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2010/11 Charlotte Bobcats Roster


PG Raymond Felton - 26 y/o - 6'1 198 lbs - 76 OVR (+2 from last year)

Felton averaged 13.8 ppg/6.5 assists last year. His mid-range jumper and ball handling have improved. He's still the best passer and ball security guy on the team by a lot. He'll get good minutes at the point again this year.

SG Ray Allen - 35 y/o - 6'5" 205 lbs - 79 OVR

Allen is my only free agent signing this season. He averaged 18.7 points/game last year for Boston and Houston, shooting 43% from 3. He's a great shooter from all over, rated 86 from behind the arc. A good ball handler but a pretty poor passer. Only an average defender, bringing in Allen and starting him over Bell is a sharp change towards an offensive minded team for us.

SF Gerald Wallace - 28 y/o - 6'7" 220 lbs - 81 OVR (+1)

Wallace put up 16 points/game last year and pulled in 9.8 rebounds. The CPU managing the substitution pattern liked putting him in at the 4, and I expect that to continue this year. He's explosive going to the hoop and can score in bunches.

PF Samuel Padgett - 20 y/o - 6'10" 261 lbs - 81 OVR

Padgett comes in with solid ratings already and superstar potential. He's a pretty good scorer inside with decent post offense and good post defense. His rebounding ratings are in the low 80s, 2nd best on the team behind Chandler. His stamina is a bit lacking compared to others on the team so he's going to start but may not get as many minutes as I hope to get him later on. Good defensive awareness. Padgett may be a more defense/rebounding forward early on but I hope he develops into a top scoring option as well.

C Tyson Chandler - 28 y/o - 7'1" 235 lbs - 74 OVR (+4)

I can't help but wonder if I made a typo when I wrote up Chandler last year, did he really gain 4 points to his overall rating? 6.2 ppg/9.2 rpg last year, a very good rebounder that I don't use a lot on offense. Padgett and Chandler give us an extremely strong front line as far as defending the post.

6th Man

PG DJ Augustin - 22 y/o - 6'0" 180 lbs - 73 OVR (+3)

Augustin is still developing, moving from 70->73 OVR as a 22 year old is pretty exciting. Augustin averaged 10.1 ppg last year, shooting 39.6% from the 3 point line. He's rated better from 3 than Ray Allen, 88 compared to allen's 86. He can shoot from anywhere, is quick and a great ball handler. He's a bit small at just 6 foot even, but he can break down a defense and dish on occasion. His horrible defensive awareness(49) remains a barrier that might keep him out of my starting lineup.

Role Players

SG Raja Bell - 34 y/o - 6'5" 215 lbs - 67 OVR (-4)

Bell is pissed off about losing his starting spot, and he lost a lot in development to begin with, dropping from 71->67 OVR. His 3 point shot has faded a bit and he is nowhere near the lockdown defender he was last year. That happened a lot faster than I expected.

PF Boris Diaw - 28 y/o - 6'8" 235 lbs - 74 OVR (+1)

Diaw will be my primary big man off the bench, though he's a bit unhappy about not being a starter anymore either. He still has a solid shot from everywhere on the court, with low post and 3 point shot ratings both in the low 80s. He's a weaker rebounder though.

SF Gerald Henderson - 22 y/o - 6'4" 215 lbs - 70 OVR (+3)

Like Augustin, Gerald Henderson showed significant improvement last season. Only 4.8 ppg as a rookie last year, his shot has improved some but is still basically average. In fact I'd say the same thing about him now that I did last year... he doesn't have a ton of basketball skills but he's decent and a physically gifted athlete.

Bench Players

SF Derrick Brown is rated 68 OVR, but extremely unhappy at being forced out of the rotation. I still intend to try to trade him for a guy ready to back up someone.

C Dasagna Diop and Nazr Mohammad are both rated under 60 and guys I just dont want to have to rely on. With Augustin, Bell and Henderson I have decent depth on the perimeter, Diaw is undersized though and Diop and Mohammad are just not good enough.

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Why would Chicago draft a PG when they have a young star PG already and a need for a post player, even though they got Boozer. Even the SF who went third would've made a bit more sense.

Great steal for you, though. Padgett could be exactly what you need.
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I don't see an easy way to see teams overall ratings, so we'll look at the power rankings to get a feel for the talent distribution in the league this year.

NBA Preseason Power Rankings

1. LA Lakers
-- Kobe(99 OVR), Gasol (89), Artest(81), Bynum(80).. weak at PG (Farmar and Fisher both rated around 70) but the star power on this team is impossible to ignore.

2. Boston
-- Rondo(91 OVR), Garnett (90) and Pierce(86) are all still great, McGrady comes into the year hurt but rated in the mid-70s still when he's back healthy. Not a ton of depth, but three stars goes a long way.

3. Orlando
--Similar to the Lakers, Howard(92), Nelson(84), Carter(83), and Rashard Lewis(81) give them four big options.

4. Atlanta
-- Joe Johnson(89), Horford(82), and Josh Smith(82) are 3 solid players, Mike Bibby can still play the point, and Marvin Williams and Jeff Teague are pretty good role players.

5. Cleveland
-- Lebron with 3 decent parts to go with him. Mo Williams(81), Shaq(79), and Delonte West(79) will help out King James as much as possible.

6. LA Clippers
-- The Clippers all of a sudden have 6 guys that would start on most teams. Blake Griffin(82), Baron Davis(82), Allen Iverson(82), Chris Kaman(79), TJ Ford(78), and Eric Gordon(78). They don't have one superstar but their top 6 is incredibly impressive.

7. Washington
--Arenas(89) and Butler(88) are legit stars, Jamison is fading(76) at 36 years old, they snagged Zydrunis Ilgauskas in the offseason to add some big man depth(71 OVR)

8. Minnesota
--Al Jefferson(87) is the star of the team but Jonny Flynn is rocketing up there(81) too. Ramon Sessions and Kevin Love(both 77 OVR) add some help.

9. Chicago
-- Brand new team here and they look great. Carlos Boozer was the prize of free agency(88 OVR), Derrick Rose(84) has a new backcourt mate in Jordan Price(83 OVR), the top pick of the draft Add in Luol Deng and Kirk Hinrich(77 and 78) and this is a powerful team.

10. Oklahoma City
--Durant(86), Harden(80), Westbrook(83), and Green(77) give this team lots of options. They snagged Joakim Noah once Chicago decided to let the great rebounder go(that's fishy but ok).

11. New York
-- New York didn't really add anyone. Nate Robinson(80), Nene(79), David Lee(79), and Wilson Chandler(77) make up this team that I don't suspect is really one of the top 12 teams in the league.

12. Portland
--Brandon Roy(93) is a legit superstar. LaMarcus Aldridge(82) and Greg Oden(78) are a very imposing front court, but this team basically goes as far as Roy can take them. 27 points/game last year took them a long ways.

13. Philadelphia
-- Andre Iguodala is rated 88 OVR and seemed to always kill us. Thaddeus Young, Elton Brand, and JR Smith are decent added parts but this isn't a team that looks to threaten the big boys.

14. Memphis
--OJ Mayo is well on his way to star status, 84 OVR at 23 years old. Randolph(81) and Mike Conley(78) are the only other noteworthy pieces on the team.

15. Golden State
-- A surprise playoff team last year, they don't look a lot better this year Monta Ellis comes in at 81 OVR and Stephen Jackson 79 OVR. 24 year old big man Andris Biedrins is rated 77 and is the only other noteworthy player.

16. Charlotte
-- Wallace(81), rookie Padgett(81), Ray Allen(79) have Charlotte improving, but not good yet I don't think.

17. New Jersey
--Devin Harris(88) and Brook Lopez(82) give the Nets two solid options. Larry Hughes was their big free agent signing(75 OVR) and gives them a little more scoring. Harris starts the season injured.

18. Denver
-- How did Denver miss the playoffs last year? Carmelo(92 OVR) and Billups(86 OVR) are stars, they actually don't have a lot after that which explains it. Lawson is rated 76 and will be a good PG once Billups wears down.

19. Sacramento
-- Rookie SF Gary Oakley(82 OVR) will step in with Rudy Gay(83) and Kevin Martin(82) to provide a pretty decent punch. Its the lack of an inside game that will hurt the Kings though.

20. San Antonio
-- This seems ridiculous. Parker(90), Ginobili(84), and Duncan(89) are still 3 of the best players in the league. They added Rafer Alston(73) for some depth in the offseason. its an old team though, they need to win soon.

21. Houston
--Yao is back(86 OVR) but he's all they have. Brooks(77) and Ariza(76) are ok but this isn't a good team anymore.

22. Dallas
--Dirk(83) and Shawn Marion(80) lead this team. They lack inside talent after Dirk though, looks like Brad Miller(63) is their starting center.

23. Toronto
--Bosh is a stud(87), Jose Calderon and Hedo(78 and 76) are good to go along with him but this is another team that is missing depth. I think though they may be better than some of the teams listed above them that lack a superstar.

24. Indiana
--Danny Granger(89) has become one of the best players in the NBA and will carry Indiana one again. Their second best player is rated 73 OVR.

25. Utah
--Losing Boozer kills the Jazz. Like Indiana, they hae one star and nothing else. This is all about Deron Williams(93)

26. Phoenix
-- Amare(86), Nash(79), and Barbosa(79) can get Phoenix out of the gutter if they get a little help. I was really shocked they were so bad last year.

27. Miami
-- Miami comes in with 3 players having nagging injuries that will slow them to start the year. Mario Chalmers(77), Michael Beasle(77) and Dwayne Wade(96) are all hurt. Once they're all healthy Miami immediately becomes a playoff team IMO.

28. Detroit
--Ben Gordon(82), Prince(77) and Stuckey(77) give this team some average players but no real star power.

29. New Orleans
--Chris Paul is still goign to miss another month with his ACL injury. Once he's back the hornets vault way up this list. Paul(95) and David West(81) and Emeka Okafor(79) give them a chance to beat anyone.

30. Milwaukee
-- legitimately the worst team in the league. Michael Redd and Andrew Bogut are rated 75 OVR and the best players on the team. They drafted one of the biggest busts of the draft in PF Genwei Yee(69 OVR out of the #5 pick). Jennings is only 72 in this roster set. Bad, bad team.
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Originally Posted by rjolley View Post
Why would Chicago draft a PG when they have a young star PG already and a need for a post player, even though they got Boozer. Even the SF who went third would've made a bit more sense.

Great steal for you, though. Padgett could be exactly what you need.

Their PG is technically listed as "PG/SG" so we'll see how that works out. He's slated as their 6th man initially though. Definitely some questionable moves here, the SF would have made a ton of sense for them. Noah averaged a double double last year too and Chicago failed to pick up his team option and let him go to free agency. That's really bad.
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Originally Posted by Radii View Post
Their PG is technically listed as "PG/SG" so we'll see how that works out. He's slated as their 6th man initially though. Definitely some questionable moves here, the SF would have made a ton of sense for them. Noah averaged a double double last year too and Chicago failed to pick up his team option and let him go to free agency. That's really bad.

If I recall from what I have seen in my association for some reason the Bulls never play Noah starter minutes. This results in him getting frustrated and his morale dips. He might have been demanding a trade. That's probably the reason why his team option wasn't picked up but it still constitutes pretty bad team management by the CPU. Either 1) play him more minutes because he isn't a bad center or 2) pick up his option and then trade him.
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We get an intriguing matchup right out of the gate. Top pick vs 2nd pick, new look Bulls vs a slowly improving Charlotte team.

October 28, 2010

Chicago(0-0) at Charlotte(0-0)

82:85 OVR
78:91 OFF
84:78 DEF

Chicago Scouting

PG Derrick Rose - 84 OVR - Great ball handler, good defender, good scorer. Rose averaged 17.3 points/7.1 assists a game last season.

SG Kirk Hinrich - 78 OVR - Slowed by an injury he picked up in the preseason. Hinrich is rated B+ as an outside scorer, B perimeter defense, B ball handling. He scored just about 10/game last year.

SF Luol Deng - 77 OVR - A solid 15.4 ppg last year, with Boozer and improved players around him this will presumably drop. Deng is a scorer though, B inside, B+ outside, not much of a defender. I remember Henderson owning him last year.

