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Before I get headlong into the playoffs and forget, I spend a good deal of time in the "upcoming free agents" page. I want to look at a number of the top players, their morale and ambition and see how what they're "saying" correlates to whether they re-sign or end up in free agency. By position, just guys rated 75 and up(ie guys we could be interested in that would be more than depth/filler for us).

Point Guards

Chris Paul - 95 OVR - NO - Player Option - "would like to re-sign with the team"

Deron Williams - 92 OVR - Player Option - "would like to resign with the team"

Derrick Rose - 87 OVR - CHI - "Its time for me to move on"

Russell Westbrook - 86 OVR - "Oklahoma City is where I belong. Lets get a contract signed once the season is over"

Chauncey Billups - 84 OVR - "I'd l ike to remain with the Nuggets next season" - note, 35 y/o.

Mo Williams - 81 OVR - CLE - Player Option - "I'd like to remain with the Cavs"

Jameer Nelson - 81 OVR - Player Option - "I'm likely going to re-sign here in Orlando"

Ramon Sessions - 77 OVR - MIN - player option - "It would be foolish for me not to test my value in free agency"

DJ Augustin - 75 OVR - CHA - "I'd like to re-sign with the team in the offseason"

So most of these guys "want to get a deal done", we'll seehow that goes. Derrick Rose is obviously going to be the prize of the free agent market if these statements have any grain of accuracy. His morale is at a dead zero.

Also noteworthy are Jameer Nelson and Mo Williams. both have player options, $8.5 million and $8.1 million. Both are rated in the low 80s and would get more in free agency. It'll be interesting to see what they do.

Also, i still haven't figured out what I want to do with Augustin yet.

shooting guards

OJ Mayo - 87 OVR - 24 y/o - MEM - "I might re-sign with Memphis, but not before i test free agency"

Eric Gordon - 79 OVR - PHI - "I'd like to re-sign with the 76ers"

Kirk Hinrich - 78 OVR - CHi - "I feel unsettled about not having a contract for next season, but I'm not going to commit to re-signing just yet"

Rudy Fernandez - 75 OVR - POR - "I've already decided that I'm going to test the free agent market this summer"

The SG Market is pretty dry sadly. We would obviously break the bank for OJ Mayo if he ends up in free agency. That would be a dream come true for us and would immediately vault us into a title contender. Kirk Hinrich is 31, he's a pretty good defender and can still shoot, he'd be an ok pickup too.

Small Forwards

Carmelo Anthony - 92 OVR - DEN - "I'd like to hammer out the details of a new contract"

Michael Beasley - 80 OVR - MIA - "Sorry, but I plan on entering free agency this summer"

Rashard Lewis - 79 OVR - Orl - Team Option - "I'll most likely be interested in a new contract when this one expires"

I've been leaving out guys with a team option, but Lewis' option is for 22 million. Orlando may well let that go. the other guys with team options are guys like Stephen Curry who are still in their rookie contract. We just re-signed Gerald Wallace and gave him a no-trade clause. If Carmelo decided he wanted to come to Charlotte we'd obviously do it and figure something out, otherwise, not looking at signing a SF in the offseaeson.

Power Forwards

Kevin garnett - 90 OVR - BOS - "Would like to re-sign with the team"

Anthony Randolph - 81 OVR - GS - "I'd like to remain with the Warriors"

Kevin Love - 80 OVR - MIN - "once the season is over i'd like to work on a new contract"

Lamar Odom - 78 OVR - OKC - "i'm leaning towards re-signing with the team"

Antawn Jamison - 75 OVR - WAS - "I'm likely going to want to re-sign"

Not a lot here at all, luckily we have samuel padgett and don't really care. Though I'll point out a fear in the coming seasons... Padgett still has two years of team options left, but he says "the idea of entering free agency is very enticing to me, but i don't know if that is my best option." I really want to build around padgett and keep him in Charlotte for 10 more years, so hopefully he gives me that choice.


Dwight Howard - 92 OVR - ORL - Player Option - "I'll be moving on to a new team next season. With my treatment lately, it look like Management is in agreement"

Brook Lopez - 83 OVR - HOU - "I'd like to re-sign in the offseason"

Nene - 81 OVR - NYN - "I'm thinking i want to come back next year"

Emeka Okafor - 79 OVR - NO - "I'd liketo remain with the hornets next season"

Chris Kaman - 78 OVR - LAC - "I'm leaning towards re-signing"

Howard, eh? Interesting.

So, my budget for next year says I have $34.83 million available under teh cap. Padgett's team option will be $4.6 million, Henderson's last team option is $3.1M, Diop's player option is $7.37M. That totals 15.07 million, leaving me with $19.76 million, assuming I let Augustin go.

My roster next year with players I have locked up:

PG Felton - ??
SG ?? - Vucacic
SF Wallace - Henderson
PF Padgett - ??
C Chandler - Sparks

If it wasn't for Diop I could be a serious player for any free agent in the market. Still, I'll have the juice to at least make a legit offer to Rose or Mayo, assuming they do end up available.

But first, lets get out of the first round of the playoffs! We'll definitely be returning to this post to see who really ends up in free agency and compare against what everyone wanted going into the offseason.
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Been following along. Good luck in the playoffs!
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Thanks Ironhead!

First Round Day 1

(1) Sacramento 104, (8) Denver 96 - SAC leads 1-0
-- Kevin Martin 24, Tyreke Evans 22 for the kings. Melo 28, Thaddeus Young(FA Signing this offseason) 27 for the Nuggets.

(3) Oklahoma City 133, (6) Utah 92 - OKC leads 1-0
-- Durant 39 points/8 boards/5 assists
--Westbrook 29 points5 boards/9 assists
--Eric Maynor leads Utah with 24, Deron Williams 23 (Maynor is a 69 rated backup to Deron Williams who was on fire today)

(1) Cleveland 77, (8 ) Boston 67 - CLE leads 1-0
-- Lebron 33 points/10 boards
--Pierce with 15 for Boston, Garnett 14

(3) Washington 92, (6) Indiana 86 - WAS leads 1-0
-- Arenas 27,Jamison 23
--Randolph 31 and 18 for Indiana, Granger 29.
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Good luck, Radii.
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First Round Day 2

New Jersey at Charlotte

83:78 OVR
79:77 OFF
81:81 DEF

We have home court, I guess that's done by record and not by seed. I've just returned to minor NBA viewing in the real world, so those details are not things I know offthe top of my head like I would for other sports/leagues. Neato!

First Quarter

Charlotte 18
New Jersey 15

slow quarter. We pound it in to Padgett early and he is very cold, shooting just 1-5, he has 3 points on a 3 point play. Wallace has 6 and was getting to the rim pretty easily early. Augustin hit a 3 and has 5. Josh Howard leads the Nets with 6. Harris only has 2 and picked up 2 fouls in 7 minutes. This was his problem last year, he swipes at everything and gets more reach in calls than anyone i've ever played against.

For the quarter, we shoot 36%, the Nets 33%.

Second Quarter

Charlotte 41
New Jersey 38

We lead the entire quarter, by as much as 7. Terrence Williams is the player ofthe half,just 6 points but he has 7 boards. Howard 6, Yi 6 off the bench, Lee 5 off the bench for the Nets. harris picked up a 3rd foul pretty quickly(a dumb shooting foul on Padgett).

Padgett heated up in the 2nd and has 10 points/4 boards. Augustin 6, Wallace 6, Allen 5, Felton 5. We're up to 43% shooting, New Jersey is at 38%. We're 3/9 from 3, hitting two that quarter.

Third Quarter

New Jersey 63
Charlotte 62

Devin Harris took over the game briefly, blowing by Felton at will and scoring or dishing. He now leads the Nets with 12. Terrance Williams has 11 points/8 boards, Howard 10,Lee 8. The NEts seemed to havea rash of offensive boards that quarter. Yeah, i check the stats, 7 offensive boards for New Jersey, 2 for us.

Padgett and Chandler both had solid quarters for Charlotte. Padgett leads all scorers now with 16, while Chandler has 10 and has a double double with 12 boards. Wallace 9, Allen 7, Augustin 6. Augustin was awful this quarter, cold as ice.

Fourth Quarter

8:45 to go - 71-65 New Jersey. We have a 3 from Ray Allen and they have 4 solid buckets on their end. A very bad start to the quarter.

6:50 to go - 71-69 New Jersey. We just had a chance to tie it up but Padgett's outlet pass sailed over Allen's head. Good defense though, we've held them scoreless the last few trips.

4:45 to go - Huge stretch here for us. We lead 78-73. Augustin hit a 3, Felton scored 4 straight and Chandler with a bucket inside. We're on a 13-2 run over the last 4 minutes.

4:15 to go - 3 for the Nets, 78-76. I sit Felton and Wallace briefly with at timeout. They need just a minute or so to rest before finishing it out.

2:45 to go - We have the ball, leading 83-80. Josh howard has the last 4 for the Nets, we just got a tough jumper from Diaw and a 3 from Augustin. I get a timeout and get all 5 starters on the floor for the duration.

