungeons. Cloak of Gaseous Form;
Crown of Leadership; Mask of Disguise; Helmet of Underwater Action; Helmet of Reading Languages and Magic; Hat of Disguisex2; Helm of Telepathy; Circle of Telepathy;
Ioun Stone - Incandescent Blue Sphere (+1 spell level), 2xDusty Rose - +1 AC; Deep Black Sphere (See in Non & Magic Dark); 2xPearly White Spindle – Regen 1 hp/turn; Clear Spindle (No eating or drinking needed); Pale Lavender Ellipsoid (Absorbs spells up to 4th level, 20 charges left); Blue Green Spindle Ioun Stone (Airy Water); 7 random IOUNs

Eyes of Humanoid and Monster Charming
Death Mask of Ptah
War Mask – Acts as both Ring of Regeneration and Protection +4.

Misc Items

5x Bag of Holding, 10000 coins; 3x Weightless Chest; Flatbox; Zagyg’s Spell Component Case (12000 gp of components); Heward’s Handy Haversack; Bag of Tricks (C); Portable Hole;

Crystal Ball with Clairaudiencex3; Crystal Ball; Crystal of Death Scrying;
Carpet of Flying (6 Passengers); Broom of Flyingx2; Folding Boat; Square Wheel;
Star of Mo-Pilar (Gem of Seeing),
Rope of Entanglement; Rope of Climbingx3;
5x Warp Marble; Iron Flask; Prison of Zazig; Iron Bands of Bilarro;
Chime of Opening; Grave Key - Magical item that opens any locked coffin, tomb, crypt, etc.
Dust of Appearance x5; Dust of Disappearancex31; 10 Dust of Dryness;
Magic Jelly Beans – 1 Grey, 2 Green, 2 Orange, 2 Yellow (G Cube), 2 White (Crystal Ooze), 2 Black
505 Beads of Force; 7 Thunderpots; 6 Buttons of Blasting;
3200 Fireball Beads from Necklace of Missiles from 2d6 to 10d6 in range
Stone of Diminution, when held acts as potion until dropped; Glowstones x6;
Lamp of Creation; 2x Crucible of Melting ; Lens of Speed Reading ; Honing Stone 6 charges; Quill of Forgery; 8 Jars of Preserving; Chalice of Identification; Slate of Identificationx2; Lamp of Long Burning; Chime of Time; Prism of Light Splitting; Needle of Repair; Hourglass of Impossibility;
Incense of Enlightenment; 11 Blocks of Incense of Meditation; 1 Incense of Time; Phylactery of Faithfulness
Whistle of Golem Control; 2x Collar of Animal Control;
Banner of Renown; Pillow of Regeneration; Featherchime;
Gem of Magic Missile Protection, 40 charges;
Pearl of Power 3rd Level; Pearl of Power 4th level; Pearl of Power, 2nd level; Pearl of Power, 6th level;
Shovel of Digging; Permanent Flint and Steel;
1 Gem of Brightness, 44 charges
House of Zebulon ; Cube of Forcex2; 2x Daern’s Instant Fortress;
Bag of Puchezma’s Powder of Edible Objects – 50 pinches
4 Kegs of Smoke Powder, 100 charges each
Wheel of Fortune
Harp of Charming; Horn of Collapsing; Kamencheh of Calming; Horn of Blasting; Horn of Fog; Bronze Horn of Valhalla, summons 2d4 Neutral Evil, level 2 fighters, AC4, 15 hp, spear or sword. Can only be blown by N, NE, LE, or CE Priest or Warrior.; Drums of Blessing (When played by someone proficient, +2 to to attack and damage); Megaphone that acts as both a Horn of Fog and a Horn of Collapsing;

Phylactery of Long Years

Table of Plenty; Decanter of Endless Waterx2; Mug (Beer, Ale, Mead) six/day; Pitcher (Water, Tea, Wine), three/day.; 3 Decanters of Endless Food;

Ebony Fly, Serpentine Owl Figurine, Onyx Dog, Obsidian Steed, Ferret Figurine; Glass Griffon; Ivory Elephant;
Brazier of Controlling Fire Elementals; Stone of Controlling Earth Elementalsx2; Censer of Controlling Air Elementals; Bowl of Controlling Water Elementals
The Whistle, “Nightcaller” – Blow once/week at night to raise Zombie from grave to follow you
Multiform Graegzim Gingwatzim, amulet an turn into Fremlin.

Wind Chariot
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Abe Sargent
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Location: Catonsville, MD
Unusual Items

- +5 Axe, with two talents – Translating and Extinguishing.

Camb: Elven two-handed sword + 3, + 5 vs. Dragonkind, intelligent (no communication), talent of extinguishing.

Bladestar - +2 dagger, CN, I 15, E 11, Detect Invisible, Charm Person on contact 3/day, strength 1/day, 19 or 20 does max damage when used in backstab. Slay Lawful Creature, 1/month – save vs death or dies instantly.

Wyrmcleaver - +2 two handed sword, becomes +4 vorpal sword against dragons

Amulet of Power - Detect Magic, Read Magic at will; Fireball (12 HD) 1/day; Teleport w/o Error 1/week; gives the wearer 50% Magic Resistance. Any non-wizard donning it is feebleminded.

Helm of Selnor – Can only be worn by warrior with CHA of 15+, +1 AC and cast Charm once/day on group – save vs spells and cannot be broken normally, charmed become barbarians in culture and alignment, as well as friends.

Cloak of Shadows - -3 AC, 2x move silently percentage, polymorph into cat or bat 1/day. Non-thief wearing it loses half their current hp every round until they take it off or die.

Bloodfear - A +3 longsword that absorbs blood during combat = for every 20 points of damage vs a flesh entity with blood, the sword gets +1 in damage to a total of +7, after which is drops back to just +3 because it’s satiated and has to be built back up again.

Unifex - +2 Dagger made from unicorn horn, AC2 given and can teleport once/day

Erok’s Sword - 20 INT and Ego, CN, +3, Wielder is CN whenever the sword is in hand. One extra attack/round when fighting lawful, Detect lawful creatures at will, Sword of Wounding against Law, and cannot be healed save by cleric magic from chaotic cleric. The sword always attempts to dominate a wielder when drawn, and still shifts their alignment. Curses any-non fighter who wields it. Can be sheathed as normal if not dominated.

Typhus - INT 11, EGO 16, CN, can only be handled by clerics without bad stuff happening, +3 mace, immune to disease, every hit causes disease per the spell unless a save is made. Can cast cloudkill and wither once/day, and gives +1 to level for turning or commanding undead. -1 STR and CON to any non cleric who tries to wield it. Each time uses a spell, moves more towards CN. When removed, turns to normal Align, or regains lost STR/CON after one week.

Deathstone Fragment - User will be cursed and lose 10 max HP; can control up to 50 HD of undead, with half level of ability. Curse is transferred is given away.

Gem of Delusion
– Command word forces everyone other than user in 20’ radius to save vs spells as Gem flashes. If they make it, they are stunned for 1d4 rounds and then Feebleminded for 1d6 after. If they fail, then deluded.

Sunstone – This stone magically stores light and then releases it later as an intensely hot ray through the lens, doing 4d10 points of headlight damage to any creature caught within its 60-foot radius of effect (similar to a cone of dragon’s breath). Once the sunstone is cut off from light, it stops emitting light. However, if exposed thereafter to any light source, it releases all its destructive force in a single blast, then begins storing light anew. A discharged sunstone needs a full day of sunlight to recharge.