PF Carlos Boozer - 88 OVR - The prize free agent pickup of the year, 17.5 ppg/11 rpg for the Jazz last season. A inside, B- post D, A+ rebounding. Boozer will be a force.

C Drew Gooden - 70 OVR - 8.7 ppg/5.7 rpg last year, Gooden is easily the weak link in the starting lineup. That doesn't help me much though as Tyson Chandler isn't exactly the type to go take advantage. Decent inside scorer, good rebounder, not much else.

6th man and #1 pick in the draft Jordan Price is rated 83 OVR, B- inside, B+ outside, B+ perimeter D, A- handling. B+ Basketball IQ and B+ athlete, this guy will be great.

Another signing that got less notice than Carlos Boozer.. welcome the Bulls new backup center, 63 rated Kwame Brown!

First Quarter

Charlotte 24
Chicago 18

Solid 1st quarter. We lead the entire way. A Ray Allen 3 at the buzzer gives him 5 points to lead us. Henderson, Wallace and Felton all have 3. Padgett plays 10 minutes, 1-2 from the field, 1-4 from the line. He has the worst FT motion ever. Deng leads Chicago with 8, Rose with 6.

Second Quarter

Chicago 50
Charlotte 47

Not nearly as good a second quarter. We actually went up 11, 33-22 before Chicago went on a huge tear. But first the good, PF Samuel Padgett is the player of the half with 9 points/4 boards/2 blocks! Gerald Wallace is 2nd with 8 for us. Augustin 7, Felton 6, Allen 5. Luol Deng is killing us on Chicacgo's end. He has 20 points on 8-11 shooting. We haven't been able to slow him at all. Rookie Jordan Price is FAST. HE burns Felton multiple times, shoots 4-5 in 9 minutes and has 11 points.

Third Quarter

Charlotte 75
Chicago 68

And we go right back on top, leading by 7 after 3. Gerald Wallace dominates the quarter. He scores 12 and leads us with 20. Ray Allen hits a 2nd trey and gets to the rim a couple times, he's up to 14 now. Padgett misses some ugly shots inside, I was clearly forcing it to him a few times, he has 11. Deng only got 2 in the quarter, Price none for Chicago. Rose and Gooden both have 10 total. A great quarter for us, leading by 7 going into the last 12 minutes.

Fourth Quarter

8:50 to go - Chicago with a great start, Hinrich has 7 and its a 77-77 tie.

5:50 to go - Well, we've only scored 6 all quarter but its still tied up, 81-81.

5:00 to go - Chandler with a charger on our end, Chicago with a midrange jumper and they lead for the first time this quarter, 83-81.

3:15 to go - Ray Allen gives us the lead with a 3 point play, 84-83, before Chicago's rookie Price hits a 3 and then they score again after we miss, 88-84 Bulls, ugh!

1:25 to go - Allen misses two open 3's, Wallace with a charge and we are not doing well in the final minutes. 91-84 Bulls

1:12 to go - I don't take a lot of 3's with Felton, but wide open on a kickout I have to try it, and Felton drains a huge one. 91-87.

0:45 to go - Probably over... Rose with an incredible 3 point play, we get a couple back but its looking dim. 94-89.

The final 6 minutes of the 4th are a disaster and Chicago gets the win.

Chicago 96
Charlotte 89

Derrick Rose is the player of the game with 15 points and 11 assists.

Wallace: 20 points/11 boards
Allen: 17 points/3 assists
Padgett: 15 points/7 boards/2 blocks
Chandler: 10 points/7 boards
Felton: 9 points/3 assists
Augustin: 7 points
Henderson: 6 points

Deng leads Chicago with 22, Price with 18 in his first game, Rose 15, Boozer 12.

I might try to start controlling subs myself, its not the entire reason that I lost by my starters played about 3-4 minutes more each than I wanted and all of them were totally gassed at the end of the game. An extra minute or two rest in the 4th could have made a big difference.
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I'm curious so I have to ask - how time consuming is it to write up this dynasty? Very in depth of just not your team but other teams as well. Again, very well done.
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Reading along and really enjoying even though I'm not all that knowledgeable about basketball. Really looking forward to how you attack the next offseason with the contracts (players and coaches) coming off the books and how you'll mold the team going forward.

Congrats on the draft pick too. Looks like if you'd picked outside of the top 3 that it could have left you short a pretty nice looking building block going forward.
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Originally Posted by CleBrownsfan View Post
I'm curious so I have to ask - how time consuming is it to write up this dynasty? Very in depth of just not your team but other teams as well. Again, very well done.

The offseason stuff/playoffs was time consuming, but I find that if I don't do that then I don't really pay attention to what's going on elsewhere in the league at all, so its my way to get myself immersed in the league/game and totally worth any time it takes.

I think once I'm in the playoffs it won't seem like as much, that took forever.
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Originally Posted by Radii View Post
30. Milwaukee
-- legitimately the worst team in the league. Michael Redd and Andrew Bogut are rated 75 OVR and the best players on the team. They drafted one of the biggest busts of the draft in PF Genwei Yee(69 OVR out of the #5 pick). Jennings is only 72 in this roster set. Bad, bad team.

Can't help but laugh at this, after the Yi Jianlian debacle.

I started my Bucks franchise using OS's rosters, and Jennings is about a 75 IIRC, and pretty awesome.
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Lets see how we do over a couple weeks of simmed games:

Oct 30 - Washington(0-1) at Charlotte(0-1)

We're down by 8 after 1, play things pretty even over the next two quarters and fall just short. Ray Allen leads us with 24, Felton 15, Diaw 13. Padgett 5 points/9 boards. Arenas 25 for Washington.

Washington 93
Charlotte 90

Nov 1 - Charlotte(0-2) at Golden State(2-0)

First win of the year in a higher scoring road affair. Wow, Ray Allen 8-11 from 3, 34 points. Bell 15, Henderson 14. Randolph with 23 points for Golden State.

Charlotte 116
Golden State 107

Nov 3 - Charlotte(1-2) at Oklahoma City(3-1)

Dominated by Durant and the Thunder. Durant 25, Westbrook 19. Felton 21, Allen 16, Wallace 14 for us.

Oklahoma City 107
Charlotte 89

Nov 4 - Charlotte(1-3) at Phoenix(3-1)

A tough overtime win on the road. Nash with 24 points/16 assists for phoenix. Allen 21, Diaw 13, Augustin/Wallace/Chandler/Felton all have 12.

Charlotte 111
Phoenix 108

Nov 6 - Charlotte(2-3) at Miami(2-2)

Wade with 26, Beasley with 19 in a Miami win. Wallace 17, Augustin 13, Allen 11.

Miami 84
Charlotte 75

Nov 7 - Denver(4-2) at Charlotte(2-4)

A 1 point loss in OT, tough one. Allen 24, Diaw 16, Wallace and Felton 15. Billups 25, Melo 24 for Denver.

Denver 105
Charlotte 104


Tyson Chandler is going to be slowed for 4-6 weeks with a broken finger. He can play, and he will, but his effectiveness will be lessened.

Nov 11 - Charlotte(2-5) at New York(5-2)

Another loss, I'd really hoped to start off better than this. Wilson Chandler 28, Nene 21 for the Knicks. Augustin 20, Allen 20, Tyson Chandler 16 for us.

New York 104
Charlotte 96

Antonio McDyess goes from San Antonio to Oklahoma City in exchange for a 2nd rounder in next year's draft. MyDyess is rated 65 OVR and 36 years old.

Our next game is at Philly, I'll be playing that one.
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November 13, 2010

Charlotte(2-6) at Philadelphia(4-5)

78:84 OVR
75:81 OFF
82:84 DEF

Philadelphia Scouting

PG Marion Brand - 74 OVR - 12.3 ppg/5.2 apg - Brand was the 19th pick of the draft this year for Philly, and he's already running the point on a team that has a good shot at hte playoffs. Not bad at all. B- outside, B+ perimeter D, B+ hands.

SG Andrew Iguodala - 87 OVR - 19.6 ppg/5.4 rpg/6.2 apg - B- inside/B outside/A- perimeter D/B+ hands, an all around star and great athlete.

SF Thaddeus Young - 77 OVR - 17.3 ppg/5.6 rpg, 59.2% from the field - B inside, A- outside, B- perimeter D, 6'8" and 22 years old, Young is shaping out to be a very solid player.

PF Elton Brand - 77 OVR - 11.7 ppg/7.4 rpg - B+ inside, B- post D, A- rebounding - a tried and true big man with 12 years in the NBA now, but he's 4 years removed from 20 points/10 boards ability

C Samuel Dalembert - 67 OVR - 0.7 ppg/7.4 rpg - They don't let him shoot I guess, less that 1 point/game despite getting 25 minutes of action. B+ post D, A+ rebounding.

SG JR Smith(76 OVR) is the top guy off the bench, 15.6 ppg so far. PG Jrue Holiday(71 OVR) and PF Marresse Speights(71 OVR) are the other guys who will be seeing a lot of minutes.

First Quarter

Philadelphia 33
Charlotte 19

Just awful. Padgett with 6 on 2-5 shooting and a couple FT's. Wallace 4 points. Ray Allen goes 0-3 from 3, I just can't get anything done. Iguodala 13, Young 10. Iguodala is a crazy athlete and I can't stop him. No reason he can't score 50.

Second Quarter

Philadelphia 53
Charlotte 40

Well, we let Philly push the lead up to 20 before we cut it back down. Philly shoots 52%, we shoot 32%. Its just all bad really. Wallace 10, Padgett 9, Allen 8 for us so far. JR Smith 13, Iguodala slows down, still at 13. I guess b/c JR Smith got all his points this quarter, so it was his turn.

Third Quarter

Philadelphia 82
Charlotte 70

Once again, we fall behind by 20 and make a charge to get it back down close to 10. This quarter was the thaddeus Young quarter. Young has 21, Smith 18, Iguodala 17. They are 8-14, 8-13, 8-13 from the field respectively. That's 24-40, 3-5 from 3. Padgett is having a great game for us. He's got 22 on 9-13 from the field. Wallace 15, Allen 13. We just aren't scoring consistently while they really are.

Fourth Quarter

8:30 to go - A 3 point play from Gerald Henderson gets the lead below 10 for the first time since the first quarter. It's 91-82. I don't think we can do it though. Every time it seems like we're doing something well, Iguodala does something soulcrushing, like a 25 foot 3 after 23.9 seconds of perfect defense.

6:30 to go - 96-86, we blew a chance to get the lead down a bit more, allowing an offensive board and 3 point play a couple trips ago.

3:50 to go - 100-93, we get 5 in a row including a rare 3 from Diaw. We still need a few more stops but its still in reach.

1:15 to go - 104-99. We missed two chances to get it down to 5 earlier. Iguodala actually misses a midrange shot, and Ray Allen hits a runner to get it down to 5.

0:45 to go - They must be tiring. JR Smith misses a jumper. Padgett with an inside out with Ray Allen, but he was on the 3 point line. Its good for two. 104-101.

0:22 to go - Another missed shot by Philly, Gerald Wallace takes his man one on one and gets to the rim, 104-103.

0:20 to go - They hit two free throws, 106-103. I bring in DJ Augustin for the 3 point shooting. Felton, Augustin, Allen, Wallace, Padgett.

0:11 to go - Augustin gets a good look but its off the front rim. We have to foul and they hit from the line, 108-103.

And that's that. Philly really was in control for a very large majority of this game, it was all we could do to give ourselves an outside shot at the end.

Philadelphia 109
Charlotte 105

Padgett: 26 points/11 boards/1 block - 11-15 from the field, I'm extremely happy with what I was able to do with Padgett today, makes me pretty excited for the future here.

Wallace: 23 points/7 boards
Allen: 17 points
Augustin: 11 points
Henderson: 10 points
Chandler: 8 points/10 boards

For Philly, it was a very impressive 3 man show. Young 28, Iguodala 25, Smith 20. With those three guys hitting the jumpers so damn effectively, rookie PG Brand gets 15 assists.
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Originally Posted by Groundhog View Post
Can't help but laugh at this, after the Yi Jianlian debacle.