1:55 to go - 85-82. We had a chance to go up 7 but a bad pass leads to a Harris layup instead. Our ball up 3.

1:15 to go - 85-84. Josh Howard again, he's on fire at this point.

0:55 to go - Awful, a terrible pass on our part leads to another fast break, this one ends in a Howard dunk and a foul by Wallace. Its now 87-85 New Jersey.

0:07.5 to go - Its still 87-85 New Jersey. Wallace missed on a drive to the hoop on our end, but we got a stop forcing Devin Harris into a bad shot. I call a timeout to try to tie things up in the final seconds.

0:04.4 to go - WOW! Inbounds to Felton, the D is way out of sorts, I feed Wallace who has a wide open lane and throws down a thunderous dunk. We're tied. New Jersey takes a timeout, now they have the last shot to win.

Welp. Sigh! Harris feeds Terrance Williams for a shot that is basically as easy as the dunk we just got from Wallace off of the inbounds play. New Jersey gets the last bucket and gets the big win in game one.

New Jersey 89
Charlotte 87

Padgett: 16 points/5 boards/3 blocks (7-17 shooting)
Wallace: 15 points/6 boards
Chandler: 14 points/13 boards
Augustin: 12 points
Allen: 10 points
Felton: 9 points/5 assists
Diaw: 6 points
Sparks: 4 points/8 boards
Henderson: 1 point

Josh Howard scores 22, just on fire in the 4th. Williams 19 points/8 boards. Devin Harris has 14 points and 9 assists. Lee and Outlaw 8 each.

I stuck to my gameplan based on my scouting, going to Padgett often, he took 5 more shots than anyone, and just did not hit quite enough of them. Augustin hit a couple big 3's in the 4th quarter and was 3-8 from deep. Allen was 2-6. Tough opening loss, we'll have to make up for it in game 2.
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I'll be cheering for the Bobcats in the playoffs... unless they play my Atlanta Hawks.
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Tough game one loss. Get the next one at home and you'll be okay - I hope
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First Round Day 2

(4) Memphis 103, (5) Golden State 90 - MEM leads 1-0
MEM: OJ Mayo 26 points/8 boards, TJ Ford 19 points/6 assists
GSW: Ellis 28 points, Biedrins 13 points/15 boards

(7) LA Lakers 87, (2) Portland 75 - LAL leads 1-0
LAL: kobe 20 points/8 boards, Gasol 18 points/11 boards
POR: Wilson Chandler 23 points, Roy 10 points/10 boards

(2) Atlanta 100, (7) Chicago 82 - ATL leads 1-0
ATL: Marvin Williams 24 points/9 boards, Johnson 23 points
CHI: Boozer 22 points/18 boards, Deng 21 points
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First Round Day 3

(1) Sacramento 118, (8) Denver 79 - SAC leads 2-0
SAC: Gay 24, Martin 22
DEN: Young 31 points, Lawson 13 points/8 assists

(3) Oklahoma City 94, (6) Utah 91 - OKC leads 2-0
OKC: Durant 30- points/9 boards/11 assists!!!
UTA: Deron Williams 25 points/6 assists, Jeff Green 22 points

(1) Cleveland 81, (8 ) Boston 80 - CLE leads 2-0
CLE: Lebron 25 points/7 boards/8 assists
BOS: McGrady 21 points, Garnett 20 points/15 boards

(3) Washington 105, (6) Indiana 101- WAS leads 2-0
WAS: Arenas 26 points/7 boards/12 assists
IND: Randolph 30 points/19 boards, Granger 20 points
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First Round Day 4

New Jersey at Charlotte

New Jersey leads 1-0

83:78 OVR
79:77 OFF
81:81 DEF

Can't fall down 2-0 at home!

First Quarter

New Jersey 29
Charlotte 24

This quarter was a disaster. We went up 18-6 and were destroying them. Then Felton and Wallace pick up two fouls, we have to sit Padgett and Chandler when they tire and we completely and utterly fall apart, allowing New Jersey to go on a 23-6 run to end the quarter. We have an ASTOUNDING 10 turnovers. I think I turned it over 14 times last game and that was like 7 or 8 too many for a 2K basketball game.. 10 in a quarter, what the hell. Terrence Williams dominates with 12 points. Harris 6 points/4 assists.

On our side Ray Allen was the reason for the big start, he's 3-3 from 3 and has 11 points total. Padgett 5, Wallace 3.

Second Quarter

New Jersey 64
Charlotte 52

Man, this playoff run is turning into a disaster. Devin Harris has 13 points and 8 assists and is finally playing to his full capacity against us. We got off to a good start this quarter again, tied the game at 37, and New Jersey took over again. Williams 14, Outlaw 14, Harris 13, Howard 10 for the Nets who are just on fire. Ray Allen 14, Felton had some good drives and has 10, Padgett 8, Wallace 7. We didn't have a single turnover this quarter, they just dominated us.

Third Quarter

New Jersey 83
Charlotte 80

There's a feeling of dread with 5 minutes left in the third when we're still down 14, but we woke up and woke up fast, cutting the lead quickly down to 8 and then chipping away and getting it as close as 2, ending the quarter down only 3. Devin Harris has 17 points/10 assists, Outlaw 16 points/11 boards. Terrence Williams 16, Howard 14.

Felton has been getting to the rim and scoring really well this game, he has 18 points/8 assists, one of the best games I've ever had with him. Allen 17, Wallace 13, Augustin 11, Padgett 10 points/9 boards. No one else has more than 4.

Fourth Quarter

7:45 to go - A 3 point play from DJ Augustin ties the game up for the first time since it was 37-37. It's 91 all. Devin Harris has been on the bench all quarter so far though.

7:10 to go - 93-91 Charlotte!!! Chandler with a dunk on the secondary break.

4:40 to go - 97-75 Charlotte. I sit Allen and Padgett briefly. This will go down to the wire.

2:20 to go - We lead 101-99, this is gonna go down to the wire. New Jersey calls a timeout and i've got all 5 starters in the rest of the way.

1:45 to go - We get a stop as Outlaw misses a 18 foot jumper, Felton goes in for teh board. On offense we work it around and Felton ends up getting by Harris and hitting a tough double clutch shot in the lane, 103-99.

1:10 to go - Jumper for the nets, we have a missed 15 footer by DJ Augustin, Outlaw with a dunk on their end, and its 103-103. I can't lose a lead in the final 2 minutes again.

0:53 to go - AUGUSTIN! He gets just enough space to launch one, and drains a 3 from the right wing. 106-103.

0:45 to go - Devin Harris drives right by Felton and draws a foul. only hits 1 of 2. We lead 106-104 and have the ball after a Chandler board.

0:22 to go - Our offense is a bit out of sorts, Wallace tries to drive but can't get to the rim, we end up with a 22 footer from Augustin that's no good. Nets board and they get a timeout.

0:08 to go - Ok, I'm impressed. That was just like a real NBA play, and I don't think I've ever seen it in this game. The Nets put Devin Harris on the right side of the court and everyone else over on the left, and let him work 1 on 1 against felton. He gets to the free throw line and drains a jump shot. Its 106-106. We call our last timeout.

End of Regulation - I get Felton a jumper, not really what I want, but that's what I was able to manage. We're going into overtime.

Charlotte 106
New Jersey 106


3:55 to go - We open with a drive by Felton, New Jersey answers with a 3 from O'connor. After a Wallace miss, Harris hits a jumper, and we now trail 111-108.

2:47 to go - Allen with a 10 footer to cut it to 10. We get a stop, but Felton misses a jumper on our end. Felton fouls harris and Harris hits 2 free throws, its 113-110, back to a 3 point game.

1;45 to go - Ugh, Padgett goes right at Outlaw and lays it just shot off the front rim. We get a big stop, and Allen scores again for us... its 115-112, Nets ball.

1:23 to go - Great stop,Outlaw misses a shot with Padgett all over him. On our end, Allen gets an open look from 3 and outright airballs it, but it falls into Padgett's hands,he lays it in. 115-114, Nets lead.

1:09 to go - Outlaw gets stuck in the lane and the Nets get a 3 second violation. I sub in Augustin for Allen, that airball frightens me(Allen isn't listed as tired, but whatever).

0:53 to go - Chandler misses a tough look inside, Nets ball ont he rebound, we still trail by 1.

0:40 to go - Harris drives into the lane, Chandler gets the blocked shot, Felton picks up the ball. Outlaw(and thus Padgett) were out near the 3 point line and Padgett takes off. Felton hits him in stride, Padgett with the one handed jam, Charlotte leads!!! 116-115 Charlotte.

0:32 to go - As soon as the nets get up the court, Harris goes straight at Felton, takes a runner from 13 feet, swish. 117-116 Nets.

0:18 to go - Felton drives, jump stops at the FT line, kicks it to Augustin who has just the slightest bit of space on the right wing, three is GOOOD. 119-117 Charlotte.