Crystal Pyramid
- The crystal pyramid can be used by any class of character and has the following five powers that are activated by the command word that glows when the wielder stares at one face of the crystal. In all cases the user must look into the crystal facet to use the power. Side one: Truesight (as a cleric of the same level). Side two: Locate object. User must look at the crystal and will see and sense the location of the object. Side three: Infravision. Side four: Wizard eye. Side five (bottom): Contact outer plane (as a magic-user of the same level).

Crystal of Deep Healing - When someone holds the Crystal, and touches someone who is wounded, their wounds, diseases, and such heal over time, much like a really quick regeneration. However, once the Crystal is used by someone, it can never be let go of, physically. Should physical contact end, or the Gem be destroyed, the last person to use it takes 1 hp for each hp healed from all healings that were done.

Black Staff - This power black staff can be powered, with a set of colored diamonds, to undead clone everyone in the area of effect of 200 yards. Alzar has enough diamonds to use it five times

Hammer of Thunderbolts - Doesn't require high STR to wok, unlike most Hammers

Sun Blade - +2 Long Sword, when hits Undead, does double damage and forces save for destruction.

Molten Blade - +3 2-Handed Sword, zero damage against fire creatures, double vs cold, and forces save for destruction.

Trident of Enveloping - +2 Trident, When hits on natural roll of 20, character is enveloped and cannot move.

Tunic of Glory – Cleric only, Can be used to activate Anti-Magic Shel 3/day, and improved haste 5/day

Shaman’s Mantle – Mage only, Can be used to cast invulnerability once/day and spell turning as the spell 2/day, and drops AC by 2 when worn (but counts as armor)

Deceptor’s Boots - Thief only, Can turn ethereal 2/day, can cast invisibility on self 5/day

Gauntlets of Might – Warrior only. Double melee damage

“Harlrun”, Long Sword, N, +4, +6 vs non-human humanoids, telepathic, communicates with Alzar as soon as it’s founds, can detect traps ongoing and cast Strength on the user once/day. +2 saves vs humanoid magic. Ego 28

Woundhammer - +4 Mace, can only be used by Lawful, Casts Cure Light, Cure Moderate, Cure Serious, and Cure Critical Wounds once/each/day if wielded by lawful Cleric.

Delaying Glass – This item is an hourglass filled with the bust of bones. Anyone who turns it will cause the dust to fall for an hour, during which time, the user will not age. Can be used 10/day

Gauntlet of Life Theft – These leather gauntlets allow the wearer to steal 2 months of life from any creatures touched, and add it to their natural lifespan. The victim can make save to prevent the life drain, after which they can never be affected by the gauntlet again. This can be used 5/year

Skull of Prophecy – This cursed blue crystal skull speaks to anyone who picks it up about their death. However, it has no actual predictive properties, and exists merely to scare the user.

Vessel of Life Translocation – This 6 foot tall sealed glass tube contains the living body of a male humanoid with mirrorlike skin, suspended in a clear liquid, and on one side is a palmprint on the tube. Any living critter that puts their palm on the palmprint will switch minds with the form inside (it’s currently an insane svartalfar).

Scepter Malevolus – Chaotic Evil Scepter. When Alzar grabs It he takes 10 damage. He then uses telekinesis magic to secure it until he can review it later. It will be a +5 mace, CE, can be used 5xday to Detect Law/Chaos , when it hits a lawful creature, acts as Mace of Disruption,(save vs spell or be destroyed), can be used 1/day to cast Chaos Sphere that creates a sphere around the user that prevents any non-chaos magic from passing through, much like Anti-Magic Shell but for chaos. Lasts for 10 minutes.

Aoxar’s Helm – If “worn” by a dead corpse for a day, the next wearer will see the last hour of the dead person’s life.

Craenmol’s Warpick - +3, shines like the sun, can be hit on the ground to echolocate for the user, must be fend 200 gp a day to work.

Dragonsheart Armor of King Convar III – This is the armor worn by a famous dwarf king made of red dragon scales, gives AC5, +1 saves vs fire and dragon breaths, -1 damage modifier on for fire damage,

Glove of Taarnahm the Vigilant – Chainmail gauntlet gives a melee weapon equipped the flight abilities of a dwarf thrower +3.

Ring of Invisibility Shifting – Can be used by a rogue to shift in and out of invisibility 10/day for backstabbing in combat, but each use lasts just two rounds.

Lashing Sword of Samos the Skullreaver - +1 short sword, like Mace of Disruption (Hit undead saves vs death or dies)

Pegasus Helm of Kloeth Ironstar - +1 AC full helm, summon a spirit Pegasus 2/day, fight only.

Twinblades of Alight – Vorpal battle axe has one half forged of mithril and the other of cold steel. Functions as +3 vorpal battle axe when used b dwarf, +2 battleaxe elsewise.

Tyranny’s Knell - +3 warhammer, dwarf thrower, can be shrunk to nothing.

Chaldaorn Katar – Punching knife variant of Dagger of Venom

Nychyaella’s Healing Spear – Can heal it’s wielder once/day, transfers all damage wielder has taken and transfer as it hits the next strike.

Shattering Swords of Coronal Ynloeth – These two blades are left from a destroyed artifact, they are +2 longswords in battle and are designed to work together in battle. Once/week, they can shatter where they can break into a shard storm that deals 30 damage to all foes in melee range.

Shroudcrown – Circlet allows wearer to control undead as a 10th level cleric, and renders the welder immune to things as an undead

Staff of the Moon - +4 quarterstaff, can be used during a full moon to invoke a Moon-Beam that will strike all desired targets within one mile for2d6 damage if the target is evil and/or undead.

Tasmia’s Heart – Bustier with jewels and gems and chain. Acts as Helm of Underwater action and Ring of Free Action.

Thyrsus of the Arch-Druid – Staff topped with carved pine cone, it commands trees like a treant.

Ynloeth’s Bracers – Bracers of Defense AC2, but it’s use prevents the caster from casting any arcane spells, and thus cannot be used by a mage or bard

Lamp of the Shroud -

Powers are by user’s level

5th level - Once/day, animate dead 1 hd/level of user, of 12+4d6 hours, uses normal oil, makes skeletons/zombies
7th level - Same as above, no bodies needed for animation, requires half pint of human corpse fat
9th level - Once/day, animates 2d4 shadows or 1d3 wraiths, from human corpse fat until next sunrise
11th level - Twice/week can animate 1d4+1 spectres, remain until following sunrise, requires pint of human corpse fat oil and special fetid incense cursed by evil cleric
13th level - Once/week can animate 1d2 vampires, remain until following sunrise, requires rendered human fat, special incense, and blood from a living human baby

The Lamp is very evil to use, and using it by a non-evil person shifts their alignment. All undead are turned at the level of their animator instead of their own.

The Earthshaker’s Mind Gem – Controls the Machine

Amulet of the Abomination – The Amulet used to summon the Abomination of Karazan, it no longer works.

Cloud Gem – Large Spherical gem with swirling mists inside, worth 30000 gp, Alzar just needs to concentrate on it to communicate with Lachlan, who will bring his castle to aid.