Hah yeah. It does make me wonder about the draft. Unless there's something with potential/player development, there's just no one at all in the middle of this first draft that is rated way different than everyone else in the same range. Though a rookie who got picked 19th just had a 15 assist game for Philly, his ratings are totally in line with everyone else that got picked near him. I'm curious to see how future drafts go
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It seems like Padgett isn't playing that well for you guys when simming? Or are his rebounding/blocks decently high?
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Originally Posted by law90026 View Post
It seems like Padgett isn't playing that well for you guys when simming? Or are his rebounding/blocks decently high?

He's rebounding well, just not taking a lot of shots. It seems like the simmed games involve a *lot* more jump shooting, or a lot less attacking the basket. Last season Gerald Wallace led the team in scoring any time I played a game due to me using Wallace to attack the rim every chance I got. In simmed games Felton and Bell led the team in scoring just as often.

The same thing seems to be happening this year with Ray Allen putting up some big numbers as a jump shooter in my first few simmed games.

Actually, now that you mention it, an issue with College Hoops 2k8 was that younger guys would often be very talented but have a very very low tendency to shoot and wouldn't really come into their own until their junior or senior season. I'll have to see how that works in the NBA game.
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Padgett's shot tendency is listed as 26, with an "average starting PF in the NBA" at 66. So he just doesn't like to shoot apparently. He's taking 5 shots a game in simmed games about. He was scouted as a defensive/rebounding guy. The Philly game, even compared to other games with me controlling him, I suspect is probably going to end up as an outlier.

Development of the shot tendency rating though will be interesting to watch.

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That's pretty cool that his stats pretty much reflect his tendencies. Thanks for taking the time to look into it.
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Nov 14 - San Antonio(5-5) at Charlotte(2-7)

An unexpected win. Felton 19, Allen 12, Wallace 11. Padgett 6 points/12 boards. Duncan 21, Ginobili 19.

Charlotte 88
San Antonio 81

Nov 16 - Oklahoma City (8-3) at Charlotte(3-7)

We get revenge on OKC, they beat us by 18 earlier in the month, and we get an 18 point win. Allen 18, Wallace 16, Felton 14, Padgett 8 points/7 boards. Harden and Westbrook with 19 each for OKC. Durant is out for 2-4 weeks with a strained Achilles, he didn't play.

Charlotte 98
Oklahoma City 80


Ugh. Tyson Chandler tears an ACL. He's out for the year.

New Rotation:

PG Felton
SG Allen
SF Wallace
PF Diaw
C Padgett

6 Augustin
7 Mohammed
8 Bell
9 Henderson

Diaw is pretty happy to be back in the lineup.

Nov 18 - Orlando (3-6) at Charlotte(4-7)

Orlando crushes us here. Allen 17, Diaw 16, Wallace 13. Padgett plays 14 minutes and fouls out. Howard 26 points/12 boards, Nelson 26, Lewis 24.

Orlando 113
Charlotte 94

Nov 20 - New Orleans(2-10) at Charlotte(4-8)

Paul still isn't back and we take advantage. Felton 25, Allen 22, Wallace 17, Padgett 6 points/12 boards. West 26 for the Hornets.

Charlotte 107
New Orleans 84

League Trades

Oklahoma City gets: PF Lamar Odom (78 OVR)
LA Lakers get: SF Jeff Green(78 OVR)

OKC had no solid big men, LA gets a younger guy who gets minutes and will step in for Artest at some point.

Portland gets: PF Tyrus Thomas(72 OVR)
New York gets: PG Steve Blake(72 OVR)

Neither starts on either team, this just changes where each team's depth lies.

Nov 21 - Charlotte(5-8) at San Antonio(5-8)

We've won 4 out of 5 with this one and we really win this one big. Ginobili 23, Parker 19 for the Spurs. Allen 26, Wallace 23, Felton 22, Padgett 0 points/8 boards and more foul trouble.

Charlotte 111
San Antonio 85

November 26 - Atlanta(10-3) at Charlotte(6-8)

Huge 1 point win over one of the better teams in the league. We lead 27-15 after a quarter, Atlanta closes in the rest of the way but we hold on for a 1 point win. Diaw 20, Wallace 17, Felton and Allen 16. Padgett 2 points/10 boards. Joe Johnson 22 points/9 boards/8 assists.

Charlotte 90
Atlanta 89

Nov 27 - Toronto (7-8) at Charlotte(7-8)

.500!! Turkoglu with 30 for the Raptors. Augustin 27(in 20 minutes!), Allen 25, Felton 20. Padgett 8 points/10 boards.

Charlotte 111
Toronto 107

That puts us at 8-8, I'll play the next game at the pistons.
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November 20, 2010

Charlotte(8-8) at Detroit(5-11)

78:78 OVR
78:84 OFF
80:75 DEF

Detroit Scouting

PG Rodney Stuckey - 77 OVR - 14.6 ppg/6.7 apg - C+ inside/B+ outside/B perimeter D/B+ handling. Most PGs in the NBA are better ball handlers, Stucky looks like more of a scorer than a traditional distributor.

SG Ben Gordon - 82 OVR - 17.3 ppg - A+ outside scoring, average D, B hands. Easily the best player on the team.

SF Tayshaun Prince - 77 OVR - 11.8 ppg/4.5 rpg - Shooting 40% this year, that'd be the worst by far in his career. B- inside/B+ outisde/B- perimeter D/C+ post D, decent all around

PF Charlie Villanueva - 71 OVR - 134 ppg/8.3 rpg - Morale is slipping, despite being a starter. B inside/B+ outside, terrible defender.

C Rolando Faulk - 73 OVR - 4.1 ppg/9.9 rpg - Faulk was the 9th pick in the draft He's 7'3". B inside/B- post D/B+ rebounder.

SG Richard Hamilton(75 OVR) is averaging 11.9 ppg off the bench for the Pistons. The rest of their backups are all rated 72 or below. Jason Maxiell is hurt and knocked down pretty far, but he looks like he'll be the top big man off the bench, just scoring about 3.5 per game.

First Quarter

Detroit 28
Charlotte 20

A quick 9-0 run, two threes and a 3 point play let Detroit run out to an early lead and its been even since then. Diaw picked up 2 fouls in about 2 minutes and sat. Padgett leads us with 6 on 3-5 shooting inside. Augustin and Wallace have 4 each. Villanueva has 12, Gordon 9.

Second Quarter

Detroit 55
Charlotte 45

We had it down to 6, 49-43 before Detroit ran off 6 straight. We got a bucket to get it to 10 at the half. Detroit is 4-9 from 3, I'm 0-9. Wallace had a great quarter, he's got 16 at the half. Padgett has 12 points/5 boards on 5-8 shooting. He seems to get to the rim well and I can find him for easy layups after penetrating and breaking down the defense, most of his shots are simply me catching him wide open 4 feet from the rim. For Chicago... Ben Gordon,wow. He's 8-11 from the field, 2-2 from 3, 3-3 from the line. He's got 21. Villanueva has 15, but he's horribly mismatched trying to play the 4 and we were able to get him in foul trouble pretty easily. No one else has more than 3 for Detroit.

Third Quarter

Detroit 78
Charlotte 58

Well, that was just bad. They dominated us inside, dominated the glass, and I couldn't hit any shots. I'm having a really hard time hitting jump shots in general. Wallace 20, Padgett 14. Allen is 1-7 from 3. Gordon 25, Villanueva 19 for the Pistons.

Fourth Quarter

Quick sim after Detroit scores the first four of the period.

Detroit 108
Charlotte 77

Wallace: 20 points/7 boards
Padgett: 14 points/7 boards
Diaw: 12 points
Augustin: 10 points
Allen: 9 points

Gordon with 34 for the Pistons on 13-19 shooting. Villanueva 19, Hamilton 14.
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I seem to be struggling mightily with jumpers, even taking Ray Allen into practice mode and getting "perfect release" on 90% of my shots I make a really low % of them(allen has an easy smooth shooting motion, very easy to get a perfect release). I think I've seen other complaints about this as well, I'm gonna increase all my shooting sliders to match the CPU ones for now and see how that goes.
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Dec 2 - Boston (6-12) at Charlotte(8-9)

We pull off a very close win over the struggling Celtics. Diaw 23, Allen 16, Felton 16. Pierce 27, Garnett 20.

Charlotte 99
Boston 97

Dec 4 - New York(11-8) at Charlotte(9-9)

A big win to get us over .500, no thanks to my ability to play out games so far. Wallace 32 points/7 boards, Diaw 22, Felton 20. Robinson 24, Lee 18 for the knicks.

Charlotte 112
New York 87

Dec 5 - Charlotte(10-9) at Dallas(9-11)

Dallas leads by 13 after 3 and wins by 6. Undrafted 2nd year PG Rodrigue Beaubois out of France scores 25 for Dallas. Dirk with 19 points/11 boards. Diaw 23, Felton 19, Augustin 19.

Dallas 100
Charlotte 94
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Dec 9 - Indiana(10-8) at Charlotte(10-10)

Another slim win, we led by 14 after 3, Indiana dominates the 4th but we hang on. Felton 27, Allen 18, Diaw 14. Padgett 9 points/5 boards. Granger 24 for Indiana.

Charlotte 100
Indiana 98

Dec 11 - Charlotte(11-10) at Boston(9-15)

Boston uses a 29-8 second quarter to get ahead and put us away. Felton 30, Diaw 13, Allen 10. Padgett only scores 1 but pulls down 16 boards. Rondo and Pierce both have 17 for the Celtics.

Boston 85
Charlotte 71

Dec 13 - New Jersey(11-12) at Charlotte(11-11)

Crazy defense, New Jersey scores 15, 13, 16, 14 in each respective quarter. Wallace 17, Felton 15, Henderson and Diaw 9. Yao Ming??? 16 points/16 boards. Time to check out recent trades.

Charlotte 72
New Jersey 58

Trade Updates

Houston gets: C Brook Lopez, 2011 1st round pick
New Jersey gets: C Yao Ming

Yao(86 OVR), Lopez(80 OVR). Lopez is only 22 years old and looking really damn good but 86 OVR is in that secondary superstar range, Yao is 30 years old. The Nets have Devin Harris rated 88 OVR at PG and this gives them two star level players to try to compete with. Interesting.

Indiana gets: Luis Scola
New Jersey gets: Kyle Lowry

Scola is 30 years old, Lowry 24, but their contracts are the same, Lowry starts for Indiana, Scola starts for New Jersey, and neither are anywhere close to the starting lineup on their new teams. Just dumb. I reverse this one.

Washington gets: Rashad McCants
Indiana gets: Andray Blatche

Both are lower rated non-starters, so whatever.

Dec 16 - Memphis(10-13) at Charlotte(12-11)

Another really close one, but we come up short here. Felton 18, Diaw 16, Allen 14. Randolph 26, Mayo 24 for Memphis. Mayo is rated 84 OVR and is becoming a star it appears.

Memphis 96
Charlotte 94

I'll be playing out my next game against Utah.
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December 18, 2010

Utah(11-14) at Charlotte(12-12)

79:79 OVR
80:78 OFF
78:79 DEF

Utah Scouting

PG Deron Williams - 92 OVR - 27.5 ppg/9.9 apg - with Carlos Boozer gone this is truly Deron Williams' team. B ins/A- out/A- per D/A+ hands, great everywhere.

SG Roger Mason - 68 OVR - 8.4 ppg - A- outside shooting. He's not really good on D and not great with the ball.

SF Andrei Kirilenko - 71 OVR - 13 ppg/5.0 rpg - 51.8% FGs this year so far. He's an average scorer, he can defend insie and outside acceptably, but he's not a star by any stretch.

PF Paul Millsap - 77 OVR - 13.6 ppg/7.6 rpg - B+ inside, A rebounding, but poor post defense. Millsap is the 2nd best player on the team and no one else is really close.

C Mehmet Okur - 72 OVR - 13.0 ppg/7.8 rpg - B+ inside/B+ outside, just a C+ rebounder.

PF Christian Baxter(71 OVR) is the 6th man, not a scorer but he is pulling in 8 boards/game. PG Eric Maynor(68 OVR) is putting up 8 points/game off the bench.