New Jersey works it around, doesn't take a quick shot at all, they end up getting the ball to Harris inside but he's surrounded and stuffed, they aren't able to get a shot up to the rim. VICTORY!

Charlotte 119
New Jersey 117

Felton: 22 points/9 assists
Augustin: 22 points
Allen: 21 points
Padgett: 18 points/10 boards
wallace: 17 points/5 boards
chandler: 6 points/7 boards
Henderson: 5 points/5 boards
Sparks: 4 points/6 boards
Diaw: 4 points

Devin Harris had a great game for the Nets, 28 points and 12 assists. Terrence Williams was a beast with 24 points/6 boards, he actually shot 10-11 and was just impossible to stop all game. Outlaw 22 points/16 boards.

This was easily the best NBA2k10 game I've played. I played a number of games in my college hoops dynasty that felt totally electric, tough, hard fought, down to the wire games that were just *intense*. This was the first NBA2k10 game that felt that way for me, simply outstanding. I'm really, really impressed with the way the Nets used Devin Harris, the iso play at the end of regulation, and any time the Nets *had* to score it was in Harris' hands. It felt like a very good, very real game, in large part due to the way the CPU team utilized their best player.

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First Round Day 4

(5) Golden State 111, (4) Memphis 109 - series TIED 1-1
GSW: Ellis 34 points
MEM: Mayo 32 points

(2) Portland 90, (7) LA Lakers 85 - series TIED 1-1
POR: Roy 25 points/7 boards/7 assists, Jerryd Bayless 21 points
LAL: Kobe 29 points

(2) Atlanta 95, (7) Chicago 94 - ATL leads 2-0
ATL: Josh Smith 26 points, Horford 16 points/12 boards
CHI: Rose 17 points/7 assists, Deng 16 points, Boozer 16 points/11 boards
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First Round Day 5

(8) Denver 99, (1) Sacramento 95 - SAC leads 2-1
DEN: Anthony 33 points/9 boards/6 assists
SAC: Evans 22 points/7 assists

(3) Oklahoma City 123, (6) Utah 118 - OT - OKC leads 3-0
OKC: Durant 30 points/9 boards/6 assists, Westbrook 27 points/10 assists
UTA: Deron Williams 33 points/14 boards

(1) Cleveland 92, (8 ) Boston 76 - CLE leads 3-0
CLE: Lebron 23 points/7 boards/9 assists
BOS: Garnett 20 points/9 boards, Rondo 18 points

(6) Indiana 118, (3) Washington 82 - WAS leads 2-1
IND: Randolph 30 points/14 boards, Granger 23 points/9 assists
WAS: Foye 13, Arenas 13
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First Round Day 6

Charlotte at New Jersey

Series tied 1-1

83:79 OVR
77:79 OFF
81:80 DEF

After two games that were close into the final minutes in Charlotte, we head up to New Jersey, needing to steal one at their house to get the edge back.

First Quarter

Charlotte 32
New Jersey 28

We get off to another fast start, and its a high scoring quarter that we lead the entire 12 minutes. Padgett has 8, Augustin 8, Allen 6, Wallace 6. Devin Harris plays great and has 7 points/3 assists, no one else has more than 4.

Shooting %'s are ridiculously high this quarter, New Jersey 57%, Charlotte 52%.

Second Quarter

New Jersey 58
Charlotte 51

Well we came back down to earth a bit here but the Nets really didn't. Devin Harris is in control of the game here, he'sthe player of the half with 16 points and 7 assists. Chad O'Connor has been the big beneficiary today, he's got 13 points including 3-3 from 3. Outlaw 10 points.

On our end, its the Padgett and Augustin show. Padgett has 16 points/6 boards. Augustin has 14 points. Wallace 6, Allen 6, Felton 4... we need to get more players involved, espicially Gerald Wallace. And we need to play some damn defense.

Third Quarter

New Jersey 83
Charlotte 71

This is pretty much the opposite of the 3rd quarter from game 2. We start off fast and cut the lead down to 1, then New Jersey turns it up another notch and we cannot keep up. Harris picked up two quick fouls and sat but O'Connor, Outlaw and Howard kept them going. O'Connor 17, Harris 16, Outlaw 15, Howrad 12 now. They just aren't missing, ever.

On our end Padgett is having a career type day, 22 points/7 boards so far. Augustin 16, Wallace 10, Allen 8. We just cannot stop them. New Jersey is shooting 55% for the game with 42 points in the paint and 8/13 from 3. 8/13!!!!

Fourth Quarter

7:30 to go - 92-79 new JErsey. Padgett has 27 but Douglas-Roberts has 2 threes and they continue to shoot lights out.

4:25 to go - Its 94-86 after a 7-2 run on our part, we have it under 10 for the first time in awhile. The problem, besides the fact that there's less than 5 minutes left, is that we could have had a 15-2 run here easily. Wallace, Felton and Henderson have combined for 4 misses driving to the basket on moves I would normally expect them to score off of.

3:50 to go - We get a great stop, Henderson is out on the break and beats his man but misses a runner off the rim... unbelievable.

2:50 to go - We cut it to 6 on an Augustin layin after Sparks gets a great block. But howard hits a wide open jumper on the next play. 96-88, our ball. I get a timeout and get all starters back in.

2:20 to go - Padgett is fouled and makes 1 of 2. We get a miss and Wallace is on the run, he's fouled by outlaw and Outlaw fouls out. Wallace hits both and its 96-91. New Jersey goes small with Terrence Williams at PF.

2:00 to go - Padgett fouls Dalembert inside and he only makes 1 of 2. I go quickly to Allen for a midrange jumper that goes in. Its now 97-93!!

Oh man... we get a stop, i block a shot controlling Ray Allen which felt pretty damn good, but Felton throws a bad pass and a turnover leads to a trip to the line for Devin Harris. He only makes 1 of 2 and we trail by 5 with about 1:30 left, i go to Padgett, they doubleteam and I try to feed Chandler who is open after the doubleteam, but the pass is tipped and we throw it away on two straight trips. Devin Harris ends the game with a 3 point play after that TO.

New Jersey 103
Charlotte 93

Padgett 28 points/9 boards
Augustin 20 points
Allen 13 points (3-7 from 3)
Wallace 12 points/8 boards/4 assists
Felton 8 points/8 assists
Diaw 5 points
Chandler 3 points/7 boards
Sparks 2 points/4 boards
Henderson 2 points

Devin Harris leads the Nets with 20 points and 8 assists. O'Connor has 19 points/6 assists, Howard 16, Outlaw 15. New Jersey shoots 9/16 from 3 and ends up at 49% for the game from the field.

We fall behind in the series 2-1 after trailing for the entire second half.
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First Round Day 6

(5) Golden State 97, (4) Memphis 89 - GS leads 2-1
GSW: Randolph 27 points, Ellis 27 points
MEM: Yao 17 points/14 boards, Mayo 17 points

(7) LA Lakers 110, (2) Portland 106 - OT - LAL leads 2-1
LAL: Kobe 30 points, Gasol 21 points/14 boards
POR: Roy 28 points, Wilson Chandler 24 points

(2) Atlanta 101, (7) Chicago 82 - ATL leads 3-0
ATL: Johnson 28 points, Smith 18 points/12 boards
CHI: Deng 22 points, Rose 15 points
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First Round Day 7

(1) Sacramento 95, (8) Denver 99 - SAC leads 3-1
SAC: Kevin Martin 20 points, Gary Oakley (1.3 pick in 2010) 19 points/9 boards
DEN: Anthony 24 points/14 boards, Lawson 16 points

(3) Oklahoma City 89, (6) Utah 86 - OKC WINS 4-0
OKC: Durant 35 points/8 boards
UTA: Okur 19 points, Green 17 points

(8 ) Boston 98, (1) Cleveland 89, - CLE leads 3-1
BOS: McGrady 25, Pierce 21
CLE: Hibbert 26 points, Williams 19, James 19

(3) Washington 101, (6) Indiana 100 - WAS leads 3-1
IND: Randolph 30 points/12 boards, granger 21
WAS: Nick Young 18, Butler 15, Arenas 15 points/6 boards/6 assists/7 steals

We end up with one series sweep so far, and a 7 steal game from Gilbert Arenas.
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First Round Day 8

Charlotte at New Jersey

New Jersey leads 2-1

83:79 OVR
77:79 OFF
81:80 DEF

Though game 3 was close'ish towards the end, it was the least contested of our 3 games so far. We'll look to play some defense today. Just a little.

First Quarter

Charlotte 29
New Jersey 18

I didn't try to run any early, wanting to establish some pace and some defense instead of a crazy up and down game, it seemed to work. We went into Padgett early and often, for a few minutes never taking a shot until he got a look. He's 6-10 and leads everyone with 12 points, a great quarter. Augustin has a trey and 7 points total. Chandler 5, Allen 3, Wallace 2 to round out our scoring. This is perfect offense to me, every single point is in the paint or behind the arc(or at the line).

