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F707 Dynasty: We Bill-ieve

The Bills have always seemed like a team with a complex. Losing four Super Bowls in a row will do that to you. The perennial nearly team of the 90’s had fallen on hard times recently. As of 2013 the Bills were the last franchise in the league in term of value, n terms of economic strength (above New Orleans) and dead last in terms of roster value. The stadium issue was also of concern placing the Bills above only 4 other teams in the league having an assessment of “average”. Rumors of their move to Canada, or worse yet…Los Angeles were mentioned. Things had gotten dreary in Buffalo but with HC Doug Marrone and a new GM in town the ownership sought to reassure the fan base that the Bills were theirs and there to stay.
The 2013 draft was an eventful one. The first surprise was the pick of QB EJ Manuel ahead of Geno Smith. Manuel and Smith will probably always be compared to each other especially since being in the same division. Maybe not in the same league as Manning and Leaf or Luck and RG3 but same storyline nonetheless. At the moment Manuel has the lower present rating 27/ 48 compared to Smith’s 19/40.

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Anyone know how i can copy/paste the code with all my rosters/results?

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Our signing strategy is to go for players who are balanced and have abilities in most categories and also have low volatility. Endurance is another characteristic that is important to our staff.



EJ Manuel 27/ 48: The first round pick is in line to win the starting job. Somewhat raw his performance in the preseason will determine if he starts day one.

Kevin Kolb 26 / 35: The 7 year veteran has bounced around and is now in Buffalo. Has some talent but seems to have lost some of the shine he had previous years. Tabbed by many as an “average backup” he seems intent to get one last chance at starting. Signed a 2 year deal at 2.5 mill to be Manuel’s insurance policy.

Dennis Dixon 16/ 28: The 5 year veteran comes into preseason on a two year deal just above league minimum. Has some skills others do not but also lacks a few others have.

Thad Lewis 8/9 : The second year undrafted man bounced around from the Rams, Lions, Browns CUT

The Free Agent Market is interesting:

Matt Cassel 25/25 is one of the only viable starting options for a team that needs a game manager. In the “I can’t believe they’re still playing” category we have Tim Tebow 20/27, John Skelton 18/24 , Caleb Hanie 15/16 and Matt Flynn 19/37 round out the other available options. None are likely to sign unless a team has one of their previous 3 signal callers out but they might surprise and make it back onto the field.

We’ll have Dixon and Kolb compete for the backup job. The 3rd String / Developmental Job will be between UFA’s

Conner Zelch 19/33: Most developed but also a lower ceiling. Roll out Type; knows 9 formations. Fairly balanced as he has at least 8 rating in all categories.

AJ Yepremian 13/40: Higher ceiling; Long Pass type; knows 13 formations; makes a lot more throws than Zelch does but cannot sense the rush.


CJ Spiller 84/84: The 4 year veteran is an elite starter. On a 3 year 3.7 Mill deal he’s expected to carry the offense.
Fred Jackson 71/71: The 7 year veteran is a superior back. On a 2 year 3.7 Mill deal he’s too expensive for us but still a solid backup option capable of competing for playing time. Might be traded if the right offer is available.

Tashard Choice 21/21: The 5 year man is an experienced option if you’re on your third back looking for depth. In on a 1 year deal he’ll struggle for playing time with the others ahead of him. CUT

UFA’s Signed

Paxton Monroe 31/51:
Patrick Congdon 25/46:
Irving Libby FB 22/53:
Jeff Hoover FB 25/46:


Scott Chandler 31/45. The 7 year man in the last year of his 2.9 mill deal is the starter at the moment. A solid yet unspectacular option he’s expected to do his part but not much else. Likely a one and done season.

Evan Rodriguez 25/36: 3rd year man CUT

Mickey Shuler 15/27: 2nd year man fighting for a roster spot CUT

Lee Smith 10/19: limited 3rd year man brought into camp for depth CUT

Chris Gragg 12/31: Rookie CUT
Caleb Buckley 22/32:

Stevie Johnson 29/29: the 6th year man was the unquestioned starter especially considering he has 4 years at 5.6 mill to run. Expected to carry the load and contribute heavily he’s been underwhelming in camp paving the way for the younger receivers to stake a claim. CUT (will take a 2.8 mil hit this year and a huge 8.5 mil hit next year!!!)