Cursed – Periapt of Foul Rottingx2, Helm of Alignment Changing, Ring of Spell Snatching; Cloak of Poisonousness; -1 Shield, -1 Spear; Spear of Backbitingx3;

Body Parts-ish:

Eyes, Scales, Teeth, Blood, Central Eye of a Beholder
Parts from a Bronze Golem; Drolemx2;
17x White Wolf Pelts
7x skins, tentacles, fangs, blood of Displacer Beasts;
Eyes, Teeth, Scales, Blood, etc, of an old Blue Dragon, ancient blue wyrm, Ancient Orange, Venerable Brown, old Black, 9 red dragons (5 young, 2 old, 2 very old), Dragon Turtle, venerable Black; 2 shadow dragons, 2xWhites, Great Wyrm Red,
Poison Glands, Acid, Teeth, and Stinger from a Purple Worm
Basilisk Teeth, eyes, blood, skin; Cryohydra as well+scales
3x Wyvern Poison Glands, Skin, Blood, Teeth, Stinger
Blood, Skin, Teeth from 10 Ice Trolls
2 Remorhaz Eggs – No idea what to do with them yet so stores them for now in stasis.
5 Shadow Dragon Eggs – Placed in stasis
Bulette Shell ( Can make 3 magic shields of +1-+3 value)
5 unhatched and uncooked Hook Horror Eggs
Behir – 2 horns, claws, blood, scales heart
Digestive Acids, Glue from Ropers
4 Cave Fisher Filaments
Flail Snail Shell – Can make 2 +2 shields with 40% MR when equipped (reduces by 10 each month)
Fire Drake Egg - Alive
12000 Beholder Eyes, each worth 150 gp

Unusual Items

Spell Component Collection – 12500 gp value
250 Thunderpots
Silver Dagger
6 Ichor-Green Potions – Turn drinker into frog-person if they fail a save
The Eye of Myr Div - Unique other-planar gem - 25,000 gp.
The Golem’s Heart - a gem worth 6000 GP
24 Bottles of Infra Ink
Pearl as Large as a Head, 50,000 GP
12 Giant Clay Jars – Smoke Powder, each has thousands of charges
12 Giant Clay Jars – Hungry, Active, Insect Swarm of cropeaters - will eat miles of vegetation
8 moldy and illegible scrolls
1 destroyed ancient dwarven text
Fertile Gargantuan basilisk egg

Psionic - Lamp Without Reservation, 12 charges; 3 dampsuits; 5 flaregoggles; exoskeleton, 6 tentacle extensions

Note that the ones bolded are ones Alzar tends to use, a lot.

Bunches of Purple Moss
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Undead, Created


9 Slow Shadows
8 Death Tyrants
36 Lichlings
35 Juju Zombies (Anybody slain by a Finger of Death spell can be animated as a powerful Juju Zombie)
4 Vampires - AC2, HP 40 each, Deal 1d10 damage and energy drain, charm
9 Coffer Corpses; 6 Ghoulstirges; 4 Swordwraith; 2 Topi
Undead Head (AC7 in the bottle), HD 3+3, HP 30, DMG 1d6 from screech or 1d4 bite. Alerts everyone.;
24 Giant Skeletons
2 Giant 2 Headed Troll Skeletons
150 zombies
4825 skeletons
10 Crypt Things
2 Shades

All of these undead are in the former Beholder City of Ith K'hinax that Alzar cleaned out and caved off and uses as a staging ground for undead and others that need to be kept away.

Revenant - Alzar has one Revenant in his court unknown to everyone else that he created and controls.

Mighty Wraith

THAC0 – 10
HD – 8
2 attacks for 2d10 each + see below
Special Abilities – Energy Drain, Str Drain
Special Def - Requires +3 to hit, is invisible always and cannot be turned visible by Magic.

The Mighty Wraith is a powerful version of the normal Wraith, with better hit points, THAC0, and AC. When the Mighty Wraith attacks, if it hits, then the target is drained of one level and 3 points of strength (or 30 percentage in the case of 18/ str for fighters) and gains 10 HP and +1 to hit and damage for an hour. Any opposing creature slain by the Mighty Wraith will raise as one after one week of death, unless the body is blessed. Any creature reduced to 0 STR or lvls dies. Mighty Wraths are invisible by creation, not by illusion, and thus cannot be turned visible by dispelling any magic. As such, it requires -2 to hit and -2 to damage against it unless otherwise can be seen or made out by the attacker. It is turned as a vampire, and cannot be destroyed by turning attempts, just turned. Mighty Undead are very intelligent, and cannot be controlled by clergy or necromancers without full concentration, unlike many undead.


Stone Golems, “Aegis,” “Shield,” –

AC – 2
HP - 70 (HD 14)
THAC0 – 7
1 attack for 3d8damage
Needs a +2 to hit with a weapon
Immune to most spells

Made of Onyx Stone, gives it a better AC and HP than a normal Stone Golem. Heals fully when a Transmute Mud to Rock spell is cast on it.

"Coils," Iron Cobra

AC: 0
HP: 8
THAC0: 20

Attacks: 1d3 + poison

The Cobra can be activated and deactivated by command words known by Alzar. When an Iron Cobra hits in combat, the target must make a save at -2 vs. poison or die. The Cobra only has three such charges, but can be refilled by Alzar using his Poison Use proficiency. It has all of the normal construct immunities (Cold, Poison, Disease, Sleep, Charm, Fear, etc).

"Fangs," Necrophidus. 100 more

AC: 2
HP: 12
THAC0: 19
Attacks: 1d8 + paralyzation

Fangs appears like a skeleton of a giant snake, with a human fanged head at the top, and jewels in the eye sockets. It shares all of the normal immunities that constructs have. In combat, it bites with its fangs and those bitten must save vs. magic or be paralyzed for 1d4 turns, which gives the Necrophidus plenty of time to finish off the target if they can kill, paralyze or drive off other invaders. Due to its slinking nature, it can surprise an opponent 50% of the time.

The Necrophidus can perform a maneuver called the Dance of Death. It is a hypnotic, semi-magical swaying that rivets the attention of onlookers. All must save versus Magic or be hypnotized, and unable to move. Creatures that are hypnotized can be safely attacked by the Necrophidus and Iron Cobra. 100 more made around Alzar's Grand Duchy just like Fangs, and one more is made each month by his Magists.

“Lance”, “Trident”, “Spear”, "Grey", "Shine", "Pike", "Staff", "Halberd", "Awl", "Guisarme", "Fauchard","Poker","Bo", "Jo", Pilum", "Bardiche","Javelin" - Silver Golems

AC 0, HD – 12, HP – 65, THACO -9, 4 attacks for 1d8, 1d8, 1d8, 1d8. Movement 30.

Fastest known golem, has mercury in it. Always wins initiative, even against magic that would take it. +2 weapon to hit. Magic fire heals it, and causes it grow for a time (full damage from magical cold and it will shrink temporarily). Not affected by spells.

“Rebound”, Iron Golem:

AC 3, HP 80, THAC0 – 3, 1 attack for 4d10, 24 STR for lifting or carrying, requires +3 magic weapon to hit, immune to cold and elect, Fire heals it, can breath gaseous cloud of noxious vapors, save or take 25% of max hp in damage.

Diamond Golem, "Mythos"

Diamond Golem – “Mythos”, , AC -6, HP 100, THAC0 -1; 1 attack for 5d10 damage, MR 70%, +3 magical weapon to hit,

Controlled by Alzar's Talisman of the Golem. One of the most powerful golems ever.

“Kitty”, Amber Golem –

AC 6, HD – 10, HP – 50, THACO – 11, 3 attacks for 2d6, 2d6 and 2d10. Movement 18.

Looks like great amber lion, Detects Invisible, +2 weapon to hit, can follow a trail 12 hours cold, for every 12 hours more its -5% at tracking. Half damage from fire magic.