Devin Harris had a hand in nearly every point New Jersey scored, putting up 8 points and assisting on 3 other buckets. No one but Harris has more than 2.

Second Quarter

Charlotte 51
New Jersey 42

We lead by as much as 13, and the cut it as close as 5, but we get it to 9 as the half ends. Padgett is the player of the half with 14 points/4 boards. They started doubling him quickly in the second quarter and i had to go elsewhere. Augustin has 11. Wallace, Allen, felton, and Chandler all have 5. Chandler has 8 boards. Felton did pick up his 3rd foul with about 4 minutes to go in the quarter.

For the Nets, Chad O'Connor came in and shot lights out backing up Harris for a stretch. He's 5-5 and has 10 points. Harris has 9 points/5 assists, Terrence Wiliams 6, Lee 5.

After hitting 9 3's in game 2, New Jersey is 0 for 4 from three so far today.

Third Quarter

Charlotte 81
New Jersey 60

AWWW YEAH. I was worried when Felton picked up his 4th foul less than a minute into the quarter. I was more worried when Augustin picked up his 3rd seconds after he came into the game to replace Felton. But we settled down, Augustin played all 12 minutes of the quarter and we dominated.

Padgett leads everyone with 22. Augustin 15, Allen and Chandler 8 each. For the Nets, O'Connor has 12, Harris 11, and 3 guys have 8 each. We would seem to have this locked up.

Fourth Quarter

No need for 4th quarter details. We never let them closer than 20 and coast to a win.

Charlotte 103
New Jersey 78

Padgett: 30 points/5 boards/2 blocks
Augustin: 18 points/6 assists
Felton: 10 points
Wallace: 9 points/7 boards
Allen: 8 points
Chandler: 8 points/12 boards
Diaw: 8 points/5 boards
Sparks: 6 points/7 boards
Henderson: 4 points
Vujacic: 2 points

After the offensive explosion we allowed last game, we hold New Jersey under 20 points in the 1st, 3rd and 4th quarters(18 each time). A dominating performance that ties the series back up at 2 as we head back to Charlotte for game 5. Two stellar games from Padgett in a row as well, this is what I expected with a poor defender like Travis Outlaw on him all series.
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Good win there! Now go back home and put it away!
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First Round Day 8

(5) Golden State 104, (4) Memphis 89 - GS leads 3-1
GSW: Ellis 24, Randolph 18
MEM: Mayo 27 points/7 boards

(7) LA Lakers 87, (2) Portland 86 - LAL leads 3-1
LAL: Kobe 42 points/6 board/4 assists
POR: Roy 32 points/7 boards

(2) Atlanta 112, (7) Chicago 105 - ATL WINS 4-0
ATL: Johnson 35 points, Grady 22 points
CHI: Boozer 23 points/17 boards, Deng 23 points, Price 20 points/10 assists

Atlanta is the second team to finish off a series. Jordan Price missed games 2 and 3 or perhaps the bulls could have pulled out a win. The Lakers are poised to knock out the defending champs with one more win.
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First Round Day 9

(1) Sacramento 105, (8) Denver 92 - SAC WINS 4-1
SAC: Gay 23, Martin 23, Evans 22
DEN: Anthony 19, Lawson 17 points/8 assists

(1) Cleveland 103, (8 ) Boston 86 - CLE WINS 4-1
CLE: LeBron 26 points, Williams 26 points
BOS: Pierce 19, Rondo 16

(6) Indiana 91, (3) Washington 87 - WAS leads 3-2
IND: Granger 25 points/9 boards/6 blocks, Randolph 22 points/12 boards
WAS: Arenas 28 points/10 boards/7 assists

Both top seeds close things out
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hooray for data analysis applications that take 5 hours to run. Time for another game!

First Round Day 10

New Jersey at Charlotte

Series Tied 2-2

83:79 OVR
77:79 OFF
81:80 DEF

Though game 3 was close'ish towards the end, it was the least contested of our 3 games so far. We'll look to play some defense today. Just a little.

First Quarter

Charlotte 32
New Jersey 27

Devin harris picks up 2 fouls midway through the first and sits. Its frustrating, the total number of fouls/free throws aren't unreasonable but Harris himself gets in so much trouble. Anyway, Josh Howard 7, Williams 6, Outlaw 6 for the Nets. Padgett is on fire again today and has 8 in the first, Felton, Wallace, Allen and Sparks all have 5. There's very very little defense this quarter on either side.

Second Quarter

Charlotte 60
New Jersey 56

We score first to make it 34-27. New Jersey goes on an 11-0 run before we get going. We pull back ahead and lead by 3 to 6 for the final 7 minutes of the quarter. Padgett is trying to improve on his recent performances, he has 17 already. Allen 8, Felton 7, Augustin and Diaw 6. Sparks and Wallace have 5 each.

Devin Harris is scoreless but he picks up 7 assists. O'Connor has 13 points, Williams 12, Outlaw 8. Shooting percentages are ridiculously high on both sides, we're at 65% heh.

Third Quarter

New Jersey 88
Charlotte 87

New Jersey goes on a big run and takes a lead as big as 5 points, 77-72. We keep it close though and its just a 1 point game going into the 4th quarter. Padgett is 13-20 and has 27 points, only 2 boards, and 2 blocks. Allen 14, Augustin 9, Felton 9, Diaw 8, Sparks 7. Wallace has been totally ineffective today and only has 5 points.

Harris scored 10 in the 3rd and has a double double now. Howard leads them with 18, Outlaw 14, o'connor 13. They break down the defense very well and anyone can hit the open jumpers that they generate.

Fourth Quarter

9:00 to go - We score the first 5 of the quarter and re-take the lead. Currently its 94-90.

6:30 to go - Gerald Wallace is just not giving us anything today. He misses two straight shots and New Jersey ties it up before we get a 3 point play from Ray Allen. We lead 97-94.

4:05 to go - 101-99, New Jersey has taken the lead. Padgett only has two this quarter,we need to get back to him it would seem.

3:25 to go - Chandler draws a foul but only makes 1 of 2. Its 101-100. Wallace sits, exhausted and ineffective. Felton and Augustin and Allen are all very tired and losing effectiveness too. I've got Augustin set to sit for Vujacic for a bit. allen is done.

2:15 to go - Padgett gives us the lead back, but O'Connor hits a 3 on their next trip and its 104-102 New Jersey.

1:30 to go - After each team comes up empty, we get a layin from Chandler and tie it up, 104-104. Each team had a good number of timeouts left, we've taken 1 and New Jersey 2, enough to rest us up and get Felton/Augustin/Wallace/padgett/Chandler on the floor hopefully for the duration.

1:03 to go - Outlaw makes a very difficult shot in the paint over Padgett and Chandler both. 106-104 Nets. We call a timeout.

0:33 to go - Felton drives but cannot finish, Harris drives on their end and cannot finish. We settle in and get the ball to Padgett, and he comes through again for us, tying it up 106-106.

0:22 to go - Felton reaches in on Harris, and he drains 2 at the line, 108-106 Nets.

On our end, we get Augustin a good look, any other player would have been able to drive all the way to the rim but Augustin is so undersized, he pulls up from spots where most players start a drive animation. The defense gets to him and he ends up taking a very tough shot in the lane and its no good.

We foul, they only make 1 of 2 and we have 8 seconds to set up for a 3. I get a good look from Augustin, not totally contested, in a spot that he likes pretty well, but its off the front rim and we cannot seem to get the upper hand in this series.

New Jersey 109
Charlotte 106

Padgett: 33 points/3 boards/3 blocks
Allen: 20 points
Diaw: 10 points
Augustin: 9 points/5 assists
Felton: 9 points/7 assists
Sparks: 9 points/7 boards
Chandler: 7 points/9 boards
Wallace: 5 points/4 boards
Henderson: 4 points

O'Connor leads the Nets with 21. Outlaw and Howard both have 18. Harris has 14 points/13 assists, still a solid outing despite missing most of the first quarter. He did log 41 minutes by the time it was all done.

i'm not happy with my play in the 4th quarter. Padgett was tired and sat the first 4 or 5 minutes, and I tried to get Wallace going and he just wasn't going to score for us today. Once Padgett came back in and I was struggling on offense there were a few possessions where I thought Felton had a step on his man and could make something happen and we came up empty, and the second to last offensive trip where Augustin had a lane but couldn't get to the rim before help came and it turned into a bad shot. Just too many possessions where our offense was struggling and I took other options instead of getting Padgett a look. He was 2-5 in the 4th quarter, so he did miss a few himself in only getting those 4 points.

Padgett's rebounding is down because Outlaw plays for a lot of mid-range and long range jumpers. Chandler/Sparks more than make up for it, and Wallace is a strong rebounder if he ends up near the rim as well.

We trail 3-2 and now have to go back up to New Jersey for game 6.

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A couple notes on this series being tough after seeing me destroy LA and Cleveland and the like during the regular season:

1) I did drop the shooting sliders late in the season. I wanted to do it earlier but there are a lot of runs and multi-game streaks in this game so I was a little hesitant. But our shooting %'s in games I played were just far, far too high and they needed to come down. So that helps to generate more reasonable shooting for me.