If we can slow Deron Williams we win it would seem.

First Quarter

Utah 29
Charlotte 25

No surprise, the worst player on the court leads all in scoring. Roger Mason is 5-9 for 10 points. Deron Williams would attack and kick out a lot. Williams still put up 8 points though. Padgett and Wallace lead us with 6 each, Allen 5. Pretty balanced shooting for me so far.

Second Quarter

Utah 52
Charlotte 48

Deron Williams is the player of the half with 14 points. Kirilenko with 13, Mason with 12 for the Jazz. Diaw with 10, Padgett with 10, Wallace and Allen both with 8 for us. So I only minorly adjusted the shooting sliders, but yeah, we're shooting 20/33 at the half, 60%! We're only 2/4 from 3, we're getting it inside a ton. That was the idea though, as their post defense is subpar. And, of course, we're trailing, so we have to stop someone at some point.

Third Quarter

Utah 77
Charlotte 65

Ugh, we just come out this quarter ice cold, and we cannot stop them when Deron Williams is in the game. Mason leads them with 17, Williams has 16 but 8 assists. I've got 16 for Ray Allen, Padgett looks to be headed to a double double with 12 points/8 boards. Utah is shooting 51% from the floor now, and we're still shooting 54%. But Utah has 14 more FG attempts, and 5 more 3's. We have 9 turnovers to their 4, they have one more offensive board... the little things are adding up here it appears.

Fourth Quarter

9:00 to go - Utah up 84-69. We just don't have the defense to deal with this.

Its an 18 point game with 7 left and I give up. Its just frustrating watching Utah hold the ball for 20 seconds and then get a kickout to Eric Maynor or Roger Mason and have the shot go in every single damn time.

Utah 108
Charlotte 90

Utah shoots lights out in the second half, just completely unstoppable. They're 57% from the field, and 12/21 from 3(they were 7/14 after 3... so yeah, 5/7 from 3 in the 4th quarter.

Padgett: 23 points/9 boards - 10/14 from the field
Allen: 18 points
Diaw: 12 points
Wallace: 10 points/7 boards
Henderson: 10 points

I only took 6 3's all game, none with Augustin. I probably need to work to balance my offense out quite a bit. but I have no answer for a 90+ rated guard, and once these other guys get hot b/c of him, I have no answer for anyone. Bell's defense is fading with age, Chandler's "out for the season" injury hurts us inside quite a bit(even though his salary sucks ass he is a good rebounder and defender inside). I also only took 6 shots with Gerald Wallace. He's a stud athlete compared to the rest of the guys I've got on offense, that's a huge problem.

So I've got some things I can do to improve for sure. Mason ended up with 26 on 12-19 shooting, Millsap 18, Deron Williams 18 points/13 assists for the Jazz.
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Dec 19 - Charlotte(12-13) at Indiana(12-12)

We hold the Pacers to 15 in the 4th quarter and pull of a 3 point win. Lowry with 23, Hansbrough 21 points/14 boards for the Pacers. Allen 28, Wallace 15, Bell 14(in 17 minutes) for Charlotte.

Charlotte 102
Indiana 99

Dec 22 - Charlotte(13-13) at Portland(16-12)

We lose by 9 and it wasn't anywhere near that close. We win the 4th quarter 28-13. Aldridge 20, Oden 17, Roy 15 for the Blazers. Felton 20, Wallace 17, Diaw 12.

Portland 82
Charlotte 73

Dec 23 - Charlotte (13-14) at Denver(20-8)

A great second half gives us a good road win. Melo with 33 for Denver. Felton 22, Wallace 16, Allen 16. Padgett with 9 points/12 boards.

Charlotte 105
Denver 98

Dec 26 - Charlotte(14-14) at Chicago(13-14)

Chicago with an 11 point win. Gooden 20, Deng 18 for the Bulls. Allen 25, Felton 19, Wallace 17 for us. Padgett with 9 points/15 boards.

Chicago 99
Charlotte 88

Charlotte Trade

Cleveland Gets: SF Derrick Brown (69 OVR)
Charlotte Gets: C Kurt Thomas (67 OVR)

Brown was super pissed off in Charlotte since I shoved him out of my rotation. Cleveland has 4 centers and Thomas is #3 on the list(Shaq/Ben Wallace get all the minutes there).

Thomas has a decent close range shot and can hit a mid-range jumper better than most bigs. He's not much of a threat to score in the post, his post defense is above average thoguh(75) and he's a quality rebounder(ORB 85, DRB 81). His defensive awareness is rated 65, just about average for centers. He's 38 years old, in the last year of his contract, making $486k. Just about perfect for my situation. I put him in my rotation getting 20 minutes/game immediately.
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Milwaukee is one of the worst teams in the NBA, since I've been struggling early on in games i've played I want to see how I do against trash.

December 29, 2010

Milwaukee(11-21) at Charlotte(14-15)

80:69 OVR
82:69 OFF
80:68 DEF

Milwaukee Scouting

PG Brandon Jennings - 72 OVR - 21.7 ppg/7.0 apg - Great numbers, but I think due more to the lack of ability of his teammates than his own ratings. B outside/B- Perimeter D/A- hands

SG Michael Redd - 74 OVR - 19.0 ppg - B- inside/A outside, average D, average hands. Highest rated player on the team.

SF Carlos Delfino - 64 OVR - 13.6 ppg - C+ outside shooting is his best rating.

PF Luc Richard Mbah a Moute - 70 OVR - 8.9 ppg/9.3 rpg - A good all around defender, B perimeter/B Post D. B- rebounding, terrible scorer.

C Andrew Bogus - 73 OVR - 15.2 ppg/11.9 rpg - A- inside/A rebounding, not really a good defender either.

PF Genwei Yee is rated 69 OVR is averaging 4.6 ppg and 7.8 rebounds this year. No stars, and our role players are notably better than theirs. No reason we should struggle at home against these guys at all.

First Quarter

Charlotte 24
Milwaukee 21

We lead 20-11 before they come roaring back. Michael Redd is on fire, he's got 12 on 5-8 shooting(2-2 from 3). No one else has more than 3 for the Bucks. Padgett is hot for us, 4-7 with a couple free throws, 10 points. Allen and Wallace each have 6. Augustin has 2 and we only had 4 people score all quarter.

Second Quarter

Milwaukee 42
Charlotte 38

I just can't make jumpers. Michael Redd is 8-13 and 3-3 from 3, he has 19 points, no one else for Milwaukee has more than 6. Wallace and Padgett with 10 for me, Allen with 8. Milwaukee shoots 43% on the half, I shoot 37%. I'm 0/7 from 3.

Third Quarter

Milwaukee 68
Charlotte 61

Milwaukee scores the last 5 points of the half, we still cannot hit jumpshots. Redd sits most of the quarter and has 19 still, Jennings has 12, Mbah a Moute with 10. Padgett leads us with 15, Wallace/Allen/Diaw all have 12. Diaw had a very good quarter for us, but we just aren't getting good consistent scoring.

Fourth Quarter

8:30 to go - Its a 5 point game, 73-68, Gerald Henderson has missed a couple FTs and we feel like it should be closer.

5:30 to go - Augustin fades away from a layup in transition for reasons I cannot explain and misses, Henderson gets the board, gets fouled and hits 1 of 2 at the line. We cut the lead below 5 for the first time. 77-73 Bucks. Allen and Padgett come back in for the duration. Felton/WAllace are still on the bench.

5:10 to go - We foul Yee, he misses both free throws. Padgett gets a bucket on the other end and its 77-75.

4:20 to go - Another stop on defense, and Padgett comes down on the secondary break, HEnderson fires it in to him for an easy layup. Padgett with 23, 77-77.

3:30 to go - Yeah, Ray Allen misses an open jumper. Its all good until I try a jump shot. 81-77 Milwaukee.

2:20 to go - Felton with a 3 point play, its 83-82 Milwaukee.

1:15 to go - Of course... We play 23 1/2 seconds of perfect defense, even get a near steal with 2 seconds left on the shot clock, but they pick it up and fire it to Michael Redd who hits a contested 3. 86-82 Bucks.

1:07 to go - Gerald Wallace gets inside and gets a 3 point play, fouled by Delfino. 86-85 Bucks.

0:44 to go - We get a stop on defense, Ray Allen drives to the basket in transition and gets fouled. He isn't going to miss any FT's, 87-86 Bobcats.

0:07 to go - We get a stop with a 5 second difference between the shot and game clock. I hold the ball and work Ray Allen off a screen for a wide open baseline jumper. Its short. Bucks ball down one.

Delfino misses a contested jumper at the buzzer and we hang on for the 1 point win.

Charlotte 87
Milwaukee 86

Padgett: 25 points/10 boards (11-21 from the field)
Wallace: 15 points/5 boards
Allen: 14 points (4-9 shooting, 0-3 from 3)
Diaw: 14 points/6 boards
Henderson: 8 points

The level to which I am unable to make jump shots is ridiculous. How bad it is? We scored 87 points. 66 in the paint, 19 from the line. That adds up to 85. The games are fun to play out, and I wouldn't mind building a team that is going to be a dominant post/attacking the basket team, but it doesn't feel right at all while I'm playing to get a Ray Allen or DJ Augustin with a defender a couple steps away and just *know* that its going to miss. And that is what it feels like right now.
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I know what you mean Radii, right now I'm the same way. Last night I scored 97 points in a game, and 74 were from in the paint. I just can't generate jump shots or threes it seems, and when I get them they don't go down for me, threes in particular.
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Ok, lets not give up just yet. I like the general game flow outside of the shooting, so I'm going to adjust a bit more(to sweed's settings for now) and see where it goes from there:

Inside Shot Success – 50
Close Shot Success – 47
Mid Range Success – 52
3pt Success – 53
Layup Success – 48
Dunk Success – 49

Just on my side. Basically I am perfectly happy with the general flow of the game outside of my inability to hit jumpers. So I don't want to mess with any other settings, just this one. We'll start with this and continue to adjust as needed.
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So its convienant that i play Milwaukee two nights in a row, I'll go ahead and play this one out.

December 30, 2010

Charlotte(15-15) at Milwaukee(11-22)

80:68 OVR
82:69 OFF
80:68 DEF

Milwaukee Scouting

PG Brandon Jennings - 72 OVR - 21.7 ppg/7.0 apg - Great numbers, but I think due more to the lack of ability of his teammates than his own ratings. B outside/B- Perimeter D/A- hands

SG Michael Redd - 74 OVR - 19.0 ppg - B- inside/A outside, average D, average hands. Highest rated player on the team.

SF Carlos Delfino - 64 OVR - 13.6 ppg - C+ outside shooting is his best rating.

PF Luc Richard Mbah a Moute - 70 OVR - 8.9 ppg/9.3 rpg - A good all around defender, B perimeter/B Post D. B- rebounding, terrible scorer.

C Andrew Bogut - 73 OVR - 15.2 ppg/11.9 rpg - A- inside/A rebounding, not really a good defender either.

PF Genwei Yee is rated 69 OVR is averaging 4.6 ppg and 7.8 rebounds this year. No stars, and our role players are notably better than theirs. No reason we should struggle at home against these guys at all.

First Quarter

Milwaukee 25
Charlotte 22

With 6 minutes left in the quarter, Milwaukee led 19-4. We were shooting 2-10. A Ray Allen 3 sparked us, they started bringing in their backups, and we went on a roll. Carlos Delfino has 11 points, and is 3-4 from 3. He torched us on open shots early on. Michael Redd has 7 for them, and no one else has more than 3. Gerald Wallace has 6 for us, despite being 1-5, he's got the rest at the line. Allen has 5, Padgett 4, Augustin 3. I'm shooting 2-5 from 3, Allen and Augustin each have 1.

Second Quarter

Milwaukee 40
Charlotte 39

Michael Redd is the player of the half and its not even close. He's got 18 points/3 assists/2 boards. He hits open shots and generates some very impressive buckets himself. Neither team is shooting that great today, 41% from Milwaukee, 38% for us. 5/14 3's for the Bucks, 3/13 for me. I had a few trips where I took bad 3's by default when I coudln't get something better. Allen leads us with 11, but is just 2-8 from 3. But as I said that was a default shot clock running out shot, many of thsoe were poor shots. Padgett with 10, Wallace with 8. No one else has more than 3. Redd 18, Delfino 11, no one with more than 3 for Milwaukee.