"Aleph", 19 other Bronze Golems -

AC - -2, HP - 70, THAC0 5, two punches for 1d12 damage +6 heat, requires +2 weapons to hit, has a hot central blood system that spurts hot liquid that burns for 1d10 damage on anyone who hurts it in melee. Immune to fire, lightning, takes normal damage from cold and 50% from acid or anything else.

“Unbreakable” Valorite Golem:

AC -5, HP 100, THACO 1, 2 punches for 2d10+5 damage. This is the most powerful metal golem on Pandius, as Valorite is the most valuable metal made here. The power of this golem is just shy of the diamond golem Alzar captured and secured.

12 Iron Living Statues, 25 HP, Thaco 17, Deals 2d8 damage from punch, non magical slash/pierce weapons stick to it after hitting it. AC 2.

2x Android Bodyguard –

AC -1, HD 7, HP 40, THAC0 – 8, 1d8+4/1d8+4 attacks.

Programmed to use any human weapon, from missiles and physical weapons to the energy weapons on the ship. Immune to cold, and all of the normal construct immunities. Half damage from acid or fire. If hit with electrical attack, 1% chance per damage point dealt that it shuts down. As a guard android, has full stats = 18 dexterity, 18/90 strength, 18 constitution, can see 150% vision, hearing, and has infravision. Intelligent. It can self repair minor damage, major damage cannot be repaired save by returning to the ship and finding a way to do so.

The bodyguard shows him how to use the various items he didn’t know. One of the benefits of having this mobile attack platform is that he can use the best weapon for a battle without any disadvantages. For example, if they are fighting fire creatures, give the android a Frostbrand sword. Give it the vorpal yataghan normally, and maybe Wyrmcleaver or the +3 Flail of Disruption against undead and so forth. It punches twice or can use a weapon in each hand or a shield and a weapon and so forth. Plus it can use a weapon that might normally try to control the user or dominate it without any issues.
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Summoned and Conjured Allies

25 Spectators – Summoned and used as guardians through Alzar’s home and key places in the Grand Duchy.

1 Page Guardian in spellbook with Dimensional Blade and Major Globe of Invulnerability and others to protect library.

Tazneer, Efreet

LE, 54 hp ,AC2, THACo 11; 3d8 damage;

Can use Invisible, gaseous form, enlarge, detect magic, wall of fire, polymorph self, create illusion, pyrotechnics, and produce flame all once/day and give wishes 3/day.

Tazneer is the youngest of the 80 efreet captured and imprisoned on the Doomgrinder for thousands of years. As part of agreeing to free the genies, Alzar gained the service of the weakest of them, with a Genie Contract spell. Tazeer is a powerful ally of Alzar’s, and can great wishes. Once he grants three wishes to Alzar, his contract will be over. Until then, Tazneer is one of the allies Alzar has available to him.

Ak’Kabar, Tabi

HD – 5; HP 26
THAC0 – 15; 2 Attacks, 1d4 each;
Intelligence – 9
Speaks – Own Language, Common Tongues
AL – Chaotic Neutral

Each hit by a claw by this flying creature must save vs poison or be deluded for 2d6 turns. Tabis can pick pockets, hide silently, and move in shadows with a 40% chance of success, and they can backstab when doing do. A tabi looks like a cross between a monkey, a bat, and a cat. They are about 15 pounds, and roughly 2 feet tall. After being bound is extremely loyal, will do anything commanded, will be loyal for life, can go far outside the boundary normally had, and most importantly, the tabi is not a familiar. He can have a familiar, and if it dies nothing bad happens

Azzil, Imp

AC 2, HP 14, Save As: Level 7
THAC0 – 19; 1d4 + poison or die
Lawful Evil, INT Average
Flight class A, 18
25% Magic Resistance
Can only be hit by silver or magical items

Azzil is Alzar's familiar. Can polymorph at will into a raven or giant rat. Can turn invisible, detect good, magic, at will. Has infravision. Regenerate one hp/rnd. If within 1 mile, master gains infravision, regeneration and 25% magic resistance. User’s caster level increased by one. If not in 1 mile, caster level decreased by one. Immune to cold, fire, electricity. Can communicate telepathically with Alzar. Once/day can cast Suggestion. Now, if Azzil dies, Alzar is drained of two levels like an Energy Drain.

Azzil wants to be the leader of this relationship, and views Alzar as the tool and him as the master, but in reality, Azzil knows that it’s not nearly as powerful as Alzar can be. The devils allowed Alzar to take one of their Imps as a recognition of the work he’s done against demons.

Imps are the Ferrari of familiars. There is virtually no familiar that is as useful as an imp. Auto kills no matter the level with poison, they grant MR 25%, regen, and infravison and +1 caster level. They can invisible, polymorph, detect at will. They are the best and most agile of flyers. Now sure, Azzil is a bit independent, and will collect its own treasure and hide it away from bad guys. But it’s good.

Megala, Homunculus
Lawful Evil

HP: 10
THAC0: 19
AC: 6
Damage: 1d3+ sleep

Megala is Alzar’s Homunculus from before Vorthala died, and he had given Alzar much of the ingredients. Megala has no personality, and is merely an extension of Alzar. When he fights, his fangs force a save vs poison or put a person to sleep for 5d6 rounds. If he dies, Alzar will take 2d10 damage

Hordling –

35 - 57 Hp
AC 2, 2, 1, and -1 respectively
2d6 per attack, 2 attacks

These lower planar creatures follow Alzar’s commands and are a powerful strike force of creatures. Only magic can harm them, sees at night, are not considered any of the main hitters either (demons, devils, daemons) so they can’t be harmed by magic that hits them. Alzar keeps them as an emergency strike force in a central room in Ith Khin’ax, an he has 20 of them.

Bearded Devil –

45 HP
THACo 13
2d6 +2 – 1 attack
AC 3

Bearded Devils are one of the shock troops of the devils, sometimes called the Ba’atezu. 30% magic resistance, they can go a little battle frenzy and get +2 attack and damage and -3 AC for a battle. They can command, affect normal fires, fear by touch, and produce flame. They can gate in others once/day with a 50% chance of success. Alzar has 20 of these shocks troops also in the same room as the Hordlings, and can open up a Worldwalk spell and bring them over. Otherwise they patrol the streets, and are an intelligent force.

Note that Alzar can ride aerially, and usually rides a griffin with the Mount spell or a Nightmare with the Call Nightmare spell.

Alzar’s Lycanthrope Secret Network –

Once a month, during the full moon, Alzar casts Summon Lycanthrope. Whichever creature summons will orient his response. If it’s something he can work with (wererats, werebears, etc) they are recruited to his secret police. Otherwise, they are slain as an enemy of the state. Good ones like werebears and wereravens are good for wilderness patrols in the local forests, and neutral ones like wereboars are fine too. And the lawful evil ones that can be set up like wererat are fine too. Others, like the chaotic evil werewolves and werefoxes are just too unpredictable to work with. They are taken out. Around 102 are currently in Alzar’s network, 7 Wereravens, 9 werebears, 15 wereboar, 14 wererats, 3 werebats, and one devil swine who is different than his kind usually is, currently. They are secret enforcers, spies, and police – patrolling outside of the normal networks and reporting to Alzar alone.


30 Spectral Guard –

In his throne room, unknown to any, are 30 Spectral Guard spells. If Alzar says a passcode, all 30 come to life and will fight under his command for a few hours.

Pterodactyls (2) - AC7, HP 21, THACo 17, 2d4 damage/attack, 1 attack/round, get +4 when swoop down

Alzar brought two Pterodactyls from the Isle of Dread who wear Animal Control Collars and are a mated pair. They already have had children and those are growing quickly.

