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The Pro Wrestling League- a TEW 2016 Dynasty

I'm getting ready to start a save on TEW 2016 that I'd like to post in this forum. It's a completely different idea, one that probably hasn't been done very often, if at all, in TEW. I'm starting a fed that will be exclusively tournament based and season based. I'm using a March 2018 real world mod, and I am going to hire 20 mens wrestlers and 10 womens wrestlers. The women's division, each woman will face each other woman once. The top 2 women are guaranteed a spot on the roster in the following season, and the top 4 will face off in a single elimination tournament to crown a season champion. This gives the 3rd and 4th place finishers a chance to earn an automatic spot for the following season.

For the men, it will be the same, only it will be divided into 2 pools, much like the G1 Climax. Same story, each wrestler in a pool will wrestler every other wrestler in that pool. Again, top 2 wrestlers from each pool (total of 4) are guaranteed a spot next season. The top 4 from each pool will then battle it out in an 8 man single elimination tournament, quarterfinals will be cross pool (A1 vs. B4, A2 vs. B3, and so on). The winner will be crowned season champion for the men. This again gives the 3rd and 4th place finishers in each pool a chance to earn an automatic spot on the roster for the following season. I plan on having a significant amount of roster turnover each season. It'll be a cult fed to start, and if I need to I'll edit it down.

For this particular promotion, I could care less about tv ratings, show ratings, match ratings, etc etc. This isn't about that, it's strictly about wins and losses. It'll be a unique concept, and I hope I can find enough different wrestlers, especially on the women's side, to run it for a few seasons at least (time permitting of course). If anybody has any thoughts, let me know. Season 1 roster and mens pools will be up shortly.

Oh yea, 1 other thing I forgot to mention, the results will be completely random, decided by the roll of a 00-99 dice. It's quite simple, if the dice rolls a 00-39, the first wrestler listed wins. If a roll of 60-99 comes up, the second wrestler listed wins. And if the roll of the dice is between 40-59, then we have a time limit draw. 3 points for a win, 1 for a loss.

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The Rosters for RPW Season 1 are set.

Men's Pool A: Aaron Stevens, Austin Aries, Billy Gunn, Chavo Guerrero Jr., D'Lo Brown, Doug Williams, Gregory Shane Helsm, Frankie Kazarian, Mr. Anderson, Tommy Dreamer.

Men's Pool B: Abyss, Bobby Lashley, Carlito, Charlie Haas, Chris Masters, James Storm, Lance Storm, Low Ki, Scott Steiner, Stu Bennett (formerly Wade Barrett of WWE fame).

Women's Pool: Angelina Love, Cheerleader Melissa, Jazz, Lisa Marie Varon (Victoria in WWE, Tara in TNA), Madison Rayne, Marti Belle, Mercedes Martinez, Mia Yim, ODB, Tenille Dashwood.

As you can see, it was a bit tougher to find quality women's wrestlers as far as in-ring performance goes (as RPW is based more on performance than pop).

Each show will consist of 1 of the 3 pools. As mentioned earlier, the winners will be decided strictly by dice roll. I want this to be as random as possible, and if a wrestler is unhappy if they get booked to lose, too bad. The dice decides the winner. It's going to be interesting, and this concept may not work, but I'm going to try it for 1 season and see.
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RPW Season 1- Round 1 Results

Men's Pool A

Austin Aries defeated Aaron Stevens
Tommy Dreamer defeated Billy Gunn
Chavo Guerrero Jr. defeated Mr. Anderson
Frankie Kazarian defeated D'Lo Brown
Doug Williams defeated Gregory Shane Helms

Men's Pool B

Abyss defeated Bobby Lashley
Stu Bennett defeated Carlito
Charlie Haas defeated Scott Steiner
Chris Masters and Low-Ki was a Time Limit Draw
Lance Storm defeated James Storm

Women's Division

Cheerleader Melissa defeated Angelina Love
Tenille Dashwood defeated Jazz
Lisa Marie Varon and ODB was a Time Limit Draw
Mia Yim defeated Madison Rayne
Marti Belle and Mercedes Martinez was a Time Limit Draw

Depending on my schedule I plan on posting a couple rounds a week, meaning I could have a season done within a month, but we'll see. As you know I have many other projects going on, but I'll give this one it's due diligence to see how it plays out.
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