Jennings with 3 fouls. No one else has any sort of foul trouble on either team.

Third Quarter

Charlotte 61
Milwaukee 55

Gerald Wallace with a pretty dunk coming in from the right wing gives us our first lead since 2-0. Its 43-42 with 10 minutes to go in the quarter. We control the quarter, forcing a large number of very bad shots and pulling down all the rebounds. I'm able to get Wallace going to the basket a number of times and he leads us with 18 points. Allen still has 11, Padgett 10. Diaw and Felton score a little, 7 and 5 for them. I'm now 4 for 21 from 3, terrible, but get rid of the bad end of shot clock 3's and i'm probably about 4 for 15. Redd has 22. Bogut gets a mention for 6 points/7 boards, but he's only 2-6 inside.

Fourth Quarter

9:00 to go - We lead 67-59, Gerald Henderson and Ray Allen work a couple really nice give and go plays, and Henderson has a huge dunk in transition.

6:00 to go - 70-63 Charlotte, we've gotten a 3 from Allen and that's it in the last 3 minutes, but the defense is still playing great.

4:30 to go - Look at the defense! 74-63 Charlotte, looking great. A Michael Redd insane run is all that's between us and a win now.

2:35 to go - 77-65 Charlotte, Milwaukee ends a long drought with a Yee bucket inside.

We win this one easily.

Charlotte 83
Milwaukee 73

Allen: 22 points (5-14 from 3)
Wallace: 20 points/11 boards
Padgett: 12 points/8 boards (5-8 from the field)
Henderson: 7 points
Diaw: 7 points

Redd with 28 for the Bucks. Delfino and Jennings didn't do much in the second half, 11 for Delfino, 10 for Jennings. Bogut finishes with 6 points/11 boards.

Allen caught fire from 3 in the 4th quarter. We really did as a team, 4/21 from 3 after 3 quarters, we finish 8/27 from 3. I don't really want to shoot that many 3's per game. I prefer to try to go into a post guy if I can't get a shot I like, but this game I tended to just fire it out to Allen heh.

Anyway, this is a Milwaukee team rated very poorly, so I'm pleased with this result. We'll see how it goes from here!
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Jan 1 - New York(17-15) at Charlotte(16-15)

We win ever quarter in a high scoring contest. Diaw 29, Augustin 25, Felton 21 and 11 assists. Lee with 23 for the Knicks.

Charlotte 122
New York 106

Jan 4 - Charlotte(17-15) at Orlando(17-14)

We trail by 12 at the half but come back to get a big win. Allen 22, Wallace 20 points/11 boards. Augustin 17. Howard with 25, Nelson 19 points/10 assists for the Magic.

Charlotte 108
Orlando 104

Jan 6 - New Jersey (18-16) at Charlotte(18-15)

A 21-7 2nd quater triggers our 5th straight win! Allen 29, Wallace 19 points/11 boards,Diaw 14. Harris 16 points/10 assists for the Nets.

Charlotte 105
New Jersey 76

Jan 8 - Philadelphia(15-18) at Charlotte(19-15)

No surprise the team under .500 ends our win streak. Felton 22, Wallace 19, Alen 18. JR Smith 22, Iguodala 21 for the 76ers.

Philadelphia 106
Charlotte 95

Jan 9 - Charlotte(19-16) at Atlanta(21-15)

Atlanta gets us in a close one. Joe Johnson with 25. Wallace with 19 and 12 for us, Bell 14(that's out of nowhere), Allen 12.

Atlanta 90
Charlotte 87

As of right now there's just no one in the east that looks great:

Eastern Conference Standings

1. Atlanta (22-15)
2. New York (20-16)
3. Miami (19-16)
4. Cleveland (18-15)
5. Charlotte (19-17)
6. Orlando (18-16)
7. New Jersey (18-18)
8. Philadelphia (16-18)
9. Washington (16-18)
10. Indiana (16-19)
11. Boston (17-20)
12. Chicago (16-20)
13. Toronto (14-22)
14. Detroit (12-23)
15. Milwaukee (13-25)

Out west Denver is 26-11, the Lakers are 23-11, and the Kings are 22-13, with the Spurs and Trail Blazers right behind.

We'll see if anyone steps up in the East. I can't imagine Charlotte will, but the addition of Ray Allen and a top 3 guy in the draft seems to have made a major difference. Padgett is averaging 7.2 points/9.5 rebounds per game, numbers I'm thrilled to see out of a rookie.
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Just wanted to tell you Radii that I'm still following and enjoying your dynasty here. Keep it going!!
XBox Gamertag: Pronk32

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Originally Posted by CleBrownsfan View Post
Just wanted to tell you Radii that I'm still following and enjoying your dynasty here. Keep it going!!

Thanks, always glad to have people following!

Just a couple more games before the next one I want to play:

Jan 11 - Charlotte (19-17) at Philadelphia(16-18)

They beat us again to give us a 3 game losing streak. Augustin 19, Felton 18, Bell 13. No injuries here, Allen gets 31 minutes but shoots 3-16 so bell outscores him. Iguodala with 26.

Philadelphia 84
Charlotte 83

Jan 13 - Washington(17-18) at Charlotte(19-18)

An overtime loss kicks off a 5 game homestand. Diaw 18, Felton 16, Wallace 12. Jamison 15, Nick Young with 15 too.

Washington 88
Charlotte 86

Next up we host an evenly rated Clippers team in a game that I'll play out.
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I notice that Ray Allen is listed as "Sluggish" going into the game, we've been playing every other day for a couple weeks but haven't played back to back any lately. He's the only starter not fresh or rested. He's getting up there in age so it makes sense,and is pretty awesome to have to care about carryover fatigue. Anyway, I cut his minutes in my rotation, giving a few extra minutes to DJ Augustin and Gerald Henderson.

Jan 15, 2011

LA Clippers (19-20) at Charlotte(19-19)

80:80 OVR
81:90 OFF
80:80 DEF

Great overall offensive rating. Davis/Iverson/Griffin/Kaman are very strong offensivelly.

LA Clippers Scouting

PG Baron Davis - 82 OVR - 12.1 ppg/7.4 apg - A+ handles, B+ perimeter D, B- outside/C+ inside scoring. With the addition of Allen Iverson Davis takeson less of the scoring load here(12.1 ppg woudl be his lowest scoring average in 11 seasons).

SG Allen Iverson - 83 OVR - 16.2 ppg - 35 years old, Iverson/Allen is a good matchup of aging stars here. Iverson A- hands/A- perimeter D/B outside scoring.

SF Al Thornton - 72 OVR - 9.1 ppg/3.7 rpg - B inside/B- outside scoring, poor defense everywhere. A chance for Wallace hopefully.

PF Blake Griffin - 81 OVR - 9.7 ppg/10.1 rpg - Griffin is slowed by a tailbone injury, only playing at about 75% effectiveness. B- inside/B- rebounding is all he's got today.

C Chris Kaman - 78 OVR - 19.1 ppg/10.8 ppg - Kaman is shooting 52% on the year and has become quite a force for the Clippers. He's hurt and at about 90% effectiveness today. B inside/B post D.

LA has great guard depth. TJ Ford is rated 78 OVR and backs up Davis at the point, and Eric Gordon is also at 78 OVR backing up Iverson. Ford scores 8.5 per game, Gordon about 14. Both are major concerns.

First Quarter

Charlotte 29
LA Clippers 22

Eric Gordon hits a 3 as time expires, we had a 10 point lead going there briefly. We shoot 12/17 in the quarter, 2/2 from 3. Just not missing anything. Allen and Wallace hit a couple pullup jumpers in transition and Wallace is getting to the rim at will. Wallace 12, Felton 5, Allen 5. Padgett has 5 boards already. Iverson 7, Griffin 6 for the Clippers.

Wallace and Baron Davis both have 2 fouls.

Second Quarter

Charlotte 49
LA Clippers 43

We lead the entire quarter, sometimes it seems easy but they do get hot and cut an 11 point lead down to 6. Wallace leads us with 14, Ray Allen is 3-3 from 3 and has 11. Diaw 10, Padgett 7 points/6 boards. Kaman leads the Clippers with 11, Griffin 8, Iverson doesn't score this quarter and still has 7.

Third Quarter

Charlotte 78
LA Clippers 59

SAMUEL PADGETT. Padgett's quarter: 10 points/3 boards/2 assists/1 steal/3 blocks. In the first 3 minutes of the quarter he blocked Griffin once, Kaman once and just pulled an alley oop out of the air to trigger a thunderous dunk by Gerald Wallace. He was on fire from the post and led a 29-16 quarter for the Bobcats. Wallace has 20, Padgett 17, Diaw 17, Allen 15. Kaman 15, Iverson 13, Griffin 12. Iverson is 6-13 and is struggling a ton against us. We're 4/12 from 3, but 32/55 overall. Maybe hitting a bit much inside? Just one game though, against Milwaukee in our last game we both shot 40% most of the way.

Fourth Quarter

9:15 to go - Augustin hits a 3 to put us up by 20, but then the Clippers go on a 8-0 tear and its 81-69.

8:20 to go - TJ Ford hits a 3, Augustin misses a shot afer a drive, they come down and score and uhhhhh, its 81-74. WTF! I take a timeout. I have 5 backups on the court, and ideally would keep it that way and bring the starters back at the 6 minute mark for the stretch run.

6:30 to go - Starters are back in. Henderson and Thomas miss a couple more shots, Iverson with two at the line for the Clippers and I have to get my starters in to put this thing away. 81-76, holy crap.

5:45 to go - Its a midrange jumper! Allen comes off a screen and strokes a jumper from 17 feet, 83-76, ending our long scoreless streak.

3:55 to go - A free throw and a jumper make it 83-79, Padgett misses a shot and we have a turnover and are collapsing big time.

2:50 to go - Padgett gets his 4th block on defense and misses yet another shot on offense.. still 83-79.

1:55 to go - Kaman with a bucket, we miss on our end, and Iverson gets a 3 point play opportunity... but blows the free throw. Its tied 83-83.

1:40 to go - I was actively avoiding going into Padgett, he's come up empty on so many decent looks, but as Ray Allen takes a step to the hole, he's doubleteamed by Padgett's man. Allen with the dish, Padgett with a 5 footer and we lead 85-83.

1:25 to go - Gordon with a 3 point play opportunity... this time the free throw is good, 86-85 clippers.

1:17 to go - Felton gets by Davis and breaks down the defense a bit, he finds Allen who has a good lane to the hoop for a layin. 87-86 Bobcats.

0:45 to go - Iverson misses a jumper on their end, Wallace misses a jumper on our end. Clips ball, we still lead by one.

0:05 to go - Baron Davis takes a very difficult shot over Felton, its no good, Padgett with the board, but there's still 30 seconds left at that point. I end up getting a bad 3 for Ray Allen, and he whiffs it. Clippers get the board and a timeout, they get the last shot.

Iverson finds Baron Davis for a long jumper in the final second. Davis' 3 is GOOD over Felton, there's only 0.3 left and we lose.

LA Clippers 89
Charlotte 87

Well that's a bit embarrassing. LA outscores us 30-9 in the 4th quarter. Its entirely my fault. Ithought the lead was just too big to lose, I held the backups in all the way to the 6:30 mark, I kept going with what worked in the 3rd quarteR(pounding it inside to Padgett and Diaw) and it just didn't work in the 4th. I totally ignored Gerald Wallace for a number of possessiosn in a row. Lots of things I could have done differently to not choke this one away.

Wallace: 20 points/5 boards
Padgett: 19 points/11 boards/4 blocks
Allen: 19 points
Diaw: 17 points/8 boards
Felton: 7 points/4 assists

A grand total of 5 bench points... just 3 for Augustin and 2 for Thomas.

Allen Iverson hits some huge 4th quarter shots and ends up leading all scorers with 21. Kaman 18 and 11, Griffin with 12.