Simulacrum –

Alzar has a few Simulacrum of key people in his administration to play the role of a moving target and potential fake assassination and such.

Dactyl Magnon

Lawful Neutral
AC 7,
HD 3+3
THACo - 17
# of Attacks - 1
Damage: 2d4 with beak or by weapon

The Dactyl Magnon is a humanoid take on a pterodactyl His has the head and beak, wings, and basic body outline of a Dactyl, but with elongated arms, hands, and articulated legs and feet. It tends to have yellow eyes. Dactyls can fly, and are intelligent. They tend to be lawful neutral, live around 45-50 years. A Dactyl Magnon gets +2 DEX, -2 CON, +1 WIS, -1 INT if created as a character.

This race of intelligent humanoids was created by Alzar and lives around the central areas of the early Barony, as well as the Ljallenvals Mountains.

Nasnas –
AC 6, THACO 17; HD 2 + 2
1 attack for weapons +5.

Half humanoids, fly, cause fear with whoops, only be hit by iron or magic, extremely loyal to master.

Alzar brought these over from Hamedh, and has around 30 or so in a cave system a few hundred miles away, growing and developing

Figurines of Wondrous Power:

“Zadaxx” Ebony Fly Figurine, A Giant Fly, AC – 4; HP – 25; THAC0 – 16; 1d6 damage in combat from ramming; Alzar can ride it. Can be used three times per week for 12 hours at a time. Flies very fast, and can be turned back to statuette at a word, and is the size of a pony, and can be used as a steed. If killed, reverts to statue form and that uses up its magic for that 12 hour period.

“Zandran” Serpentine Owl; Two uses, and you can switch back and forth between them for eight hours a day. 1 –A small owl, very sneaky AC7, 3 hp, THACO – 20, 1d2x2 damage – 95% silence, infravision, keen hearing, telepathy with owner; 2 – Giant Owl, AC6, 19 hp, THACO – 17, 2d4, 2d4, 1d8.

“Kithog,” Onyx Dog - AC 3, HP 22, THACO 16; 1d6, 1d6; LN, Can summon any number of times but not more than one hour/day total, takes one week to come back after he dies.

“Angral”, “Steadfast” Obsidian Steed - like Heavy War Horse, but can use Fly, Go Ethereal, Astral; turns to 8 hours per day, 3x/week.

“Balo” Full Sized Ferret, AC5, Thaco 20, 3 hp, deals 1d2 damage, infravision of 60 feet, move silently 100%; hide in shadows 95%, pick pockets 75%, very fast,can be used for up to 6 hours at a time for up to 3 times a week.

2x Glass Griffon:

AC 3, HD7, HP40, 3 attacks – 1d4x2, 2d6, THACo 13, N;

Command words to shrink, grow, give rider infra/ultra vision, turn to griffon, and return. Can be used 1/day to make a Griffon, with max hp, 4 hours/day, until slain, and then turns back to glass for a week, can be used to ride.

"Irontusk" Elephant, AC4, THACO 14, 50 HP, Deals 2d10 damage, made from Ivory Elephant Figurine, can be active for 2 hours/day.
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Bevidoro, Mimic who insists he is a “Magic Door”

AC7, HD8, HP 51, MV3, ThACo 13, 3d4 damage, uses glue-ish attack to stick to target or anything else. Immune to acid. Neutral

Bevidoro was starving and picked up in the Lost Shrine of Bundushataur and promised lots of food and a nice place back home. Bevidoro guards places in Alzar’s castle, and is fed by the staff daily to prevent it from accidentally eating someone. Bevidoro can shrink down the size of a large box and stick to someone mobile to relocate quickly. Since mimics have a bad reputation, Bevidoro insists that he is, in fact, just a hungry magic door, and not a mimic at all. He will never admit otherwise. Unless maybe food was involved.

Dragotha, Ancient Blue Dragon

AC -6, hp 155, 20d8 electric breath, 3/day, 3/3/2 Wizard spells, 1d8, 1d8, 3d8 physical attacks

Alzar found Dragotha as a Dracolich who had reluctantly chosen to be a Dracolich for more than 120 years before Alzar restored her, with a pledge of loyalty of 25 years. He has also helped to restore her treasure, and they have determined certain things for her to feed upon that won’t interfere with his Grand Duchy of the Mighty. She is a servant, not magically controlled, and won’t do anything suicidal. But she does work well with the team he is assembling as well, and has a home in the nearby Ljallenvals.

Draconus - Level 20 Ghost/Mage. Lawful Good, touch ages 1d4x10 years. Sight ages 10 years. Can use Magic Jar constantly, and can be turned. Knows lots of magic spells, from Wish to Magic Missile, and everything in between. (Magic Missile, Charm, Pro Evil, Read, Detect, ESP, Forget, Scare, Web, Hold, Light bolt, Slow, Suggestion, Confusion, Fumble PMprhOther, Wall of Fire, Wall of Ice, Cone of Cold, Feeblemind, Hold, TK, Wall of Force, Geas, Domination, Globe of Invul, Legend Lore, Limited Wish, Power Word - Stun, Vanish, Mass Charm, Maze, Symbol, Bigby’s Crush H, Foresight, Wish).

Draconus was one of the leaders against the Lords of Chaos and fought in the final battle at the Shrine of Chaos in Thunderdelve Mountain, and like many of his companions, fell there. He was trapped in a ghost’s body in the Shrine, and uses a Wish to stay LG and retain his magic casting ability as well. He can’t rise in ability or learn new spells. After Alzar arrived and removed the chaotic taint from the area, the ghost, who had been trapped for 1300+ years, agreed to come back and be the guardian, warden, and primary user of the extensive library that Alzar has collected. Draconus is good to Alzar’s evil, so there’s only so far he’ll go to help out, but this certainly counts. Plus, as he has told Alzar, there is a time in the near future where Alzar is going to be the Champion of Law in a major cross-planar battle that he is totally unaware of right now.

Forshar, Owlbear, female
AC 5, INT 6, THAC0 – 15,
HP - 29, HD 5+2
3 attacks, deals 1d6, 1d6, 2d6

Forshar was on death’s door when restored by Alzar to full health and fed. She can communicate with Alzar via the use of one of his priest spells. She has agreed to be a guard and ally for him.

Vix, Alzar’s Wife
Neutral, Human-ish, Female
Level 30

On the path of Entropy following her mother Nyx

STR 18/96
DEX 18
CON 17
WIS 13
INT 11
CHA 17

AC: -5 (-7 if Nykthos is used in battle)
HP – 151
THACO – -4
Age – Appears 26, unknown actual age (Born fully adult)

"Nykthos," Spear for Vix, +5, when thrown, returns to hand. When hits someone at range, teleport them to melee range, -2 AC when used, immune to level drain.

Back up - +4 Spear, returns when thrown, can be used 3/day to blind the target hit

+4 Banded Armor

Abilities – As a half-immortal –

Immune to:

Normal weapons, normal elements (fire, cold, poison, lightning, etc)

+2 saves vs magical throws


Spear Weapon Grand Mastery
Throwing Expertise
One Handed Weapon Expertise
Polearm mastery - +1 to hit and damage with polearms

Non-Weapon –

Riding, Air

Speaks 6 languages

Chariot of Vix – Any animal tethered to it obeys all commands, levitates, flies, carries 3 human-sized passengers, animal tethered to it gets the benefit of a haste spell at all times, has 120 hp, AC of 0, and takes no damage from area attacks or spells – must be actually attacked to damage it. Can be magically restored only. Vix has no magic to restore (only priests of Nyx could) but Alzar’s spell, Repair Machine, will heal it a bit.