2) The patch came out in the middle of this season. In my game against the Lakers pre-patch Kobe would drive and pass repeatedly. Playing that game now would be a lot different.

3) Allen and Diaw have been getting more and more unahppy as the season progressed. I am not sure how that impacts team play but if it does at all then we would be progressively sliding back, just slowly i'm sure, but yeah.

I think what we're seeing in the playoffs is a more reasonable picture of where this team really is than the regular season performance. And that place is pretty damn good, considering that we just got rid of a few crappy contracts last year and are getting rid of more this year, and STILL probably won't have Diop's awful deal gone until next season. So getting into the playoffs at all for the last two years is solid.

I still think we can beat the Nets, don't take this as me writing off the season or anything, its just more of an explanation of why I don't think its totally unreasonable that we're struggling against a .500 team.
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First Round Day 10

(4) Memphis 100, (5) Golden State 98 - GS leads 3-2
MEM: TJ Ford 21 points/8 assists, Mayo 18 points
GSW: Randolph 23 points/15 boards, Ellis 22

(7) LA Lakers 94, (2) Portland 89 - LAL WINS 4-1
LAL: Kobe 33 points, Bynum 22 points
POR: Roy 24 points

Memphis tries to fight back, the Lakers upset the defending champs in a big way. LA will take on the 3 seed, Oklahoma City, in the next round. Kobe and Gasol vs Westbrook and Durant should be an awesome series.

First Round Day 11

(6) Indiana 118, (3) Washington 109 - Series TIED 3-3
IND: Granger 26, Randolph 19
WAS: Arenas 30

So we've got one game 7 set up as Granger and the Pacers are fighting hard against the Wizards, while Charlotte and Memphis will try to force game 7's of their own next.

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First Round Day 12

Charlotte at New Jersey

New Jersey leads 3-2

83:79 OVR
77:79 OFF
81:80 DEF

Time to try to stay alive and bring it back to Charlotte for game 7.

First Quarter

Charlotte 24
New Jersey 20

After seeing Wallace struggle last game i go out of my way to get him off to a good start, and he does better than I could have hoped for, scoring 11 in 9 minutes. Padgett has 5, no one else has more than 2. Padgett is 2-5 and is a little cold. Outlaw leads the Nets with 6 points/5 boards harris has 4, no one else there mor than 2.

Second Quarter

New Jersey 43
Charlotte 38

Man, scoring was damn hard that quarter. We were trailing 27-26 with 6 minutes left in the half. Wallace went 0-4 this quarter and still has 11. Augustin has 7, Padgett 7, Allen 5, Diaw 4 at the half. New Jersey is going inside well, Dalembert, Outlaw and Harris all have 8.

After the super high shooting percentages last game, New Jersey is shooting 43% and we are shooting a horrific 32%. We're 1 for 9 from 3.

Third Quarter

New Jersey 67
Charlotte 61

New Jersey scores the last 5 of the quarter, erasing some work we'd done to get the deficit down to 1. The offense really struggled, Augustin is 0-5 from 3, allen 1-5, mostly solid shots.

Wallace 16, Padgett 15 points/8 boards, Allen 7, Augustin 7, Diaw 6. As always, New Jersey has balanced scoring, 15 from Howard, 14 from Harris, 10 from Outlaw and dalembert.

One more quarter left to try to extend our season. We're really working our asses off for every point here, nothing comes easy. we need our defense to be strong unless we find an unexpected explosion on the offensive end.

Fourth Quarter

9:15 to go - Hanging in there, its 73-69 Nets, the just used a timeout.

7:20 to go - augustin misses an open 3, Padgett misses a hook shot, Chandler misses two free throws, Allen misses an open 3... its 79-69, we trail by 10, we could have scored on every single one of those trips but come up completely empty.

5:10 to go - We trail 81-72 and this is looking grim. i sit Padgett who is exhausted.

1:15 to go - uh hi. So New Jersey went up 86-72 and I wasn't planning on writing any more but "well New Jersey owned us down the stretch". We get it down to 8, they push it back to 12. However, after they got it to 12 the last time, we get a dunk from Chandler, a 3 point play from Padgett, and a 3 point play from Gerald Henderson on 3 straight trips! All of a sudden we trail 90-86 instead of 90-78 like we did about 40 seconds ago.

1:05 to go - Harris draws the D and gets an easy dish to Terrence Williams. 92-86.

0:58 to go - Hah! Felton draws the D and gets an easy dish to Dell Sparks. 92-88.

0:35 to go - Harris takes a tough shot from 18 feet and misses. Sparks boards(Chandler is tired) and we run our offense, Wallace ends up driving to the rim and draws a foul, almost getting another 3 point play, but the shot rims out. He hits both at the line, and its 92-90 Nets.

We force Dalembert into a tough shot after they burn some clock, and we rebound. I try to push it instead of taking a timeout, Padgett gets the ball going hard to the rim, but he's well contested and his shot is no good. New Jersey rebounds, I foul, and there's only 4 seconds left on the clock. New Jersey makes both free throws to seal the series.

New Jersey 94
Charlotte 90

Padgett: 25 points/9 boards (10-23 shooting)
Wallace: 20 points/8 boards
Sparks: 10 points/11 boards !!!
Allen; 9 points (1-7 from 3)
Augustin: 7 points (0-6 from 3)
Felton: 6 points/7 assists (3-9 FG)
Diaw: 6 points
Chandler: 4 points/11 boards
Henderson: 3 points

you can look at the FG numbers I posted there and get a feel for how hard it was for me to get points this game. We shot 1/15 from 3, just 40% from the floor and just could not get anything at all going. Its amazing that we were able to keep the game close. We did so at the line where we made 7 more free throws than the Nets.

So with that, our season ends with a whimper. Ray Allen and Boris Diaw have played their last games in a Bobcats uniform, and while I really wanted to make it to the next round, this team was never one that I expected to be a serious contender. We're still improving, Padgett should continue to grow, and I'm both nervous and excited about free agency this year. Its our chance to make a step forward, but if we fail, we may be the same or even worse next season.
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First Round Day 12

(5) Golden State 98, (4) Memphis 80 - GS WINS 4-2
GS: Ellis 28 points/8 assists
MEM: Mayo 20 points

First Round Day 13

(3) Washington 94, (6) Indiana 89 - WAS WINS 4-3
WAS: M. Gasol 17 points, Arenas 17 points
IND: Granger 31 points, Randolph 21 points/15 boards

We're set for teh second round now.
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Second Round Game 1

(4) New Jersey 100, (1) Cleveland 97 - NJ leads 1-0
NJ: Harris 32 points
CLE: Lebron 24 points

(5) Golden State 108, (1) Sacramento 101 - GS leads 1-0
GS: Randolph 26, Ellis 24
SAC: Martin 21, Gay 16, Evans 16

(3) Oklahoma City 125, (7) LA Lakers 70 - OKC leads 1-0
OKC: Durant 38, Westbrook 21 points/10 boards/11 assists
LAL: Bynum 20 points/14 boards, Kobe 19 points

(3) Washington 100, (2) Atlanta 96 - WAS leads 1-0
WAS: Young 25 points, Arenas 14 points
ATL: Johnson 34 points, Smith 25 points

check out the Westbrook triple double!
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Second Round Game 2

(4) New Jersey 84, (1) Cleveland 82 - NJ leads 2-0
NJ: Harris 28 points/10 assists
CLE: Lebron 24 points

(1) Sacramento 126, (5) Golden State 82, - Series TIED 1-1
SAC: Gay 39, Martin 27
GS: Ellis 22, Curry 14

(3) Oklahoma City 112, (7) LA Lakers 101 - OKC leads 2-0
OKC: durant 32, harden 28
LAL: Bynum 26 points/12 boards, Kobe 25 points, Gasol 20 points/11 boards

(3) Washington 99, (2) Atlanta 83 - WAS leads 2-0
WAS: Arenas 30 points/8 boards/4 assists/4 steals
ATL: Johnson 30 points

I'm shocked by both eastern conference series. I know Washington rates pretty well but I just love Atlanta's roster so much.
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Second Round Game 3

(4) New Jersey 119, (1) Cleveland 87 - NJ leads 3-0
NJ: Outlaw 24, Harris 23, Howard 23, Williams 21
CLE: Lebron 23 points, Williams 17 points

(5) Golden State 130, (1) Sacramento 97 - GS leads 2-1
GS: Ellis 40 points
SAC: Martin 40 points

(3) Oklahoma City 85, (7) LA Lakers 82 - OKC leads 3-0
OKC: Westbrook 22 points/8 boards/9 assists, Harden 19, Durant 18
LAL: Kobe 19, Bynum 18, Gasol 18

(2) Atlanta 109, (3) Washington 90 - WAS leads 2-1
ATL: Horford 29 points/22 boards, Smith 23 points
WAS: Nick Young 27, Arenas 17 points/9 assists
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Second Round Game 4

(4) New Jersey 102, (1) Cleveland 96 - OT - NJ WINS 4-0
NJ: Harris 25, Outlaw 17
CLE: Williams 18, Lebron 15 points/9 boards/11 assists

(1) Sacramento 101, (5) Golden State 97 - series TIED 2-2
SAC: Martin 29 points, Evans 24 points/9 assists, Gay 20 points
GS: Curry 18, Ellis 17, RAndolph 16

(3) Oklahoma City 114, (7) LA Lakers 109 - OKC leads 4-0
OKC: Durant 36 points/8 boards, Westbrook 26 points/11 assists
LAL: Kobe 36 points, Gasol 26 points/11 boards

(2) Atlanta 90, (3) Washington 85 - series TIED 2-2
ATL: Johnson 19 points/9 assists, Horford 18 points/11 boards
WAS: arenas 21 points/9 boards

Two sweeps, and holy shit the Cavs are swept out of the playoffs. What the hell happened to New Jersey!