Man, this one is a bit embarrassing.
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Jan 18 - Minnesota(16-23) at Charlotte(19-20)

We make up for the bad loss to the clippers here... boy do we ever. Allen 26, Augustin 24, Felton 24. Allen goes 6-8 from 3. Corey Brewer leads the T'Wolves with 19.

Charlotte 134
Minnesota 88

Phoenix (16-24) at Charlotte(20-20)

Our second huge win in a row over a bad team from the west. Allen 25, Diaw 23, Wallace 22, Felton 20. Richardson with 20 for the Suns.

Charlotte 129
Phoenix 102

Jan 22 - Miami (23-17) at Charlotte(21-20)

Wow. On a roll. Diaw 22, Wallace21, Augustin 17. Wade with 24.

Charlotte 106
Miami 76

Jan 25 - Charlotte(22-20) at New Orleans(14-29)

Allen and Wallace both put up 17, Augustin 16, Felton 14 in a big 8 point road win. West with 28, Paul 21 for the Hornets.

Charlotte 88
New Orleans 80

We're 23-20, just over the halfway point in the season, with a great shot at a playoff spot this year. In fact, the east is just kinda insane right now, only 5 games separate 10th from 1st.

Eastern Conference Standings

1. Miami (25-18)
2. New York (25-18)
3. Cleveland (24-18)
4. Atlanta (25-20)
5. Orlando (24-20)
6. Charlotte (23-20)
7. Philadelphia (21-21)
8. New Jersey (21-22)
9. Chicago (21-24)
10. Washington (20-23)
11. Boston (20-25)
12. Toronto (19-25)
13. Indiana (18-25)
14. Detroit (17-26)
15. Milwaukee (15-31)

4 teams out west have better records than anyone in the East... Denver (31-13), LA Lakers(28-16), Sacramento (26-16), Golden State (27-17).
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I've played a few extra games early and am due to sim a bunch. Lets get to the all star break:

Jan 27 - Charlotte(23-20) at Houston(19-24)

Our second 5 game winning streak of the year. This was a horrid 2nd half. 3rd quarter we win 17-16, 4th we lose 12-11. That's 2 quarters at 28-28. Felton with 19, Allen 17, Wallace 14. Brook Lopez(remember the yao trade) with 25.

Charlotte 84
Houston 82

Jan 29 - Philadelphia(21-21) at Charlotte(24-20)

Another close victory, this time over a Philly team that has dominated us. Wallace 27, Allen 20, Felton 17. Iguodala 28, rookie Marion Brand 24.

Charlotte 111
Philadelphia 108

Jan 30 - Charlotte(25-20) at Atlanta(25-21)

All of a sudden a key game in the developing playoff race. And its 7 in a row for the Bobcats! Felton 26, Allen 19, Augustin 15. Johnson 28 for the Hawks.

Charlotte 99
Atlanta 95

Feb 2 - Charlotte(26-20) at Minnesota(21-25)

and a long winning streak ends. Wallace 17, Diaw 16, Allen 15. Flynn leads the T'Wolves with 19.

Minnesota 96
Charlotte 88

Feb 3 - LA Lakers(31-17) at Charlotte(26-21)

Not one we expect, but it was close. Allen 18, Wallace 16, Felton 16. Gasol with 24 for the Lakers.

LA Lakers 98
Charlotte 92

Feb 5 - Indiana(19-28) at Charlotte(26-22)

We get a big 1 point OT win in a game we really ought to be winning at this point. Wallace 23, Augustin 18, Bell 14. Granger with 23for the Pacers.

Charlotte 98
Indiana 97

Feb 6 - Charlotte(27-22) at Washington(23-26)

An easy 9 point win here. Felton 22, Allen 18, Wallace and Augustin 11. Butler with 24.

Charlotte 80
Washington 71

Feb 9 - Charlotte(28-22) at Memphis(19-31)

We're heading into the all star break on an incredible roll. Felton and Allen 18. Diaw 16. Marc Gasol with 29 for the Grizz, Mayo with 20.

Charlotte 107
Memphis 86

On the heels of this surprising run we're right up there at the top of the East, so lets play out a home game against Orlando, a team rated much better than us but with basically the same record.
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There are a ridiculous number of teams right at the top of the east, I think its 5 teams within 1 game. We're right in the mix at the last game before the all star break.

Feb 10, 2011

Orlando (29-23) at Charlotte(29-22)

81:89 OVR
82:84 OFF
82:90 DEF

Orlando Scouting

PG Michael Pietrus - 71 OVR - 7.4 ppg - Jameer Nelson has a broken ankle so the Magic go to their backup guard. B- outside, not a great ball handler, but a good perimeter defender.

SG Vince Carter - 83 Ovr - 17.1 ppg/4.2 rpg/4.8 apg - Carter might actually play PG, B+ handling, B- inside, A- outside. Not as good a defender, but he's still a very good athlete even at 34 years old.

SF Rashard Lewis - 81 OVR - 18.2 ppg - B inside/A outside, a 6'10" huge guy for the 3 spot. He's a good athlete but very poor defender and again I hope Wallace can exploit that.

PF Brandon Bass - 70 OVR - 9.1 ppg/6.7 rpg - B inside, but not a great rebounder, poor defender, odd man out on a team full of stars.

C Dwight Howard - 92 OVR - 21.9 ppg/12.8 rpg - Shooting 58% inside, a superstar. A+ rebounds, A post D, A- inside.

Marcin Gortat is their only backup rated 70 or above, he's at exactly 70 but only gets 2 points/3 boards per game. Expect their starting 5 to get virtually all of their points. Jameer Nelson's injury is obvoiusly huge here, he's rated 82 OVR when healthy and scores 17 points and dishes it out 8 times a game. This is a really recent injury. Even so, Carter/Lewis/Howard give Orlando so much more talent at the top than we have.

First Quarter

Orlando 41
Charlotte 23

hahah. Well, they got hot, I tried to run with them. Not the best option in the world. Rashard Lewis is 6-9, two treys, 17 points. Carter 9, Howard 8. The three of them are 14-18 from the field. Wallace 8, Padgett 6 for us, on 6-11 shooting between them. Just not quite the same.

Second Quarter

Orlando 67
Charlotte 45

Howard, Carter and Lewis just seemed to be hot the entiretime and we couldn't shut them all down. Howard goes off in the 2nd quarter, scoring 14, so he's up to 22 on the game. We stopped Lewis, he's still at 17, but Carter is up to 15 now. Felton is 2-2 from 3 and leads us with 10. Allen, Wallace and Padgett all have 8. This is why I'm surprised that we're 29-22. We shouldn't be able to beat these teams rated up near 90 OVR pretty much ever.

Third Quarter

Orlando 99
Charlotte 78

Well this has been fun at least, and even after the first quarter where Orlando destroyed us. Howard 28, Carter 22, Lewis 21. Just insanity. Wallace and Padgett finally come out and play like our stars... Wallace 23, Padgett 16. Howard is just dominant inside, offense and defense, its impressive to see.

Fourth Quarter

Yeah, I play it out mainly to keep my starters off the floor to try to get them some extra rest in a meaningless 4th.

Orlando 128
Charlotte 100

So this Dwight Howard guy is pretty good? 34 points/16 boards/4 assists/3 steals/3 blocks. Vince Carter has 31 points/7 assists. Lewis with 21.

Wallace: 29 points/3 boards/5 assists
Padgett: 16 points/7 boards
Felton: 15 points/10 assists
Bell: 8 points
Allen: 8 points

Yeah... how are we 29-22? More to the point, how are we beating Orlando in simmed games earlier in the year? This is about what I expected
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We've reached the all star break and Charlotte is one of 5 teams within 1 game of the top spot in the Eastern Conference. 100% undeserved and ridiculous, but here it is:

Eastern Conference

1. Miami (29-22)
2. New York (29-22)
3. Orlando (30-23)
4. Charlotte (29-23)
5. Cleveland (28-23)
6. Atlanta (27-27)
7. Chicago (26-26)
8. New Jersey (26-26)
9. Philadelphia (24-26)
10. Washington (24-27)
11. Detroit (22-29)
12. Toronto (22-30)
13. Boston (22-30)
14. Indiana (20-31)
15. Milwaukee (18-36)

Western Conference

1. Denver (34-19)
2. LA Lakers (32-20)
3. Sacramento (31-20)
4. Portland (31-22)
5. Golden State (31-23)
6. Oklahoma City (30-25)
7. Dallas (28-24)
8. Utah (27-24)
9. LA Clippers (28-25)
10. San Antonio (27-26)
11. Houston (24-27)
12. Minnesota (23-28)
13. New Orleans (20-31)
14. Memphis (19-32)
15. Phoenix (19-33)
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All-Star Weekend

Rookies v Sophomores

Sophs 103
Rookies 102


Flynn: 26 points/6 assists
Curry: 18 points/7 assists
Harden: 16 points
Jermaine Taylor(2nd round pick by washington): 14 points/5 boards
Terrance Williams: 11 points/6boards
Griffin: 10 points/14 boards (5-20 shooting...)

Hansbrough scored 4 points and grabbed 4 boards in 13 minutes
Gerald Henderson played 5 minutes, didn't take a shot, got 2 boards.


SG Damien Fulton (1.10 - Knicks) - 72 OVR - 29 points/5 boards/4 assists
PG Marion Brand (1.19 - 76ers) - 74 OVR - 18 points/7 assists
SG Evan Dailey (1.8 - Hornets) - 69 OVR - 17 points
PF Samuel Padgett (1.2 - Bobcats) - 80 OVR - 13 points/11 boards/4 blocks(5-10 shooting)
SF Gary Oakley (1.3 - Kings) - 80 OVR - 8 points
C Rolando Faulk (1.9 - Pistons) - 73 OVR - 5 points/10 boards
PG Jordan Price (1.1 - Bulls) - 83 OVR - 5 points
PF Genwei Yee (1.4 - Bucks) - 69 OVR - 2 points/5 boards

A solid performance by Padgett, I'm pleased!
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All Star Game

West 104
East 100


SF Rudy Gay - 83 OVR - Sacramento - 21 points
PG Deron Williams - 91 OVR - Utah - 13 points/4 assists
PF Dirk Nowitzki - 83 OVR - Dallas - 11 points/3 boards

Brandon Roy 9
Pau Gasol 9
Kobe 9
Tony Parker 9
Durant 8
Brook Lopez 7


Boozer (Chicago) - 16 points/5 boards
Joe Johnson - 13 points/4 boards/5 assists
Harris - 12 points
Bosh - 11 points
Arenas - 10 points
James - 9 points/7 boards
Howard - 8 points
Gerald Wallace - 8 points/8 boards
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Two trades near the trade deadline:

Clippers get: Shaquille O'Neal
Cleveland gets: Sebastain Telfair

Shaq is in a weird spot. His endurance is low so he doesn't get a lot of minutes, and he's constantly pissed off about it. He's 38 years old, rated 78 OVR, Telfair is 25 years old and rated 71 OVR. Shaq gives LA great big man depth with Kaman and Griffin(who both have struggled with injuries), Telfair is the backup on both. Cleveland certainly seems better w/ shaq but he causes whatever chemistry problems can be caused.

Toronto gets: PF Charlie Villanueva - 73 OVR - 26 years old, he'll start alongside Bosh.

Detroit gets: C Andrea Bargnani - 71 OVR, 25 years old, he'll backup rookie Rookie giant(7'3") Rolando Faulk
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Back to the season as we apparently compete for the top spot in the east...

Feb 17 - Charlotte(29-23) at LA Lakers(33-20)

The lakers beat us for the second time this month. Kobe 27, Gasol 21. Wallace 26 points/9 boards, Augustin 18, Felton 15.

LA Lakers 96
Charlotte 91

Feb 19 - Charlotte(29-24) at LA Clippers(28-27)

The clippers crush us, not unexpected at their house. Kaman 25, Iverson 14. Felton 14, Allen/Bell 9. Gerald Wallace shoots 3-16 but grabs 16 boards.

LA Clippers 85
Charlotte 66

Feb 21 - Charlotte(29-25) at Sacramento(32-22)

We are not doing very well out west. At all, oof. Kevin Martin kills us for 30 points. Diaw 16, Allen 14, Wallace 10.