Brad Smith 34/34: the 7 year man was brought in by the previous regime on a 2 year 3.7 mill deal. Especially expensive considering how rating seems to indicate a below average signing. His experience might not save him but his cap hit might.

Robert Woods 35/58: The second round rookie has been the revelation of camp so far. Has not only pushed aside Johnson and the other vets but now seems the unquestioned starter for years to come.

DeMarco Sampson 14/22: the second year man has failed to impress so far CUT

Kevin Elliott 25/25: another second year man who is in an uphill battle for a roster spot. CUT

JT McGee 24/39:

Split Ends:

TJ Graham: 44/60 the 2nd year man seems to be developing into a decent starter. With the job wide open he is in pole position to claim it.

Marquise Graham; 49/60 rookie is the principal competitor to Graham and will push him to the limit for the starting job.

Dorin Dickerson: 16/19 the 3rd year man seems be behind the others CUT

Marcus Easley: 27/37; Decent skill set but others are ahead of him CUT

Chris Hogan 24/37: rookie – CUT

Orlando Urpsis 22/46:


C: Eric Wood 12/22: 5 year vet on a 4 year 3.3 mil contract. - CUT
C David Snow 12/33: Rookie – CUT
UFA C Rex Booker 22/43
UFA C Zander Lindros 22/33

LG: Colin Brown 18/37: 2nd year man - CUT
LG Doug Legursky 28/28; 5 year vet - CUT
LG Sam Young 40/57: 4 year man will be starting
UFA LG Jesse Lewis 23/51

RG: Kraig Urbik 40/55: 5 year man will start
RG Keith Williams 23/34: Rookie - CUT
UFA RG Jessie Harden 21/43

LT: Mark Asper 9/38: 2nd year man – CUT
LT: Chris Hairston 24/41: 3rd year backup
LT Cordy Glenn 43/55: 2nd year man starter
UFA LT Arnie Kosteva 20/35 - CUT

RT Erik Pears 31/31; 8 year man - CUT
RT Thomas Welch 4/8 – CUT
RT Keith Williams 18/34 – rookie CUT
UFA RT Zebrie Sanders 18/34
UFA RT Cornelius Houston 26/50

P: Brian Moorman 75/75: 13 year vet is solid.
K: Dan Carpenter: 41/41: 6 year vet in a contract year making 3 mil. - CUT
K: Dustin Hopkins 69/79: Rookie who is idolized by fans

LDE: Mario Williams 75/75: 8 year vet on a 5 year 12.4 mil deal is the gem for our defensive.
UFA LDE: Phillip Whiting 25/35

RDE: Kyle Williams: 73/73: the 8 year vet makes 6 mil a year for 4 more years and provides a solid complement to Mario.
RDE: Alan Branch: 26/26: the 7 year vet is a backup in a contract year making 3 mil a year. CUT
RDE Alex Carrington 11/15: 4 year vet – CUT
UFA RDE Jerald Pardo 23/45
UFA RDE Mario Britz 27/37 - CUT

NT Jay Ross: 24/39: Rookie - CUT
NT: Torell Troup 46/51: the 3rd year man is a decent backup option.
NT: Marcell Dareus 46/51: 3rd year man making 5.5 mil on a 2 year deal. Solid starter

SILB Nigel Bradham 25/36: 2nd year man has made some strides but doesn’t have terribly high potential. CUT
SILB Arthur Moats 33/37: 3 year vet adds depth
WILB Kiko Alonso 44/75: Rookie starter will walk into the starting lineup.
WILB Marcus Dowtin 23/38; 2nd year man on the bubble
UFA WILB Kingston Gray 13/28 - CUT
MLB Ty Powell 19/28 – rookie doesn’t fit our scheme this year – CUT
SLB Jerry Hughes 40/49: 4 year vet starter who can still improve a little. Making less than a mill for 2 years seems like a good value deal.
WLB Bryan Scott 40/40: 11 year vet is one of our first options when it comes to depth. Might be his last year.
WLB Manny Lawson 47/47: 8 year vet. Makes 2.4 mil for 4 more years.
UFA WLB AJ Drauch 22/34

LCB: Leodis McKelvin 45/45: 6 year vet who provides stability albeit at 3 mill over 4 more years.
LCB: TJ Heath 23/35: 2nd year man - CUT
LCB Ron Brooks 17/26 – another 2nd year man – CUT
LCB Marc Norris 31/52