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Second Round Game 5

(1) Sacramento 108, (5) Golden State 105 - SAC leads 3-2
SAC: Martin 26 points, Gay 22, Oakley 19 points/13 boards
GS: Jackson 16 points, Ellis 14, Randolph 13

(3) Washington 107, (2) Atlanta 84 - WAS leads 3-2
WAS: Arenas 32 points/7 assists, Young 21 points
ATL: Johnson 18 points, Smith 16 points

Second Round Game 6

(5) Golden State 110, (1) Sacramento 93 - series TIED 3-3
GS: Ellis 25 points, jackson 16, Magette 16
SAC: Evans 18 points/8 boards/7 assists, Martin 17 points

(3) Washington 104, (2) Atlanta 93 - WAS WINS 4-2
WAS: Arenas 29 points/9 boards/8 assists
ATL: Johnson 34 points/9 boards/7 assists

Second Round Game 7

(5) Golden State 116, (1) Sacramento 94 - GS WINS 4-3
GS: Ellis 29 points/7 assists, Curry 24 points
SAC: Martin 21 points, Lowry 17 points

No 1 seeds or 2 seeds left!
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Come on, Hawks! Oh, and sorry about the first round loss.
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Western Conference Finals

Game 1: (3) Oklahoma City 118, (5) Golden State 104 - OKC leads 1-0
OkC: Harden 29 points, Durant 28 points
GS: Ellis 26 points/7 assists, Curry 20 points

Game 2: (3) Oklahoma City 120, (5) Golden State 89 - OKC leads 2-0
OkC: Durant 44 points/9 boards
GS: Ellis 24 points, Randolph 16 points

Game 3: (3) Oklahoma City 103, (5) Golden State 94 - OKC leads 3-0
OkC: Durant 20 points/8 boards
GS: Curry 28 points, Ellis 21 points

Game 4: (3) Oklahoma City 109, (5) Golden State 86 - OKC WINS 4-0
OkC: Durant 29 points/12 boards, Odom 22 points, Westbrook 22 points
GS: Jackson 16, Randolph 14

Eastern Conference Finals

Game 1: (4) New Jersey 106, (3) Washington 91 - NJ leads 1-0
NJ: Outlaw 24 points, Howard 24 points
WAS: Arenas 20 points/7 boards/12 assists

Game 2: (4) New Jersey 104, (3) Washington 89 - NJ leads 2-0
NJ: Harris 36 points/7 assists
WAS: Butler 27 points, Young 22 points

Game 3: (4) New Jersey 99, (3) Washington 87- NJ leads 3-0
NJ: Howard 30 points, Harris 24 points/9 assists
WAS: Young 20 points

Game 4: (4) New Jersey 113, (3) Washington 78- NJ WINS 4-0
NJ: Harris 27 points
WAS: No one over 14....

Man, sweeps are good to write up because it goes fast, but damn New Jersey! Also, its worth pointing out that Oklahoma City has yet to lose a single playoff game.
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Originally Posted by bbgunn View Post
Come on, Hawks! Oh, and sorry about the first round loss.

I love the Hawks team. If I could take over any team in the league right now and say "this is the team I want to build" it would be a tough contest between the Bulls and the Hawks. Sadly though it wasn't Atlanta's year.
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NBA Finals

Game 1: Oklahoma City 103, New Jersey 93 - OKC leads 1-0
OKC: Durant 37 points/8 boards/7 assists
NJ: Howard 19 points, Harris 16 point

Game 2: Oklahoma City 92, New Jersey 76 - OKC leads 2-0
OKC: Durant 23 points, Westbrook 17 points, Noah 14 points
NJ: Williams 25 points/8 boards, Harris 16 points/9 boards/8 assists

Game 3: Oklahoma City 85, New Jersey 80 - OKC leads 3-0
OKC: Durant 21, Westbrook 16 points/9 assists
NJ: Harris 20 points

Game 4: New Jersey 99, Oklahoma City 98 - OKC leads 3-1
NJ: Harris 30 points, Outlaw 24 points
OKC: Harden 28 points, Durant 21 points

New Jersey won the 4th quarter 25-12 to pull off a comeback 1 point win and to prevent Oklahoma City from going 16-0 in the playoffs.

Game 5: Oklahoma City 102, New Jersey 86 - OKC WINS 4-1
OKC: Durant 33 points, Westbrook 25 points/12 boards
NJ: Howard 22 points, Harris 18 points

Oklahoma City wins the NBA Championship

since I don't focus a lot on the western conference, I'll give a quick overview of the Thunder so we can see where they're at:

PG: Westbrook - 86 OVR - 18.5 ppg/7.7 apg - 23 y/o
SG: Harden - 82 OVR - 12.9 ppg - 22 y/o
SF: Durant - 90 OVR - 23.5 ppg/7.0 rpg - 23 y/o
PF: Odom - 77 OVR - 8.2 ppg/7.3 rpg - 32 y/o
C: Noah - 72 OVR - 8.7 ppg/9.1 rpg - 27 y/o

backup PG Bradley Fleming was pick 1.7 in 2010, rated 77 OVR, 6 points/3.5assists off the bench.

That is a hell of a lineup, an amazing core of Westbrook/Harden/Durant, they added Noah and Odom in free agency and had a top 10 pick that is working out great for them, just a stellar franchise right now.
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I go ahead and rush into this offseason that i've been looking forward to.

Kevin Durant is the finals MVP, no surprise there. 30 points, 8 boards per game over 17 playoff games with only one loss.

Notable Retirees

Matt Harpring(Milwaukee)
Rasheed Wallace(boston)
Marcus Camby (Indiana)
Steve Nash (Phoenix)
Andre Miller(portland)

all of them are 36-38 years old.

Staff Hiring

I had only signed a couple of these guys to 1 year deals, if you remember I picked up a coach who was only good at coaching the offense and was not happy about it. This year there are some vastly improved options available.

New Head Coach

I was a big lakers fan when I was a kid(I grew up in the 80s), loved Magic, Kareem and Worthy, and really everone on those teams. So its kinda neat to be able to announce my new head coach:

Byron Scott
Offense: B
Deffense: B
Teacher: A
Potential: B

Rick Carlisle was also available but I like Scott's cost/ratings better. Scott is signed to a 6 year deal at $4.8 million per year.

The assistant coach poll is similarly improved.

Assistant Stephon White is signed to a 6 year deal at $1.73 million/year.
Offense: B
Defense: A
Teacher: A
Potential: B

I upgrade my trainer too, from a B level trainer making $700k/yr to an A level trainer making $1 Million/year. By doing so I basically commit myself to the same average level scouting that I have now... i have one great prospect scout and two poor ones. That'll stay that way it appears. But, I'm thrilled at the coaching improvements i've made. I don't know how big a deal the coaches are in this game but if they have any effect at all I just made some very very nice overall upgrades.
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Desagana Diop accepts his $7.37 million player option and I've got one last albatross that hangs for just one more year.

Samuel Padgett has a team option for $4.6 million, I obviously pick it up.

Gerald Henderson has a $3.1 million team option, this is actually slightly maginal if I really wanted to go all out after a big name, but I like Henderson and he gives me some explosiveness off the bench. I keep him around.

Gus Meredith was my 2nd round pick last year. He is rated under 60 and I am not willing to spend even 500k to keep him on the roster.

Options around the league

Chris Paul accepts a $17.78M option
Deron williams accepts a $17.78M option

Dwight Howard DECLINES a $19.54M option

LA Lakers DECLINE a team option on 84 OVR C Andrew Bynum for $16.1M.

81 OVR PG Jameer Nelson DECLINES a $8.1M player option
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Player Re-Signing

I have four players I can attempt to re-sign:

Ray Allen - 68 OVR (that's with a -7 or something for being unhappy with his minutes)

DJ Augustin - 75 OVR

Boris Diaw - 65 OVR (also with a -7)

Gus Meredith - 55 OVR

Allen/diaw/Meredith are no brainers, they're done.