Note that Alzar has a number of allies in the 10ish years he has been in Pandius and built up, such as the skygnome Questrix he freed and adventured with, a bard he adventured with, a party of locals he took with him adventuring on the Path of the Polymath for the Sphere of Matter's immortality quest, allies within the Kingdom of Norwold, and such, others from previous planes he adventured on, and more.

Alzar currently has 13 apprentices, and two Magists who also serve as useful allies.

Maerie, Level 18 Human Thief, Neutral

STR: 10
DEX: 17
CON: 9
INT: 15
WIS: 12
CHA: 13

HP: 59, THAC0 10

Age - 51, body 26

Skills - 95% in climb walls, detect, disarm, open locks, pick pockets, etc
+3 Studded Leather (AC 1 with DEX bonus)
+2 Necklace of Protection (AC-1)

Ring of Invisibility
Elven Boots
Cloak of Displacement
Necklace of Adaptation
+3 Short Sword, +2 Short Bow

Maerie was the daughter of a devil swine lyncanthrope that dominated the Sea of Dread for years from Fire Mountain on Thorasia. After Alzar returns to the Isle of Dread for a task given by Lyzandred the Mad, the former dictator of the Sand Mire on Hamedh, Alzar finds and reunites with Maerie, who agrees to head to his Grand Duchy and take a role in his administration. He has a prisoner cat a Younger scroll on her to reduce her age and bring her skills back to working condition.

Aleigha, Werebear Ranger/Fighter

Aleigha, Female Werebear/Human, Level 21 fighter, Neutral

STR 18/55
DEX 16
CON 17
INT 11
CHA 11

HP 114, THAC0 1, AC 4 normally, (-2 AC when Werebear, see below)
Real Age -61, Physical Age - 36

+4 Ring of Protection, keeps enchantment when on Werebear form
Circlet of Abjuration - Can cast Dispel Magic 3/daily at level 20
Bracers of Iron Skins - Can cast Iron Skins as per druid spell, once/day at level 20

Aleigha is a female werebear rescued as a slave and servant from a nasty evil cleric in the Palace of the Silver Princess. Aleigha was the first ally Alzar added to his retinue more than 25 years ago. She can take on her werebear form – AC2, HP 41, At 2d4/2d4/2d8. She is neutral, and the cleric, very evil and chaotic, treated her nicely in order to keep her. He actually hated her, and the hobgoblins knew it. She has gone from community to community, and flown each time they get close to discovering her secret. She fights with the long sword Sword of Spartusia. In Werebear form she can only be hit by magical and silver weapons, can summon 1d6 brown bears in the outdoors. She can cure disease someone once a month, and heal at 3x the normal rate. They never enter cities unless there is an emergency.

Aleigha received a wish during an adventure with Alzar and gained the ability to change forms only at will she she wanted, giving her full control of her curse.

The Sword of Spartusia. This ruby-bladed magic sword once belonged to Spartusia Eriksdottir. It was crafted from a single flawless ruby by an ancient red dragon in thanks for a service provided by the legendary warrior. The longsword was given a trim and feminine appearance Spartusia was eventually killed, and her sword lived on but it became cursed. It searches out the female descents of Spartusia and forces them to use it. Aleigha, it’s the last one. Despite its massive value, it cannot be sold or traded, and can only be given away. Any attempt to do so fails. The sword brings disaster upon any owner who is not a descendant of Spartusia. In Aleigha’s hands, it is a +2 sword. In other hands, it is just a +1 blade

Aleigha has gained Long Sword Weapon Mastery, and is +3 to hit, +3 to damage with the Long Sword. She cannot wear armor or when she turns into a werebear it hurts a lot. Alzar reconnected with Aleigha in a jail for lycanthropes on the dungeon of the White Plume Mountain and freed her, and she rejoined him. She has become the head of Alzar's secret police lycanthropes. Alzar has had younger cast on her as well.

Snarla, Female Werewolf

AC5, Thac0 15, HP33, Dam 2d4,

Just as Aleigha was saved, so was Snarla, a female werewolf from the same dungeon. She is fiercely loyal to Alzar after she was about to die. She can assume giant wolf form at will. She joins Aleigha in controlling Alzar's secret police.

Nix, Lawful Evil Efreet,

AC0, HP 59, THACO 11, STR 20, DEX 13, CON 20, INT 15, WIS 11, CHA 9, +2 Ring of Pro, +2 Great Scimitar deals 1212 + 10. Normal efreet abilties, cannot grant wishes

Nix was the loyal servant of the formerly dead Keraptis, the evil mage one who created the White Plume Mountain dungeon. He led a resistance against the four clones in the dungeon after Keraptis fell, and after Alzar raised Keraptis, but he was a human baby, Nix agreed to join Alzar and help raise the child in the Grand Duchy away from the reputation of Keraptis.

Kelvan, Human Baby, unknown align

DEX 10
CON 10
INT 18
WIS 17
CHA 14

Kelvan is the raised baby of the former mega-powerful archmage Keraptis, a little child who will likely take on magic powers later.

Intaria, Human Toddler, unknown align

STR 14
CON 15
INT 17
WIS 15
CHA 11

Intaria is the First Born child of Vix and Alzar, and carries some of her mother's half-immortal bonuses. She is not immune to certain things, as her mother, but she does get +5 saves against them. (Each subsequent generation of children will get a reduced bonus, so +4 for grandkids, +3 for great grandkids, etc). +5 saves vs poison, and elemental attacks.

Medalla, Human Baby, unknown align

STR 11
DEX 17
CON 13
WIS 16
CHA 17

Medalla is the Second Born child of Vix and Alzar, and carries some of her mother's half-immortal bonuses. She is not immune to certain things, as her mother, but she does get +5 saves against them. (Each subsequent generation of children will get a reduced bonus, so +4 for grandkids, +3 for great grandkids, etc). +5 saves vs poison, and elemental attacks.

Monrave, Level 23 Monk of Infaust
Lawful Neutral
STR 15
DEX 18
CON 15
WIS 18
INT 10
CHA 12

HP: 98, THACO 3, AC: -3, 2 attacks per round for 1d6+3 from her fists. She can cast 4 spells of each level of clerical magic save for level 7 where she just casts 3.

Future wielder of the Crook of Infaust. Monrave is the 2nd most powerful cleric of the immortal Infaust, once very popular, but reduced in worship and power due, in part, to the Crook of Infaust being removed from the plane. Monrave, the future wielder of the Crook, is going to be the head of the local temple for Infaust.

Finnister McAlister

9th level Priest of Korylis, 53 hp, with WIS bonus can cast 6/4/4/3/1 spells.

Finnister McAlister joined Alzar's adventurers on the Isle of Dawn as a peace emissary for Norwold. He is a pacifist cleric, and will only fight or attack an Entropic foe such as demons. He has accepted a role as the leader of the local temple to Koryis, and currently possessed the Peaceful Periapt of Pax, as taken in that mission.

Maggione, N, 21st level mage - Surrendered at the Earthshaker now one of the mages living in Evenarrow and helping out. Was released by Alzar after divinatory magic proved he was innocent.

Questrix, Skygnome mage, found and freed from prison aboard the Hut of Baba Yaga, from Serraine originally, took Alzar back home in thanks.