RCB Stephon Gilmore 55/61: The second year man is coming into his own as a starter and is still expected to develop.
RCB: Justin Rogers 15/20; 3rd year backup – CUT
RCB Rufus Chanoine 27/46
RCB Jonathan Brown 21/40 - CUT

SS Da’Noriss Searcy: 33/47: The third year man is expected to step up and claim the starting job.
SS Mana Silva 10/17 – 2nd year man – CUT
SS Jonathan Meeks 21/33 – Rookie - CUT
SS Duke Williams 19/30 – Rookie unable- CUT
UFA SS Wendell Heath 25/45

FS: Jairus Byrd: 65/72: One of the best safeties in the league. In a contract year making 6.9 mil a year he wants 26.4 over 4 years.
FS Aaron Williams 35/45: 3rd year vet; backup
FS: Jim Leonhard 31/31: 9 year vet – CUT
UFA FS Byron Emmons 24/40

LS: Garrison Sanborn 13/13: The 5 year vet is not ideal. – CUT
UFA LS Howard Davidson 16/16

Fred Jackson Trade!: Most interest from outside division comes from the Browns whose starting RB Dion Lewis is 35/37 and Jackson would provide a significant upgrade. The Browns only offer a 5th rounder next year which is disappointing although it will provide some cap relief next year especially after taking the cap hit when releasing Johnson. The Browns also badly need a FS considering their current starter is 24/39. We include FS Aaron Williams 35/48 and the Browns up their offer to a 4th rounder which we accept.

: Due to the fact that certain contracts will run out in a year and positional replacements aren’t available the team will stick to a 34 defensive scheme but will likely switch to a 43 due to more breadth of talent at both DT and ILB positions. Too often there are no viable options at NT or SILB/WILB while RDT/LDT and MLB have plenty available.

Cap Used, Next Year 84.5 Mil
Lost Cap, Next Year 12 Mil
Salary Cap 123 Mil
Lost Cap Room 8.9 Mil
Room under cap: 33.8 Mil

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Originally Posted by clist123abc View Post
Anyone know how i can copy/paste the code with all my rosters/results?

You can get plain formatted text by using the word "code" in hard brackets:

[ code ]
[ /code ]

...and omit the extra spacing spacing
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Thanks QuikSand


@ Colts: WIN 23 - 17: Kolb has a average outing in his bid to win the back up job,
throwing a TD and an INT; Dixon is injured

Vikings: LOSS 13 - 20: Kolb throws for 200 yards but isn't all that impressive.
We sign Rookie RCB Jameson Kosteva 22/34 after starter Gilmore is injured
Also sign TE Henry Russell 24/31 after Buckley is injured and release SE Urpsis

@ Redskins: WIN 15 - 10: RB Monroe runs well and Dixon goes 13/21 without any
picks or TD's. Manuel is sharp as a starter.
QB Yepremian is cut after a dramatic drop in rating to 10/20.
QB Zelch is now at 14/42 and will be our 4th QB.
We sign R RCB Jonathan Brown 20/39 to have a look.

Lions: LOSS 14 - 17: A close game where Kolb wins the back up job
going 21/29 for 200 but is out for 7 weeks with a pulled calf muscle
handing Dixon the job.
Manuel, Alonso and Spiller are inactive to avoid injury.

Regular Season

Patriots: WIN 19- 16:
In an a game where the Pats were stronger Spiller runs for 80 yards
and Manuel goes 19/25 for 272 and 1 INT. The difference are two lost
fumbles by the Pats. We'll take the win!
We lose our starting rookie C for 4 weeks and will replace him
with our other rookie C.
Starting NT Dareus out 2 weeks

Panthers:WIN 17 - 13
An odd game. We are dominated in total yardage 477 to 178. They go
to the red zone 4 times to our 0. They outrun us 207 to 43, get 24
first downs to our 7 and lose 1 fumble to our 1 and dominate possession
43 mins to 16.
McKelvin returns a fumble for a TD and Manuel throws a TD in the 4th
to get the win. He goes 10/18 for 149. Another lucky win.
SE Goodwin out 5 weeks
RG Urbik out 5 weeks
We sign R RG Terrell Salinger 19/30 and release R TE Caleb Buckley
whose ratings fell to 20/29

@ Jets:WIN 6-0
A very tight game where Spillers 119 yards and Manuels 21/34 for 142 do
just enough to get two FG's even though we miss one as well.