Augustin is a pretty agonizing decision. i see him getting burned on defense one on one a lot, but I shoot well with him, he can get insanely hot and he's young and still improving. He wants a 4 year/$40 million deal. That's notably more than I was able to re-sign Felton for and Felton is a more well rounded, more highly rated player. I simply cannot justify that expense.

With some sadness, and some nervousness, i let DJ Augustin go to free agency.
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Draft Lottery

Here's the order of finish and % chance atthe number one pick in the draft:

1. LA Clippers - 25%
2. Dallas - 19.9%
3. Milwaukee - 15.6%
4. NY Knicks - 11.9%
5. Detroit - 8.8%
6. San Antonio - 6.3%
7. Minnesota - 4.3%
8. Miami - 2.8%
9. Orlando - 1.7%
10. Phoenix - 1.1%
11. Houston - 0.8%
12. Philly - 0.7%
13. New Orleans - 0.6%
14. Milwaukee - 0.5% (trade from someone obviously)

Actual Draft Order

14. Milwuakee
13. New Orleans
12. Philadelphia
11. Houston
10. Phoenix
9. Orlando
8. Miami
7. Minnesota
6. San Antonio
5. NY Knicks (-1 from projected)
4. Milwaukee(-1 from projected)
3. LA Clippers (-2 from projected)
2. Detroit (+3 from projected)
1. Dallas (+1 from projected)

SinceI expected to be a playoff team I have not scouted any of the top picks and have no idea what the top of the draft looks like this year, we'll find out together!
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since I've skipped over the workouts the last two years, and really don't have any desire to spend a huge amount of time there, I tell my assistants to take care of that. I assume that allows my scouts to update their impressions of the players I might draft without my effort.

I have the 24th pick in both rounds of the draft.

NBA Draft

There are a couple MAJOR surprises and steals in the draft so far this year, a lot different than the last two seasons where everyone pretty much got a player rated about right for their pick. I'll get to that in a minute.

First, I'm a bit worried as the last 4 or 5 picks before me all ended up players rated in the high 50s/low 60s, players who are unlikely to amount to squat.

I have four players that are recommended to me that I've scouted, and a few that I never did scout. The players that I scouted all look... not interesting. A SG who fell to a 2nd round pick in my scout's eyes after they saw him, and a couple PG's who didn't seem exciting at all.

I'm dead set on a guard at this point and end up taking a SG who is 6'5" and hopefully has a decent shot. But I'm underwhelmed by all my options and this is a risky pick b/c the ones that are more well scouted just are very unappealing.

1.24 SG Willis Lindsey - Boston College - 60 OVR

I didn't miss out on much, not if I was set on a guard at least, the other guards I was looking at ended up in the 59-62 range.

I follow my scouts advice in round 2:

2.24 - SG Wendell Anderson - Providence - 58 OVR

Draft Results

1. DAL - PG Arif Demunyck - 80 OVR
2. DET - SG Leonard Pollard - 72 OVR
3. LAC - SG Homoer Stone - 72 OVR
4. MIL - SF Donnell York - 69 OVR
5. NYN - PG Sylvester Reed - 73 OVR
6. SAN - SG Max Soto - 79 OVR
from 7-11 we get SGs and SFs in the 69-71 range, and then...
12. PHI - PG Tyson Cassell - 83 OVR

Congrats Philadelphia, you win the draft!!!!

Around pick 19 the talent level dropped all of a sudden from the 68 range to the low 60s and even high 50s. Freaking Oklahoma City gets a late steal by that comparison, getting a PF rated 70 OVR with the 26th pick.

No one in the second round is rated higher than 62 OVR.

This draft seems to compare more to the 2010 draft in talent, with three very talented players and a decent number who start out in the 70s and can develop into nice additions. Its just stunning to see one of the studs in the draft fall to pick #12.

Also, Milwaukee royally botched another top 5 pick, LOLOL??
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Free Agency

After signing my draft picks I have $16.91 million in cap room available this year.

It seems that many of the players who talked about testing free agency have indeed done so. Here's the top FA's:

C Dwight Howard - 93 OVR - 26 y/o

PG Derrick Rose - 90 OVR - 23 y/o

SG OJ Mayo - 89 OVR - 24 y/o

C Tim Duncan - 85 OVR - 36 y/o

C Brook Lopez - 85 OVR - 24 y/o

SF Michael Beasley - 82 OVR - 23 y/o

PF Anthony Randolph - 83 OVR - 23 y/o

SG Eric Gordon - 81 OVR - 23 y/o

C Nene - 80 OVR - 29 y/o

Day 1

I look through the list and just decide to go all out... I offer OJ Mayo a 5 year/$85 million deal that maxxes his interest, starting at $14 million and ending at $19.8 million.

That potential offer takes up enough of my FA budget that I am really risking it all on Mayo.

Day 5

After about 5 days of free agency I look at the offers out for Mayo, the Clippers have offered a similar deal but given a player option at the end. The Grizzlies have tried to keep him w/ a 1 year deal and he seems to like Memphis b/c he likes their pedestrian offer.

Since I'm banking so much on Mayo, i modify my offer to a 4 year+player option deal as well.

Day 9

By day 9(out of 23) I check the transaction page and no one of top significance has signed yet. Ray Allen is going to play another year in Toronto for under $2 million.

Day 15

By day 15 a few bigger name players have signed:

DJ Augustin to Phoenix 4 years/$33 million
PG Ramon Sessions - Portland - 4 years/$36.5 million

Mayo now has a large number of offers that he really likes. I decide that I can't just hope he picks us all the way to the end. I also take a look at the young and improving Eric Gordon, a SG rated 81 OVR. I offer him a 5 year/$60 million deal that starts at $10 million even. He is looking elsewhere too and there's no guarentee that I'll land either, but if I were to get Gordon then I'd have to be happy with that of course, and I've have a little room elsewhere.

Day 21

I debate hedging even more and offering some guys like Kirk Hinrich just to make sure I have the position solidly filled. In the end I don't, and its on day 21 that I get the news:


Charlotte just got really, really, really good.

We now have $2.77 million under the cap only, leaving me with room for a backup signing and I can use my MLE if I want. Obviously I don't care about going over the cap if I see someone I like, so i poke around.

There are a few high level (80+) targets available but I know I can't land any of them now. After the top 6 guys rated 80+ we fall down to guys rated 71 OVR and below.

I could use someone to help me keep Stephen Graham off the court and i find the ideal target in SG/PG Toney Douglas.

I end up offering my mid-level exception to the 71 rated PF, but i doubt he's going to accept. That guy happens to be beloved Tar Heel Tyler Hansbrough, but he has a lot of offers, a few of them that would have him starting, and i can't give him that, so I assume he ends up elsewhere.

Day 23

Eric Gordon signs with Cleveland(now there's an addition that Lebron can work with).

Tyler Hansbrough signs with Boston.

Toney Douglas was a restricted FA and the knicks Matched my offer, he goes back to New York.

And that officially ends the offseason free agent period. We only made one signing, but damn if it wasn't a big one. I do want to sign a backup point guard so I'll be looking to do that during the season assuming I'm still able to use my MLE then(or grab a guy for under $2 million)
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Free Agent Signings

Here's all the 80+ rated guys I had listed earlier:

C Dwight Howard - 93 OVR - 26 y/o - Minnesota - 4 yr/$77.31M

PG Derrick Rose - 90 OVR - 23 y/o - Chicago - 4 yr/$65.03M

SG OJ Mayo - 89 OVR - 24 y/o - Charlotte - 4 yr/$65.03M

C Tim Duncan - 85 OVR - 36 y/o - Detroit - 2 yr/41.04 M

C Brook Lopez - 85 OVR - 24 y/o - Utah - 5 yr/$81.28M

SF Michael Beasley - 82 OVR - 23 y/o - LA Clippers - 5 yr/$61.82M

PF Anthony Randolph - 83 OVR - 23 y/o - Utah - 4 yr/$50.92M

SG Eric Gordon - 81 OVR - 23 y/o - Cleveland - 4 year/$42.84M

C Nene - 80 OVR - 29 y/o - Phildelphia - 5 yr/$61.27M

Golden State signs Kirk Hinrich to a 4 year/$28 million deal. Rudy Fernandez joins Howard in Minnesota with a 5 year/$38 million deal.

I have to say that I'm very disappointed to see Derrick Rose back to Chicago. He was dreadfully unhappy there. I go look at the Bulls roster and see that they now have Rose and Jordan Price both listed as Starters. Why that couldn't have happened without him leaving the team and coming back I don't know. Assuming that sticks, the starting lineup of Rose, Price, Deng, Boozer and Oden probably becomes the best in the league. Rose/Price/Boozer is like Allen/Pierce/Garnett in Boston except two of them are only 23.

Utah immediately becomes a force out west, signing two very high level big men to go along with Deron Williams.

Minnesota.... SIGHS... Al Jefferson is rated 90 OVR, Kevin Love 80 OVR, and they go and sign Dwight Howard. WHY!?!? I think they just created the same situation that Chicago had with Price and Rose, except there's really no place to put all 3 bigs.