Granite, Stone Giant, Mercenary, Neutral

AC -1, HD 16, HP – 86, THACO – 5, has +3 two-handed sword, +5 vs dragons, with that, Thaco drops to 2, and for skill to -1. Specialist with giant sized two-handed swords, can attack 2/round, gets +3 to hit, and +3 to damage. Deals 2d10+14 for each hit. Granite was assisted by Alzar in his quest to slay an ancient blue wyrm, and was healed by Alzar. Now he has joined as an ally of Alzar. Note that Granite is more powerful than his kind typically are.

Feldspar Pebblecrafter, Stone Giant, Hunakoi, Lawful Neutral

AC -2, HD 15, HP – 80, THACO – 6, has +3 two-handed sword, Ring of protection + 3, Phanaton-Friend Amulet, Thaco drops to 2, and for skill to -1. Specialist with giant sized two-handed swords, can attack 2/round, gets +3 to hit, and +3 to damage. Deals 2d10+14 for each hit. Feldspar was the hunakoi red-skinned ally of Ejiputus, a cleric of Rathanos, that was allied with Alzar and his cause on the Isle of Dawn. After his best friend died, Feldspar's quest for vengeance was concluded, and the Isle is too painful for him to return to, so Feldspar is in Alzar's court in Evenarrow.

Shellsnapper, Phanaton, Lawful Neutral

AC 0, HD5, HP - 30, THACO - 16, Has +2 short sword, Ring of Protection +2. Leader of a phanaton scouting group that was rescued by Alzar's group, joined to complete a mythic path set by the ancient stories of their tribe. Shellsnapper was quickly a friend of the Phanaton-friends, and bonded with Feldpsar. Where one goes, the other goes. Like Feldspar, Shellsnapper is in Evenarrow and in Alzar's court.
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Spaceship Items:

5 orange cards, 3 purple cards, 2 yellow cards, 1 red card, 2 black card, 1 gray card – A full set of cards on a twine,
Broken Pistol
11 Books on Security and 24 Fiction Novels

Police Robot Control Box
Repair Robot Remote Control

Broken Medical Android
5 broken police robots
4 Broken Worker Robots
3 Broken Repair Robot
Broken Servo Robot
Variety of Handtools
Broken Communicator

3x Blaster Pistol, 6 Charges
2x 1 Laser Pistol, 4 charges
1 Blaster Rifle, 2 charges
24 of each Grenade; 18 Explosive, 3 Poison, 34 Sleep; 20 Incendiary
Paralysis Pistol, 4 charges,
57 Power Disc
2 Needle Pistols, 1 full clip of ammo each
20 Needler Clips

Without Charges:

11 Needler Pistols
8 Paralysis Pistols
4 Laser Pistols
2 Laser Rifles
1 Blaster Rifle

Language Translator, 6 charges

3 Ampoules of Serum that will cure diseases when used
2 Ampoules of Poison Antidote, 3 of cure disease
Canister of Healing Spray – (2d12 hp healed/spray, 12 sprays)

2 Gas Masks
Rags of Full Dress Uniform – 3 Gem Encrusted Medals worth 3, 4, and 6k each
Suit of Powered Armor, Malfunctioning
Fully Operational suit of Powered Armor
2 Space Suits

Platinum Model of Spaceship – 1000 gp
Spool of Platinum wire worth 1600 gp

Fire Extinguisher
3 canisters of propellant
Anti-Grav belt no Disc; Anti-Grav Belt, 6 charges
2 Atmosphere Analyzer
2 Spotlight
Temporal Shift Cube

100’ unbreakable rope


2 destroyed robot tigers
2 Image Amulet
2 Ray Glove
Fireball Gem
2 Ray Gloves
4 Fireball Gems
Parts from large robot
Hypnosis Cube

Temple of the Frog:

St. Stephen’s Damaged Battle Armor
4 heavy blasters
4 hand blasters
6 spare power packs
6 vibro-swords
4 vibro-maces
2 Inner Circle, 2 Outer Circle Rings
Power Armor
8 hand blaster
2 heavy blaster
4 damaged power armor
1 blaster autocannon

City of the Gods:

3x Alien Translator Badge
3 Medkit
Grenades - 6 Sonic; 5 Tangler; 2 Gamma, 2 Light, 7 Opacity
2 Destroyed UBots
2 Communicator
20 Glow Wand
6 Snoopers
4 Battle Armor
54 power packs
5 Hand Blaster
5 Blaster Rifle
3 Grenade Launcher
2 Needler Pistol
Grenade – 12 of each (Gamma, Sonic, Neuron, Tangler, Light, Opacity)
2 Light Sabers
1 Working Pressure Suit
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On the southern coast of the little jutting peninsula, this capital faces south in the Great Sea and the outgoing ocean, and the entrance there brings in some nice saltwater fish.

As I create projects for various projects for capital we'll put them them here.

Great Library
- Alzar is currently working to create the largest library for Pandius, and building a brand new 25 story force of bookish nature

Walls and Palisades Expansion
- Alzar is almost doubling the area of Evenarrow by heading inland to incorporate more of the local area, and he'll move things outside that aren't critical to protect. This also will increase his defenses.

Drydocks, Shipyard
- As a reminder, Alzar has both in Evenarrow to help repair and build new ships.

Temples - Alzar already has temples to Morena, Nyx, Vanya, Ssu-Ma and Pflarr built in his area. He also has a major temple and monastery to Infaust to restart his service and worship on Pandius and with the Crook of Infaust there to help locals. Alzar also is currently working on a shrine for Vix and temple for Korylis, as well as Usamigaras and Coberham Shadowglint. And Isundel, Patron of the Elves is underway

Magist Towers -
Alzar has three Magists for his realm in the high teens that help with making golems, potions for soldiers, Spellcache Rings, cast infrastructure spells below, and more. They live in three Towers near Alzar's Keep.

Tower of Shadow
- Alzar is currently working on building a large Tower of Shadow dedicated to hosting a brand-new school of Shadow on the plane, and being the home of the shadow mage allies he made earlier in the campaign.

Alchemist's Shop - Evenarrow has had an alchemist's shop available for quite some time. Anyone can buy potions here, although they are much more expensive than most peasants could ever afford.

Foundry - As a reminder, Alzar has a foundry here that makes the bodies of golems for him to enchant later. Both himself and his Magists supervise work in here at times.

Paper-Making, Book-Binding - Alzar has the largest paper and book making industry in the region by far, and one of the larger ones on the entire plane. His appetite for books is insatiable. It also gives an immediate economic benefit to the many nearby timbering areas.

Mercenary Review Board - Alzar is working to create a big building that will push mercenary hiring and use on the plane of Pandius up a notch, Currently looked down upon as an industry despite a track record of success, Alzar is going to use his apprentices and clergy to use divinatory magic like Detect Lie and ESP to verify the quality and authenticity of mercenaries and to create a clearinghouse hiring hall for mercenaries, which doesn't exist on Pandius in a formal form.

Zero G Park - Alzar created a Zero G park in Evenarrow that is huge, and has many rocks around it to bounce off of, and Alzar made the rocks soft as pillow with his Grand Effects spell. It's extremely popular with residents.

Teleport Maze - This is ten-building teleport maze in Evenarrow that was designed to be fun. Each building cannot be entered from outside, save for the starting building. There are four portals in each building, and a riddle on the side of the wall that, if answered, will tell someone the right portal to take to get to the next one, and then eventually out. You can randomly get out, get out by order, or just quit and exit with a portal out of each room.

– This 2500 person outdoor amphitheater is outside of the city walls of Evenarrow on a nearby hill overlooking the capital city.

Arboretum of Plants from Thorasia: Unique to that plane that can be used as an interesting exploration and away place for locals.