Ravens: LOSS 10-28
A very even game where Manuels 2 INT's and a lost fumble seal the deal
NT Dareus returns.
LDE Mario Williams is out for 3 weeks.
SLB Jerry Hughes out 52 weeks with torn ACL. Put on IR
We sign two R SLB's AJ Finley 19/23 and Keith Sweeney 22/22.
We release R WLB AJ Drauch 21/33

@ Browns:LOSS 19-20
Another close game where where we're even in just about every category
including turnovers (1 to 1)
Manuel goes 20/27 for 275 but it's not enough
The traded Fred Jackson runs for over 100 yards and the traded Aaron
Williams is the one who recovers the fumble from our FB Libby. Ridiculous!
We lose starting RCB Gilmore for 4 weeks.
RG Urbik returns and we release R RG Salinger 19/30
We sign R SE Camden Hamilton 20/59

Bengals:WIN 16-7
A pretty even game we manage to win this time. Our backup RCB is injured
meaning we have to use our other 2 rookies to start and backup.

@Dolphins:LOSS 13-34
Ugly game. Spiller loses 2 fumbles and Manuel throws 3 INTs
Mario Williams and Kevin Kolb return but we lose WLB Manny Lawson for 4 weeks
FS Jairus Byrd for 21 with a torn rotator cuff!
We sign 3 year vet FS Anthony Walters 24/29 for the rest of the year.
We sign R WLB John Patterson 19/26 and release R RCB Jon Brown 20/39

Saints:LOSS 13 -38
Drew Brees picks apart our patched up secondary throwing for 5 TD's. and 2 INTS.
We sign R TE Dixon Flannery 19/29 who has character issues after TE Chandler 27/27
is injured. We release him for the roster spot as we have too many injured players
and give him 500,000 settlement.

Chiefs:WIN 13-9
1-7 KC is more of a match than expected but in a game of field goals
and 1 INT from each QB Spillers 100 yard efford and 4 yard run win it.
Our 2 primary RCB's return.

@Steelers:LOSS 12-17
Manuel gets knocked out for 2 weeks and Kolb is ineffective going 10 of 44.
Dixon will start next week.
WLB Lawson 39/39 returns so we release R WLB Patterson 20/26
We sign R TE Mario Delgado 14/31 after our backup Flannery is out 2 weeks.

Jets:LOSS 3-6
An ugly game where each team turns it over twice. Sanchez has a bad day but it's
better than Dixon's 24/40 with an INT. Back to Kolb as backup.

Dolphins 7-4
Patriots 6-5
Jets 5-6

Falcons:WIN 23-7
We beat a good Falcons team (8-4) as Manuel returns and we gain 428 yards to 141
The defense shuts down Matt Ryan and everything from our running game to forced
turnovers works.

@Buccaneers:LOSS 6-34
A very strong Tampa (9-4) capitalizes on 4 Manuel INTs to put the game out of reach early.

@Jaguars:WIN 44-27
We get to 1-7 in a convincing win against one of the league's worst teams (3-11)
Manuel has a big game throwing 3 TD's and 1 INT while Spiller walks away with the
game ball rushing for 176 yards and 2 TD's
Now our K is out 2 weeks!! We release TE Mario Delgado 15/29 to sign
K Don Wynn 39/52

Dolphins:LOSS 27-30 (OT)
A tough loss where we where always second best to the division leaders as we're outgained
560 yards to 327. Matt Moore throws for over 400 yards and Thomas rushes for 141 while we
don't come close to either.

@Patriots:LOSS 3-34
The Pats get their revenge for the shocking loss in the opener in a big way
In an almost carbon copy performance of last week against the Dolphins Brady and Ridley
repeat Moore and Thomas' performances. The Pats win the division in style.

Final Standings

Super Bowl
Patriots vs. 49ers: 17-16
MVP: QB Tom Brady

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End of Year Impressions

While Manuel threw for over 3000 yards his 7 TD to 16 INT ratio is troubling. Still has
a couple more years to mature.
The Kolb, Dixon duel for the backup job was like watching a horror show at times vindicating
the decision to keep a rookie as a project. If we find a decent option in FA market we'll
sign em.
Spiller gained over 1100 yards and is also our second leading receiver.

4th year man SILB Arthur Moats 44/44 has a team leading 121 tackles.

Overall the stats don't lie and peg us rightly as a below average team
needing improvement on both sides of the ball.

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