Still, we have now for the first time seen a couple of elite level talents change teams in OJ Mayo and Dwight Howard.
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As we enter the preseason I look at the remaining free agents. I'm able to fill both holes with one year deals for role players who will see some time on the court:

PG Mike Bibby - 67 OVR - 34 y/o - Bibby scored 5 a game for Atlanta last year and has obviously started to fade. He can still handle the ball and still has a B+ outside shot and seems like a great fit for us.

PF Jordan Hill - 65 OVR - 25 y/o - Drafted 1.8 in 2009, Hill just didn't work out for the Knicks, averaging 3.5 points/game off the bench. I don't know how much I'll use him, similar to my Felton/Allen/Augustin combo at PG/SG last year, I may decide to run some sets with Sparks/Chandler and try to get most of my minutes in the post from Padgett/Chandler/Sparks, but he's there if I need him.
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2012/13 Charlotte Bobcats Roster


PG Raymond Felton - 28 y/o - 6'1 198 lbs - 79 OVR (same as last year)

16.5 ppg/5.7 apg last year. Only played in 47 games last year due to an ACL injury. He's a solid mid-range shooter(91) and I actually think I learned pretty well how to play with him and get him a few buckets in games I play out. But mainly I like Felton because he's a very solid PG. His handling with both hands, passing and ball security are all rated in the mid-high 80s, he's a guy that will take care of the ball and get it where it needs to be more often than not.

SG OJ Mayo - 24 y/o - 6'4" 210 lbs - 89 OVR (first year on team)

Our new prized posession here in Charlotte. Mayo averaged 21.7 points and 5 boards a game last year for Memphis. He's pretty good inside(low 80s), has a stellar mid-range shot(94) and is a very very good 3 point shooter(90). Much like Augustin in past years, he's a solid ball handler but not a great passer. He can play the point as well but i don't intend for him to do so all that often now that we have Mike Bibby. He has the best stamina on the team and I'll try to get a ton of minutes from him. great leaper, great shooting off teh dribble, good defensive awareness, great offensive awareness, and a good enough on ball defender. I can't say enough about how good this guy is.

SF Gerald Wallace - 30 y/o - 6'7" 220 lbs - 81 OVR (Same as last year)

Wallace has now crossed over the barrier into his 30s. His numbers were up last year, 18.4 ppg after scoring 16 and 15 in the two previous years. We scored more as a team too I believe. Wallace isn't really a good shooter, he's just a great athlete who can get to the rim and get the ball in the hoop when he gets there.

PF Samuel Padgett - 22 y/o - 6'10" 261 lbs - 84 OVR(+1 from last year)

Averaged 8.2 points/8.1 rebounds last year. He was a monster in the playoffs and is a very good post player. Unfortunately his shot tendency only went up to 38 (from 33), average for a starting PF is 68. I hope it'll continue to go up but he just doesn't seem to be a guy who looks for his shot in simmed games. He's an outstanding post player on both ends(86 post off/88 post def), the best shot blocker on the team and a very solid rebounder. I really wish he could turn into an offensive monster in simmed games but I love the guy nonetheless.

C Tyson Chandler - 30 y/o - 7'1" 235 lbs - 74 OVR (no change)

A solid 8.7 ppg/8.4 rpg last year. Chandler doesn't have the close range skills that Padgett does but he's a great post defender just like Padgett and is the best rebounder on the team, a 97 rated offensive rebounder, 85 on the defensive end. I like having him in the post for sure.

6th Man

C Dell Sparks - 23 y/o - 7'3" 295 lbs - 73 OVR (+4 from last year)

Sparks developed better than I could have imagined last year. He's rated almost as high as Chandler and could be my starting center next season. He's just not a scoring threat, rated poorly inside and from close range compared to most bigs. He's not quite the post defender that Chandler is either, but he's average (73). He's a very good rebounder (90 off/81 def), and the dude is 7'3". He's just BIG. He grabs everything that comes off the rim because he's so close to it. He put up some solid games off the bench last year and I expect more of the same this season. He had 3 points and 6.6 boards a game last year in about 25 minutes/game. I expect something similar, maybe a little more scoring as he develops.

Role Players

PG Mike Bibby - 34 y/o - 6'2" 195 lbs - 67 OVR

we just picked Bibby up. He is in the twilight of his career, once averaging 21 points/game for sacramento in 2005, he'll get a couple buckets and a few assists for us hopefully. He's a decent 3 point shooter(78), a solid ball handler who takes care of the ball. His passing isn't the best but it will do(just 69 compared to 87 for Felton).

SG Sasha Vujacic - 27 y/o - 6'7" 205 lbs - 66 OVR (unchanged)

Vujacic picked up 2 points a game last year in limited minutes. He got 8.5 minutes/game last year and wants more. I don't plan on giving it to him.

PF Jordan Hill - 25 y/o - 6'10" 235 lbs - 65 OVR

Hill is a recent FA signing, like Bibby. He isn't a scorer at all, is average at best in the post and on the boards. He can fill in a few minutes here and there as needed for the 3 main bigs that i will run out there, and for a 1 year deal at less than $2 million that'll do.


SF Gerald Henderson - 24 y/o - 6'4" 215 lbs - 71 OVR (No Change)

Henderson isn't improving and seems likely to settle and bust out at this level. I hoped for more here, hoping he'd be up to a guy rated in the mid 70s and a real threat off the bench. He has some athleticism and gets me some points here and there but he's been a disappointment. He did average 6.5 points/game last season in 15 minutes of action, and as long as he's content to play less than 20 minutes a game I'll be happy to have him backing up Wallace.

SG Willis Lindsey - 22 y/o - 6'5" 195 lbs - 60 OVR

Lindsey is horrible. He can't shoot from anywhere on the floor, can't defend, can't handle the ball. I don't see any reason that I'd spend any time with him. This was the 1.24 pick in this year's draft, btw.
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I did not notice until I was looking at my posts on last year's offseason that Dallas got the #1 overall pick 2 years in a row. Dallas continues to be one of the most successful drafting teams overall, they have 3 guys in their starting lineup that they drafted in the last two years... last year's 1.1 is PF Mo Law rated 83 OVR, lst year's 1.16 Gabe Wesley rated 81 OVR, and this year's 1.1 Arif Demunyck rated 80 OVR. Its a shame that they have Dirk Nowitzki (rated 82 OVR and 34 years old) and NOTHING in addition to those picks.
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I say it again Radii - this is my favorite dynasty I've ever read. Keep it up!

Sorry about your early exit but it just looks like you hit a pretty hot Nets team.
Awesome pickup in Mayo - you should have a real solid team and a fun team to play out. I'm curious to see how you do in the regular season with the new patch. Have you updated any sliders yet with the updated patch. I played a game last night as the Cavs and I shot a ridiculous 60% from the field with default A-Star sliders.
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Originally Posted by CleBrownsfan View Post
I say it again Radii - this is my favorite dynasty I've ever read. Keep it up!

Appreciate it! This next season should be a fun one for sure.

Have you updated any sliders yet with the updated patch. I played a game last night as the Cavs and I shot a ridiculous 60% from the field with default A-Star sliders.

I'm playing on Pro instead of All Star, I started out with Pared's sliders over on the OS forums(Pared's NBA 2k10 Tweaks (Post-Patch Updates in first post) - Operation Sports Forums)

My most recent slider changes:

Inside Shot Success: 46 (was 47)
Close Shot Success: 46 (was 47)
Mid-Range Success: 50 (was 51)
3PT Success: 50 (was 52)

I started the dynasty with those four sliders at 45/45/48/48. After having too many games where 90% of my points or more came from the paint or the FT line I increased these sliders to 47/47/51/52 to try to give myself the ability to shoot outside more. That worked well and once I started making shots I started to get a much better feel or what worked and what didn't and my shooting percentages went through the roof.

After the patch I brought things back down a little bit to where they are now, 46/46/50/50. So far I'm happy with that, I can hit midrange and outside jumpers, but not every single open shot goes in anymore. I should point out that I didn't change these because of the patch, but because of my experiences in the games I'd played leading up to the patch.

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Congrats on the Mayo signing! Looking foward to the season!
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Let me just say that this dynasty inspired me to actually pick up the game!
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If you have the time I would be really curious to see a breakdown of the power rankings for the year. With a number of big names changing teams I imagine there could be some interesting starting 5's.
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Originally Posted by Ironhead View Post
If you have the time I would be really curious to see a breakdown of the power rankings for the year. With a number of big names changing teams I imagine there could be some interesting starting 5's.

yeah i'm definitely going to do that again, I liked doing it last year and it helps me keep up with the state of the league, good for immersion. I looked briefly at it last night and was kinda shocked to see that Charlotte is only 20th...
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Thanks for the dynasty, Radii. I'll start an association myself as soon as I can tear myself away from my latest CH2k8 career. Trying to build a small school into a powerhouse.
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