Statue of Alzar and Vix - Alzar created a big fancy statue of himself when completing the first Path of Immortality for Morena. He is currently working on a Statue of Vix, his half-immortal wife.

Schools - A lower level school is available for children to learn academic subjects like reading and writing. It costs 10 gp per student per year to attend.

Ibrahim’s Mint Tea Parlor - Coped from Khaibar in Hamedh

Infrastructure - Alzar has begun to update the infrastructure of Evenarrow and then take the successes learned and import them elsewhere in his realm.

1). Sewage/Trash - Alzar has a few Gelatinous Cubes charmed and trapped underground at various points around Evenarrow that are the point for trash and sewage disposal.
2). Lighting - Continual Light spells in globes that can be closed for darkness surround the city
3). Aeration - Similarly, Continual Wind spells cast on shutters can be opened and closed as needed to keep things cool and aerated.
4). Odor - Alzar has used Alzar's Continual Incense to make permanent good-smelling incense in pots throughout the city.
5). Running Water - Alzar has built piping into each house with a Decanter of Endless Water feeding them.
6). Ice - Alzar casts a spell to keep the temperature of ice the same, and will keep things cool when needed, and can be used to keep iceboxes and help keep food fresh
7). Sauna - Alzar has used his climate spell to permanently have a sauna in Evenarrow for use by everyone
8.) Heat - The climate spell can be used to set the temperature of a room permanently, and thus is used to heat all of the homes in Evenarrow

Beautification Projects like fountains, statues, and plants.
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The Army of Alzar's Grand Duchy -

The Army at Evenarrow
, 6750 troops:

Light Foot Soldiers – 1500 troops, 30 leaders – 3000 gp – AC6, longsword + dagger
Heavy Foot Soldiers – 1000 troops, 20 leaders – 1900 gp, AC4, longsword, spear, dagger
Light Horse Soldiers – 1000 troops, 20 leader – 4100 gp, AC6, longsword, lance
Heavy Horse Soldiers – 1000 troops, 20 leader – 8750 gp, AC 2, longsword lance
Pikemen - 500 troops, 10 leaders - 2800 gp, AC 3, Pike + Dagger
Crossbow Troops – 1500 troops , 40 leaders – 6500 gp, AC 5, heavy crossbow, shortsword
100 Officers – 1000 gp, AC 2 better than troop they lead

Northern Army, along banks of river: 5000 soldiers - 1500 light cavalry, 500 heavy cavalry, 1000 horse archers, 1000 pike-man, 1000 heavy infantry - Battle Rating - 94

Western Flank - 4000 soldiers - 1500 heavy infantry, 400 pike-man, 500 heavy cavalry, 1000 archers, 500 light cavalry - BR 91

Major Garrisons:

450 Soldiers - Saffir Castle
350 Soldiers - In Hellgate Keep
150 Soldiers - By Tradigdore/Hanuman
450 Soldiers - Dawn's Rising
650 Soldiers - Raider's Point
450 Soldiers - Bergholm Island

2000 Dwarves of Hammerhelm, 108 BR
500 Dwarves of Radruundar, 100 BR
400 Elves of Tree of Life Elf-Hold, 128

15000 Barbarians of the North, 106 BR

650 Soldiers in "Dungeon"

The Navy of the Grand Duchy

The Mighty Navy

2 war galley
8 large galleys
30 small galleys
22 Phase Ships

BR 95


This floating castle is a large flying castle with barracks for 200 soldiers, 50 pegataurs, and training and storage facilities. It has 6 large ballistae on the battlements, 12 smaller ballista, a larger entrance that can be opened when on the ground, and can be used to harass, defend or to attack as needed. It can only be controlled by a crystal throne in the control room and it requires at least 32 combined WIS + INT. The result is mobile castle that can relocate and move as needed. It’s powerful. Alzar leaves the 12 +2 poleaxes, 50 pots of healing, and 2000 magical ballista bolts on the sky castle.

The Skyfish Skyship:

It’s a magical vehicle shaped like a huge, silvery manta ray which can fly above and below water, and in the sky. It has a magical shield that uses Airy Water, Water Breathing, Resist Cold, and Resist Electricity. Its 50 feet long, and 60 wide. It can fit up to 15 people on the oak paneled cockpit on the back. There is a bench in the cockpit and it features two magical gem eyes that can fire lightning bolts from them. A wizard can also spend a round mentally attacking with the great, 20 foot tail for THACo 12 and 2d6 damage with a save vs Para or be stunned for 1d4 rounds if struck. It’s immune to magical fire, cold, water, electricity, but takes normal damage from acid. There is a magical Lightning Rod on it that absorbed any electrical attack that is directed at the way of a user.

The War Wagon

A three axle, magically enhanced and strengthened, adamantine and hornwood. The war wagon is worth around 30000 gp in value, and is powerfully armored, has potent weapons to smash stuff, and is extremely powerful as a armored, tank of a piece of equipment, with some ballista on the back on swivels, and other things. 100% MR.
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Major Places in the Grand Duchy -

Evenarrow - Capital of the area. Trading center, growing massively, key city for the region under Alzar's control. It's pronounced "Even-arrow", by the way, not "Eve-narrow".

Raider's Point - Early in his expansion, Alzar was allowed to cross the Great Bay and take the other side of the small straight that enters the Bay. Isolated, and unable to grow anymore.

Bergholm Island - Mostly mountainous island at the entrance of the Great Bay. These three points control the entry to the Great Bay, and thus are key to controlling naval entrance and military entrance. Alzar won an entire war against Thyatis by forcing their allies to hit it before heading into the Great Bay and the capital of Norwold at Alpha, and thus ended the war.

Saffir - This is the largest town in the adjacent Llallenvals Mountains near the beginning Duchy, also has a castle.

Hammerhelm - 2nd largest dwarf hold in the Norwold region, and in the Llallenvals

Radruundar - This formal dwarven stronghold on the west flank of Alzar's territory was the largest Dwarf Hold in the region before it fell to an onslaught of goblins and other bad guys. Alzar cleaned it out for Morena and released the various key dwarven artifacts, including the Axe of the Dwarvish Lords, and then dwarves flocked back to help it shine again, and it's the key citadel on the western flank of his nation.

Hellgate Keep - In the foothills of the Jotunheimr Hills, and taken during that cleansing by Alzar and Vix.

Dawn's Rising - Major town assaulted by Fire Giants in the early stages of the second military offensive against Norwold as organized by Alphaks. It was saved by Alzar and Vix, and then strengthened with walls an a bigger garrison.

Tragidore/Hanuman - Two towns in the West-Central part of the plains he controls, with lumbering and farming as the mutual major economic interests for the area until Alzar intervenes and saves Tragidore and he adds a garrison to the area and increases it's economic potential.

"Dungeon" - The final of the three surviving structures of the great castle and fort that was in the western part of his region, near the border with Norwold and The Barony of Alak Dool, and was turned into a major, underground, literally, underground, figuratively, market for mercenaries, magic, entertainment, weapons, and more. From gambling to prostitution to watching gladiatorial fights with summoned monsters and more, the unnamed "Dungeon" was allowed to stand as long as it abides by a number of codes, such as no slavery, thieves guilds, or bandits. He checks regularly to ensure everyone works there freely, such as the prostitutes, as Alzar won't let it turn into Landfall, which has been one of the great albatrosses around King Ericall.

Corran Keep - Outside of the initial Grand Duchy but will be given to Baron Corran for his Barony after Alzar clears it out.
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That's my Alzar. Again, I will edit as the story shifts, new allies are brought in, and such, and he gains levels, and such.
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