Sacramento 104
Charlotte 67

Feb 22 - Charlotte(29-26) at Utah(28-27)

This is a game we should have been able to win, but another rough one. Williams 20 for Utah. Allen 14, Augustin 13, Diaw 11. Wallace again... 2-10, 8 points/20 rebounds.

Utah 81
Charlotte 70

I'll play my next one as we come back home to play Portland, trying to break a 5 game losing streak.
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Our rookie Samuel Padgett has a day to day injury with a dislocated finger. It knocks him down from 81 OVR to 71 OVR.

Feb 24, 2011

Portland(34-23) at Charlotte(29-27)

77:83 OVR
78:80 OFF
79:86 DEF

Portland Scouting

PG Andre Miller - 76 OVR - 8.9 ppg/8.2 apg - A hands/B- inside/C+ outside/B perimeter defense

SG Brandon Roy - 93 OVR - 25.4ppg/5.4 rpg/5.8 apg - A hands/B+ inside/A outside/A- perimeter D. Superstar.

SF Rudy Fernandez - 74 OVR - 9.6 ppg - B hands/B+ outside/B- perimeter D. Natural SG but can play both positions.

PF Tyrus Thomas - 73 OVR - 9 ppg/6 rpg/50.8% FG - B rebounding, C's everywhere else, average scoring inside and out, average defense inside and out. Lamarcus Aldridge is OUT with a lower back strain.

C Greg Oden - 78 OVR - 11.5 ppg/8.2 rpg/60.3% FG - Oden has an ankle injury and is day to day. breat rebounder, ok defender, not much of a scorer(despite the 60% shooting I suppose!).

Jerryd Bayless is rated 71 OVR and scores 6 off the bench. 67 rated SF Nicholas Batum(2008 1st rounder out of france) scores about 6 per game as well. Aldridge being hurt hurts their inside game a lot, but with Padgett hurt too it evens out.

First Quarter

Portland 24
Charlotte 19

Roy scores 8, Thomas 6, Miller and Oden 4. Diaw and Allen lead us with 5, Bell has 4 in 4 minutes off the bench. Wallace only has 2 points, we need to rectify that. We've turned it over 5 times and haven't forced any. Oden is a beast inside, though we did get 2 fouls on him.

Second Quarter

Portland 53
Charlotte 40

A very frustrating quarter. We can't seem to stop Oden, and we can't find anyone who can score consistently. Oden has 12 points/6 boards. Roy has 12, Thomas has 10. For us, Ray Allen has 9, Diaw 7, Bell and Kurt Thomas have 6. You'll notice Padgett and Gerald Wallace not on this list. Wallace is 2-4, 4 points/2 boards/3 assists. I'm having a really hard time getting good looks for him. Padgett is simply 0-5 from the field and sucking it up. We are having a hard time passing against these guys, arms everywhere... we have 9 turnovers, thy have 1. That's a huge issue and we have to stop turning it over.

Third Quarter

Portland 84
Charlotte 64

Roy has 21 but it doesn't really feel like he's the reason we're getting killed. Thomas 16, Oden 14 points/10 boards. But our offense has just been real bad, no fast break chances, no easy buckets. Diaw 13, Thomas 10, Allen 9, Augustin 8. Wallace has 6 points and we just can't win that way. The problem remains the same. We didn't turn it over a single time in the 3rd but offensive boards and blocks wow. Key stats:

Turnovers: portland 2, charltote 9
Offensive Boards: portland 9, charlotte 2
Blocks: portland 5, Charlotte 1

It seems like it'd be too late now, but stop the offensive boards and turnovers, get Wallace going and we could in theory have a shot(with Oden and Roy I don't really think its gonna happen but that's how in theory)

Fourth Quarter

9:10 to go - Well its 89-71, just 18 to go! We're scoring a bit better and cut it down to 15 briefly but yeah.

7:30 to go - Wallace is cleaning up the glass and we haven't given up an offensive board this quarter yet. Henderson with a layin, Allen hits a 3 and its 89-76. The lead is down to 13.

5:50 to go - All of a sudden we're playing great defense. Neither team scores for two staight trips, including a wide open 3 from Roy. We get Allen wide open in the right corner and he hits another 3 to make it 89-79.

4:00 to go - Down 96-82. Portland has blocked shots on their last 2 stops in a row and we're falling back out of it.

We get it back down to 10 just once with about 45 seconds left. We played a pretty good 4th quarter, but Portland's better.

Portland 100
Charlotte 88

Allen: 15 points (3-7 from 3)
Diaw: 13 points/4 boards
Thomas: 12 points/5 boards
Wallace: 10 points/7 boards/6 assists
Bell: 9 points
Augustin: 8 points
Padgett: 8 points/5 boards/3 assists (2-10 FG)

Roy has 25, Thomas 16, Oden 14 points/13 boards/5 blocks.

Some overall stats:

FG%: Portland 49%, Charlotte 46%
Turnovers: Portland 4/Charlotte 9
Offensive Boards: Portland 9/Charlotte 2
Blocks: Portland 9/Charlotte 2

The first quarter we play where we don't turn it over and don't let them dominate the glass we make a good run, the other three were just too much for us.
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Feb 26 - Dallas(32-26) at Charlotte(29-28)

We break a 6 game losing streak finally. Wallace 19 points/13 boards. Augustin 17, Felton 16 points/10 assists. Nowitski with 27 for Dallas.

Charlotte 103
Dallas 84

Feb 28 - Cleveland(32-25) at Charlotte(30-28)

Cleveland crushes us on the last day of what has turned out to be a very bad February. Allen 17, Wallace 17 points/11 boards, Felton 11. Mo Williams with 38, Lebron with 20 points/6 boards/8 assists.

Cleveland 95
Charlotte 73

Note to self, its a long, streaky season. No worries about winning the east when I clearly don't deserve it, hah!

Eastern Conference Standings at the end of February:

1. Orlando (35-25)
2. New York (33-25)
3. Miami (32-25)
4. Cleveland (33-26)
5. Atlanta (32-28)
6. Philadelphia (30-27)
7. Charlotte (30-29)
8. New Jersey (30-29)
9. Chicago (29-30)
10. Washington (28-30)
11. Boston (27-31)
12. Detroit (25-34)
13. Toronto (23-35)
14. Indiana (21-38)
15. Milwaukee (18-42)

Out west, the Lakers and Nuggets are tied up at 37-22. Sacramento is 35-23, Portland 36-25, Golden State 35-25... the top 5 teams out west are all as good or better than the #1 team in the east according to record. Ouch.
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How's playing out the games? Are you getting a better feeling shooting mid-range jumpers?
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Originally Posted by CleBrownsfan View Post
How's playing out the games? Are you getting a better feeling shooting mid-range jumpers?

Raising the sliders has helped a lot. One thing I've pretty much stopped doing is try to pull up for jumpers. Catching and shooting open jumpers works well. Catching and shooting marginally contested jumpers works ok. Shooting off the dribble sucks.

I can hit 4-6 3's a game now though, and guys besides Allen and Augustin are fair game to attempt open 3's after upping the sliders. I'll take wide open ones with Felton where that felt 100% pointless before.

One issue with mid-range jumpers is my offensive philosophy. I believe the perfect game of offensive basketball would contain zero shots between 16-23 feet. Every shot should be taken from as close to the basket as possible, or from behind the 3 point arc. So I don't really go looking for a lot of mid-range jumpers, but at least they're an option now instead of wildly driving into the lane and praying if the shot clock runs low. I'm taking some, and making some sure. I feel a lot better about the gameplay now without a doubt.
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I've got a road game against a team with the same record as me in about 2 weeks, so I'll sim the games leading up to that one:

Mar 1 - Charlotte(30-29) at Indiana(21-38)

Pyrrhic Victory here... no, not Wallace or Allen, but Felton. We win a 1 point game, but lose Ray Felton for the season. Granger 23, Allen and Henderson 17, Wallace 14.

Charlotte 86
Indiana 85

Injury Update

PG Raymond felton is out for the year. DJ Augustin takes over the starting role and will get 30+ minutes the rest of the way. He's a good shooter so that gives me two serious 3 point threats in the starting lineup, but it kills my depth. 55 rated Stephen Graham might be getting a lot of minutes now.

Mar 3 - Toronto (24-35) at Charlotte(31-29)

A tough, close loss to a bad team at home, ugh. Augustin 18, Allen 16, Wallace 12 points/14 boards. Bosh 18.

Toronto 96
Charlotte 95

Mar 5 - Sacramento (36-24) at Charlotte(31-30)

Great defense, we hold the Kings to under 20 points in each of the final 3 quarters. Diaw 23, Allen 18, Augustin 15.

Charlotte 91
Sacramento 85

Mar 6 - Charlotte (32-30) at Orlando (36-26)

This is what I expect to happen against superior teams. Howard 35 points/17 boards. Carter 26 points/14 assists. Augustin 21, Gerald Henderson(!!!) 20 oints, Wallace 15 points/13 boards.

Orlando 118
Charlotte 87

Mar 8 - Charlotte(32-31) at New York(33-29)

New York kills us in the 4th quarter for the big win. Nate Robinson 24, Wilson Chandler 23. Allen 25, Augustin 17,Padgett and Bell 11.

New York 112
Charlotte 96

Mar 13 - Detroit(29-34) at Charlotte(32-32)

We drop below .500. Wallace 19, Allen 18, Diaw 15. Ben Gordon with 28.

Detroit 109
Charlotte 88

And with that, we are in trouble with 20ish games to go.

Here's the tail end of the Eastern Conference Playoff race:

5. New Jersey (35-31)
6. New York (35-32)
7. Chicago (33-33)
8. Detroit (33-34)
9. Charlotte (32-33)
10. Washington (32-33)
11. Philadelphia (32-34)
12. Boston (30-35)

We need some wins. Our next game: @ New Jersey. Bring it!
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So neither one is an all star, but we've now lost our starting Center(Tyson Chandler) and our starting PG(Raymond Felton) for the season. Having Boris Diaw and DJ Augustin as scorers off the bench is so much nicer than having them in the starting lineup and seeing DaSagana Diop and Stephen Graham both get 10+ minutes of action.
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I played New Jersey last year, they beat me by 15. There are some key differences now. Mainly, the big trade they made to try to win now, getting Yao Ming but giving up Brook Lopez.

Mar 16, 2011

Charlotte(32-33) at New Jersey(35-31)

77:80 OVR
74:85 OFF
78:81 DEF

New Jersey Scouting

PG Devin Harris - 88 OVR - 20.1 ppg/7.0 apg - A+ hands/B- inside/B+ outside, A- defense, great athlete, smart on the court. No real weakness.

SG Larry Hughes - 74 OVR - 10.0 ppg - B hands/B+ outside/B+ perimeter D. He was with the knicks last year. His shooting is down noticibly this year, from 45% down to 40% from the field and down about 5% from 3 as well.

SF Terrence Williams - 74 OVR - 12.5 ppg/7.0 rpg - B- hands/B+ perimeter D,not a bigtime scorer, D+ inside/C+ outside. An 'A' athlete though, that's kinda how Gerald Wallace looks, not a great shooter from any spot, but a great athlete who can find a lot of ways to score.

PF Jianlian Yi - 61 OVR - 1.3 ppg/1.7 rpg - Travis Outlaw is hurt, thrusting Yi into a role he isn't ableto handle. This does give them two 7 footers though...

C Yao Ming - 82 OVR - 14.9 ppg/9.0 rpg - A inside/B+ post D/B+ rebounding. Smart but a poor athlete. Yao is 30 and a bit tired. Oh yeah, and he's 7'6". Yao is playing 30 minutes per game and pissed off about it. He's normally rated 86 OVR but so unhappy about his PT that he's performing worse.

Backup SG Courtney Lee averages 5 points off the bench(72 OVR), backup PG Kyle Lowry picks up about 6.5(71 OVR).

First Quarter

Yao really isn't an athlete. We score the first 9 of the game and get 2 quick fouls on Yao. Most amusingly, Yi gets stuck on the perimeter on Gerald Wallace. Wallace throws a fake, drives right by Yi like he's not even there, dunks over Yao and gets a 3 point play. Sadly, New Jersey starts to score. We keep the lead though and its a high scoring quarter, espicially for us.

Charlotte 32
New Jersey 27

Padgett has a HUGE quarter cutting to the basket past these slow, unathletic oafs they have in the post. Padgett 16 points, Wallace 7. Devin Harris with 9 for New Jersey.

Second Quarter

Charlotte 53
New Jersey 53

There are just too many minutes where our lineup is Stephen Graham, Raja Bell, Gerald Henderson, Boris Diaw, and Nazr Mohammad, or something with about that much scoring potential. Padgett still has 16, Wallace still has 7, because they played the entire first quarter and sat most of the second. Augustin 6, Bell 6. Ray Allen is really not getting enough looks. Devin Harris has 17 and has been a good consistent scorer. Hughes 8, Yao with 6 points/5 boards.

Third Quarter

New Jersey 93
Charlotte 81

Yep, there's the 40 point quarter for the Nets. UGH. I seem to give those up a bit too often playing out games. Ray Allen is just OFF. He's only 4-9, 1-4 from 3, but I've only taken wide open no one anywhere close to him 3's, I need him to hit 2 or 3 of those. Padgett has 24, Wallace 13, Allen 10. Harris only scored 6 that quarter, but everyone was able to get open shots and hit them this quarter. Terrance Williams drives by our guys a few times, a lot of drive+dish type wide open shots here.

Fourth Quarter

8:30 to go. so Yao is 7'6". Most of our guys aren't. Its 105-86, we're done.

Yeah, Ray Allen decides to get hot in the final 3 minute of the 4th. Where was that in the first 40 minutes bud.

New Jersey 127
Charlotte 109

Padgett: 26 points/5 boards/5 assists/2 blocks
Allen: 18 points
Wallace: 15 points
Bell: 14 points
Augustin: 12 points

Devin Harris has 25 points/14 assists/5 steals. The steals... DJ Augustin handles the ball well but he has awful ball security, and it *really* shows. Very, very turnover prone. Backup PG Chad O'Connor was hot and scored 21 points in 20 minutes. Hughes 16, Yao 16 and 11 boards in just 20 minutes thanks to foul trouble.

The dead spots in the half court offense with Felton hurt, going so deep on our bench are just so painful.
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Mar 17 - Boston (30-35) at Charlotte(32-34)

Boston has TONS of talent, no idea how they're below .500. They kill us. Pierce 26/Perkins 21. Allen 18, Augustin 13, Wallace 12 for us.

Boston 110
Charlotte 86

Mar 19 - Miami (38-29) at Charlotte (32-35)

A surprising win over one of the top teams in the East. Diaw 17, Allen 14, Wallace 12. Beasley leads Miami with 21 points/12 boards.

Charlotte 83
Miami 73

Mar 21 - Houston(34-33) at Charlotte(33-35)

at home vs a pretty even strength team, this is the type of game we HAVE to win, and we do grab this one. Allen 20, Diaw 16, Bell 15. Aaron Brooks with 20 for Houston.

Charlotte 100
Houston 90

Mar 22 - Charlotte(34-35) at Cleveland (37-31)

Cleveland leads 61-35 at the half, ugh. Lebron 38 points/13 boards/6 assists. Allen 16, Wallace 14, Diaw 13.

Cleveland 97
Charlotte 71

We're at 70 games now. Lets see how it looks for us:

Eastern Conference Standings

1. Orlando (43-28)
2. Atlanta (40-31)
3. Cleveland (38-31)
4. Miami (38-32)
5. New Jersey (37-33)
6. New York (37-34)
7. Chicago (35-36)
8. Detroit (35-36)
9. Boston (34-35)
10. Washington (34-35)
11. Charlotte (34-36)
12. Philadelphia (32-38)
13. Toronto (32-39)
14. Indiana (25-45)
15. Milwaukee (22-49)

Chicago, Detroit, Boston, Washington all tied for the 7th/8th spots 1 game under .500. We're 1/2 game behind them all.

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Mar 24 - Atlanta(40-31) at Charlotte(34-36)

Huge win, crushing win too... Diaw 24, Augustin 16, Allen 15. Joe Johnson with 23.

Charlotte 102
Atlanta 69

Mar 26 - Charlotte (35-36) at Toronto (32-40)

Another big win, beating a worse team on the road. Bosh with 23 for Toronto. Wallace 25, Augustin 23, Allen 17.

Charlotte 108
Toronto 96

Playoff update:

6. New York (37-35)
7. Washington (37-35)
8. Charlotte (36-36)
9. Boston (35-36)
10. Detroit (35-37)
11. Chicago (35-38)

Next up, we host a Chicago team that is 12-26 on the road.
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We hosted chicago in the opening game this year, Deng and Price hurt us as they beat us by 7. That was before I changed the sliders, hopefully we can compete pretty well here even with our injury issues. Chicago rates as a great offensive but awful defensive team, we'll see how that works out for us.

Mar 28, 2011

Chicago (35-38) at Charlotte(36-36)

77:82 OVR
74:91 OFF
78:75 DEF

Chicago Scouting

PG Derrick Rose - 84 OVR - 17.5 ppg/8.3 apg - Great ball handler, good defender, good scorer.

SG Kirk Hinrich - 78 OVR - 9.7 ppg/5.3 apg - Hinrich has a calf injury that knocks h im down to 66 OVR.

SF Luol Deng - 77 OVR - 16.2 ppg/6.2 rpg - B inside, B+ outside, not much of a defender.

PF Carlos Boozer - 88 OVR - 17.4 ppg/11 rpg - The prize free agent pickup of the year, 17.5 ppg/11 rpg for the Jazz last season. A inside, B- post D, A+ rebounding.

C Drew Gooden - 70 OVR - 11.4 ppg/7.6 rpg - Decent inside scorer, good rebounder, not much else.

backup PG/top pick Jordan Price is averaging 9.7 ppg and 4.8 apg. SG John Salmons has 6.1 ppg.

First Quarter

Chicago 24
Charlotte 23

Padgett picks up his second foul with about 7 minutes left. Hinrich has 8 for the bulls and hits two threes. Boozer/Rose have 4 each, both played the entire quarter. Wallace leads us with 8, he was playing the 4 some and easily getting by bigger slower guys to get to the rim. Diaw with 7, Augustin with 5.

Second Quarter

Charlotte 44
Chicago 42

This one has been pretty close the entire way through. We brifely built a 7 point lead, but they cut it right back down. Derrick Rose is the player of the half with 6 points/4 boards/5 assists. Hinrich still has 8, Gooden/Boozer/rose/Deng all with 6. Ray Allen has 12 points, all in the 2nd quarter, he heated up big time. Wallace still has 8, Diaw 7, Padgett with 7 too, all in the 2nd quarter.

Padgett picked up foul #3, he's only played 10 minutes so far. The last couple games i've played we played a solid first half and were down 20 in the 3rd quarter, so I am worried about playing well this quarter.

Third Quarter

At the 8 minute mark of the 3rd quarter we're down 53-46 and it feels like I'm falling apart in the 3rd yet again. Hah, we go on a 4-0 run in 45 seconds to make it a 3 point game again and force a chicago timeout. We fall down by 10 again but keep the deficit reasonable going into the final quarter.

Chicago 69
Charlotte 62

Rose and Gooden have 13, Deng 12, Boozer 10. Wallace is up to 16, another good quarter for him. Allen has 14, Padgett has 13. Wallace and PAdgett were the two big weapons this quarter.

Fourth Quarter

8:30 to go - 76-66 Chicago. We use a timeout, having trouble getting consistent buckets here to cut the lead down.

7:40 to go - 76-70 Chicago. Padgett with two free throws, then coming in behind Henderson on the secondary break after a good defensive stop. Down to 6.

6:30 to go - 76-74 Chicago. Two more stops, Padgett with a thunderous dunk, and then Gerald Henderson draws a foul and hits two free throws. I bring in DJ Augustin an Gerald Wallace, who had both been sitting, and sit Allen and Padgett who are exhausted, hopefully I can get the starting lineup in for the last 4 minutes or so.

5:45 to go - 78-76 Chicago. Wallace with a monster dunk to tie the game before drew Gooden finally breaks our 10-0 run. we're in the game now though!

3:55 to go - 83-78 Charlotte - Wallace took over where Padgett left off, getting 4 more straight points, and then Diaw sinks an open 3 and we have a 5 point lead!

3:30 to go - 83-81 Charlotte. We commit two fouls, they make 1, miss one and get the offensive board, we foul again and they hit two free throws. I call a timeout, get my starting lineup all back in for theduration.

1:30 to go - 85-83 Charlotte - a few dry trips on both sides, Wallace gets a dunk in transition and we take a 2 point lead with 90 seconds left.

1:15 to go - 85-85, Boozer with a dunk inside after a timeout.

0:57 to go - 87-85 Charlotte, Diaw with a 5 footer on a pick and roll.

0:30 to go - Still 87-85 charlotte. Deng misses a jumper, we get the board. Augustin tries a 3 coming off a screen and its no good. Chicago ball.

0:24 to go - 87-87, their rookie Price with an 18 footer from the left wing. Shot clock is off, we can take the last shot.

Ray Allen misses a jumper in the ifnal seconds of regulation.

Charlotte 87
Chicago 87

Gooden leads the Bulls with 17, Boozer 159he's had foul troubles and has a few less minutes than normal, still 27 tho). Rose 13/Deng 12. On our end, Wallace and Padgett are the stars, 24 and 21 points respectively. Allen 14, Diaw 12, Augustin 7.

We're tired going into OT, Allen and Padgett especially.

1st Overtime

4:30 to go - Carlos Boozer with a charge on the Bulls opening possession, he has fouled out! I call a timeout and sit Allen and Padgett, they are just too tired.

3:10 to go - Charlotte 92, Chicago 90. Wallace hits a rare 3(Augustin got off a screen and had a semi-open lane to the basket. Wallace had no one within 10 feet due to the defense collapsing). Hinrich answered. Augustin with a 22 footer to give us the 2 point lead.

2:35 to go - Up 92-90 with the ball. I get my starters back in for the duration of OT. Allen and Padgett ma not be top options though b/c they are more tired at the end here than the others.

1;30 to go - Still up 92-90, a couple empty trips on both ends. We have the ball.

1:03 to go - 92-92, Wallace misses a midrange jumper and they come back with a bucket in transition. I get a timeout just for rest.

0:48 to go - 94-92, Padgett scores easily on Kwame Brown, who is in there as a backup with Boozer fouling out.

0:45 to go - 94-94, wow. They get a timeout and get the ball at half court. Inbounds to Price(who is at SG) , he blows right by Ray Allen and hits a runner to tie it up 3 seconds into the possession. Ouch.

0;17 to go - 94-94, whew. Wallace misses a tough shot attacking the basket, they rebound, Price misses a 17 footer and Wallace rebounds. Our ball with the last shot again.

0:06.3 to go - Wallace brings the ball down himself, finds Allen, who hits Padgett going to the rim, Padgett hits a little shot off the glass and we lead by 2, 96-94!

Price misses a bad 3 as time expires, VICTORY!!!

Charlotte 96
Chicago 94

Padgett is the player of the game, and as they mention it the announcers say "on top of a great performance, he hits the game winning shot at the end!" nice touch there, I'm constantly impressed by the announcing(when I'm not listening to podcasts w/ the sound down that is)

Wallace: 27 points/5 boards/5 assists
Padgett: 25 points/7 boards
Allen: 14 points
Diaw: 12 points/6 boards
Augustin: 9 points/4 boards/5 assists

Only 9 points off the bench. 0 from raja Bell, 2 from Gerald Henderson. I've been disappointed in Henderson a bit, hoping for a bit more from him with the extra playing time. He's still developing though.

Price was clealy the focal point of the offense late, but he only shot 6-13. Gooden 17, Boozer 15, Rose 13, Price 13, Deng 12, Hinrich 11 for the Bulls. Boozer's foul trouble was a huge deciding factor.

Very good win, espicially considering the playoff implications.
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